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  1. I had pineapple grilled, too, not over a campfire. Sorry for lying.
  2. John's Greek workbook came. It's already been filled out. Thanks?
  3. I'm off to the parade. If you hear about some drunk woman throwing up in the river just assume it's me being pregnant.
  4. I only shop at Wal-Mart but I'm not that picky about gluten free. If I can't have a bun I'll add extra lettuce kind of thing. I don't think I enjoy food as much as other people because of my geographic tongue.
  5. No one has ever tried to make out with me at GNC. I will be sure to avoid Whole Foods.
  6. I get this at GNC. I get my pre-workout there so that I can work out harder because I'm old and can't work out hard by myself and the guys that work there talk to me about raw versus cooked meat and how organics are sham and which vegetables will give you the most of certain types of protein, etc etc. It's like "Are you looking at who you're talking to? I have 3 children and I'm fat. I buy what's on sale."
  7. Wait. I think we've been over this. You already looked at that. But that's what it is. Lemme get you a link to a list of unit studies.
  8. I want an ALDI! Just for the seed chips. I love the seed chips.
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