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  1. Carol in Cal.

    Salt Fat Acid Heat

    I was just looking at this book today at Whole Paycheck. What do you guys like about it? It seemed nicely instructional, but so many of the recipes didn't sound all that great. I don't like fish (shellfish I love) or eggs, and I'm not a vegetarian. Is it still worth it for me?
  2. Carol in Cal.

    Forget Instant Pot - Here is a new kid on the block

    How in the world does it peel things? My dream has been the newest Cuisineart--the one that added dicing to the mix. But I have a great one already. So if I got this Breville it would be exactly what my Cuisineart does not do. That would be awesome.
  3. Carol in Cal.

    We're not sleeping

    CO, because you're tired when you wake up and don't feel like you have slept well. And, this at acute levels is die in your sleep type life threatening so I would get on it immediately. Detectors are easy to install. Remediation is usually easier than other causes, too. One unusual cause to be aware of--if you have a wood stove in the room with the air return for a gas furnace, the draft on the woodstove can sometimes suck exhaust out of the furnace into your home. Weird but true. (It's why we didn't put a wood stove into our great room at the cabin.)
  4. Carol in Cal.

    My baby turns 18 today

    I remember! And congratulations!
  5. i know, but you need a cap on this, and they have delayed you a lot, and you could probably find another buyer with whom this would go more smoothly if they bail, and I think they are going to fail to complete this purchase anyway. So I would not be as 'nice' as I was before in this particular circumstance. Let the realtor tell them that you're ticked off at being lied to and jerked around, and that you barely agreed to keep working with them at all.
  6. The original contract concession was based on a lie by the buyers. At this point I would be very skeptical, and I would counter back a cap on the closing cost credit of $1000, a fast closing, the agreement to continue to show the house for contingency offers. Timing is getting weird here.
  7. It's already a bargain, and these people don't know what they are doing. My inclination would be to put on the reply that we could continue to show the house. My sense is that this deal is not going to happen, and that moving on would be a good choice.
  8. Just say no, give them a day to respond, and then relist. They are just playing hardball to play hardball, and the fact that they can’t get that loan means that they are not negotiating in good faith.
  9. Carol in Cal.

    Liver Health

    Be careful—I went to a NP doctor who was great but she recommended a lot of supplements overall, and something I was taking then made my liver numbers increase alarmingly. Avoid alcohol and Tylenol. White sugar is not great and sugar substitutes are worse. Lots of leafy greens and cruciferous veggies are helpful. Herbal supplements that are helpful are milk Thistle and dandelion root. I used to take those, and then switched to a supplement called a supplement from FutureBiotics called Detox—daily liver support. I could literally feel a difference when I started taking this. In general anything synthetic stresses your liver, so I avoid taking medications as much as possible. I do take MTFR friendly prenatal gummy vitamins, but not a full dose. I have to take GERD meds sometimes but try not to do it all the time as it is stressful to the liver, and also I often have to take Allegra. I REALLY push veggies and some fruits—organic berries and pomegranates particularly. Apricots in season. Antioxidants that are natural seem to be helpful, as is regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, hard for me. Coffee is good for your liver. I love that that is so. NASH is an extreme version of this, and not all fatty liver goes there.
  10. Carol in Cal.

    Argue me into or out of Uncle Remus?

    I have heard that at least some of these stories hearken back to African folk tales and are part of a valuable cultural history. My inclination would be to make them available but also to discuss them. Having said that, I am also someone who decide not to use Huckleberry Finn for study because I couldn't stand to change the words OR to say the n-word. (I let DD read it but it was not a literature book for us.) Also I avoided Dr. Doolittle because of the underlying racist assumptions in it. So I'm not entirely consistent here. Just saying.
  11. Carol in Cal.

    Joint gift for young kids

    A big box of Kapla blocks—1000! And some of the design books, too. Or a bunch of really excellent costume pieces from Magic Cabin, and a trunk to keep dress up clothes in. Or a big set of Thomas the Tank Engine things. They are so much cheaper when you buy the big sets.
  12. Carol in Cal.

    Senior bathroom - ideas?

    Definitely no lip on the shower entrance. Definitely a built in, flip down shower seat—those are much more secure than the portable ones. Grab bars everywhere. Doors very wide into the bathroom and shower, to accommodate a wheelchair. Room to turn the wheelchair around in the bathroom as looking over your shoulder to move backwards is tricky at that age. Re the toilet—my inclination would be to look for a normal height toilet with an attachable raised seat. That way you are not stuck with the tall design if it becomes inconvenient. I like the idea of a bidet, but the only modern ones I have seen are controlled electronically and that can be challenging for the elderly. So be sure to check the controls for ease of use and accessibility before you invest. Have you ever seen the square vinyl tiles that are textured? They are much softer and warmer feeling than concrete, and they are not slippery like regular tiles or the typical marble ones. We have those in one bathroom and I love them. DH thinks they look fake, which is usually my issue rather than his, but they are improving rapidly and actually I think they look just fine. Avoid slate—although it’s textured, it is very uncomfortable when barefoot. This is one application where synthetic is best. Go figure. You might look at the really good kitchen mats that they have now—not the ones at Costco but the ones at Williams Sonoma. They are quite remarkable, and I’d plan to put one next to the bed for a soft landing if she falls, and for a comfortable initial few steps when she first gets up and is stiff. Some of the newer ones have nice decorative designs. I have a big one that I use to run in place on when it’s rainy out—that’s how cushy they are.
  13. Carol in Cal.


    If I thought my MIL was lying about my kid, I would get my DH to tell her that she knows that is not right, and to stop. That might or might not work but I would want to at least try it. I have enough bad experiences with habitual liars to realize that even if people know they lie, they can still throw a lot of shade, because people don’t think they lie as much as they actually do. Also, I would start to encourage the kids to send their emails to the aunts and uncles at the same time as the grandparents, and to copy me. I would keep those in a folder called ‘family news’ or something like that, and retain them for proof.
  14. Carol in Cal.

    washer/dryer recommendations

    Keep your old washer as long as you can. The new ones are pretty much junk. But if you are completely set on a new one, I’d still get a Speed Queen. While they are not the power houses of yore, I’ll bet they will turn out to still be the most reliable machines on the market.
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