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  1. Ha! My two boys are about to paint their room dark purple. They just really wanted something very unexpected.
  2. Derek Owens is working well for my current 9th grade son who is not really a Math kid. I like that he can self-pace and really take the time to learn it. I also have been very impressed with the feedback. For example, on a problem set that my son did poorly on, Mr. Owens sent extra help to make sure he got it and then had him redo that homework. Which gives him the chance to improve his grade but also focuses on mastery rather than just getting through it. He’s taking longer than a year to do it and I also like that he max you pay for is 9 months, no matter how long it takes to do. I’m c
  3. You probably know this, but you don’t have to register if you are going to do D3 sports. Makes life a lot easier. 🙂
  4. So far, it looks ok for us. We live in a big county though with a lot of options. One thing I didn’t know if others realized was that the fees are refundable this year. I was really glad to see that, because ds is signing up for 6 exams. If they are all online again, he might change his mind about taking them. Makes it a little less annoying to write that check.
  5. Ds is a swimmer and wants to swim D3 in college, so that has impacted his search. He’s looking at small liberal arts schools with swimming that are strong in Math/Science. He has a list of about 12 places he’s still interested in and where he’s been talking to the coaches. We visited two colleges in early August. We’ve done virtual visits at others and because of the swimming angle he’s been able to get more of a feel for some places- either through talking to coaches or virtual sessions with the team (and other applicants). He’s also had a couple of places set up calls for him with swimming m
  6. No, not as a precaution. I’m a pediatrician so I can’t work at home.
  7. Oh my goodness, this explains so much! I LOVED Organic Chemistry, it was one of my favorite classes. It was hard but it just made so much sense to me. I actually got asked to tutor someone a year or two later and I was a terrible tutor for her because I couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t “see” the reactions that just seemed so obvious. (Don’t worry, I realized how bad I was and got her a new tutor quickly.) I actually also took it in the summer which I kind of loved...I basically spent 8 hours a day doing Chemistry and it was fantastic. I was a Bio/Chem double major (my school didn’t h
  8. Thanks everyone! I found that as I wrote out my question I kind of reassured myself. 🤣 I don’t know if that happens to anyone else here, but it’s often the case for me. It’s like the act of processing the question or issue by writing it out then helps me figure it out. But I also appreciate all the input. I also remembered the wonderful old thread by Nan (I think) that talks about how your 9th grader is not a college freshman. I realize I did the same thing with my oldest for different issues...projecting that he wasn’t ready for college yet when he was entering 9th grade and forgetting t
  9. No fee. We listen through Apple podcasts. There are a few ads, but not a ton. I think there are apps you can listen to that are a fee and have no ads but I haven’t used them. There are other podcast apps but we just use Apple because we have iphones and it’s easy.
  10. I tried to search this but couldn’t find anything, so sorry if it’s been asked and answered before. I’m wondering about using audiobooks for a high schooler for his school reading. My rising 9th grader greatly prefers audiobooks over reading. I have a strong bias against audiobooks, I will admit. I tend to be a little bit of a snob about it where I feel like “it’s not really reading”. I think that is because I am personally way more of a visual learner. I would always choose a book over a lecture in order to learn. So audiobooks have always seemed to me to be somehow lesser, probably bec
  11. We started listening to a great podcast last year for Government and are still working our way through it. It’s called Wicked Game and it’s covering every US election, one week at a time. It’s due to wrap up in November with the 2020 election.
  12. Not this year but we’re using your GPS 1 curriculum this coming year for my 9th and 12th graders. I’ve been pre-reading the books the past few weeks and I’m really excited. I’m so glad to see there is a second year! Now I know what to do for 10th grade for my second son. 😁
  13. Ds is signed up for the SAT in October. He was supposed to test in June but it got canceled. He’s a rising senior but already has SAT and ACT scores that are good enough for everywhere he is really looking. So he’s in an ok place. The only reason to retest is that the last time he took the SAT he was in 9th grade and he should be able to raise his score enough to make a difference for a few scholarships he is looking at. There is one school we are looking at that does require SAT II tests for homeschoolers. There are some others we know of that do the same thing but only one on his curre
  14. I’m a pediatrician and I tell all the Moms of newborns to use me as they need for family issues. Pediatrician says no touching baby without a flu shot. Or a TdaP. No leaving the house for 2 months. No visitors for 6 weeks. No traveling anywhere for 6 months. No seeing baby without a mask. Etc. I’m a mean super-strict pediatrician. 🙂 In reality, I’m more laidback and don’t actually say those things in that strict of a fashion to the parents of newborns. If someone is actually asking my advice I’d have a lot more nuance with my answer. But I think Moms of newborns should do whatever makes t
  15. This made me smile. My son and I were just talking about what schools he will apply to (he’s also a rising senior). He surprised me by saying Princeton. Just because he wants to do one Ivy and for various reasons he likes it best. I don’t think he has any chance of getting in and I don’t think it would really be a great fit for him if he did. And he knows that so I’m not worried about him being disappointed. For one thing he wants to swim, and isn’t going to swim at a DI school, so that’s an issue. But I thought if he wanted to apply, sure go for it.
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