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  1. " Corticosteroids should be avoided, because of the potential for prolonging viral replication as observed in MERS-CoV patients, unless indicated for other reasons. [31, 40–42] For example, for a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation or for septic shock per Surviving Sepsis guidelines for adultsexternal icon and childrenexternal icon." https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/clinical-guidance-management-patients.html
  2. Make sure that she takes the full course of anti-biotics. As a common problem, is that people stop taking them too soon. When the symptoms disappear. Here's a link to a fairly recent study, that concluded that removing tonsils shouldn't be done unless really necessary: https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/what-are-the-long-term-health-risks-of-having-your-tonsils-out
  3. Related to this, is the fact that our Paranasal Sinuses. Produce Nitric Oxide. Which is only breathed into the lungs, when breathing through the nose. One thing that Nitric Oxide does, is to dilate the blood vessels. In the lungs, it enables greater absorption of oxygen. Another thing about Nitric Oxide, is that it is an 'anti-bacterial' and 'anti-viral' agent. So that it helps to kill off bacteria and viruses that enter the lungs. But Mouth Breathers, miss out on this benefit. For some people, mouth breathing can be a result of a head cold, and blocked nose. Which forces them to mouth breathe. They may continue to mouth breathe out of habit. After the head cold has gone.
  4. Here's a link to article, where it is termed as Pulsatile Tinnitus: https://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/aging-pulsatile-tinnitus#1
  5. For the years that you'll use it, it would be well worth getting the best!
  6. Cipro is part of the family of Fluoroquinolones. Which can not only cause tendon damage, but also permanent nerve damage.
  7. If you are taking 'immuno-supressants'? Then Elderberry is not recommended, as it will counter-act the immuno-supressants. By stimulating the immune system.
  8. Fortunately, it looks like their will be a precise test for this 2019-nCoV coronavirus, by March ! At the moment, they just use more general tests for Coronaviruses. Such as the one for a specific RNA Polymerase, which is just found in Coronaviruses. If a person is positive for this Polymerase, and has also been in close contact with someone confirmed with this Virus? Then it is assumed that they probably have it as well. But it is all just Probability so far. The actual Virus was only first cultured this week. So that it can now be used to develop tests, and hopefully a vaccine. The real figures wont be known for a long time. Currently with possibly related deaths, blood sample are taken and stored. For testing later, when accurate testing can be done.
  9. Yes, if the air is too dry? Then the viruses can float as 'aerosol transmissions'. Waiting for rehydration. Here's a link to some research, that identified 40% to 60% humidity as the best to stop viral transmission. https://www.forbes.com/sites/leahbinder/2019/10/17/harvard-researcher-says-this-inexpensive-action-will-lower-hospital-infection-rates-and-protect-us-for-the-flu-season/#409a0fdc1824
  10. Such public humiliation, in front of her classmates. Can be a trauma that she carries throughout life? This could effect her education from now on, where she may scared to do any work? As it could be used to humiliate her again? It could also be reported, to US Dept of Educations: 'Office for Civil Rights'. Who will come and speak with this teacher. https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/aboutocr.html
  11. It has just been announced, that scientists in Australia have "successfully grown a Wuhan coronavirus sample from a sick patient,...? https://www.businessinsider.com/australia-successfully-grows-wuhan-coronavirus-sample-from-sick-patient-2020-1/?r=AU&IR=T This opens up the potential, to develop an 'antibody test' for the virus. As well as a possible vaccine. But it also provides an opportunity to gain greater understanding of the Virus? Such as 'what temperatures it can survive at'? 'How long can it survive on a surface?' Coronavirus, can travel in 'respiratory droplets'. That are coughed or breathed out. What would be helpful, is the worldwide introduction of 'de-humidifiers' in all public buildings. As they extract these water droplets from the air. Their is really little known about this? So now that it has been grown, understanding it can begin. But this potential for people being infectious, before having symptoms? Presents an extremely difficult situation?
  12. He is one of those people, who exploit people's hope for a cure.
  13. In Australia, Chinese Students make up 10% of Aust University Students. The new school year starts in late February, when close to 500,000 Students will be coming back from China. How Universites will cope with this, will be a real challenge?
  14. Arcadia, that also really concerned me! That it can take from 1 to 14 days for symptoms to appear. But that people are also infectious, before the symptoms appear.
  15. CBD can cause drowsiness in some people. Some companies that produce CBD products, also provide a 'Certificate of Analysis'? These Certificates are random tests of their products, by an independent laboratory. Which will identify whether their products contain what they state? So that this is something to look for or ask about, when buying any CBD products. Also their are various Extraction methods, including the use of alcohol, propane and CO2 (Dry Ice). CO2 Dry Ice is a more expensive method, but is the best method of Extraction. Another issue, is whether Whole Plant Extraction is used? Their are over 100 different Cannabinoids in Cannabis. Where research is ongoing into some of them, as they are being shown to have 'medical use'. For example, some have been shown to have Anti-Inflammatory effects. It has also been shown to prevent the onset of Cerebral Malaria. The Terpenes, which provide the smell and flavor of Cannabis. Are also of interest, with different properties. So that CBD products that have used 'Whole Plant Extraction'. Can be more beneficial, as while the THC has been removed. They can still contain many of the 100 different Cannabinoids, as well as the various Terpenes.
  16. B12 deficiency, will also cause RLS. So you could have your levels checked?
  17. It might not be long, before CBD becomes a common treatment for ALS. Their are currently quite a lot of studies going on, into CBD and ALS. Basically what CBD does, is to reduce the rate of firing of electrical signals. By the Cells. Which is how it is reduces Seizures. It is a logical conclusion, that it would help reduce muscle contraction in ALS. Some studies, have shown that it can also reduce the progression of ALS.
  18. Scarlett, the HLA-B27 antigen is associated with various Heart problems. For example, it can cause abnormal electrical signals. Resulting in a slower or faster heart rate. It can also cause inflammation of the Aorta, which can distort the shape of the aortic valve in the heart, impairing its function. HLA-B27, is gene that produces a Protein. But their can mutations of the gene, which causes incorrect Proteins to be produced. The mis-formed Proteins, enter the blood-stream and are spread throughout the Cells of the entire body and head. Where it is identified as 'Foreign Antigen' and attacked by the immune system. It has been associated with over 100 different 'disorders/diseases'. Fortunately if the HLA-B27 is producing these Antigens? They can be identified with a blood test.
  19. Scarlet, have they considered Plasmapherisis to remove the antigens? Also a simple blood test for the HLA-B27 antigen.
  20. A Zoom Recorder would be good, rather than a separate microphone. Which has to be connected to a Recorder. The H2N and H4N would be suitable. They do take a bit of trial and error, to get the right Settings.
  21. Getting the right type of microphone, is important. For a Cello, the best type has a ' large diaphragm condenser'. Also for recording a Cello, a large room will produce the best sound.
  22. Something that your friend might consider, is Plasmapherisis ? This filters the Plasma from the blood, which also removes all Antigens from the blood. With Psoriatic Arthritis, the common antigen is HLA-B27. This would very likely, provide her with relief for some time. Though I'll add a link to a research article. Where Psoriatic Arthritis was treated with DF Plasmapherisis (Double Filtration). Which actually resulted in permanent remission. https://www.omicsonline.org/open-access/successful-treatment-of-severe-psoriatic-arthritis-and-psoriasis-2155-9899.1000222.php?aid=27174
  23. As you've had a lot of issues with your sinuses. It would be best to get a CT Scan done, so that you can see what is probably causing the sinus issues. Then the underlying issue can be treated, rather than the 'symptoms'.
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