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  1. DH's family did this for GMIL and it was only awful because they didn't close it off, just put a bed in there. Other than that it was great because she was old and broken but close to the kitchen, had easy access to the bathroom and never fell down the stairs. I think it's a great idea. I had a friend in a home like yours except the downstairs master was just part of the house, but all the other rooms were upstairs. When my friend and his wife could no longer make it up the stairs they couldn't clean the bedrooms when the kids came to visit, but the rooms never actually got dirty because they
  2. Looks like Lone Star Summer. Maybe something else, but something generic like that. Thanks!
  3. Yes, get a king! I will never go back. Love my nectar, wish I'd had the money for a purple.
  4. Apparently we need to have an LLC formed right now which we had not planned on and have no name for. The main part of the business is residential inspections but we hope to eventually own rental property. I want something Texasy. We like plays on our name which is Lubbe pronounced loo-bee. I wanted to produce notebooking pages under the name Luberry Books, as an example, but I'm too tired and it never happened. I also love the idea of something biblical like Rock Foundations Residential. My husband kept throwing out things with residential in the name but I don't know if we should include
  5. I have started 4 books tonight and put them all down. I can't find a single thing I actually want to read. I've tried Out of Sync Child, Basic Theology (Ryrie), Run Like a Mother, and The Angel's Game (novel). I'm going to try Tamsen maybe. Or Eat and Run.
  6. Apparently my phone corrected non FHA to min FHA so I assume you meant non FHA loan. Sorry. Edited for more autocorrect!
  7. Like what? I was told less than 40% debt to income ratio with his income averaged out over two years. What else do I need to know?
  8. I've spoken to two mortgage specialists. It looks like we can buy if our debt to income is less than 40% if we average out my husband's income of 2 years but this year is zero so that's questionable, or we can get a non FHA loan which I assume will have a higher rate. So I'll have to look into it after the income is all purty, but I'd still love your responses and experience. The pandemic slaughtered my 5 year plan so I'm building a new one.
  9. I was hoping to buy a home in the spring of 2022 with 10-20% down but my husband will have between 8 and 12 months in his field. What are my options?
  10. Yes, that's my plan. I realized what I was asking was for someone to tell me to move the water line down so there was more room for the sky and less room for the waves. I think that will be better.
  11. That's incredible! I wanted the painting to be about the lines though. The color was just supposed to be a highlight but it turned out much darker than I expected it to be.
  12. Critter, or anyone, how do I change the lines at the bottom? Inspiration:
  13. I have been installed into my charging station (bed).
  14. I am not dead. I hurt. We looked at Christmas lights.
  15. I am about to walk outside for the first time in 146 days. I'm crying. I didn't know if this day would ever come.
  16. Apparently the relief package isn't signed, signed. It has to go back through Congress. Still hoping for school soon. I would cry. Also this.
  17. Stimulus signed! Hoping Matt can start school this week and be working by February!
  18. I LOVE IT! When it's done will you let me print it? I want to hang it.
  19. I have been wanting one because they seem so nice but I haven't because I don't see it helpful to large families. You might disagree though, and they really are nice, so check it out.
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