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  1. DH was completely puzzled about crispy and wondered why I asked. HIs memories are of his grandmother’s (actually stuffed) stuffing. IMO, that is a bit over the top moist (aka, kinda gross=). I went for a crispy by baking uncovered for last 15. Really turned out good - moist AND crispy!
  2. Walmart closed?!?! I do not go there very often, but ds just tried the local one for sc milk & they were closed. Typical for Thanksgiving morning? I am surprised!
  3. DH forming my crescent rolls for me, ds just ran to store to pick up forgotten sweetened condensed milk (which dd’s recipe uses...never evaporated milk to her), youngest dd is finishing yearly tradition of making placecards, I am trying to ignore sad-eyed puppy...she wonders why her play mates are ignoring her! Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!! Beautiful quote - thanks, Susan! I am so thankful for my WTM friends!
  4. I have a question: y'all are talking about crispy crust...I always think of stuffing as a fairly moist dish, although I do not stuff the bird. I place my stuffing in a shallow baking dish (9x13), and bake about 30 mins covered. So, to get this crisp crust, with what I assuming to be a moist interior, please tell me your baking dish size/type and length of time baking it, and whether covered or not, etc. Thanks! Op, I have done everything from all ahead, as you are doing, prep the veggies in butter and mix that day, to complete prep right b/f baking. As you can see from my quest
  5. My deepest condolences for you. All of you are in my prayers.
  6. Your menu looks delish! Can you please expound upon the ‘green bean bundles’? @Ottakee, we do the appetizers-as-Christmas-Eve-meal, too. Fun & fairly easy.
  7. We like to decorate the weekend before Christmas and keep inside decorations up until Candlemas, on February 2. I usually tire of everything but the tree (what little that is) a few weeks into January. I do not know when we will take down our new outdoor gate lights. Although we will light them near Christmas, most of our (country road) neighbors never turn their outdoor lights on again after Christmas evening. I imagine we will appear craz-y if we keep them lit through January!
  8. I’m sorry you are going though this.
  9. So, they are doing ok?
  10. Good morning, Issac!! Done...but will continue. Have a great day everyone, it is pretty here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Slache!!
  11. Prong collar worked great on dog for walk around a public park lake nearby. Didn’t “use” it, but she knew it was there. I need to just get her out more around people/dogs!
  12. He is precious, Slache!! Done for this morning - I need to develop the same habit, Purpleowl. That would be a good way to remember it.
  13. Prayed, and continuing, for MIchelle @MissLemon
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