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  1. I used Math-U-See for that sort of kid. (edited to add: Oops, just notice you asked this earlier this month! Hope you found a good fit. )
  2. I like the layout of my current home better than homes we've had before. But it's a practical layout, not a showy one. My home just before this was nicer in that respect. In that home my favorite thing was probably the windows with so much natural light. I also really liked the landscaping, which we had designed professional when we were dual income before kids. In this home we have a large separate entry in the back of the home that we treat like a mud room. It has good closet space too, which has been great. I have a really large laundry room--big enough that we have most of our
  3. My teen son has OCD that has worsened lately. We have had times, in the past, where it was worse and then got better. We have had long periods of times when he believed he didn't have OCD anymore at all. I have been aware of this current worsening since mid-July. He told his psychiatrist about it and the psychiatrist recommended he start Luvox. His genetics (GeneSite) indicate issues with SSRI's, so the psych wanted to start low and go slow. My son was really resistant to the idea of medication, probably partially because he had some really bad side effects with various ADHD medica
  4. I'm pretty risk averse. In this current economic climate and because we are at an age close to yours, I wouldn't take on a mortgage.
  5. You're welcome. I hope you like it. They ship really fast in my experiences. I was so pleased with my first mask (for someone who needs to be in a high risk situation) that I've ended up buying more for my family and other loved ones. Even my teens started wearing them pretty much exclusively when they are required to be masked because they are so much more comfortable than any of our other masks. I'll try to explain the filter. The mask has in interior silicone seal/cushion around your mouth and nose. The mask itself extends out further than that interior seal--all the way to an open edg
  6. I have two allergy people here--all their bedding, including blankets, are washed and dried on hot weekly. I do not put heavy comforters or similar on their bed. They have those cotton weave blankets. I wash all of one person's bedding in a single load.
  7. I'm really happy with the breethy masks https://www.stsofficial.com/collections/protective-masks-kn95 They fit very well (I recommend a large, even for women) as the silicone seals against the skin. They are comfortable. I was pleased with their stated filtration ability, but I did not verify their studies. I actually believe you could use any filter you could cut to the proper size in place of their filter if wanted. I'm using, and comfortable with, their filters. Finally, I like that I can clean the mask, with filter removed, in the dishwasher.
  8. I used CLE algebra 1 with one and Jacobs with the other. I preferred to teach with CLE, and I think that might follow MM well in terms of style. It would also possibly be less stressful than some other programs. I think the incremental nature cuts down on frustration and discouragement. I (finally) landed on A Fresh Approach for Algebra 2 with one of mine, and I really like it too. It may be a good option. But the test stress in that program might be higher than CLE tests would be. CLE just seemed to set the student up for success.
  9. I'm glad you got in so soon. I'm sure you'll get some answers. Hopefully you will be able to ID the allergens and get an answer on asthma (I'm guessing you do have asthma based on your description). You might try to take showers before bed/avoid bringing allergens to bed, especially during that medication free week. It may help some. Have you tried a nasal steroid spray, like Nasocort?
  10. I may be way off in my thinking but: My state reports a positivity rate for "all tests" and another for "unique individuals tests." The "unique tests" positivity rate lines up pretty well with the John Hopkins, but my state is making decisions based on the "all tests" positivity rate. In looking at the methodology John Hopkins is using, I wonder if they end up with a number more in line with unique individual tests/new cases rather than those rates including all/repeat tests. My understanding is that most states are using all tests in their figures and that, at this point, we do
  11. OP, I found a mask I am using with someone in a similar situation after a lot of research. I am going to send you a message.
  12. Well, I had twins. So maybe things stuck out quickly because they were the same age. My son with autism didn't consistently turn to look/respond when I called out his name. He didn't naturally use nonverbal communication (pointing, waving, etc.) like his brother. I noticed those things before his first birthday--I remember being concerned by 6 months, but everyone, including his pediatrician, told me he couldn't have autism because he was too "social" or "friendly" or "smiley." He's still all that. He also has autism. Even before he was diagnosed, I started interventions aimed at au
  13. This is my situation as well. It's so outrageously expensive. I just get new lenses in old frames, with insurance, and it's still close to that. The lenses themselves are the expensive part.
  14. sbgrace

    Jury Duty

    Did he have to appear, or just fill out a more detailed questionnaire? I wish they were more clear about the likelihood of actually serving. I'm not sure of the likelihood I will even get to the point your husband did.
  15. sbgrace

    Jury Duty

    Has anyone been called for a federal court jury? I was selected to be a potential juror, I think for one or two years or some similar long time, for a federal (district) court in my state right now. I had to fill out an initial questionnaire when I was called. I haven't received a term of service or summons to appear, and I'm certainly hoping I don't soon given COVID. I've been called twice for local court jury duty, but I was not selected as a juror either time. So, I've never actually served on a jury. My husband has never been called. It's interesting that others have found that
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