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  1. You are not alone. I have “only” been here 10 years and this thread is the last straw for me. It really is. I came here today specifically predicting and expecting some of the comments on this thread by the usual suspects (although we are missing a few) and I find myself just done. It’s so predictable it’s funny. And sad. For me- it’s uninspired, predictable and hardly educated or well trained in any way. In response to not saying things well or tone or whatever..... listen If we have to word everything perfectly to post here or risk members shredding us apart (Which happens, al
  2. I have an obscene amount of USPS non or mis delivery stories I could tell. I’m also in CO so maybe Denver has more issues?!?! It is a ongoing point of stress at times because I spend so much time making notes for the mailman, redelivering, calling customer service, insurance issues etc Last month some medication was almost here then suddenly headed to West Palm Beach, FL where it was circling around for days. DAYS. I gave up and called the company. We have chronic misdelivery issues here. At least 1x a month. Last week a small package with glasses were mis delivered to my bo
  3. I have been in this situation... IMHO at the heart of the matter is that they want to talk it out, be heard, supported and feel as though they have many options. If you can keep doing that great. It’s hard but once you realize they are t going to listen to you, it gets muuuuch easier. In my life this is someone my husband and I really care about- his sister who we have been close to for 15 years and then she married a guy who is a great guy but who wants to live in denial and do everything the hard way. He’s a pill. We have watched her, my SIL, change so much and have supported th
  4. I started having pain in my foot 5 weeks ago. With a weird line of bruising and noticeable swelling on top of foot. Finally went to podiatrist 3 weeks ago and he suspected a stress fracture AND extensor tendinitis. He did xrays and didn't see a fracture (apparently you don’t see them until they have healed) but did note there was thickening on the bone that indicates pressure. I don’t know what that means. also used a tuning fork over the bone which reallllly hurt. Pain is both superficial and sharp, and deep and achey- I cannot walk normally on it. Guessing that’s how the tendinitis set in
  5. I saw your original post and hear what you are saying. 🙂
  6. I'll use your language. I did have some fat to trim, relationally speaking. For me its been relationships with liberal friends that have been damaged- and I'm not certain I shall try to repair it based on what I've learned. I'm politically in the middle and people who know me, know that I am considered, sincere, and respectful. I am also a person of faith- which supersedes political affiliations and positions...but do not put me in a box. While I lean more conservative on a few more things than liberal, I am 100% in between. I fit no where. And on good days, its pretty cool to have
  7. That makes sense for POTS.... walking is ok for many as muscles are contracting and stimulating blood flow but standing in place is no bueno. My DD16 who has POTS works in delivery fulfillment at Target (shopping for people’s orders) and frequently has shifts with 16-20k steps per day. It’s tiring but doable. But milling about in a museum or standing in line makes her feel horrible almost immediately. For some with milder, less debilitating levels of POTS, it’s the “only normal” a lot of people have ever known - and it’s only after diagnosis that they look back and understand ohhhhh
  8. Do you have any familiarity with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)? That’s what it sounds like to me and it’s been documented as a lingering after affect of COVID- for some triggered into high gear and for others they notice it for the first time. I am in some POTS support groups online and there has been an influx of people being diagnosed with it after having COVID. https://dysautonomiainternational.org/page.php?ID=30 It’s a form of Dysautonomia which is a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system...responsible for all of the “automatic functions” of the body.
  9. Childhood home till age 18 College dorm (State 2) College apt #1, 2, 3 Grad school apt #1, 2 (State 3) Grad school rental house First Home Second Home (State 4) Third Home (State 5) 10 moves/5 states
  10. That is how my body responds to hydrocodone. I’ve used it twice after surgeries -oral and knee- and while it makes fell me so drowsy, I literally cannot sleep and am awake for hours. it was super frustrating given the circumstances, so I stopped taking it and switched to alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen for a day or so. Do you need the pain relief? Are you taking them around the clock? IMHO you don’t have to take it just because they prescribed it/gave it to you. But I am pretty low pharmaceutical intervention unless fully indicated and tolerated. Im so sorry for your a
  11. I was thinking the same thing about last Spring- it wasn’t a record (apparently) but pretty memorable because all the trees were shocked.
  12. Overall, yes the pattern of hot with a crazy fast drop to cold is actually pretty typical of Fall and Spring. This cold snap with snow is the earliest I’ve seen in my 9 years here and the temperature change will be record breaking. Average first snow here is Oct 18 and latest is April 28 which usually blows peoples minds, if you aren’t familiar with the weird weather. But it’s usually a few days of extreme than more seasonable- the snow comes in fast and hard and then leaves. We don’t have ridiculous snow fall here and winter is the best I’ve ever experienced in the US for snowfall bec
  13. This was helpful for me today, thank you for sharing. I really appreciate aspects of the article as I have been through a lot of loss and upending of normalcy prior to COVID, and some of the “ways forward” from this article do indeed ring true. Ten months prior to COVID, I sustained a head injury and subsequent complications that thrust me into a world of complex, chronic illness, and necessitated the loss of my small business. This article addresses several of the issues I have had to begin to work through —namely, previously being go getter/Type A who cannot approach life that wa
  14. It has been so hot and smoky here’s I can’t wait till cold weather comes. We are in CO and winter is so wonderful (we aren’t skiers). It’s all about gear IMHO
  15. Same here. We got an annual Instacart subscription last year after my head injury- so over 70+ deliveries (Costco, Sams, Kroger, Sprouts etc). It was always shopped and delivered by the same person. Always.
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