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  1. Honestly, one of the most educational things we've ever done is go on a walk at the trail right by our house several times a week. Seeing how the rain affected the river, seeing how the insects change throughout the year, learning the birds and their calls, learning how the temperature feels different based on conditions, watching the workers maintain the parks, seeing lightning kill a tree and watching it decompose, watching garbage not decompose, mold, leaves, water insects, wildlife, clouds. We saw it all and we watched it truly exist. One of the best things we've ever done.
  2. Locally: Washington On The Brazos Big Bend King Ranch Nationally: DC Williamsburg Grand Canyon and Yosemite Internationally: Rome Israel Australia ETA: Our favorites so far: A drive from Portland to San Antonio via LA, New Orleans, DC, hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, missions, Crater Lake, Fort Martin Scott and Fredericksburg. ETA2: I need to go kayaking with manatees now.
  3. Living Memory Our Science and History texts Grammar Recitation from MP (we do not use MP) Spelling rules from our chosen curriculum Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization The Memorization Study Bible Foreign language vocabulary from our chosen curricula
  4. Tuna sammiches, asparagus smothered in butter and herbs, homemade sweet potato fries.
  5. To my understanding, the ones in the South are every year while the ones in the midwest are on a schedule.
  6. There's one every 5 years and a big one every 17 years so while you hear about them you only REALLY hear about them rarely. The 17 year ones are in different locations and you can google something like "cicada brood by year" and see all the different places. They make a loud buzzing and get in everything from your drains to your engine to your mouth. If a pet eats too many they can die. They were sent by Satan.
  7. Can you try the ear piercing and if it doesn't work out then take it out?
  8. Are all piercings that drastic, healingwise? Like what about a teeny nose one? I always wanted my eyebrow done.
  9. I was really into henna tattoos and they have pens now so you can do cool things with little talent. She could totally get a tattoo on her ear or neck without actually getting a tattoo.
  10. I was gifted it. Good book. I have spilled coffee on it twice and it is very absorbent. I recommend it over a coaster. Let me know if you want me to look anything up in it because I've never read it.
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