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  1. Is everyone ready for tomorrow? Because I'm not ready for tomorrow.
  2. All of this is against my faith, so I won't have this conundrum.
  3. No. Going through a nausea phase. It'll be over in a few days.
  4. It was eggs and sweet potatoes but I threw it up. Now I'm starving.
  5. We are behind schedule. The house is picked up, dinner's in the fridge so I can just toss it in the oven and breakfast will be ready... at some point.
  6. I got an email explaining that our Oregon church is talking about closing its doors.
  7. Ok. It's Matt's first day off in 6 months. 9-10 Breakfast and clean up 10-12 Riverwalk 12-3 The Lion King 3-5 Lunch and Quiet Time while we work Then our regular evening routine. Is everybody ready?
  8. Choosing your faith over your family isn't a matter of choosing your faith over your family, it's choosing to have faith in God's wisdom over your own.
  9. I stopped early on in page 2. The thing about faith is that it's individual. You are supposed to do what God has called you to do and what I say doesn't matter. What this person says doesn't matter. God matters. I would absolutely choose my faith over my kids if the situation required it. I owe it to them to set that example. I agree that this person is being manipulative. I don't expect it will stop.
  10. Rotate hot and cold, rest, Epsom salt baths. I would still see a chiropractor. What if he can help? What if you can walk out of there with a pain level of 2? Isn't it worth a try?
  11. My husband got 8,008 steps today. Now he's bragging about his boob steps and refusing to move. Good night.
  12. We went to evening service. I did not give John cherries.
  13. I know. I'm harassing Angi. It's like my 6th favorite thing to do.
  14. I eat my whole portion of the bag but only every few years. I wonder who eats more. No? I really am.
  15. I am watching a Great Course called Changing Your Body Composition Through Diet and Exercise while I lay in bed and eat Candy Corn.
  16. John had a blueberry muffin! But he's had one every week for months so it's probably cherries. Oops.
  17. Mama sleeps in (which she usually needs) = No one is ready, the house is a wreck, the car isn't ready, everyone is getting yelled at and we're 15 minutes late to church. Mama gets up = everyone is ready, the house is perfect with a deep cleaned kitchen and 4 loads of laundry done, the car is stocked with car seats, bibles and water bottles, no one is yelled at and we're on time to church. Sigh.
  18. Ok, then no. I think it's blueberries. Thank you. I don't want to do it again in case it's worse.
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