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  1. I placed my Wal-Mart order. Ceviche, calzones and chicken fajitas. I bought two pre-made salads because I'm bored. That's not normal for me.
  2. No, I have the PDF. It's yours. I knew this because of Felipe. You would have liked Felipe. All of you would have liked Felipe.
  3. Or Australia. You only get it if you fix your booya. -OBB
  4. I did that with Greek, but don't regret it. We spent 1st on the alphabet, breathing marks, accents and punctuation, then began a very easy grammar and copywork in 2nd and I want to start reading daily in 3rd while we continue the grammar. My goal is to finish Athenaze and Oxford by high school.
  5. I had Greek for mango but decided mango was dumb.
  6. Prarie warned me about this. I didn't think it would be this bad. Earlier I mentioned Las Villas (las viyas) and Spanish speakers didn't know what I was talking about. After explaining it they were like "You mean the villas (vilas)?" and I was like .
  7. Ok. I think I want both. Messaging you. I assume the tribe, but locally. The Spanish here is wrong. Conversationally correct, proper nouns are wrong. Pronounced h, ll is /l/, no thrilled Rs. But only some words. Then there are some places where say a town and a street have the same name, but one is pronounced correctly and one is pronounced the way a gringo would. Matt says Helotes Hey-lo-tees/Hey-lo-tez, depending on who you ask.
  8. 1. I would appreciate your opinion/reciew on this before I form an opinion. 2. I grabbed the PDFs when they were $5 and am doing fine with BFSU 1. Would you recommend BFSU 2 in paperback versus PDF or do you think I'm fine? I have not looked at BFSU 2 yet.
  9. Matt says you pronounce the H. I think there might be contradictory thoughts on it.
  10. That's awesome! I'm not even sorry for you. Yes. It is? Ok. But the hElotes is wrong. It's ee instead of eh. And ends in tees. Ee low tees. I think.
  11. Of course you just know all of this. This is very Renai.
  12. But I don't think this tribe intermarried with the Spaniards, like what's considered the general Mexican population did. I am very short on details, but the way things are pronounced here makes me insane and now it all makes sense. That is what I wanted. Helotes is E-lo-tees. Things like that.
  13. Hi. Sorry. How long (months) did GSWL and Minimus take? I'm thinking GSWL, KGWL (GSWL2), Minimus, Segundas. Eta: Or maybe just GSWL in 4th and KGWL in 5th. I am undecided.
  14. So, apparently there is a Native American tribe here that look like Mexicans with Native American noses. They spoke their own language but learned Spanish way back in the day. They pronounce Spanish incorrectly (with their accent) which is why so many places here are pronounced incorrectly. The more you know... Cultural Booya!
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