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  1. Years ago when we were in the process of moving, one of our favorite cats ever, Mary, decided to not only get on the counter, as normal, but nest into the drainer! Since I am remembering one dear lost kitty, I will also recognize Hannah, who only lived to be 10! These were the two main cats we had when raising our children.
  2. Thanks for the reminder. We resuscitated our Escape last week with a jump. Our battery charger was not ‘strong’ enough to do it. Thankful that we didn’t have to buy a new battery as the one on the Escape is hard to get to - even for DIY DH!
  3. Yes, paypal is best/standard. (Deleted something b/c pp already advised it)
  4. Ok, admittedly I am not an expert, but I have a daughter who has a business FB page, so I feel compelled to reply and, especially, clear up the difference between FB Marketplace and a business page. Marketplace is mostly for individuals who are selling items - similar to a garage sale. Any messages are, certainly, private in that they are messages between individuals and are not appearing on ones feed/timeline. If he lists things for sale using Marketplace, people would be able to go back to his personal page, but not the other way around. Meaning, it will not show on his timeline what
  5. Sue Ailsby's Training Levels books. I call them the IEW of dog training. They offer a very thorough and detailed positive-training program. Some may find them broken down into a bit too many tiny steps, but I (and my dog=) learned so much! Wonderful anecdotes and general dog information throughout the books in addition to the step by step program that reaches the goal of having a well trained family dog.
  6. I have been listening to James Herriot lately on Audible. Can’t wait to watch! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. Lifting you all up in prayer.
  8. Prayers for your dad and for all of you!
  9. I have been so close to being a zombie thread promoter oh, so many times! Fortunately, I realize before I craft a comment. Finding old content is what I do - reading old threads is entertaining, sure, but mostly helpful. I read old threads almost as often as I do new ones. They are so much less stressful than current events. Old current events lack immediacy LOL WTM was how I raised and educated our children from the beginning & off into college and beyond. Now, it is my escape reading during lunch ad breaks - my magazine, so to speak. Often, I go to either the chat boa
  10. @MercyAi agree with them being kinda pretty...in floral ness & femininity or something. But, I do not like their shapelessness! Have you all looked up the chicken photos? I’d link one, but I don’t know what’s allowed. Too bad I can’t post the photo from my dream. Really! I dreamt that I set up to take a photo just for you guys. The last I remember, I was wearing one of those dresses hunting down Penelope in our front bushes. Penelope is DDs barn pet who, to my frustration, squeezes under the fence to spend each day scratching in our yard.
  11. Oh, @4atHome, do it! With boots or strappy heels, you will look as youthful as you please! I am trying to look for the prairie style in a nursing dress for you. Is that what the style is called...prairie? Or, cottage? Or...??
  12. Well, considering the fact that you are breastfeeding someone says that you are much younger than me=) That means, you'll look cute as a button in new styles...you younger gals can get pull off all sorts of things that would make me look ridiculous. I may go for that shirt-dress, though.
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