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  1. I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike this morning, then pilates this afternoon--one youtube w/ a back focus and then a stretch focused one). I plan to do a relaxation focused yoga, tai chi, or pilates this evening.
  2. I don't think I've ever been the first "share" post! My morning blood pressures have been good. But I happened to take my blood pressure just before bed a couple of times this week and my pressures were not so good. It surprised/disappointed me. I made an effort to get all of my activity done early today so I can check again tonight away from activity. I did: the Walk at Home boosted walk, pilates (lower body), some weights work, and I tried a relaxation focused flow yoga just now (it would be a nice way to end a day I think).
  3. I don't have the lack of air conditioning to deal with. Is there a time of day that might be manageably cool enough? Is there an indoor, air conditioned place you could walk or get your movement (whether designated for that purpose or not)? I know you said it's really making a difference for you--I hope some experienced with heat and lack of air conditioning have good ideas. ----- I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike, pilates (upper body), and tai chi today. I may try yoga flow tomorrow, ((Melissa Louise)), I've never heard of it until your post.
  4. I did a boosted walk at home--I got interrupted twice and so I did some rewinding and re-doing. I did pilates (legs) and then tried 30 minutes of yoga today, then 15 or so minutes of tai chi.
  5. Thank you--each of you--for your replies. I am already trying some of the suggestions and will try more. I'm hopeful I can find a way to manage better. -- ((ScoutTN)) I'm so sorry you're in a similar place. I do have a friend who knows it all, listens, and supports. It does help.
  6. Some things I've learned (we struggle here too--have done lots of work with adolescent sleep medicine): Teens/kids in that age range have a sleep phase shift naturally. School start times are not healthy or ideal. That shouldn't be your goal in my opinion. That said, even a more reasonable schedule may require some sleep shifting for him--which is hard for a night owl. I'll put information on how to try to do that below. If he is going to sleep at midnight, waking him at 8:30 at that age is too early I suspect. I don't know how much sleep your son needs, everyone varies, but I
  7. There is a lot of "stuff" going on in my immediate family (kids particularly) right now. It's very stressful. I feel tense. I'm exercising every day, trying to do breathing based mindfulness (I'm open to suggestions/don't have a favorite way to do this), prayer. Any calm I get doesn't last long at all. Is there anything I can do?
  8. Wow! You are doing so great--and the flexibility increase amazing!
  9. I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike. I just now finished a pilates focused on the back (it is so hard for me, but I think I'm progressing). I'll probably do a stretch/wind down pilates later tonight.
  10. Anecdotally, my sister got the vaccine after having COVID in November. She felt sick--fatigue, aches, low grade fever--but just for 24 hours. She said 2 co-worker friends who had COVID at the same time as her also had more reaction than her colleagues who haven't had COVID. My BIL felt pretty rough too, though, and to his knowledge he hasn't had COVID.
  11. I hope your knees handled your bike Jenny! --- My son is really struggling today--it's been so hard. I had to break half way through my boosted walk at home, at around 16 minutes. When I was able to come back, I rewound a bit and finished up with another 20 minutes. I did some work with weights this afternoon. While my boys went on a run, I got some quiet alone time to do a nice , long relaxation focused pilates. It helped my stress level.
  12. I did 30 minutes on my exercise bike for cardio this morning and then did a back focused pilates in the evening.
  13. I would toss and turn when I was having untreated sleep apnea. People can also toss and turn with restless leg as Tap mentioned--that was happening to my mom. Either one (or both) would be picked up in a sleep study. Restless sleep with either of those conditions damages health. If it all possible, I'd make sure, via sleep study, there isn't a medical cause--particularly if you wake unrefreshed. I never woke up, feeling rested, on my own until I was treated for sleep apnea.
  14. I did the walk at home boosted walk for my cardio and abs (actually transverse abdominis) based pilates this morning. I'll probably do a stretch type pilates at some point later today. -- Yay purpleowl! I'm glad it worked so well for you!
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