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  1. You wrote that: ' Another big issue is her perfectionism.' This could be the underlying issue, that is causing all of her problems.
  2. The problem could be, that he doesn't trust himself? Where he doubts the answer that he has arrived at, at each stage of a calculation. So that he goes back and does it again. Which can be repeating the last step, or starting back at the beginning. Where the solution, is for him to come to trust that he has arrived at the correct answer, and doesn't need to do it again.
  3. Dementia is progressive, but a rapid onset is more often 'Delirium'. Here's an article from Mayo on Delirium:
  4. I would second the use of a 'Wobble Cushion'. You could also try some music, where you might be surprised at the difference it makes?
  5. This could have lead into a discussion of what they term as 'payment of energy'?
  6. Back in my teens, and the first time that I rode a horse. I thought that all horses could naturally jump over fences? So I galloped the horse towards the fence, and as we reached the fence. The horse suddenly stopped. But it seemed to realize that I wanted to get over the fence? So he dropped his head, and I went sailing over the fence.
  7. The general term for this, is 'Dysphagia'. I'll add a link, which outlines a range of different causes of this Where you really need to get it diagnosed, where treatment may be possible. As well prevent it from possibly getting worse?
  8. Something that I would ask about, is her method of breathing? Specifically, whether she is a 'shoulder breather' or 'diaphragm breather'? If she 'takes a deep breathe'. Does she breathe into her diaphragm (belly)? Or do her 'shoulders rise'? If her 'shoulders rise', then this would contribute to her Asthma.
  9. Lipitor has a single function. Which is to lower the 'bad cholesterol' LDL. A much better way to lower LDL levels, is a basic change in diet. Where the only side effects, are better health. Here's a link, which outlines foods lower the 'bad cholesterol', and increase the 'good cholesterol':
  10. In 1996, the FDA gave a warning. That Lipitor and other Statins, should be used with caution by those people with high blood sugar. As it could lead to developing Type 2 Diabetes. It makes no sense, using Liptor to treat his blood sugar numbers? Statins are used treat to Cholesterol imbalances.
  11. The sleep study could provide the real answer.
  12. Though one problem with Adrenal Fatigue, is that it is a fictional condition. Though it has become quite an industry, since it's invention in 1998. The various treatments for it, can also create medical problems.
  13. You can also buy multivitamins, as a Liquid.
  14. They need to be careful about taking another medication with Zoloft. Here's a link to a page, which notes which medications interact with Zoloft:
  15. I would second using . Their is a major advantage with the Forum structure, to keep posts organized.
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