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  1. He needs more spiral and procedural. I'm so bummed. I love my vintage! Renai said it isn't all about me though. I thought it was.
  2. 5/4. I never had an interest in K-3 and I figure if it takes us too long it doesn't matter.
  3. Hi. We have school because we skipped 2 days this week. Next week John is switching to Saxon and Partnership Writing. I also got 3 books on insects from the library.
  4. I bought it probably 3 years ago. Quackers told me to. I'll look at content before I head that way. Thanks!
  5. The best things for me have been tai chi, minimal shoes and a nectar mattress. The value of a good mattress cannot be overstated.
  6. I'm tired of talking about Paul Revere. I've never liked this poem. I still my new homeschool toy.
  7. "I catch on fast you just have to explain a long time." -my girlfriend
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