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  1. I was just thinking of this today. We’ve been married almost 27 years. We’ve always been best friends, yet very different and get on each other’s nerves plenty. There’s no one we’d rather spend time doing nothing with than each other, though. We are sorta homebodies, I am a convert-homebody due to living so far out away from civilization. DH is a quiet workaholic (home/outdoor work), but is always willing to just hang out, too, so it works. What I was reflecting on is that we are also sizzling with romance a little, too. Our 25th anniversary trip reset something for us that has been very good and was perfect timing for our ‘almost empty nest’ stage.
  2. Re: sizing. This doesn’t help me know if I want to buy it. I find sizing varies so much…then, they hang differently or have elements (like neck plackets on henleys, pockets, buttons, etc…) that may look completely different on me than they appear on the hanger.
  3. Ok, comments like this are changing my mind!! In my defense, I purchase consignment 90% more than new, but...rethinking the cute Ann Taylor t-shirt I have on today! Un-washed...YIKES! (first shopping spree in...maybe 15 years for new clothes...I bought 8 new tops between 2 stores!!! So unlike me)
  4. Whew! So, it wasn't a reality show! Fortunately, but one never knows=)
  5. I wonder if my non-washing (except undies) is related to the fact that I try on clothes before buying or before deciding to keep if mail order. I am amazed that people go to stores and do not try on clothes before buying. When trying on, if I love it, I want to preserve that look for at least the first wear. I am gentle on clothes, do not wash them very frequently, and keep my items for years! I've heard that washing clothing is very damaging. I do wash (I promise=), but I bet I was items a lot less than most people. DH never wears an item twice before washing...and, interestingly, I would not let him. Eww! HaHa, but I, ahem, do not sweat often.
  6. I have not really watched TV in 25 years (not willfully at first, just fell out of habit), but...I think I am glad for this non-watching habit, because that is completely and utterly insane!
  7. This is such a good point. I do not have family tradition to go by, but showers back in the day, between my friends and I were only simple affairs. Food, a few annoying games, maybe a few cheap cardboard pop-up decorations & balloons. Decorating today is kinda craziness IMO for simple events.
  8. Discussing with Dd, and I realized that I dislike washing new clothes before wearing the first time (except underwear). I realized that I was afraid the item, even if washable, would change drape, shape, size. When I buy consignment clothing, I always wash first. Curious what you all do...
  9. Thanks! Yes, I am crazy about food safety (former RD), but you know, they changed the pork recommendation to 145! I think this was because there has been no triconosis (sp) for many, many years in the country. Still uncomfortable for me=) I recommended he just put on baked potatoes & throw a steak on the grill, but he really wants a 'fix it & throw in oven' kinda dish.
  10. Thanks, and * YES to cover...not sure what he was thinking. First tenderloin is too lean IMO to cook this way, and he always knew to cover at home, but it is different when you do things on your own. Not to mention, he hasn't cooked for me in 6 years or so...that is a long time when you are that young.
  11. Hello, I think I should know this, but ... my DS wants to make beef recipes like my 'Chicken, Potato Basil' dish, or like something we call poor man's supper. The chicken dish is simply cut up raw chicken with diced onion & potatoes baked in oven at 350 for an hour...seasoned with basil, garlic and butter, it is a easy family staple. The poor man's supper is about the same with raw ground sausage (sometimes kielbasa). Ds tried diced raw pork tenderloin in place of these meats, did not cover & well...of course it all ended up dry w/meat overcooked & pots still not done well (uncovered made it need to come out sooner, so...it did not go well). He is a good cook of what little he makes, and he did fine cooking for me at home. But, his desire to cut up raw beef and cook it with potatoes has me unsure. I think of stew meat, but that takes more than one hour to become tender. Ditto my pot roast (three hours). He wants a one hour or less dish with beef (not ground beef). Anyone have this? Thanks...not sure why this took so long to explain LOL
  12. Goodness, I really had not thought of it that way. Thanks! Of course, I am intimately familiar with homeschooling high school preparing (most) kids to get the work done in college, but never thought about homeschooling in grade school preparing them for high school work. I think that talking to my friend about time management and how work flows in homeschool is really important. This will be quite the adjustment.
  13. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, theelfqueen! What is really helpful for me to hear is about the desire to follow the traditional high school sequence. By the time we got to high school, I was pretty confident in following a wonky plan that eventually ended up filling in the (necessary of them) traditional boxes. Yet, I am often afraid to be this honest to new homeschoolers about not being tied to traditional plans, because of the thought that I may scare them off by sounding too 'unschooling' or something. I will think about this. I really believe homeschoolers can cover a vast amount by being open to non-traditional scheduling/timing of classes, and, hence, have precious time for the student's interests. If I can think of a way to talk about this without sounding unacademic, I will encourage the out of the box thinking more. Hope this makes sense. And, @daijobu you make a really great point about considering the future if wanting to jump back in to b&m school. Thanks
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