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  1. In the last 12 months I dealt with an er visit that started with a 7 hour wait in the lobby, ended inconclusively, and cost me $7,000 out of pocket after insurance. Everything was in network. So it can happen. But KSera is right, that's why we have insurance. I'm glad to read these medically knowledgeable responses, because I would be one to blow off a medical follow up in this kind of situation.
  2. So, your performance on the first half determines whether you will get the harder or easier second half. But are you saying that it takes more than a couple of mistakes on the first half to push you to the easier second half? And then, how are the scores compared across students some of whom got the easier second half and others who got the harder second half? Is only the math section adaptive?
  3. I had a smoke detector expire one night - always at night, why at night? Anyway, I took it down and went to the hardware store the next day. The errands overlapped lunch so I took the dc into a fast food joint for lunch. When we came out the expired alarm was alarming LOUDLY on the passenger seat. There was some poor guy who had parked next to me peering into the car trying to figure out what was going on. I was so embarrassed, I don't know why, and I still don't understand why it did that. Just checked my CO monitor, It's got a few more years in it.
  4. Yikes, that sounds tedious. It shouldn't do that (obviously). Even if you strapped it to a shelf, that much motion might be more than the shelf supports could handle.
  5. 😂 Dh had a bad cold last week (tested C19 neg) and I made him take the antique Cough & Cold we had from 2003 and 2005. Judging by the departure and subsequent return of symptoms it still worked. Personally, I only keep pain killers, cough drops, and the food decongestant on hand. The rest is leftovers that I cull when the shelf gets full.
  6. How do you keep the Bosch from walking off the counter now? The shelf would be like a counter while it is in use. I don't see a problem with adding a lip to the shelf, except I would want to keep the front open. The open front would make it a lot easier to wipe up flour spills and get the machine in and out if needed. That may not be a concern for the Bosch, but when lifting out my KitchenAid I often catch the foot on the 1" lip of the shelf. My KitchenAid lives on a sliding, but not lifting, shelf.
  7. You'll definitely be surprised by what is waiting at the 3rd exit!
  8. This happened to us shortly after we were married (back before Airbnb had been invented). We were moving across the country and checking in at a hotel. The desk clerk said, "If the Millers bother you, try opening the window. They've been causing some trouble." We stared at her for a bit, both a tad worried about who the Millers were and why they were haunting? harassing? hotel guests. Dh asked, "um, who are the Millers?" "They're a kind of moth that's really active this time of year." Phew!
  9. I love it! Are the flowers attached to each other, or is there a hidden under layer that they are affixed on?
  10. No, we do not get calls like that from our credit union. Ironically we do get calls of a vaguely similar nature from Fidelity. 😄
  11. This confuses me because if my kid can get into med school, but subsequently fails out or drops out due to anxiety or whatever, couldn't they then use the credits that they did earn to work toward another degree or a certification program or a teaching license? But if my child is in a physically demanding job like a cowboy, dancer, professional sport, or many trade jobs, and they get injured and can no longer work in that field what do they do? Dancers and sport players can perhaps coach or teach that sport, a trade job person might be able to switch to focus on business ownership matters, perhaps, but I don't know what the cowboy equivalent is. Would it be ranch management of some kind? This is what we are talking about. When I had a cold considering professional dance I advised that they consider a fall-back career in case of injury (or lack of success, although that possibility was unsaid). So if their fall back was going to be running a studio, they should consider putting business classes in their educational plan.
  12. I finished a pair of "by request" pajama pants for my dd this week. I used the free Adult Yoggers pattern from Petite Stitchery. The fabric was very accommodating by having alternating up and down columns that I could take advantage of when cutting out the leg pieces. Initial reviews are very positive!
  13. Sudden withdrawal was a little eye-opening. I may need more hobbies.
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