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  1. What interests me more is the urn count.
  2. The population of Wuhan is only 11 million. What are we arguing here? That it's widespread across China? Do we know where the 21 million cancellations were?
  3. Also, they didn't have the option. If you got drafted you had no choice. If there was no food you had no choice. We are choosing to break the rules, meeting at the park, getting our hair done in our stylist's basement. We do whatever we want because we can.
  4. I have K-12 all planned out though, so I think it can wait.
  5. I don't know! We keep listening for the trumpet!
  6. Apologia is all we've done. Astronomy because he liked it, Flying and Swimming to compliment our nature walks, and he's read Chemistry and Physics for fun. I think they're wonderful and my kids have learned tons, but you can get the notebooks if you think that will suit your needs better. There are comprehension questions at the end of each chapter.
  7. Shipwrecked is one my family talks about regularly years later and probably the greatest story I've ever read. Preread it so you can skip the part where two brothers find out their parents died. The story is fine without it.
  8. Every job I've had in the food industry I was told I would be fired if I called in sick.
  9. Agree 100% with Arctic and Rosie, we just posted at the same time.
  10. Yeah, no. I'm an empath though I've never said it out loud or on the internet because it's associated with this type of thing. Empathy (in this sense) is not a gift. Every empath I've met whether they call themselves that or not is a victim of childhood trauma. When someone tells you their mom died you feel sad for them. When someone tells me their mom died I feel like my mom died. It's devastating. I cry. It's also exhausting because I feel so much that is not my responsibility and I don't get to heal from it. A more common word for this is codependency. These people need therapy. We do not have magic powers.
  11. I like the to go drinks because I feel like restaurants don't feel as strongly that they should stay open illegally and they are making more money. I can't imagine how devastating this must be to all of them and I'm sure it's a huge help. #toopregnantformargaritas😭
  12. You should go twice as often then. To be supportive.
  13. I'll just go fix my Amazon history now.
  14. I got it at Walgreens years ago. I'll look for something similar. Here. The thing I like about it is the head because I lie ON it. If it matched a male's anatomy it would not work as well. Mine is not waterproof but if it were I'd totally use it in the tub with warm water and bath salts.
  15. I had one of these and loved it. This is the best one I've ever had. I use a naughty one on my lower back. It plugs into the wall for a stronger vibration (and would probably kill me if used properly). The thing I like about is that because it's so small I can lay on it and stretch, getting in real deep. The one I linked is better though. It's the only one I've used in years.
  16. I can't get it to post but... "If we behave during the virus can we keep the to go drinks?"
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