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  1. Alex angrily screaming "DIS IS DEWISHUSH!" at his dinner is one of my favorite things.
  2. That's what you get for naming him cat. He has double catness.
  3. We met on a bus and he was completely drugged out. His friend thought I was annoying (I wonder why) and intentionally got us separated. Two weeks later he showed up outside my door clean but I wouldn't date him until he stopped smoking. After he gave up drugs and cigarettes for me I had to marry him. I didn't really have a choice.
  4. I would do Mark Kistler, but if it doesn't float your boat check out virtual instructor which is not for your child's age group but it's totes fab. The big yellow drawing book would be a fun side project.
  5. I had a consultation for electrolysis several years ago and they told me it wouldn't work because my hair was too fine or something. I don't remember the exact reason.
  6. Can anything be done? I was told I can't do laser because it's blond. I have 3 on my neck now. MY NECK! I pluck them.
  7. Oh, good! I have a new chin hair! It's always nice to keep things fresh.
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