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  1. All of this is against my faith, so I won't have this conundrum.
  2. No. Going through a nausea phase. It'll be over in a few days.
  3. It was eggs and sweet potatoes but I threw it up. Now I'm starving.
  4. We are behind schedule. The house is picked up, dinner's in the fridge so I can just toss it in the oven and breakfast will be ready... at some point.
  5. I got an email explaining that our Oregon church is talking about closing its doors.
  6. Ok. It's Matt's first day off in 6 months. 9-10 Breakfast and clean up 10-12 Riverwalk 12-3 The Lion King 3-5 Lunch and Quiet Time while we work Then our regular evening routine. Is everybody ready?
  7. Choosing your faith over your family isn't a matter of choosing your faith over your family, it's choosing to have faith in God's wisdom over your own.
  8. I stopped early on in page 2. The thing about faith is that it's individual. You are supposed to do what God has called you to do and what I say doesn't matter. What this person says doesn't matter. God matters. I would absolutely choose my faith over my kids if the situation required it. I owe it to them to set that example. I agree that this person is being manipulative. I don't expect it will stop.
  9. Rotate hot and cold, rest, Epsom salt baths. I would still see a chiropractor. What if he can help? What if you can walk out of there with a pain level of 2? Isn't it worth a try?
  10. My husband got 8,008 steps today. Now he's bragging about his boob steps and refusing to move. Good night.
  11. We went to evening service. I did not give John cherries.
  12. I know. I'm harassing Angi. It's like my 6th favorite thing to do.
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