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  1. I think she did kill her husband based on the power of attorney that said "in case I am incapacitated or disappear". No one writes disappear in a POA. Then add to that he filed a restraining order only weeks before he goes missing. There must be blood all around the property from all the raw meat they feed the tigers so no one would notice blood splatters. And it is such a large property no one outside the property would notice if there were sounds of screaming or a gunshot. It would be so easy to then feed a body to the tigers or put it in the septic tank. Additionally, instead of orga
  2. I just started doing this. Even though we live relatively close to Disneyland and California Adventure, my kids haven't ever been interested in going (they keep thinking it is about Disney princesses). So we went a couple of weeks ago. They had good time and it was fantastic that it wasn't so crowded because it was a Wed. and Thursday.
  3. Yes! You really just described what is going on. My oldest was constantly told that he was smart, a good student, etc. and he was a starter on the basketball team, so he really misses that feedback from teachers and peers. They both loved recess and PE and the silly stuff. They just really do miss that school culture.
  4. There were a few reasons. I wanted them to learn Spanish, so we concentrate on spending several hours a day doing that. Also one child wasn't being challenged at school and the younger one tended to do the least amount of work possible in school. Academically homeschooling is better. This schedule is fantastic! I was going to enroll them in a 3 1/2 hour wilderness class but they raised the price and then not enough kids enrolled in their age group. I got them memberships at an indoor trampoline and we would usually go 2 hours a week on Fridays. I signed them up for homeschool p
  5. I pulled my 5th and 7th grade boys out of school to homeschool them in August. While they like being homeschooled and are really making progress learning Spanish (that has been our focus), they really miss their friends and physical activities at school. They liked going early to school and playing a pick-up game of basketball, playing football at recess, playing kickball, running around, doing PE, etc. My older one was on sports teams at the school so misses competing for his school. They also miss the social aspect of school. While they can go outside and play basketball, or go to a skate p
  6. My fifth grader build a pond in our backyard with a pump, waterfall, and fish. I was surprised how well it turned out. The downside is that we have a beagle that stands at the edge of the pond and watches the fish. If one ventures into the shallow end of the pond, she pounces and has managed to catch and kill at least one fish that we know of. I think she might have gotten a couple of other fish as well. If she doesn't catch a fish she ends up getting wet and sometimes muddy then will try and come into the house. I didn't know that beagles would be interested in fish. We have a swimming pool a
  7. I just wanted to come back and update this post two years later to say that what regentrude bolded above is really true. I moved my son to a private school last year for 4th grade and it had its ups and downs. I started homeschooling my son at the beginning of this school year for 5th grade and he really is a different kid schooling at home than at school. I really thought he wouldn't be willing to do much academically and would continually try to get out of doing work. Instead, I make a checklist every morning and he enjoys doing his work, crossing off each task, then is excited to be free to
  8. Hopefully, it is something like PANDAS that antibiotics can cure. If, not I would consider how stressful it is to think about transitioning from a small K-8 school into a large public high high school. It might be the stress of the transition is leading to anxiety and her being obsessive about being able to control what she can. Add to that being young for her grade. I would really re-consider starting her in a large public high school at age 13. I would have her repeat 8th grade at the public school that feeds into the high school or homeschool her at let her have one relaxing year repe
  9. Yes, this is what I meant. I spent the morning reminding my 5th grader who was writing about a snake, a mouse, and a "snale" that "snale" is in fact spelled "snail". I told him that maybe snails have shells to protect them from the rain, then wrote out rain and snail, and pointed to the "ai". There isn't any rule he can memorize to help him know snail is spelled with an "ai". I told him to either remember it is with an "ai" or to write about a slug instead. I use Apples and Pears with him as it is the only spelling program that has worked. Lori D- We will have to agree to di
  10. The good news: Many schools in the US no longer formally teach spelling. Most writing is done on chromebooks/computers/ iPads in schools, so all those errors will be automatically corrected. My husband teaches 7th grade English and I sometimes look at what students write when he brings home a pile of work to grade. Your son's spelling mistakes are no different than many students in his honors English class. I wouldn't worry that he isn't spelling words like Anglican, tobacco, cotton, or even persecution correctly. Bad news: I don't mean it really as bad news, but just pointing out that
  11. Good question! I had another SOTW Book 4 from the library, so the younger brother was using that copy.
  12. Anyone else want to post a "parent fail" moment? Mine a couple of weeks ago was yelling at my 7th grader: We are doing Story of the World 4- Modern History and are really behind because the Charter School we are enrolled in is overwhelmed with orders, so it took almost two months to get the book and activity book. It is really easy for him, but he likes Modern History and I can group him with his younger brother. Me: Are you done with the Chapter 3 outline of Story of World [the activity sheet has blanks to complete the outline]? My son: No, the last part doesn't make sense?
  13. This is across-post with K-8 because I just realized the people who can best answer this question most likely have kids who have finished Algebra and might be in high school. My 7th grader is using Foerster Algebra. When I looked around online to see the sequence people were using with the book, I came across Kolbe Honors Algebra syllabus, which lists the order as: Chapter 1 Expressions and Equation: Chapter 2 Operations with Negative Numbers; Chapter 3 Distributing: Axioms and Other Properties Chapter 4 Harder Equations ;
  14. My 7th grader is using Foerster Algebra. When I looked around online to see the sequence people were using with the book, I came across Kolbe Honors Algebra syllabus, which lists the order as: Chapter 1 Expressions and Equation: Chapter 2 Operations with Negative Numbers; Chapter 3 Distributing: Axioms and Other Properties Chapter 4 Harder Equations ; Chapter 7 Expressions and Equations Containing Two Variables Chapter 8 Linear Functions, Scattered Data, and Probability Chapter 13 Inequal
  15. My 12-year old son just Peak, and the two follow up books in the series. It is about a 14 year old boy who loves to climb buildings whose dad takes him to Nepal to try and climb Mt. Everest. My son stayed up until 1:00 in the morning a couple of days ago when the final book - Ascent came in the mail that day. https://www.amazon.com/Peak-Marcello-Adventure-Roland-Smith/dp/0152062688 He also loves anything by Alan Gratz. Entertaining historical fiction. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=alan+gratz&i=stripbooks&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
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