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  1. The sinuses are normally empty. So that the MRI Scan will show if any of them are 'full'? The scan can also help identify the 'cause'. Then a plan to treat it can be started.
  2. Hi Thatboyofmine, What could be causing this, is your Sphenoid Sinus. This is located behind your nose. If you place a finger, just in front of each 'ear hole'. The Sphenoid Sinus is at the mid-point, between you finger tips. If this Sinus becomes blocked, it will then swell. Causing pressure on the eyeball, and pain. It is next to another Sinus, called the Cavernous Sinus. Which many Cranial Nerves pass through. When the Sphenoid Sinus is swollen, it can cause pressure on the Nerves in the Cavernous Sinus. With head-aches/ migraines being typical. As well as neck pain. The MRI will show whether the Sphenoid Sinus is blocked, and where the blockage is.
  3. With the ear fullness and the pressure behind your eyes. This is a strong indication that the issue is with your Sphenoid Sinus. Which is located about 2 inches behind the eyes. Though with no sneezing or runny nose? This rather indicates that their is a blockage. Which could be a polyp? With the blockage, this would cause swelling, and quite possibly inflammation. Though if your Sphenoid Sinus is causing the problems? Then it really needs to be identified, and treated. As 'swelling' of the Sphenoid Sinus, can result in serious complications. As it located close to a number of Cranial Nerves. Also something called the Cavernous Sinus, which is an important part of the brains blood flow. It would be well worth getting a CT Scan, which will identify the affected sinus/es.
  4. Perhaps I could ask, what leads you to suspect that he has APD?
  5. He probably only needs to wash his hands with soap. 2 or 3 times a day. The rest of the time, he could just use water. You could put the soap away, so that he has to ask to use it? Then when he asks for the soap, ask him if he really needs it or not?
  6. This could be a result of a 'weakened immune system'? It would be well worth identifying if this is his problem, which can be done with a blood test.
  7. You could try putting a bird bath under each tree? Also if you could identify the beetles, then you might be able to find out what are their natural predators? Then try to encourage them.
  8. It is associated with low blood sugar. With large doses, their is a need to watch out for Hypoglycemia.
  9. That is an interesting question? Where my first thought was that it wouldn't be covered? But I had a look into the IDEA laws. Where in fact, it may be covered. Under: 20 US Code 1414, it states: " (B) Request for initial evaluation:Consistent with subparagraph (D), either a parent of a child, or a State educational agency, other State agency, or local educational agency may initiate a request for an initial evaluation to determine if the child is a child with a disability." Where the important part, is 'if the child is a child with a disability'. So that an initial evaluation, to determine if the child has a disability. Then, if we look under US 20 Code 1401: It provides a definition of what is meant by 'child with disability': " (3) Child with a disability: (A) In general The term “child with a disability” means a child— (i) with intellectual disabilities, hearing impairments (including deafness), speech or language impairments, visual impairments (including blindness), serious emotional disturbance (referred to in this chapter as “emotional disturbance”), orthopedic impairments, autism, traumatic brain injury, other health impairments, or specific learning disabilities; and (ii) who, by reason thereof, needs special education and related services. " So that under these Definitions. It doesn't limit the initial evaluation. To identifying a 'Learning Disorder'. Which is what the schools would claim. Where in fact, it provides for an evaluation for a Disability. Here's links to the above:
  10. Behind Perfectionism, is a 'mental script'. That is repeatedly recalled, when taking on any task. The best way to treat this, is 'Cognitive Behavioral Therapy' CBT. Which is basically focused on helping one, to develop a new Mental Script. That replaces the old one. Though it is important to address this, as it will having increasing impact. As he gets older. But a major impact, is that it becomes a barrier to learning anything new. As they will limit themselves. To the safety of what they already know. Another effect, is that as they get older? They start transferring this Perfectionism, onto others. Expecting them to meet this 'standard'. This increases during teen years, reaching a peak by adulthood. Which has a major effect, on their relationships. But as a 'Mental Script'. Their is the potential to write a new one.
  11. What can help with ' Eustachian Tube Disfunction'? Is chewing gum. The Eustachian Tube, runs from the ears to back of the throat. It stays closed most of time, to prevent bacteria from the back of the throat. Traveling up it. As a reflex, it briefly opens each time we swallow. As we swallow, it also has the effect of sucking fluid down the E Tube. Chewing gum is helpful, as it causes repeated swallowing. Which will help clear the E Tube.
  12. The pressure behind your eyes and ears. Indicate that your Sphenoid sinuses are effected. This could be a bacterial infection, which needs to be treated with a broad spectrum antibiotic. Infection of the Sphenoid sinuses, can have very serious complications. Given their actual location. So that it would be best to see a doctor. (The myth about milk, began around 2,000 years ago. When milk mixes with saliva, it forms clots. These 'clots', create a sensation in the mouth. Which feels similar to mucus, but is not mucus. But caused the myth to develop. )
  13. A cubic meter of concrete, weighs 2.5 tons. Their might not be adequate support, for the extra weight of the concrete?
  14. Did you get Chicken Pox as a child? As the virus remains dormant, and can re-activate many years later. Causing what is termed as Shingles. Which can effect the eye/s. It causes pain, by inflaming the blood vessels for the eyes. The inflammation, restricts blood flow. Resulting in pain. Though it can also cause serious damage to vision as well. It is treated with anti-virals,. Here's a link to an article about it:
  15. If your deviated septum, is restricting the flow from your sinus/es? Then this provides the perfect breeding ground, for bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. It's a bit like putting a bandage on an infected wound, then not changing the bandage. So the bacteria causing the infection, will continue to grow. So that 'improving your immune system' wont help? The only real solution, is to have the surgery. So that you sinus/es can drain freely.
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