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  1. No. And I don't really have the opportunity to. I'm not going to go buy $4K in products, but everything will probably need to be replaced in 6 months to 5 years, and I've been thinking about this for a while. This thread has been helpful. Didn't mean to quote. Hi!
  2. So much information! I have to read this later. We do need two computers because we work together on the same project at the same time, but we currently have two computers. I'm just going to buy things as I need them but things are ending their life span, especially our tablet and phones, so I was considering just beginning the changeover when that happens.
  3. We have a nectar on a platform and miss the bounce for reasons mentioned. Next purchase is a purple on a regular box spring. The platform is lower which has also affected play time. The mattress was purchased for my chronic pain and it's been a Godsend. There is only the one downside, but I think better planning would have prevented that altogether.
  4. In the next 2 years I'm going to have to replace my computer, tablet, phone, and Fitbit. I've been considering switching to Apple since the Windows 10 update and I've always wanted an iPad for school, so now I'm considering a complete switch over. I haven't used a Mac since middle school. What are your thoughts? ETA: If I made this switch when would I buy things? I'm assuming Black Friday? In hopes that my computer makes it that long. Or does it never go on sale so I can make little purchases? I added the following to my cart to price items, I'm not buying anything today: 27-
  5. DH's family did this for GMIL and it was only awful because they didn't close it off, just put a bed in there. Other than that it was great because she was old and broken but close to the kitchen, had easy access to the bathroom and never fell down the stairs. I think it's a great idea. I had a friend in a home like yours except the downstairs master was just part of the house, but all the other rooms were upstairs. When my friend and his wife could no longer make it up the stairs they couldn't clean the bedrooms when the kids came to visit, but the rooms never actually got dirty because they
  6. Looks like Lone Star Summer. Maybe something else, but something generic like that. Thanks!
  7. Yes, get a king! I will never go back. Love my nectar, wish I'd had the money for a purple.
  8. Apparently we need to have an LLC formed right now which we had not planned on and have no name for. The main part of the business is residential inspections but we hope to eventually own rental property. I want something Texasy. We like plays on our name which is Lubbe pronounced loo-bee. I wanted to produce notebooking pages under the name Luberry Books, as an example, but I'm too tired and it never happened. I also love the idea of something biblical like Rock Foundations Residential. My husband kept throwing out things with residential in the name but I don't know if we should include
  9. I have started 4 books tonight and put them all down. I can't find a single thing I actually want to read. I've tried Out of Sync Child, Basic Theology (Ryrie), Run Like a Mother, and The Angel's Game (novel). I'm going to try Tamsen maybe. Or Eat and Run.
  10. Apparently my phone corrected non FHA to min FHA so I assume you meant non FHA loan. Sorry. Edited for more autocorrect!
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