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  1. Mine, who is 6, had a huge adversion to masks when this started. Play lots of cowboys/pirates with bandana masks, to get used to the idea of face coverings. I sewed a couple of masks and let her pick out the fabric. I made a matching one for her best stuffed animal friend. Finally, told her that it's like wearing pants. When we go out, you have to wear pants, it's not optional. Now, we have to wear masks, not optional.
  2. I want to know this as well! We always want books, but our libraries are closed right now and we NEED books!
  3. Dd6.5 will finish AAR3 around the end of the month and has found it tremendously easy (but fun!) I was debating the merits of getting the next level versus just spending that amount on books. Yesterday, I was leaning towards getting AAR4 and finishing off phonics. But then, the library closed today. COVID cases are seriously bad here. Given that she's inhaling early chapter books at a rate of one book every 2-3 days, I'm leaning towards buying books. Except, these are not great, beloved books that I feel we need to own. But I don't want her to run out of books! At the beginning of t
  4. I'm very confused. Our agility classes were all off leash, in a big, equipment filled field. Our group required quite a few obedience classes (or testing out of them) in order to be eligible for the agility classes. Is that what you mean? For obedience, I used a skinny leather leash (under 20 lb shelties). I don't recall what the bigger dogs had, but really, you want to get to the point where the dog will obey without a leash. Maybe work really hard on your halt/freeze command, if she's "pulling you off your feet." Leashes/collars are not allowed on our agility field, to prevent animals from g
  5. Dd7 is getting a ton of space Playmobil from us. K'nex and LEGO from the grandparents. For Jolabokaflod, she's getting some Galaxy Zack and The Data Set books. Yup, we definitely have a future engineer over here!
  6. Looking into something Spanish for dd7. She's part-time with the local school and, well, online Spanish is a disaster. We have Song School Spanish, we're two chapters in and while it's orders of magnitude better than online, it's not very challenging (tracing letters to write words is apparently beneath her) Has anyone gotten a subscription to One Third Stories? This seems interesting, but there doesn't seem to be any recent reviews online. Or can someone recommend something else we might consider?
  7. I have pieced together our set from library booksales. We have some second and some third editions, both are in color. Mixed editions doesn't seem to be any big deal. The story still flows from book to book.
  8. I changed schools between 9th and 10th (military family, so we moved every 3 years) - still, one public school to another public school. I tested into precalculus and had to retake everything else. My 10th grade year, I took 9th and 10th science, which was no big deal. In 11th, I took 11th and 9th English and the age difference was huge and I hated the freshmen. In 12th, I flat out refused to take 12th and 9th social studies. They allowed me to substitute a different history elective, so I never actually took civics. All of that never would have worked if I was in music. Lacking music, I had a
  9. Here, everything is carrying on as normal. So, we're down to virtual music lessons. Dubious quality over Zoom, but we didn't want to become complete hermits.
  10. My (advanced reader) first grader is enjoying the Strangest Things series (Animals Do the Strangest Things, Fish Do the Strangest Things, etc) and also the National Geographic readers.
  11. I'm a bit surprised that all of you are reporting mandatory masking for everyone. For most districts near us, only 5th grade and up have to wear them. There is a virtual option, but I'm not sure how many are taking it. The superintendent for our district is making it optional for everyone because required masking would be too difficult to enforce. We were homeschooling before COVID, but if we weren't before, we certainly would be now!
  12. I do. I'd get serious pushback from dd6 if we didn't. But at this age, history is "let's sit on the couch and read fun books" and science is "let's perform some messy experiments and ask questions." She thinks that's way more fun and easier than learning hard skills like reading and subtraction. It makes it so that even if we have a rough day in those hard areas, we have some better subjects to look forward to.
  13. Yes, I have a friend that is doing this. She's asking for K-3 kids, enrolled in virtual school (our district is optionally 2 days in, 3 days home OR all virtual). She will have the kids all day in her home, provide breakfast, lunch, and snack. She is a retired early elementary teacher and will provide all help needed for kids to do their schoolwork. I thought it an interesting idea, but still more exposure than I'd prefer. Since we were homeschooling before COVID, it's not really anything I need, but I can see parents who both work full time loving this situation.
  14. LOVE this idea. We have a county park pass and only ever go to one park. I think I'll steal this idea!
  15. I would not feel bad about backing out of an in person volunteer commitment right now. We're in the middle of a PANDEMIC. We have our "old ladies" who have done the Bible stories forever backing out of VBS this year, with no interest in figuring out technology. That's cool, no one is holding a grudge against them. We're in unusual times and just trying to get along as best we can.
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