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  1. Pretty sure that is the biggest factor- no magic, no politics, no secret sauce. Imagine the population of California spread out over 2300% more landmass than of California.
  2. I think that’s great, honestly. Perhaps risky depending on their relationship, but in my world there are tons of family members I disagree with politically and spiritually. I’m in the middle of the spectrum and have extremes on all sides. Not to be Pollyanna, but being able to have conversations where we find disagreements and differences and then still be respectful and love each other, is a rare thing! And a wonderful thing IMHO.
  3. Both of my kids are in braces and have been in for 2 appointments each since they reopened. The office will only see one child or siblings at a time, take temperature, have me sign a health form each visit, lots of sanitizing, all staff in masks 24/7 and separate exit/entrance. So yes, I would do it. I am low anxiety with COVID and in our home, we aim to continue to live life as best we can with all reasonable precautions in place. ETA DD16 works at Target 30 hours a week and DH had to pick up a 3 day a week Amazon delivery partner job since our small business was devastated by Covid. They wear masks to work but are high contact with the world- somebody has to LOL but YMMV
  4. Wow- that’s amazing!!!!! And I agree with WW being enlightening as to how big my portions were and sheds light on how my weight flew up so fast- meds not withstanding.
  5. I would do partner over a group 🙂 Go early (as most runners do) and it will be much emptier. Enjoy!!! I am higher risk but my COVID anxiety is low- for reference.
  6. LarlaB


    Our family of 4 flew last week (DEN to LAX) and it was lovely and empty and calm. Both airports and planes. Incredibly empty and quiet - maybe 30-40% normal volume in airports? Most airport restaurants were closed. And water fountains shut down in DEN. Everyone had masks on in the airports (it is required in DEN, not sure about LAX). Everyone. We flew Southwest and every middle seat was open and everyone wore masks the entire flight. Flight was 70% full with middle seats open.... busy route but not a full flight. I was impressed with safety measures and felt 100% comfortable the entire time.
  7. We are Turo car owners- running 6-7 cars for 3-4 years and very familiar with it. I would not venture into this casually, optimistically or with idealism of any kind. As a high level owner with hundreds of trips and many incidents, accidents and issues I would strongly advise you to consider not doing this from an altruistic perspective. People will trash your car. Even the good ones. They won’t mean to but they will. The bad renters? You have no idea. I could literally tell you stories for days and days. If you live near a drug corridor it is likely that your car will be used for that purpose. In the last 3 weeks, 2 of our cars were stolen or misappropriated. I’ll only go into detail about one....the guy stole it from his mom, who was the legal renter. He is now in jail for drug possession and our only option is to press additional charges to recoop losses. The tracker we had installed failed and we thought it was gone forever. The police busted the guys as the car had stolen plates on it and was carrying drugs. During their 6 day spree, they did substantial damage to the exterior (several panels need replaced) and put on 4500 miles in a week. It is totaled and off the platform and due to a technicality we get NOTHING. That’s the everpresnt risk with TURO- all the layers of insurance and protection can quickly fail on a technicality and the owner is screwed. Car breaks down? The owner is screwed. The legal, time and insurance ramifications of being an owner are staggering. IMHO most people should not venture into TURO with a personal vehicle that they have any shred of attachment too.
  8. We are still on “vacation”..... I have a Zoom job interview tomorrow AM (2nd interview for a job I would really like- and need). So my stress level has been climbing. Then I had some health issues yesterday when attempting a hike.....due to heat and exertion and being upright for so long, my HR went high (tachycardia) and I had an adrenaline reaction due to HyperPOTS). It’s been a few months (thank God) since that has happened. The adrenaline surge that makes me want to jump out my own skin- high alert, pounding heart (like you’re standing in traffic). Then i feel ridiculous hunger a few hours after adrenaline has worn off. My rescue meds stabilized me by mid day today but I ate most of my weekly weight watchers points between yesterday and today. It’s like binge eating but not for emotional or numbing reasons. I am NOT a fan of this. . But, it was good to see what a clear difference those stress hormones make to my hunger levels and self control. Probably over sharing as my medical issues are weird and rare. But I see so clearly now how directly it relates to my food intake. No wonder I gained so much weight in the last year!!
