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  1. I did some yoga and then had a nice walk this evening, despite the heat. I didn't have too much trouble with my foot during the walk, even with some pretty significant incline. I only had pain at one point toward the end and felt ok when I got home and got my shoes off, etc. If my foot still feels ok tomorrow, I'll be encouraged. My podiatrist appointment is at the end of this month.
  2. I just did a yoga routine today. It was such a busy day and time got away from me. I hope I can squeeze in full movement tomorrow.
  3. I did my exercise bike cardio, legs and core strengthening routines, then stretch based yoga.
  4. I'm glad you got that first swim Jenny! ----- I got my usual--exercise bike and strengthening (arms and back today). I'm going to do yoga tonight before bed.
  5. Congratulations! Sounds really great for you. ---- I did my exercise bike cardio, then core and legs strengthening routines.
  6. I did my exercise bike cardio, arms, back strengthening routines.
  7. Did you get the swim in Jenny? I went on a walk ending in a jog with my som. He picked a place with tons of hills. Later I went on a 2 mile walk with my parents. That's the only weight bearing exercise I've done this week, and my neuroma is not happy about any of it. It's so frustrating to be babying this foot for so long and still not be able to do anything without pain.
  8. I got my exercise bike cardio in today, but not my strengthening component.
  9. I'm glad you found your equipment Jenny! ---- I got cardio on the exercise bike this morning. I finished arms and back strengthening routines this evening.
  10. I got cardio (on my exercise bike), but not my strength stuff done today.
  11. The last well check we had prior to COVID--maybe close to two years now--we were told one of my boys had mild scoliosis. (I have mild scoliosis myself--the curve never progressed to need active treatment but I did do PT back then...not very deligently unfortunately). But I'm responding because we were told last week that it resolved itself. He's probably grown a lot. I was pleasantly surprised. Also to note. Radiation exposure for x-rays related to scoliosis raise a girl's future risk of breast cancer substantially. If it's needed, it's needed. But I wouldn't want it for mild curves..wis
  12. A joke my kid told me yesterday--have you met Bruce Lee's vegetarian brother? His name is Brocc O. Lee. ... I had a really busy day. I'm proud of myself for squeezing my movement in this morning. (exercise bike cardio; core, then legs strengthening). I'm super exhausted. Like others here, I've been sleeping poorly. Hopefully I, all of us, get good rest tonight.
  13. I was poorly rested today, too. It makes everything harder. I hope tomorrow, and the rest of the week, are better for you, Jenny! I did my exercise bike cardio, then arms and back strengthening routines.
  14. I went on a walk with family, including my parents, today.
  15. I'm sorry the 5K wasn't what you hoped, Jenny. I appreciate you starting the threads no matter when--no worries! ---- I did my exercise bike, with an extra 15 minutes added because I expect tomorrow to be pretty busy. I did core and leg strengthening.
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