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  1. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    There actually is a mountain here you can climb. I don't remember which one. We didn't do it because it takes too long. Like 14-16 hours. The problem with mountain climbing is the scrambling. This one doesn't have that. Adams? Anyone know?
  2. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    You could do the trail around it which only takes 3 days.
  3. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

  4. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    This is not how to lose 5 pounds. I would not climb a mountain in 80 degree weather!
  5. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    But it's not raining. And it's not 17 degrees. And it's not raining. Or 17 degrees. Also, it's not raining.
  6. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    The forecast for our climb (sat).
  7. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Lol! I wish!
  8. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Awix. Him's baby. He's very behind in talking according to some.
  9. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    The names of my children according to the baby: Don, May-ie, Ass.
  10. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Good morning! Mama tired. (((Jean))) I am so sorry. First of all, I do not believe that it's not water. Stress affects your hormones and you could be bloated in response to your stress. Yes, stress absolutely can make you fat. One way to combat that is to regularly do cardio because that is a healthy stress and your body will regulate your stress hormones better. Essentially what happens is something bad happens and you have a fight or flight response but you don't fight or fly. You hold on to that hormone that you have on hand to help you fight or fly but you aren't using it and it's knocking things out of whack. You need to use it. You need to sweat. As a side effect it will also make you feel less stressed because you're getting that hormone down.
  11. Apologia did a buy the book get the workbook free thing.
  12. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    This always pisses me off. Like, seriously? I could have had a pizza and cake and it would have been *so* much better.
  13. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    No. Don't be nice. "Of course he's going to live on his own. He was raised brilliantly, despite his mother's upbringing. He will thrive and be happy. Maybe you should try it."
  14. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    We are home. The kids are Pooh and peanut buttering and I've been bathed and bedded. I miss the rainfall shower and pillowtop mattress. I really like firm mattresses but the idea of a pillow top on a firm mattress was something I had never considered. It was fabulous! I loved the pastor at our church this morning and wound up in his office comparing Greek studies. His wife is homeschooling and is dying to speak with me because every time she meets a homeschooler she doesn't want to talk about homeschooling. I remember that in the very beginning and it was very upsetting! That's how I wound up here. So we're going to have them over for dinner or something. Why am I not at the beach right now?
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