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  1. I missed when the government released the UFO info. Did they include phone numbers or some kind of PO Box or something?
  2. I slept through them. At least the year is half over.
  3. I would totally keep taking it while he's in the hospital, and keep calling DH if I was worried, just not get out of bed.
  4. We could also not do the things. Just tossing ideas out there.
  5. Carol Baskin won the tiger park in a lawsuit. This will mean nothing to a lot of you but will drastically improve the life of over 200 tigers and put a major dent in the tiger trade. Good stuffs. I did not watch the show.
  6. *Brokecat Mountain Sprinkle cinnamon on the table.
  7. All of nephew's picc lines are out (he's drug free) and he's crib weaned (holding temperature). We're hoping he's home this weekend.
  8. Exactly this. Local protesters are reporting trucks of bricks being delivered to them. People want this to end before progress is made.
  9. I think I want to hang this in the front hall since we gather there every time we leave the house but I don't have an overabundance of wall space. If you've done this how long was it? Is vertical a horrendous idea? Tell me more things.
  10. Matt's been finding more and more cool people in my family history so he's bragging about being descended from Noah.
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