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  1. Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts program, including the literature component. I would ease into homeschooling, giving the kids a chance to decompress and myself a chance to figure it all out. I would go into it with a mind of learning alongside my kids wherever there's a subject I don't already know.
  2. I have osteoarthritis in both knees myself and we own a treadmill, a stationary bicycle, and one of those weight machines. We have had these machines for years longer than I have known about my osteoarthritis. I have found that for me cycling is not the best thing for my knees. Walking is better for my knees. What is key for walking is to have good shoes. When we bought our stationary bicycle all four of us went to a store where we could actually sit on and try out the various cycles they had. We selected one that fit all of us, including my youngest daughter who at the time was shorter t
  3. My DH (who double-majored in math and mechanical engineering in college) had trouble memorizing math facts as a child. He said the facts gradually got memorized over the years through use. Our eldest DD also had trouble memorizing math facts. Before we started homeschooling, when she was required to take a standardized state test with no calculator, we did get one accommodation: she was allowed 10 minutes before test time to sit in front of the teacher and construct her own times table. She was then allowed to use that times table for the test. This let her do the adding to get to her tim
  4. Agitators will clean the fastest and most effectively, but can tear up baffles in comforters and sleeping bags and are rougher on delicates. An impeller allows bigger things to be washed in the drum and is gentler on delicates, but takes almost as long as a front-loader to run and I have found it twists my laundry a lot more than my old front loader or the agitator washers I used years ago. I wanted the capacity to wash a king comforter and the gentleness to wash the quilt my aunt made us for a wedding present. For years I had a Neptune front-loader and I really miss it. It worked b
  5. Would your son happened to be interested in police or firefighters or ambulance or other service type professions? You could perhaps have some sort of a party at your house and invite the police and or the firefighters and or the paramedics etc, asking that any who are off duty at the time please consider coming to the party. I saw a news story recently about a boy who had a birthday party in a park and none of his classmates came, so the mother called up the police dispatch or somehow let the police officers know, and police officers showed up to the party. If your son might like some perso
  6. Are you expecting to have any more pregnancies, host a mobility impaired houseguest, or have a family member who might face surgery? If so, choose a house with at least one bedroom and a bath with a shower and tub on the ground floor. Two bedrooms, a laundry, and a bathroom that accommodates bathing small children and an easy-entrance shower all on a ground floor would be better. Here's why. When we planned to have a second child we moved to a bigger house. Our first house was single-story, so I didn't realize certain issues that can arise with stairs. I wanted a house with the maste
  7. We recently bought ourselves a new fridge, a counter depth Samsung 4 door. We are very happy with the fridge, and it comes with ice and water dispenser through one door. The top part is a refrigerator with French doors, and the bottom section has two compartments, each with its own door. The left hand lower compartment is straight freezer and contains some drawers and some shelves in the door. The right hand lower compartment is shaped the same as the freezer, but is a variable space. It can be set for hard freeze, which will put it at the same temperature you set the freezer at, soft freeze,
  8. I really like this word. It sums things up for me quite nicely for this year and for the coming year, as far as what I need to be is concerned. There are two words that crossed my mind when I read the original post, things required of me this year that will continue to be required of me this coming year: Accept and Adapt. I won't go into details right now, but it has been a time of heavy changes and we face more in the coming months. I haven't read any of the other responses, but I will do so as I have time. Thank you, OP, for an interesting and timely thread.
  9. This past January I moved my Dad from two states away to a senior living place near me. Dad started this process in 2010, but this time he was actually ready to move, and was ready to give up most of his stuff. We (my 16 ya daughter and I) brought him down with only what would fit in the bed of my pick-up (plus some framed pictures and luggage we sent UPS). It was a nightmare. We abandoned a storage unit (garage-size) full of stuff. He had paid rent on that unit for 35 years. It had furniture, fancy Japanese porcelain dishes from the 1960s, and lots of "treasures" from my and my s
  10. Applauses for you, too! DD14 started public high school 2 weeks ago today. DD17 has received her driver's permit and is continuing her driver's ed. She and I are working out what she will study this semester and year and how she will go about it. We had too many technical issues and delays to get her into dual credit classes this fall. Good news on Dad -- he's down to phlebotomies every other month.
  11. Wonderful, Krissi! Applause applause applause! Sorry to have been away so long, folks. I lost my combobulate for quite a while. Things are starting to get back into some semblance of a schedule, however, so I hope to be back on the thread more regularly once again. How has everyone been? Whatcha been up to?
  12. Try a Google or YouTube search for Bill Engvall's We Got The Stone performance. If you can find it watch the entire show, more than an hour long. Utterly hilarious, especially the his stuff about being on Dancing With the Stars.
  13. You have done enough for today. Listen to your muscles and give them some rest now.
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