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  1. That's pretty much what I do. I have a full reading curriculum and a full math curriculum and all the other things and I want them done within a school year.
  2. I expect 180 days worth of work to be done. We are academically rigorous but lax on the calendar.
  3. Lavender baby shampoo, once a month.
  4. I saw you laughed and thought it was funny! I should have been more specific.
  5. I've been thinking on this. I realized why I do what I do. Take tutoring math and dishes. Tutoring math is 45 minutes, but only 10 of those minutes are actual work, so tutoring math is a waste of 35 minutes. If I do dishes and tutor there are those losses of a second or two every time I switch tasks, but it's still a gain of 34 minutes. So, not multitasking, but efficient. Interesting. I thought this said wedding. I know I've been out a lot, but sheesh.
  6. He's a humanities centered, fairly advanced kid. My plan is to use it for the meatiness, but at half pace because we all do Bible Together. We're also doing Who is God? over breakfast (soon to be finished and replaced with The Ology) and the older two (10, 8 ) are doing The One Year Bible. Bible Survey. https://www.christianbook.com/important-youll-study-survey-bible-complete/starr-meade/9781433511820/pd/511820?item_code=WW&event=CART
  7. Another thing we have in common!
  8. Glad I could ruin your idea.
  9. Yes, but only if it's similar in style to what you actually do. Every time I buy something different it just sits on the shelf.
  10. I also have these: https://www.amazon.com/Staedtler-Triplus-Fineliner-0-3mm-Color/dp/B001ALWVQ4/ref=mp_s_a_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=staedtler+fineliner&qid=1617200043&sprefix=stradeler+fine+&sr=8-10
  11. Hi! I'm here! I got in cuz I was tagged. I'm exhausted. I am good at pairing one mindful thing with one mindless thing, like tutoring math and dishes or directing in the kitchen while I fold in the dining room. Not to be done if you know the person. On my way. I've never found one. I think that's why people buy $50 bullet journals. If you look closely at those beautiful artistic ones the artist skips every other page. I use uni ball micro which you can get at walmart or target. It's a fine ball point, so not a sharpie at all. Sowwy.
  12. How long did this take you and for what ages? Thank you.
  13. I would buy what I like and then scribe as needed.
  14. I worked out for the first time in probably a year. I danced for 30 minutes. I expect to be catered to for the rest of the day.
  15. I want Matt to paint me some blue bonnets for the bedroom and I want to go to Cancun. And hostess cupcakes. I want hostess cupcakes. Not necessarily in that order.
  16. I'm using Saxon. My non math kid started Saxon 5/4 in 4th after Strayer Upton and my math kid started 5/4 in 1st at half a lesson a day. I'd totally do it 4th. Obviously. 🙂
  17. They will never forget her. She has changed your family forever, and that's beautiful. I'm so sorry.
  18. I received an email telling me someone with my last name died and since there's no next of kin they're going to give me his 4.6 billion dollar estate. Seems legit.
  19. She would strongly disagree with you! Even though I think I could fit her in the ottoman.
  20. I saw it once as a kid. We used to go to a Christmas concert every year and moved away. The kids are sad about the Christmas concert so we wanted to do something big. Instead, there was a plague.
  21. I look very forward to what I believe will be a Covid-19 free Christmas. I want to go to Six Flags and play in the "snow," I want to go see the Nutcracker if we can afford it, and I want to go to the Riverwalk to see the lights with friends. I missed out on all of that this year and I'm really excited about it. For the first time in my life I have a countdown on my phone!
  22. Texas blue bonnets from our drive in the country yesterday: Mooies Booya!
  23. So does mine. I'm actually hoping to take him to Japan in high school.
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