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  1. I got a men's pair of Carhartts from TSC and added some darts. NASA astronauts wear Cabela's, you could try those. Just skip the Velcro!
  2. Dd7's reading has completely taken off. She's been inhaling "early" chapter books and I'm struggling to figure out what to give her next. It doesn't help that the library is only open for curbside, so I can't browse the shelves. Suggestions? She's enjoyed: Kingdom of Wrenly Galaxy Zack Dino Mike Sophie Mouse Mango and Bambang Calpurnia Tate, Girl Vet Never Girls Fairy Ponies Zoey and Sassafras Toys Go Out Misty Inn Dragon Masters Adventures of Finn Caspian
  3. Totally second this. We read the entire series last summer. Usually, I'll only read one book in a series then take a break, but this series was that good.
  4. I have just a second grader. We've read the Growly series, some Mary Poppins, Dr. Dolittle, Toy Dance Party, Misty of Chincoteague, Howl's Moving Castle, some Enid Blyton, some Hamster Princess, Return to the Hundred Acre Wood (a new, authorized Pooh book!)
  5. Mine have the word "KITCHEN" written on them in sharpie. This morning they were in hubby's study.
  6. "This special offer is only valid... Any attempts to work around the system via meddling with the actual fabric of time are strongly discouraged but not technically disallowed." Am I the only one who actually goes into my SPAM folder looking for these entertaining nuggets?
  7. We're being ultra-COVID conservative (let's not debate how insane we are) So dd7 is not doing summer camps for the second year in a row. Unlike last year, when many of our things went virtual, it seems that most camps are trying in-person this summer. So, I'd like to get her some fun, sciencey things to do this summer. Flipping through catalogs, we've come up with some STEM kits from Lakeshore. She says she wants to do discections (but I'm not sure I believe it) Any other ideas for fun summer camp replacement things?
  8. For my grandmother, the issue was a fear of being stuck at home. We figured out where she wanted to go and bought her a bus pass. Rode with her a few times so she experienced what it would be like. Does the facility provide shuttle service?
  9. Huh. My dd's dress up rack contains an Indian sari, Spanish flaminco dress, and an Elizabethan dress. Hubby actually bought the sari while on a business trip to India. I never thought about it possibly being culturally insensitive, I was just trying to avoid the Disney princess thing!
  10. I crocheted before dd7 was born. During lockdown, I decided to get into it again. I made this "Don't Eat the Daisies!" afghan and am now working on one with rainbows and unicorns.
  11. After two years, I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this homeschooling thing. I'm comfortable with my reading, math, and history choices. Science and art is still up in the air. Math - Saxon 3. English - Lots of chapter books. Pathway readers grade 3 and workbook. CLE language arts 300 for grammar and spelling. History - Story of the World. I've promised dd7 that we'll add in the American Girls books once we get to Columbus, so she's really excited about that. Science - We have a really great nature center with awesome programing. They've switched to virtual, but
  12. I liked FIAR, but couldn't get over the cost. Highly recommend Wee Folk Art. We also did Weekly Virtual Book Club for kids. Same intent as FIAR, but free and someone else creates the ideas for you! https://m.facebook.com/groups/159517497822475/?ref=group_browse
  13. Ditto the boys section. Mine wants lots of useful pockets, a la cargo shorts.
  14. Wow, did I write this? We were homeschooling prior to COVID using Saxon/Singapore. Then, the world went crazy. Dd had major pandemic induced anxiety. Based on strong recommendations from the therapist, I reluctantly set aside our math (to lower stress levels) and started looking for a curriculum to repeat (maintain skills, but no added stress). I choose Math Lessons for a Living Education, mostly for it's low cost. Dd7 flew through level 1, doing one week's worth everyday. Then did level 2, one week's worth every two days. Now we picked Saxon 2 back up, planning on ordering Saxon 3 to beg
  15. Magazine subscription. Everyone loves mail! My kid is in bed around 7. She can chose to go to sleep or read for an hour. She always chooses reading!
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