  9. Being In Him!!! They have an app and also CDs/albums for purchase. It is quite lovely and I’m a huge fan! The app can be customized for longer sections- like deep breathing etc. But I like the 30 minute flows so much! Available for purchase or download from their site- also they have the written text of the spoken word somewhere on their site.
  10. I’m down another .4..... well , technically I am out of town and don’t actually know what I weigh- but that’s what I weighed before leaving and it was down from last week. 🙂 I’m on WW blue so pretty similar- purple is 300 zero foods and lower daily points. Blue is 200 zero foods and soggily higher dailies. I really like that I can have entire free points meals too- about 6 weeks in (7.5 pounds down) and surprised to have liked it so much
  11. This is helpful! My 12year old never had this as a baby but I noticed it a few months ago....I’ve been using a comb to flake it off after a shower when his scalp is wet. I’m going to try to rotate shampoos for him...12yo boys are not known for fastidious hygiene routines He also has random skin issues- doesn’t seem to be classic sensitive skin but prone to odd rashes.
  12. Today is weigh in for me...the last 3 days my scale showed a 2+ pound loss for the week. but then this AM it was up 2 pounds. (I had a glass of wine last night and am bloated and gross this AM.) Guess what? I’m logging the loss for last week anyway. That is 7 down. Since I have a total of 50 to go I can’t see any difference but I can feel it.
  13. I posted in another thread that we are getting closer to normal..... lots of shops and restaurants open and more formal social events are occurring but socially distanced (kids youth group). It’s trending back towards normalcy and I am an eager but safe early adopter. Our HOA is working to open the pool but the tennis and pickle ball courts and playgrounds are open. The pool is a huge deal to so many younger kids here. Neighbors are volunteering to staff the pool (cleaning wise) to keep it open for our kids. When I look around at the new normal I am so blessed by how resilient and optimistic we as humans can be. And as I choose to focus on and celebrate those positive things, it has helped reorient my perspective from fear to gratefulness and restores hope. The majority of people are decent and good. DD16 is working her first job at Target this Summer- 30 hours a week with $2 per hour hazard pay until July. Ridiculous $ for a first time job- she is a worker bee and LOVING it! What an unexpected blessing to see her thrive on the middle of this! Financially our family is very far away from normal. Our small business was devastated and will not bounce back as the industry has been damaged. One of those pesky realities. But, over the weekend DH got a 25-30 hour a week side gig as an Amazon delivery driver. It will be hard but we are grateful he could find a flexible option. He applied for it back in March (along with 486 other people) and they called out of the blue this week. I don’t have a good news job report yet...but am hoping and praying the jobs I am in later stage interviews for will work out. My point is that we are a resourceful and resilient people and yet positive outlook and perspective is still a choice! My family has been pummeled by really hard and serious things in the last few years. Covid is the just another bad thing that we can and will learn to live with.
  14. Modified normalcy is returning and I’m an early adopter. Being judicious, careful and wise in our actions but living and thriving. This week, DD16 worked 30 hours at Target, I have been shopping at thrift stores several times, went out for sit down dinner for my birthday...have shopped atCostco, JcPenny, Ross, Kohl’s, grocery stores and WalMart (and more). Also had Chiro, eye dr and craniosacral therapy as well as vision therapy. Since the Covid reaction/shutdown destroyed our small business, I have been aggressively looking for full time work and shopping online to find work clothes.... and now returning them in stores. I have 2 interviews this week (one in higher education and one in administration for non profit) and optimistic. Also since COVID, DD got her job at Target in fulfillment (filling and preparing online orders to ship or be picked up) last month and DH just got a part time job this week as an Amazon package delivery guy so again, people can stay home and hide and still get the stuff. Im technically high risk but not afraid. Life must go on. I have had major medical issues that have robbed me and my family of normalcy for over a year PRIOR to Covid. So.... now that I have recovered, we shall live!!! I choose not want to live in fear or dread- COVID is real but we are being realistic and sensible.
  15. I have a lot of experience with large beach hour rentals on various beaches on East coast and CA. The problem is, usually the larger the house the more it costs....period. So one house that accommodates 6 families vs a house for 3 families could be double the price. And factoring in location and proximity to the beach and season all have impact. And what “I” would pay and what everyone else would pay is different. I wouldn’t be shocked to see an 8BR house go for $2-$3k minimum a night depending on location.
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