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  1. may I ask what is a serious flare for you? How long did it take you to discover your triggers?
  2. Dysautonomia is the umbrella term that describes dysfunction of the nervous system- POTS is one of several conditions under that umbrella. I think I may have set a record for fast diagnosis to seeing a specialist to seeing a super specialist. It usually takes years. My situation is unfortunately severe and distinct which actually works to my diagnostic advantage. I’m a researcher and problem solver so I take credit for advocating this far. Dr is an internist (complex multi system disease) who deals with the disease cluster normally found within Dysautonomia/POTs world. She is one the handful in the US and happens to be 45 minutes from my house. I’m very fortunate.
  3. My concussion saga continues. It triggered POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (the hyperadrenergic subtype), a moderate-severe case. It’s changed my life as if the concussion wasn’t enough. I met with a Dysautonomia specialist and she suspects I have several other autoimmune conditions in play as well as Small Fiber Neuropathy in my feet, Raynauds, Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, APS (clotting disorder) and MCAS which is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Some of these have likely been lifelong. Some were triggered in severity by concussion and POTS. It’s overwhelming. I’m headed in for 63 blood and urine tests (including stuff so rare it’s only run by Mayo), a brain MRI and more cardio workups this week. MCAS is a beast. Anyone have experience?
  4. I hated Instapot. It took sooooo long to get up to and down from pressure. It worked but was hardly instant (like cauliflower and spaghetti squash). I prefer a slow cooker and low and slow. i love my air fryer. We have 2 of them- 6qt from Costco but only one is on the counter I use it for salmon, frozen fish, roasted veggies, fries, bacon, cooking chicken from frozen, breaded chicken, reheating leftovers, hot dogs, pizza... the chicken wings are not breaded and cooked from frozen. So yummy! It’s my favorite way of cooking chicken tenderloins - i cook from frozen and they are perfect every time. It’s quicker and easier than a whole oven and my DH likes it for reheating things with a timer- not mushy like the microwave but crispy. I like that it cooks by a timer feature so it’s precise. I LOVE Quick roasted frozen veggies - they get a little bit of browned bits and so easy with a little pile and salt and pepper. I wash ours in the dishwasher .
  5. RE the article I’ve been a fan of rap for years - been to Lecrae concert and so on and listened to Kanye for years. I’m very familiar with the Lecrae situation but assume most aren’t. I was very present in and aware of the Lecrae drama. It’s not as simple as he states. Maybe that’s all he sees is the bottom line. How he said what he said seemed to be an issue. I don’t disagree with him AT ALL in case it matters. He also left a Christian label and more people had an issue with the statement he was making with that move. He redefined himself quite a bit and his music changed and took a political and backlash to Christian position whereas before he wrote simply to promote God. The Christians I know (not evangelicals necessarily) were upset Lecrae no longer wrote about faith and God like he used to. That’s all part of it. I’m frustrated he simplified to politics. I don’t know of a single evangelical who LOVES Kanye now. Do they celebrate because he is an unusual and high profile new believer? Yes. Absolutely. So do I! I’ve seen MUCH more disbelief, Judgment and criticism of him from evangelicals than love and worship. We follow God and worship God- not pop culture. That is , ironically, one of the main themes of Kanye’s album (for those who endlessly discuss but don’t actually listen to it). He tried to follow And listen to culture- he knows follows And listens to God. I do not in any way shape or form think Kanye, like any of us, is perfect. I haven’t found a single Christ follower who is even remotely close. He has a long list of flaws and broken places, just like me. That doesn’t discredit him from having valid beliefs and faith. Not does having a publically known mental illness. I am not a fan of sweeping generalizations that lump me in because of the color of skin, my socioeconomic status and my religious beliefs. I’m very very actually tired of it.
  6. I was talking about this with my sister- she had a lot of thoughts and opinions but hadn’t listened to the album or read the lyrics. Listen to it. Read it. Hear it. And if you are a Christ follower there should be a great deal of familiarity there in the content no matter your tradition.
  7. We use MediShare with an $8000 total family deductible (family of 4)- paying $365 a month. It’s Christian based and we've been very impressed. We’ve had 2 ER visits, emergency CT scan for me, emergency ultrasound for DS by urologist, several specialist visits and multiple Dr visits and we still haven’t hit deductible. Everything is Re rated/discounted for cash pay. Had I known it would be this extensive of medical needs, I would have paid full price and hit the deductible and gotten all the help I needed sooner. This is the biggest medical year we’ve ever had- we are fortunate. Prior to this year, we are very low use. On marketplace it is $985 per month for our family of 4 and an $9000/$16000 deductible. That is worthless. MediShare works for us and I’m so grateful. I miss having regular health insurance but since our health system is a mess this may be the best anyway- I can choose the Drs I want.
