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  1. I did some aerobic dance stuff (light to moderate, 20-30 total minutes, but was interrupted) and some relaxation/stretch based pilates.
  2. We drove to see the 2017 one. This one passes over us, but who knows if we will have clear sky for it! Hope so! I would love to experience it again.
  3. It's great that you will be 2 weeks out from your shot. I think you'll have some decent protection. Likely your office will take precautions to try to limit your potential exposure. I did not go to the dentist during COVID. Neither did my kids. I canceled appts for myself and them. I'm not sure it was wise. I guess we will find out at our first appts (post vaccine). My husband did go, twice, in the midst of COVID surges and did fine. Our office had people wait in the car for texts to come in, limited number of people at one time, required masks, and had the patients swish with mothwash b
  4. I appreciate them too purpleowl! I have a busy afternoon/evening, so got my movement in early: a fitness marshall sweat session and some back/core strengthening. I may do some relaxation pilates tonight if it works out.
  5. They swarm/mate in the spring. We did our own treatment--I had two baits--one was protein based and the other sweet based. In different parts of their life cycle, they will eat different things. Often you will have more than one colony, so I found I needed to continue to bait longer than I expected (ie--I saw the dead colony and thought I was done...well, was with that one). I successfully treated carpenter ants here 5? years ago. This spring I see a new batch, which is disappointing. So I just started treating again. Killed one set I think, but I'm going to keep treating for a whi
  6. I ran out of time and energy and didn't get any "beyond life" movement yesterday. I slept horribly last night! Not sure if it's entirely connected to my lack of movement, but I'm sure it didn't help. Today I did 30 minutes on my bike and a walk at home boosted walk to make up the missed cardio goal from yesterday. I did some work with weights this evening.
  7. My one month subscription to body groove expires today, so I did a couple groove HIIT routines--one this afternoon and another tonight.
  8. I did a body groove HIIT this morning and went on a family walk this afternoon.
  9. I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike and a little pilates strengthening (back/core)
  10. I forgot to post yesterday. I had some muscle strain this week, so yesterday I just did boosted Walk at Home and some stretches.
  11. I am scheduled to get my 2nd Pfizer vax late afternoon next Monday. I've got a morning court appearance for my CASA case Wednesday.They just scheduled me in an open slot at the time I received my first shot, and the court thing never entered my mind at the time. If you had "flu like" side effects, how long did they last? I'm trying to figure out how likely I am to not be feeling well enough for that court appearance. I don't want to reschedule my vaccination, but maybe I should?
  12. I agree, and it sounds like you're thinking this OP, that 2 meds at once wouldn't be my choice. My son's psychiatrist doesn't like to do that either. It's really better to know which med is causing a side effect (if there are any--I hope there aren't). Those two meds in particular both caused severe insomnia in my son. If we had trialed both at once, it would have been harder to sort out. I really like using a psychiatrist for this, particularly when you find that certain medications already aren't right (the adderall and ritalin). Side note: my son can only handle short or mid acting R
  13. I did exercise bike and body groove HIIT for cardio and pilates based back/core focus for strength.
  14. I did a boosted Walk at Home this morning.
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