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  1. I did the FabFitFun box last year after our house fire. It was kind of a pandemic/house fire trauma thing. We didn’t have much stuff where we were staying so it seemed like a fun thing to do and I kept hearing about it on various podcasts I listen to. It was fun to get a package...it feels more like a gift when it’s a surprise. But I ended up being very underwhelmed by what was in there. I wasn’t sorry I did it in the situation and it took away the curiosity but I won’t do it again. I might do it if it’s a company that I knew well and liked their products. Or I would do it for a bookstor
  2. I had it done on one eye and one the other had to have surgery for thyroid related exophthalmos (eye bulging). I did the both at the same time. Both were covered, they did the test that Bambam describes. The funny thing was that at first I passed it so it wasn’t going to be covered but then the eye doctor looked at me and said “Do it again and stop raising your forehead.” I hadn’t realized that I was basically walking around all the time using my forehead muscles to keep my eye open wider. When I relaxed my forehead I failed. 🙂 The surgery wasn’t that bad, especially on the eye that
  3. I read this yesterday and then for some reason kept thinking about it. It struck me that this could look very different if told from a different perspective...imagine someone posting this story...”My daughter has been on a swim team for 8 years and very close to her best friend. About 6 months ago, another girl got moved up to their practice group and BF started really getting close to her as well. My daughter got sad when BF hung out with the other girl and not her and she told her BF and now the BF has started to hide when she goes out with the other girl. They do things together that
  4. I may have missed this, but could it be practical but not educational? Like is there something he needs that could also be sort of present worthy. I get the idea that giving him other hobbies is just giving him the message that he’s not who she wants him to be. But could he use something like a really good winter coat or a new backpack? I also think the idea of something like a laptop or ipad or tablet could be good. I know he’s young and you may not want him to have that. Or is there something that you know you need to buy for school and you could ask your Mom to buy it “for” him and t
  5. I totally get this. My middle son is like this. I say that teaching him has been like dealing with a shy woodland animal...”Oh, nothing to look at here, I”m just leaving this book about this thing you might like over here on the coffee table....totally not school...no worries...” He’s also a kid who values his freetime strongly and really hates lessons or anything that might cut into that. For gifts...magazine subscriptions? Lego has a whole educational section...I know people have already suggested that but the education website has lots of ideas and maybe would make her feel like it wa
  6. Oldest: 9th- Ancients using SWB’s History of Ancient World 10th- 20th Century World History 11th- Government, started with Thinkwell and hated it so used a variety of sources 12th- Global Perspectives Studies from Simplify Homeschool (Africa, Middle East, India and East Asia); also did AP Macro and Micro Econ from PA Homeschoolers 2nd son: 9th- Global Perspectives (same as his brother); Psychology 10th- planning to design my own Humanities course that will be called The American Story- he’s planning on traveling a lot next year with his brother wh
  7. Late to post...but just adding you don’t have to wait after or before Covid shots anymore. Some people are still choosing to but it’s not a requirement which is nice for scheduling.
  8. I would say yes. I think the risk in this situation with her being vaccinated and everyone in your family being vaccinated is really low. The vaccine is not 100% but it is almost that against severe disease and transmission. So even in a worse case scenario where she contacted Covid, the risk of severe disease for her or anyone else in your family is tiny. It's not zero, but is probably pretty close.
  9. Don’t you know anything can become an argument here? And I’ll leave with... SHOES IN THE HOUSE
  10. My oldest did the WTMA Statistics course this year. It's one semester. He is likely to be a Math major and found it really easy. But enjoyable. He liked the teacher and had a lot of fun doing the required project. He's taking Intro to Number Theory this semester from the same teacher and really enjoying it as well. They are both light options for high school math (Ds was also doing Calc this year and these were electives) but if she has already taken through Calc and just wants something for the transcript they might be options.
  11. I would agree that you should ask admissions. We ran across a couple of schools that had things listed as being needed for homeschoolers on their website but when I wrote to ask they were happy to waive the requirement or interpreted it very loosely.
  12. Yay! I can finally post. DS decided on Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. It came down to that and another college and he spent all day going back and forth before finally making the decision. Then today, he got an email from the other college saying they had “found” an extra $3000 a year scholarship for him! It didn’t change anything but was interesting to see them do that, especially after he had sent in the form declining. The decision wasn’t financially based in the end and Centre is still cheaper than the other one as they gave him a nice merit package as well.
  13. Jousting Armadillos was not a good fit for us, but I know others have liked it. IMO, it’s probably better for strong writers/verbal kids than kids who love math. It has a lot of writing and reflection. It also is geared towards being used in a classroom so you have to adapt that. And I was ttoally frustrated by the number of mistakes in the solutions guide. I used it fairly early on so those might have been corrected but it was completely frustrating. So much so, that I threw the book across the room on more than one occasion.
  14. 17 year old graduating senior is working as a pool manager and swim coach. And swimming a lot himself. And planning his gap year. He also has the goal to work through a Beast Academy book 😄. He's a Math guy and likely Math major and he just thinks it will be fun. He never got to do BA because it came out at a level below where he was at the time. But he's used AOPS and loves it. He also wants to get an AOPS competition math book and work through the problems. 14 year old rising sophomore will spend a lot of time at the pool. Hopefully he can work at the pool. He'll swim on the summer tea
  15. I know you said you looked at Land's End and wasn't impressed but I'm going to put another plug in for them. I have two pair of the Swim leggings and they are awesome. Super comfortable, even for lap swimming. I have worn them in the ocean and in the pool. I am plus-sized but also I have super fair skin and so it's just easier for me to have more covered when I'm in the sun all day. I usually wear a suit, the leggings and a swim shirt. The swim shirts are long-sleeved and comfy and provide good UV protection. They also dry quickly once you are out of the water. Also, you can pick bra siz
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