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  1. When my son got to the right dose of the right medication (took a while to figure that out for him), he said "Mom, I feel so calm inside!" He had never felt that before. I wished we had started sooner. So I would say start/keep working on things that might help--exercise, mindfulness, good sleep--but I'd consider trying a medication. Starting with a short acting dose of Ritalin is a low risk way to start. It clears the body fast. (You do have to step up to effective dose, as with all the meds I know of).
  2. My son used his light to regulate sleep phase disorder issues. That sounds like your issue too. The doctor had him using it year round. He did that for well over a year. Now he just uses it when he feels he's getting off somehow. The description you're giving sounds like "off" does when he starts using his light again. Basically, I don't see why you can't keep using it if it helps you.
  3. I'm hoping to bring my two 9th graders back together for Algebra II, then I plan to diverge their math progression and probably outsource for my more math oriented teen. But one is pretty intolerant of math--I had to drag him through Lial's for Algebra 1. He's working well with Math U See for Geometry. I thought Foerster's might be too much/too tedious perhaps? It's important to me that both kids to have a strong Algebra foundation. If it takes Foerster's to do that, I'll do it. But has anyone tried Yay! Math or researched it? The course scope/sequence seemed pretty standard.
  4. I'm sorry, and I'm praying for you and your sons and family. My son doesn't have near the complexity/severity in his special needs, but we went through over a year of severe sleep problems with him. It was kicked off by a medication his pediatrician prescribed. I was told that it couldn't be causing the sleep problem--I think we used it for about a month until a sleep medicine specialist told me that was the culprit. It turns out it had a black box warning for sleep issues! Sometimes doctors mes up. But removing the medicine, in our case, didn't reverse the pattern that had been set. So we were left with the mess. The lack of sleep was so hard on him--made all of his special needs issues so much worse, and created new ones even. It was also incredibly hard on me. I very much feel for you and your boys. We did work with sleep medicine and then psychiatry to find sleep med combo that would help him. He still takes them. He needed more than melatonin, though he takes that too. I do think you need specialists--psychiatry, pediatric sleep medicine perhaps, gastro if you don't have that, on board. My son has a white noise machine in his room next to his bed and also one just outside his door. I have another down the hall where it empties to the living area. If this might be tolerated by your kids, I wonder if lots of white noise might help you be able to live while they sleep. This one is one of ones we use, and it has a lot of different options in terms of sounds, tone, volume, etc. I feel concerned for you. When my son was very sick, before he was diagnosed with his metabolic issues, I was just so consumed by his care, needs, and issues. At some point, my own health totally crashed. It took a long time to recover. The care of you is vital too. I wish I knew of a way you could get help. I can pray for you, and will.
  5. Does he have any underlying anxiety dx's? Sometimes anxiety stuff, even OCD particularly when mostly internal, show in weird ways that aren't obvious at first.
  6. About every other week from March 2, my teen has run a high fever with viral symptoms. March 2 he had some mild cold symptoms. March 3, he had a 103 fever. At first I thought flu due to the fever and muscle aches/fatigue he was having, but the onset was more like a cold in that it was kind of gradual until the fever hit, and it ended pretty quickly. Also, he gave it to all the rest of us. No one else ran a fever, and it seemed like a mild cold for everyone else. He was well for a week. Then he spiked another high fever (103.5), but this time with a terrible cough. Fever lasted a day or two. Just when I thought I might take him in, he was fine. He's been feeling good for about a week, give or take. No coughing or other symptoms at all. Yesterday evening he complained of nasal congestion and a headache. Today we're back to 103.5. It's mostly that his nose and ears are stopped up today. Seems weird? Is it concerning? Generally when a fever goes away and comes back I think secondary infection. But his other symptoms haven't stayed consistent. He's seemed completely well in between. I am reluctant to take him in because we have an awful lot of flu in our area right now, among other things.
  7. I had that happen in my 20's--I was told it was likely an anovulatory cycle, and they gave me progesterone to reset. In retrospect, I suspect it followed a really early miscarriage. I do think one molar pregnancy increases her risk of another. Total risk would be low for that even for her I suspect. I hope she can be seen faster--can she see another health care provider?
  8. My son has OCD, and we did trial inositol. Unfortunately, it aggravated his ADHD. In fact, I actually saw a study where they found that inositol worsened ADHD symptoms. I do believe inositol can be helpful for OCD. It just was a no go for my son for other reasons. FWIW, NAC, N-acetyl cysteine, also has research for OCD and OCD spectrum disorders. My son does take NAC.
