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  1. ALSO! Those yellow heavy lemon/lime squeezers? So useful to me. They get more juice for less effort and clean up than anything else including reamers, motorized citrus juicers, and those quaint glass ones. They strain seeds out, too. I use mine constantly, and throw it in the dishwasher afterwards.
  2. All Clad Essential Pans, from Williams Sonoma (maybe an exclusive which is why I mention the source). They come in three sizes--3 quart, 4 quart, and 6 quart. The 6 quart is the most useful, followed by the 4. I don't personally see a reason to buy the 3 quart. What they are is the most versatile pans I have ever had. Frying? Yes, and the higher but curved sides reduce splatter and make it easy to turn things. One pot meals? Yes, even though these are on the wide side they conduct heat so well that the cooking is quite even. Long simmers? Yes, the lid fits so well that things d
  3. I used to, a lot. Mostly if I was alone, or if DD was in the car and we were singing together. I sing in a community choir, and we learn hard pieces of symphonic choral works, and I listen to them a lot when I'm a lone and drive around trying to join in. Also, Rehearsal Arts sells CDs for the most common choral works that have your specific part emphasized, which are immensely helpful to sing along with. And I only do that in the car, so...
  4. "Nine Perfect Strangers" has a catfishing scam as part of the story. (By Moriarty, who also wrote "Big Little Lies".)
  5. I wasted a lot of food when I had a CSA. It was just too much that was too unfamiliar, and while it was interesting, realistically I was not about to cook sober heavy greens all the time when no one would eat them. (The CSA also shut down for the holiday seasons, so just when I need to cook the most, it wouldn't be there. Exactly wrong for me, unfortunately.) Now I don't waste much, but I don't feel as bad about wasting some, because it means that I'm cooking more at home, which is healthier and less expensive than eating out or take out. I do try to use fresh veggies in fragile to ha
  6. Absolutely. I have had lots of thing that helped some, but the two times I have been completely freed from it have been that time when I went to the ER for breathing treatments and got heavy duty steroids to take for two weeks afterwards, and the time I used that MedMassager in the link once or twice a day for two weeks. That was a year and a half ago, and by continuing to avoid heel striking religiously and wearing shoes that let my toes spread out most of the time, it has not come back. Color me amazed. The clenching did not help with the PF but it was helpful with balance and prop
  7. I agree that it is not wrong to have someone end up in a nursing home, but they are expensive, and good care there is mostly a function of having frequent visitors, according to my BIL who is a nurse at one.
  8. Sometimes they become homeless and die of exposure. There are stories like that here all the time. There really is not much of a safety net for that here, and even those with lots of resources need someone in their corner to make sure they are not robbed, exploited, or just poorly cared for. They need people in their corner. Sometimes someone from the government will be genuinely helpful, but that’s not guaranteed at all.
  9. The even heating of clay, glass, and ceramics gives me better baking results than metal. Metal is awesome for roasting pans, especially if you want to put it on the burners afterwards to deglaze and make gravy. I also like it for baking cookies, and I trust it more (no concern with incomplete coverage of the bottom of the pan with metal.)
  10. Regarding the mugs—is there time for a customized one? Like, go to the ceramic painting store and decorate a pair with hearts and flowers or linked hearts in their favorite colors? Or, order one of those photo mugs with wedding pictures?
  11. Yes, and Holt was even against trying to subtly encouraging your child to learn, like by running your finger under words as you read aloud. It’s magical thinking, really—the profound belief that your kid will want to learn, will know what to want to learn, and will do so in a completely self-directed manner. I used to be in an ISP with a lot of unschoolers. My intro to them was volunteering at the library over the summer with another lady who told me that her kids had not learned to read until they were 12, and that she let them wait because she wanted to preserve their childhoods. Ano
  12. Wow, that is so OTT. I'd be at the 'This is abusive. Don't ever yell at me again.' point right about then, and the next would be 'Don't ever contact me again.'.
  13. This is an old thread from before the general and chat boards were separated, and it has a lot of good stuff in it going back 10 years:
  14. I have changed my body mechanics now to the point where not only has the PF not come back, but I have better balance and proprioception than ever before in my life. The keys have been--switching almost completely away from heel striking even when walking, wearing zero drop shoes with wide toe boxes (Altras) most of the time, and tightening my butt and stomach a little bit (about 25% of the force of a clench) to run or walk, which gives me that good core to prevent imbalance or lower back pain. Ladies, I never thought I could imagine being able to say this again, but I can go bar
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