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  1. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Y'all are supposed to be more impressed with my cubic footage.
  2. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    We have 576 cubic feet of stuff. I feel like that's not that bad. I would like. (Walk-de-sie)
  3. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    What ever happened to that intervention we were going to have? With Krissi? About the coffee? Are we still doing that?
  4. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    I desperately need to learn Romanji. I thought Wok de sai, but I have no idea how to spell it. I can write it in kana. I put such an emphasis on proper kana because I didn't want to confuse it with the Spanish syllabary which looks the same as Romanji but is pronounced differently.
  5. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    That's the thing!
  6. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Ok. The boys have taken the second / last load to the truck. I have a bunch of trash to take out and cleaning to do and he has to do a bunch of cooking. We might get to bed at a decent time tonight. I think we've been up past midnight the past three nights. Don't quote me on that, but I think so.
  7. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Pastor: When you get old you either get fat, skinny or ugly. Me: You're old and you're not fat or skinny. What does that mean? Pastor: I'm the one telling the story.
  8. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    And I ate a burger.
  9. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    I made fios fix the thing. They aren't charging us.
  10. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    No. The battery is built-in and when it died we had to pay like $80 to replace the whole thing. I think they do it so that you have to have internet. They refused to uninstall it. We went about four months trying to see if we could live on just the internet on our phones and we had a bunch of blankets taped to the wall around it.
  11. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    I forgot that our FiOS box beeps if we don't have Internet hooked up. It will now beep every 15 seconds unless we pay for more internet. I wish I had remembered because I would pay for an extra day!
  12. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Matt's getting a pizza for the helpers and kids. What do I want? I would love sushi but I don't think they have it at Costco.
  13. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Never take life advice from the beneficiary of your life insurance.
  14. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    I'm sorry Jean.
  15. Slache

    Ignore this thread!

    Ok, seriously. You cannot drag my wooden furniture across concrete after I tell you not to and say "It's ok. No one will notice the scratches." Buy me a new bunk bed.
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