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  1. Thoughts based on my experience with my son, who has struggled with significant insomnia since about 11 or 12, and myself: *good exercise*, a wind down routine, regular wake time, practice mindfulness, explore progressive relaxation (form of mindfulness/often helpful when getting ready to go to sleep), avoid caffeine after noon, consider if getting up for a relaxing activity if she can't fall asleep will help or hurt. Is she feeling anxious about it at all? it's better not to lay awake for long periods--particularly if she's laying awake and aware of time or stressed about it. So, getting up to read or color or similar relaxing activity until she feels more ready for sleep if she doesn't settle well may be good. Basically, you want low anxiety about insomnia (as if it's no big deal/remember that relaxing is also good for you, etc). You don't want to add stress about sleep to the mix. My son started listening to "sleep with me" podcasts so his mind wouldn't race, I mention in case that is also part of the picture for your daughter. The biggest natural helps for my son are/were exercise, mindfulness, and regular wake times. He uses progressive relaxation at night still. He doesn't use a video/script, but he learned from this video (kind of kid oriented/but it worked): He practice it during the day, too, back then. Have you tried or are you open to supplements like magnesium or melatonin?
  2. My son is 15 with autism and ADHD dx. He has a tendency to constantly fidget with stuff. He's not really thinking about what he's doing. It's more sensory or something in that realm I assume. He does this while concentrating, though fidgeting doesn't actually seem to help him concentrate. He does it while just walking around or, really, constantly. Sometimes he loses things--carries them wherever and then leaves them. Worse, he breaks things--for example, he was doing math today and absentmindedly picked up his dad's headphones. His fidgeting broke them. In that past, when he was younger, we did fidget type things. But often they were distracting him more than helping, and he became resistant to fidgets as he got older anyway. I'm frustrated. I worry this will follow him into the future at work and etc. I would so appreciate some thoughts.
  3. I also like Process Skills and Problem solving. I did start younger, but I needed to back up to the beginning. I explained by my son that we were doing easy work just to learn the process and thinking behind the models so we could apply them to harder problems later.
  4. I appreciate everyone who weighed in on this. I I'm leaning toward allergies as the culprit for me. (I hope. I'd like to think this resolves!) Because I don't have typical allergy symptoms, it wasn't even on my radar as a cause. I'll follow up on the anemia too, but I may wait until flu season is declining. I am taking iron every day.
  5. Thank you all. I feel better just knowing other people have had this. I don't feel like I have a cold. However, I have been struggling with headaches and migraines lately. I just remembered that's often the *only* allergy sign for me, and February is the beginning of tree pollen season here. So maybe that's a connection. Now that I'm reading here, I do think maybe my ears feel a bit congested. I'll start Zyrtec. I was told I have iron deficiency anemia last year. I've been taking iron since that time. I was thinking today I should follow up on that. I just hate to go to the doctor in flu season! But maybe I should.
  6. The last couple of days, I've often heard a whooshing heartbeat sound in my right ear. I'm pretty sure it's my heartbeat. It doesn't last long, but happens frequently. It's kind of unnerving. I started to feel a little paranoid today and had my husband pick up a blood pressure monitor to replace my broken one on his way home from work. I was not high--not even "pre-" or mildly hypertensive, which i sometimes am. So, does that mean this is nothing to worry about? Is there a point I should worry? I will mention that I have had regular tinnitus for quite some time.
  7. It is droplets for sure--and I agree that it's a more likely transmission. I have one kiddo who, as he became a teen, got really lax about washing his hands before he eats and it bugs me. So, I don't at all disagree with you on that count. BUT it is also airborne, at least that's what research I've seen indicates. The aerolized spray hangs in the air longer than I'd like to think about. Understanding how influenza is transmitted is key to limiting the impact of both seasonal disease and future influenza pandemics. An ongoing concern is that influenza may be transmitted from infected individuals not simply by coarse (>5 μm) respiratory particles, but also by fine (≤5 μm) respiratory particles that can persist in the air for prolonged periods...infectious virus was present in 89% of the NP samples and 39% of fine aerosol samples. This is older, but talks about what "prolonged period" might be....hours. In the infected samples, the average concentration of flu viruses was 15,000 viruses per cubic meter of air and the average size of a flu virus particle was less than 2.5 micrometers. That means the viruses could stay suspended in the air for hours, the study said. . .Although the study didn't count how many people got infected from breathing in the flu-particle-laden air of these public places, the levels of flu particles in the air are enough to get someone sick, she said. So, my point in posting to this thread earlier was that I think public areas in flu season are a risk, even if you avoid touching your face before you wash your hands and don't hang around coughing/sneezing people. However, I agree that you're definitely more likely to get sick if you don't wash your hands. (We don't at all avoid public places. But because you can catch it by simply breathing infected air, I sometimes take extra precautions. Flu is really high in our area and my son has an important to him event coming up next week. I had him take some elderberry after church this morning. I'll probably encourage him to use elderberry tonight when he gets home from a party too. We already use vitamin D and C and prioritize sleep here. However, because he's my more consistent handwasher, at least in public, I do think he's less likely to to get sick compared to his brother.)
  8. Oh, it does help, yes! I didn't mean it doesn't. Definitely it's smart to wash hands frequently. But you really have to put your hands (with cold virus on them) in your mouth, nose, eyes to get a cold. You can't catch that virus through the air. But influenza you can get through the air--coughing/sneezing, but also speaking and breathing. So it's harder to avoid in the family than colds and the like. It's also infectious before symptoms. So I think it's smart to do more than that if you can. My son was diagnosed (not this year) the day he became symptomatic. I immediately started elderberry for the rest of the family, but DH and his brother were symptomatic the very next day. I kept up elderberry for all of us. His brother and dad had a quicker recovery than child of origin (who did Tamiflu fwiw). I never had symptoms at all. I make sure I've got elderberry every flu season.
  9. influenza spreads through the air, so handwashing and surface cleaning and similar aren't as preventative they would be for other viruses. I avoided influenza (A type though) when the rest of the family had it with elderberrry one year.
  10. Wow. Thinks for sharing that.
  11. It sounds as if he did/does have some symptoms--feeling off and, presumably because he was concerned at some level, taking his blood pressure. I have a husband who often won't listen to me about things like this...but I would be begging him to get checked out so I could feel ok. His apnea is untreated? Did he try treatment?
  12. Possibly DE. I know he's definitely interested in taking some community college courses at some point, but I wasn't thinking math for those. A lot of our community college courses are moving to 8 weeks. That seems too quick for a math course to me. So stats would be after whatever I chose to follow Alg 2? I was thinking it might actually be more basic than Pre-Calc. I was thinking maybe the pre-calc right before college would be beneficial as it would be fresher in his mind.
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