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  1. I'm looking for non-screen/phone games groups of teens could play on a long road trip.
  2. Definitely avoid Arlington and Northwest (don't know George Washington). Yes, the magnet schools do tend to be better. The CFI schools (best ones generally for elementary) tend to feed into Crispus Attacks and also Shortridge. I don't know them personally, though. IPS is a mess. If she has other options, I might explore those unless there is something specifically about Indy that makes it best.
  3. If you haven't had anyone yet, I could definitely use it.
  4. I'm 46. I had become pretty sedentary over the years. In the last 4 months, I've increased my physical activity. I worked up to 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous cardio and 10 minutes of pilates most days of the week and light strength training two days a week. I've been doing that routine since April. I began this because I was really concerned about my high blood pressure and bone health issues. But it's helping me in lots of unexpected ways. I think I'm more fit than I've been in for decades, and I feel really great about it all. However, I'm waking up many, maybe all, mornings stiff in my back and legs/feet. This is true even after an "off" day from exercise. It's not muscle soreness--just feeling old and creaky. I don't recall feeling this way at all before! I can't tell for sure when it began or if it's gotten worse. I don't want to stop exercising. i don't think I'm overdoing it. Thoughts? Is it concerning? Normal part of aging? Can I do something about it? Do you think I need to change up something activity wise (I really don't want to-I feel good about myself in this).
  5. I am praying for you.
  6. We didn't smash. I can't remember if we talked about not doing it ahead of time--probably? My husband and I aren't the smash cake kind of personalities. But I was maid of honor in a wedding that had smashing. They are coming up on 23 years and are among the most compatible married couples I know. They are both smash cake kind of personalities I guess!
  7. I'm very sorry. I understand the sadness.
  8. If you still have symptoms after the week, you need more recovery time. Symptoms include a returning headache, which was the last thing to go for my son. He had a more severe concussion, but it took much longer than I expected for him to be recovered. Consider N-Acetyl Cysteine to aid brain recovery. (that's the first study that came up when I googled, but there is quite a lot of research about it's use with brain injuries) I wish I had known of it earlier with my son. It's very safe to take, but take it with vitamin C to help the body process the cysteine.
  9. I like the idea of that boot camp. I wonder if it would be more helpful than Aleks, which might be another option OP--one I was thinking about. If I understand it correctly, it assesses where the learner is and then just covers what they need.
  10. What kind of headaches? Depending on timing and/or type, lots of headaches are linked to sleep apnea. I'm really surprised your doctor didn't suggest a sleep study initially given your symptoms.
  11. I see you're taking Vitamin D--how much are you taking? Did you get levels (25 OHD)? The lab levels on that are likely way lower than they should be, so you may be low even if they say normal. I know it's been mentioned--but I highly recommend a sleep study. I didn't seem to fit the profile at all, but in my case it was moderate sleep apnea (and low D and coq10--the low coq is rare, the low D is extremely common).
  12. I hope he does well with it. I'm using MUS Geometry for my son (special needs that impact tolerance for and strength in math, but NOT dyscalcula). I was not at all pro-MUS, but it's been fantastic for him. He's mastering and retaining the material. He's gaining confidence, and he hasn't needed nearly the handholding from me he's needed for prior to this. We did Alg I, with two other programs, and it was painful/unpleasant/time consuming--I had to adapt lessons and pull him through the whole way. I may just stick with MUS for him. It's been good. And math that is successful and boosts confidence is way better than where I know we could be.
  13. I'm not sure how to title this, nor am I sure what I'm hoping for from replies. BUT.... My father has been diagnosed with melanoma. He's lost parts of his face. He'll probably have more, as it's the way things work it has seemed. My kids have relatively fair skin. Now that they are teens, they of course do lots of things away from me. When they are going to be doing something involving sun exposure. I send sunscreen. I emphasize the family history and importance of applying and reapplying. They rarely to never follow through. We've had sunburns. It bothers me. This summer they will be away from me for weeks at a time-including whole days of Water Parks and similar. I guess I can't do more than suggest. Any advice or perspective?
  14. When my son got to the right dose of the right medication (took a while to figure that out for him), he said "Mom, I feel so calm inside!" He had never felt that before. I wished we had started sooner. So I would say start/keep working on things that might help--exercise, mindfulness, good sleep--but I'd consider trying a medication. Starting with a short acting dose of Ritalin is a low risk way to start. It clears the body fast. (You do have to step up to effective dose, as with all the meds I know of).
  15. My son used his light to regulate sleep phase disorder issues. That sounds like your issue too. The doctor had him using it year round. He did that for well over a year. Now he just uses it when he feels he's getting off somehow. The description you're giving sounds like "off" does when he starts using his light again. Basically, I don't see why you can't keep using it if it helps you.
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