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  1. A B12 deficiency will cause tingling and numbness of the feet and/or hands. Thyroid Disorders, have been shown to effect the intestinal absorption of B12. Where intra-muscular injections are recommended. It is important to address a B12 deficiency, as the tingling can progress to permanent nerve damage.
  2. Perhaps you could try something, that might seem absurd? Which is 'humming'? Back in 1995, it was identified that the tissue lining the Sinuses. Produces 'Nitric Oxide'. Which dilates the blood vessels, and will also kill off types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Their has been considerable research into this, over the past 24 years. Where it was found, that 'humming' caused a 15 fold increase in the production of Nitric Oxide. Numerous studies, have shown that humming can overcome Sinusitis. So perhaps you might like to try it, and see if it is effective for you? I'll add a link, which provides a simple explanation of the humming.
  3. A salt deficiency will cause this. Your increased physical activity is probably making you sweat more? With a loss of salt. You could get some salt tablets, and try taking them to see whether the stiff legs go away?
  4. Impetigo is caused by a bacteria. Which is spread by contact. The bacteria is in the fluid from the blisters. If he touches a 'blister', and then touches his skin anywhere else? Then a new blister will form where he touched it. So that he needs to be careful not to spread it further. Though their is a particular concern, which he needs to be cautious about? Which is touching/ rubbing around his eyes, and transferring the bacteria to them. From the eyes, the bacteria can then infect the 'Optic Nerve'. Causing serious damage. So that he needs to be cautious.
  5. When you're reading, do your eyes move from one word to the next? Or do they move, from one 'block of words' to the next block? If you're reading 'word by word', then this would cause you to read slowly.
  6. A Chromebook would definitely be a cheaper option, both for the computer and for the free software. As your kids are already relatively comfortable using Google voice typing and Google Docs, etc. Their wouldn't be a transition problem to a Chromebook. They are also built to be used roughly by kids, which most laptops aren't. So that Chromebooks would probably last longer.
  7. As MissLemon said, the first person to hand over the cash, gets it.
  8. One important role of breast milk, is that it helps a baby to establish a range of healthy micro-biomes in the intestine. The problem with an anti-biotic. Is that it could kill off most of the micro-biomes. Which would then need to be reestablished. It would be better for the babies health, to wait until the anti-biotics wont be in the breast milk.
  9. To identify handedness? What you can do. Is to toss something at him, and see which hand he tries to catch it with? Though you need to be directly in front of him, and also do it without him expecting it. Maybe use a piece of candy. Try this a few times, to see whether he always uses the same hand.
  10. Though breast milk plays a critical role in a baby developing its 'Innate Immune System'. Where the mother shares her Innate Immunity with her baby. This prepares a baby for many pathogens that they will encounter. Otherwise a baby will have to encounter and develop their antibodies.
  11. Yes, the method I described. Is based on the Japanese Soroban. But their is something important about the method? Which is that it based on 'forming groups'. For example, if you extend your 'little finger', and your finger alongside it. You have formed a 'group of 2'. This is very different from counting each finger: 1, 2, 3, etc. Which rather names each finger, and doesn't provide a sense of 3 representing a group of 3.
  12. I recently read with the 737 Max. That a particular 'Warning Light', was offered as an option. Which raised the question, of why a Warning Light could be considered as an Option?
  13. The Gift of Dyslexia was published back in 1994, when Dyslexia was virtually unheard of. In an age, when 'Learning Disabilities' were defined as 'Mental Retardation'. This book, presented a different view. That Dyslexia provides some areas of 'Giftedness'. It gained more popularity, with the emergence of the internet and development of forums discussing Dyslexia. Though the shame, was that about 10 years ago. Some 'Corporation' saw the popularity of the book, as a way to make some money? It developed an unproven method for 'assessing and remediating Dyslexia'. Using the book to support marketing of the 'method'. A lot of people were disturbed, when Ron Davis sold out to this corporation. But the book is still worth reading.
  14. Perhaps I could introduce you to a method of finger-counting? To start with, form a fist with your left hand. Palm up. To start counting, extend your 'little finger for 1. Then extend the next finger, alongside it. To form 2. An important part of this, is that they form a 'group of 2'. The next finger is extended, for a group of 3. Followed by the last finger, and a group of 4. We then, contract all of the fingers, and extend the thumb. Where the thumb represents a group of 5. With the thumb extended as 5. We can then extend the fingers, to reach a total of 9. To count 10, ten is carried over to the right hand. Using the same method, except that the fingers represent 10's and the thumb 50. So that both hands, can be used to count up to 99. When this method is practiced? It develops a 'motor memory' of where the fingers are, to represent a number. So that one can then 'feel the number', without having to use their fingers/hands.
  15. You wrote that she has had vision problems. Though did she have 'Convergence' problems, as this could cause such a problem?
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