  8. GF meatballs, GF cream of mushroom soup (if you use canned soup for base) it GF flour for white sauce and GF noodles. Im actually making it this week 🙂 I don’t use cream soups, so I make a white sauce with beef broth, add Worcestershire sauce, a little red wine sometimes and Dijon mustard.. Minced garlic and onion and then add cream cheese and sour cream at the end.
  9. I don’t make many normal casseroles - It’s more main dish that I add salad or sides too. I’m GF so assume substitutes. Beef and Broccoli (Slow cooker) with Rice Mockafoni and Cheese with Ham Enchiladas (green and red) Carnitas Tacos- pork butt cooks all day in slow cooker Greek pot roast (roast, lots of garlic, oregano and Diced tomatoes in slow cooker all day) served with rice - tomatoes cook down to a nice sauce I always trends towards a variety of soups for large crowds during cool months. Add bread and salad (our favorite soups: Zuppa Toscana, White Bean chicken chili, Beef veggie, chicken corn soup (A PA Dutch variety), broccoli cheddar, French onion, Enchilada soup)
  10. An interview worth listening to.... Kanye and BigBoy. K has a unique communication style and can be difficult to track with until you know his style. I’m not a Kanye expert at all but have been drawn to and intrigued by him. I learned that’s he’s an HSP (highly sensitive person) which explains a lot- I am too. We feel and experience life more intensely than others. He doesn’t speak much about his direct path- that has been covered and documented elsewhere that he came faith during his hospitalization several years back. He does speak about serving And fearing only One....not the culture anymore. That really speaks to me. Kanye has a huge ego and he has been broken down. He knows that a gospel song or album or bold profession of faith won’t be popular. He has more to lose than gain.... and I pray for him and his family. Just like Justin Bieber coming to’s not an easy or popular road for them.
  11. I’m a massage therapist and used warm basalt and ceramic stones- I used a xl heating pad (fold in half and put stones in the middle) for a consistent and adjustable heat.
  12. I feel your pain. Its a head scratcher how some people like to arbitrarily decide what is best for others. That's a lot of odd choices, timing wise- considering your vocation and time of year, and especially since you are the only ones with younger kids who would need a lot of logistic juggling to even consider.. People just don't think of others, much of the time. My Inlaws (parents and siblings) have a nasty habit of planning entire get togethers 'for the whole family' without actually speaking to the whole family to see if it might even work. They decided to have Christmas here in my state because it would be FUN! and GREAT! and CONVENIENT! for a few of them. Too bad they made the plans first and asked second.....we already bought tickets in July and won't be here and no, won't change our flights. Sigh. Last year my sister in law mentioned she was coming here over certain dates- we said great. Then without talking to us she booked the flight for 2 weeks laters and we already had plans to be out of town. She was furious and it turned into a huge deal because she was 'caught' be a self absorbed person.
  13. That's so impressive and I'm so happy for him- what a feeling!!! I hope it is the start of a new way of living for him- and that he is learning a lot along the way. For many of us, weight control is a lifelong enterprise. 🙂 And after allllllllllllllllll of the crap you've taken here on this board in voicing your concern and wanting to help or assist him, I appreciate that you came to share his success!
  14. Do you know what comes with the RV in the kitchen? We rent out 2 campers/travel trailers and include a coffee maker, pots and pans, dishes and utensils and so on. Not having those things will make a difference. I’d figure that out. Will you have electric hookups every night? I’d make sure. 😜 If so, crockpot meals could work really well if you have ur RV parked and hooked up during the day. Buuuut, if you are changing spots every night (and I would advise against that if you have any choice because it burns up so much time with set up and tear down - but that’s just me) that won’t work. Assuming it has a freezer, I often cook ahead of a trip. So much simpler. Chili, soup, sloppy joes etc anything helps. I would suggest disposable plates etc. Many people in a small space is fun but will create a lot of dishes and believe me (I’ve cooked Tday meal 2x in my camper) those dishes add up and are a pain to do in a small space. Chances are the table won’t seat you all and some will have to eat outside or elsewhere inside if weather is bad. Number 1 tip? Don’t over pack. 1 bathroom for 9 people? Take 1 tube of toothpaste. That kind of thing. there is always storage but you will be shocked at how quickly it fills up. Think all of you in a hotel room with a kitchen and plan accordingly. Have fun!!!!
  15. No the free Apple Watch and health apps do a lot!!! But honestly the watch is $400-$500 so a $3 app is nothing 😜 There is a $2.99 Cardiogram app that is pretty helpful for me- but not necessary.
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