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  1. Carol in Cal.

    Maybe I am not meant to be a minimalist
  2. If she is 25 or under I believe that she can be covered under her parents' insurance. That might be the best deal available. University coverage is sometimes just for a bit over emergency care. I'd be careful to understand that thoroughly before opting for it as primary or sole coverage. But in general, younger folks' insurance is much cheaper than older. So an individual policy might be pretty affordable.
  3. Carol in Cal.

    Coexisting with roosting bats

    There are documented cases of people getting rabies from sleeping where bats live. No bite marks, and the transmission mechanism is unknown, but it happens. So although I want them around, I would not want them anywhere where I would sleep—not in the house, and not even on the porch if I ever used it as a sleeping porch or dozed there in the evening.
  4. Carol in Cal.

    I'm feeling a bit ..... trapped. (JAWM)

    Could be. Equivalencies are hard to prove and easy to be understood one way by one person and another way by the other person. And a cleaning person is a luxury that the sister does not have. It's a bit of a weird priority to accept an offer of free lodging and then spend on a servant, if you think about it. It doesn't sound like the cleaner cleans the sister's part of the home. I don't mean this critically, but rather as a mirror--here's how it might look to her. Bottom line is the same though--they really have not established themselves as equals in this situation.
  5. Carol in Cal.

    I'm feeling a bit ..... trapped. (JAWM)

    I think the sleep should have the priority, but also that your sister jumped to the conclusion that you can't have a cleaner way to hard and fast. If she had written, let's figure out a way to do this so that DS can reliably sleep when he needs to, you might have jointly come to the same conclusion, but it wouldn't have been so autocratic. I wonder whether she is resenting the fact that you're not paying rent but are paying for a cleaning service? I have to admit that that would be an issue for me.
  6. Carol in Cal.

    Repainting painted kitchen cabinets

    I have done this before. I scrubbed them thoroughly with TSP, rinsed them, let them dry overnight, and then painted with glossy or semigloss (I forget which but I think glossy) cream colored paint. One coat did the job. If there had been chipped areas I would have sanded and primed those first before cleaning. This was some years ago, and I understand that they took TSP off the market. So now I would go to the Sherman Williams store and ask what is comparable that is still on the market.
  7. Carol in Cal.

    Help conversing

    But the giving of directions... 1. Starts in the middle 2. Includes a lot of mistakes 3. Includes a lot of 'you know, hon, the McDonalds.' which I do not know. For one thing, I hate McDonalds. For another, I don't notice fast food places when I'm driving around. Just give me vectors, in order. A street and a direction and a distance. That's what I need. Then a street name and direction to turn onto. In the actual order in which I would take them. See how easy? 4. Involves impatience and often yelling.
  8. Carol in Cal.

    Help conversing

    And then, ladies and gentlemen, then there is the piece de resistance...the driving directions.
  9. I think, too, that some people think of online communities as kind of a bullet journal, and others thing of it as a bully pulpit, and others think of it as a place for friendship, and others think of it as a place to discuss things. Those purposes all kind of contradict each other, and differences in them cause conflict and resentment. Personally I hate politics on a feed, but I also hate assumed echo chambers. And beyond both I hate it when people use my hosting to be rude to others.
  10. Carol in Cal.

    Help conversing

    Ooooh boy. So. Yeah. Starting in the middle. Rambling everywhere. No clarity, like, EVER. Once in a while I say, "Can you please tell me the first thing that happened?" or "Wait, are we talking about someone other than Bill now? Because if we switched people, I missed who the current one is. But this doesn't sound like Bill." It's like he thinks I can read his mind, and that all the introductory bits are clear to me because they are clear to him. So they go without saying. Except. They totally don't.
  11. Carol in Cal.

    What do to you all think?

    There was this one case years ago here in the US where a woman accused her ex of being s*xually abusive to their DD, and fled to (people think) Australia with their children. I saw interview with both parents, and I believed the guy. But I usually don't. I wish I could remember the name of that family; now I am wondering whether they ever resurfaced. I think the kids would be grown now.
  12. Carol in Cal.

    How would you word this?

    I wouldn't shelve the reference books near the others. I'd have a shelf for them marked Library Only, Do Not Remove For the sale area, I'd use post its for the prices--they don't permanently mark the books. The sign would say: Books for sale. I'd have a flyer with how to mark and sell your own stuff right there for people to take. Homeschooling Info Board on the board. Then a card pinned in a bottom corner saying, "Additions of inclusive homeschooling announcements welcome".
  13. Carol in Cal.

    What window coverings do you have in your bedrooms?

    Blackout shades and canvas-colored tab drapes in one. We don't usually pull the blackout shades all the way down, because I can't get up very well if there is no natural light out there. And Hunter wooden shutters, the big ones, in the other. When we have the shutter flaps pointing down into the room, they let a little light in. So that's how we usually have them. If we point them up, no light comes in at all, which is good for a long afternoon siesta.
  14. Carol in Cal.

    Is it worth it to sell china to Replacements?

    How do you feel about selling it yourself? Personally I hate shipping things, but I would put something like that on Craig's list for a local pickup and see whether I could do well on it. Cash only, meet in public, blah blah blah.
  15. Carol in Cal.

    Should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

    All of the old (pre-1950 or so) houses that I have ever lived in or visited had painted kitchen cabinets, usually white ones. And this is during an era of not painting furniture much at all--natural wood tables, chairs, and bookshelves were the norm for sure. I think that painted cabinets in a kitchen look pretty normal, and that the wooden ones are the innovation, albeit a long-standing one. OTOH, your specific cabinets look really nice to me. If you're going to refinish them, I'd consider putting an underlayer on them (try this on a sample first). That means you paint them with a very light color, and then very quickly wipe it off/strip it. Then sand and stain as usual. This puts just a tiny hint of the color into the grain of the wood. It's supposed to be very subtle, not like the two color 'distressed' look that is popular for ruining antique tables right now. This would brighten the cabinets just a bit, and give them some depth. Also, you might consider a slightly grayed stain color, a very light one. It sounds like more than anything you want a lighter color that is in the grey rather than brown direction, and that would accomplish this without actually painting the cabinets a solid color that could get pretty boring.
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