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  1. I've never seen Supernatural. I imagine that I would love it. I love fantasy.
  2. I love lemon bars. I haz clean sheets. I need to be human tomorrow. Don't wanna.
  3. Apparently in my Nyquiled state I told the kids they could do cartwheels in the house and Matt had to explain to them that they can't. I guess I'm the cool parent.
  4. Don't worry about me. I'm a drama queen. If I claim a broken arm you can assume I have a hangnail. I was really sick though. It was awful. Still am, but normal sickness, not contemplating death sickness. I'm eating zapps.
  5. No. I get this sick every other year or so. There's no reason to. Took Nyquil.
  6. I am dying. I was up all night salivating with occasional vomiting, my nose, throat and ears are all bleeding, my lymph nodes and gums are swollen, my nose is raw from blowing it, my head is throbbing. No one else is this sick. I think the kids might be completely better.
  7. We've decided to become flat earthers. We will become the family that gets paid to travel the world attempting to prove that the world is flat. I see no downsides.
  8. I haven't seen rattlesnakes in over 2 decades. I've only seen them in wide open spaces though, so not really an issue. It's 4:45. Mr. Sick Baby is confused and up to play. Eta: Hims fell asleep in Daddy's arms and is back in bed now.
  9. I think my grocery bill might be cut in half, all of our other bills are 75% of what they were. If getting bit by a rattlesnake every 10 years is the price I pay for being able to afford not living near my in laws I'll take it! BOOYA!
  10. What do you wear? I used to wear Glycerins but switched to something else for my back. Dead rat. It's safer for the snake, more humane for the rat and super fun to be grossed out every time I open my freezer.
  11. Alex is crying because we won't let him eat snake food.
  12. Apparently it's private islands online dot com. Whatever. My birthday is in December.
  13. Two hundred friggen dollars to register our stupid car! I like private islands dot com.
  14. In case you are wondering if we are the type of family that puts on a fake insect catching facade because the dog thinks she saw a bug and is stressed out over not being able to catch said magical bug the answer is yes.
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