  9. I so appreciate the replies here! We've been trying to catch up today, and I am going to have to go back through these when my mind is fresh to process better. But I can see this is going to be a help to me--I think a lot of you have hit aspects or right on what is going on, I'm seeing clearer I think, and I'm feeling hopeful these ideas are going to help.
  10. I want to keep homeschooling my freshman son. He wants to keep homeschooling. I need either advice or perspective I think. At times I think I need to enroll him, probably as a freshman, next year. I even called the school a while back to see how it might work to enroll him as a sophomore. But neither of us really want that. My biggest issue is that I feel he wastes a lot of time. I want him to be a focused learner, but I often find he's extremely slow to get started and then "taking a break" during individual school work. For example, he gets a drink of water...while slooowly drinking the water, he "can't" do any school work, so he's reading a book instead. It feels like there is a lot of that. Or he finishes one subject and then wastes a lot of time or even waits for me to notice and push him before he starts the next--he's "breaking." There is also, it feels a lot of time, just working more slowly and distracted than he is capable of. I think it's becoming a habit. It's wasting so much time. Because of this I feel like I have to stay on top of him all the time--and it's not working. I feel we're butting heads too much--him insisting he gets it all done eventually--me not interested in doing school right up to the moment he leaves for practices and on weekends to catch up. I think, beyond that, I'm most concerned he's practicing bad habits/not learning to work efficiently. He does two really time intensive extracurricular activities and excels in both. He works hard at those (and one eats some school time, which means I need him to be even more efficient, not less). So it's not lazy exactly...but in some ways it is I think. I don't know. But I feel frustrated a lot.
  11. My husband told me tonight he wants to become more aware of his food intake. His mom is having health problems related to weight, and think that's the reason he's thinking about this. He asked me if I knew of an easy way to track what he eats. I want to encourage him. I don't think he would have tolerance to do something complicated. It seems to me that packaged things, which is a lot of his work/lunch snacking, would be easy but homemade would be hard? Is there an app or program that simplifies tracking? I looked into weight watchers, but I think he'd be put off by the cost. But maybe I could talk him into doing it for a while.
  12. I've always felt, from your posts, that my son and your daughter share some characteristics (some, not at all of course). Anxiety is a factor for him--he was just always underlying anxious. We did Mightier, and it did help him. In his case, it did help raise awareness of what was going on inside and taught him how to breathe to calm (we had tried with many therapists). He made the connection between the breathing and calming the insides. He uses it in daily life, including settling to sleep and managing anger. He does breathing to calm at least once most days and every night. He runs, and that helps as well. But I think the awareness he gained with Mightier was part of that in that it helped him realize the running helped him with anxiety and emotional regulation. Your daughter may have more awareness. Zones was a flunk for us--multiple therapists tried that sort of thing with him. I think it was that he was missing true awareness--even though he could use the right words and say he was in whatever zone. On paper, he looked like he had awareness. But, it wasn't there like it needed to be to really make progress.
  13. It does sound like you're going to have to settle a little. Hopefully you will find something that works in terms of layout, even if the aesthetics aren't entirely what you prefer. FWIW, my current house has a galley kitchen. I would never have picked a galley layout if I were designing. We picked the house because the location was perfect. But I love the galley kitchen now. I think it's my favorite design because it just works so well in terms of flow and use of space.
  14. A lot of what I'm planning for 10th will be new curriculum for us. So, as I found this year, I may need to change course. I'm also a little uncertain for some subjects. But, right now, I plan: Math:Algebra II I'm not sure what curriculum(s). I am using a different geometry curriculum for each of my kids right now, and once past Alg II I believe they will need to diverge again. However, I'm hoping they can do Algebra II with the same curriculum. So I need to find something to fit both. LA: A Hero's Journey (OM) + 1-2 upper level books added in. This will be new to us, but I'm really hoping it's a good fit. I purchased it for 9th grade, and then decided I wanted to use other materials to lay a strong composition and lit foundation first. Science: Biology II outsourced locally Geography: Oak Meadow. Will be new curriculum for us/we've never used Oak Meadow before. Spanish: We flailed around this year, beginning with Latin, then moving to Spanish that didn't work. We finally landed on Complete Spanish Step by Step (McGraw-Hill). I think we'll stick with that and add in some Spanish speaking practice via tutor. Other: PE/health (same as this year for both) , and I need to figure out what to use for a fine arts credit.
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