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  1. Go Bookie! Go Bookie! GO! If I were Bookie I'd be lying on the couch eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and complaining about how tired I am.
  2. We watch him on Saturday mornings. My kids frequently utter his phrases about birds and such. We are a normal family.
  3. I think we need to institute military punishments for breaking curfew because we care about his emotional transition into service.
  4. I have never eaten an oyster. I've had snake, alligator, spider. No oyster. Nope. Thanks.
  5. I make a Jamaican green soup with okra. It's just ok, but is so good for you that you're like high after eating it.
  6. I'm glad I could scar my fellow man with poop fish. That explains it! Blackened catfish! Have you had okra in gumbo? I am an okra lover, but it is slimey. You are allowed to not like okra.
  7. It's cheap. Catshish is cheap here too though.
  8. He won't do polluck, salmon and catfish under the right circumstances, loves tuna. So tuna sammiches and fried catfish. I didn't think to ask at the time.
  9. But it's important to me that he eats fish. I did a thread like a week ago and have some ideas.
  10. Nope. He didn't even see the fish and the texture hit him and he gagged. I feel bad.
  11. I made chicken salad for lunches and enchiladas for dinner. My back hurts so bad. Matt's cleaning up now. I'm trying to make fish Babiness will eat.
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