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  1. Cipro specifically and the oxycin family of antibiotics in general are associated with tendon damage. (Also with detached retinas. Nasty stuff.). I have not heard of that with other antibiotic families though.
  2. Have you ever had Cipro? It can cause tendon problems like that—it happened to me. I would suggest avoiding it.
  3. Rancho Gordo beans could be your new best friend. When I’m on a roll, I cook up a pound of those and then use them in many different ways—refried beans in masa tortillas with chopped tomatoes and shredded sharp cheddar cheese one day, drained and added to a big salad another, mixed with sautéed mushrooms and onions another time, and added to hearty veggie soup yet another. Coptic or Assyrian Orthodox Christians have a very severe vegan fast for over a month each year, and so their cookbooks are full of great vegan recipes.
  4. Depends on your relationship with your doctor. If I have symptoms, I can usually get them to give me antibiotics over the phone. But I've been a patient for a long time.
  5. I went out a few times with a guy who was in graduate school studying to be a pastor. He invited me over to his apartment for pizza. Then he said that it was the only thing that he knew how to cook. Then he failed to change the oven setting from broil to bake. He literally did not know how to cook ANYTHING. And he had gotten all the way through college like that.
  6. I wish they still made those. Mine is 6 years old now. I hate to think what will happen when I have to replace it.
  7. I only wish they had told me. When we moved my dad into assisted living, they started him with a fulltime aide, and I saw clearly how much difference it made and how essential it was. I sold my brothers and sister on continuing, and I'm thankful that I did. But if I had seen this sooner he would have been a lot better off. His last fall in the SNF was what led to his terminal problems as well as a lot of discomfort.
  8. To the OP: ADT has a fall detector option, and it's monitored. Their first call is to the owner. Then they go down the chain as established by the owner, calling 911 only if that prior work fails. The issue is that the pendant has to be worn all the time. Not always easy to arrange remotely. It's really sounding like your relative can't be alone. That's not addressable just by putting them into a home. You have to arrange continuous care or at a minimum, continuous monitoring, and the institutional settings are not set up for that--not even hospitals.
  9. Almost all of the assisted living and outside aides at my parents assisted living facility were from the Philippines, many not very long before. Tagalog was spoken far more than English there.
  10. Be careful about the very deep doors in the newer fridges, especially the French door and milk in door options. You have to place them far enough out from surrounding enclosures or counters for the hinges to work right and the doors to open freely. This often means that a new fridge will have to stick out much further into a kitchen traffic aisle then the older one did.
  11. Here, too. And although there are monitoring cameras in the rooms, no one watches them. My dad was in the best SNF we could find for him and got up on his own and fell repeatedly. They took absolutely no responsibility for that. If I had thought of it sooner we would have hired a personal aide to just always be with him.
  12. When DD was that age, DH and I were both working really hard, and she came home with a plan that made me so mad I could hardly even talk when she announced it--we were to empty out her room of all of her furniture, paint it lime green, and give her the means to decorate it the industrial way that she wanted to. Now, if she had had rainbows and balloons painted on her dressers, I could see part of this, but she did not have any childish furnishings. To do what she demanded we would have had to take at least a week off from work each, and rented a storage unit or given away the perfectly good dresser, armoire, and trunk in her room in favor of a clothes line style hanging device for her clothes and iirc some kind of metal netting stuff, prepped and repainted the room, and then she would have left in two months. It was unreasonable, and the way she ordered us to do this was pretty much intolerable, definitely not in keeping with how we had ever related to each other. Instead we sat down with her at the beginning of the summer and said that we expected her to pitch in at home somewhat, but that as an ongoing thing she could either attend college classes or get a job or spend about 4-6 hours/day during the week on family projects. Family projects were things that were above and beyond short, simple daily chores. We said that we were unwilling to use our vacation time to redecorate her room, but that we would plan a nice family trip instead that we could all enjoy. And we taught her how to look for, get, and keep a job, which served her well from then on.
  13. I think that traditionally showers were girls only events and the presents were usually modest in cost and practical household items--measuring cups, mixing bowls, dish towels, maybe the occasional cookbook, that kind of thing. Whereas wedding gifts were for the couple rather than the bride, and were more formal and expensive--china, silver, stainless, everyday ware, tablecloths, crystal.
  14. Generally fridge motors are underpowered now, to save energy by keeping them on more and cycling less. So they break down faster. My impression is that about 15% of fridges have motor problems in the first couple of years, so for this and only this I would buy an extended warranty that would get you a replacement fridge if that happens. No need to renew it--if they pass that initial window they will probably be fine. There is no especially reliable brand right now. Also, IME the water and/or ice handling is the less reliable part of most fridges, although electronics may be a close second. So avoiding water handling is a good way to have extra fridge space and have better reliability. A few years back I accomplished this by purchasing a Samsung fridge/freezer in which the freezer compartment was a flexzone, and I told them not to install the ice maker into it as I would use the freezer as additional fridge space. However, they no longer make those so I'm not sure whether avoiding giving up some real estate for water handling is possible any more.
  15. The fact is, inviting folks to a shower that are not also invited to the wedding is very rude. It's really an odd objection, that everyone will be at the wedding anyway, because of course they will.
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