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  1. I was going to the say the same thing has happysmileylady but then you answered. Have you all talked about the decision to expand your family outside of things like getting a new car or moving? That could be part of the problem. Does he fundamentally not want to have another child? Maybe putting the other decisions off is his way of saying that he’s happy with your family as is and doesn’t want to have another child. Or it could be that he doesn’t believe in making changes until you need to make them. I think regardless, you need to try and get at the root of the problem rather than focusing on why won’t he decide to move or buy a car.
  2. I am flexible but he is not. 🙂 H'es a pretty laid-back kid so the fact that he really wants to stick with AoPS makes me want to honor that wish. Thanks everyone else for weighing in as well. Typing up the question helped me think about it. I talked to ds and he wants to use AoPS mostly like he has been and then we are going to look for a tutor who can work with him a bit. I think in reality the tutor is more of a crutch for me than a necessity. It just gives me peace of mind but I think he would actually be fine self-studying. I have someone in mind who was a homeschooler who majored in Math and I believe is interested in teaching. I mostly want someone to correct proofs and who can meet with him on some kind of basis to go over questions. @Arcadia he hasn’t done a ton of non-standard Math. He worked through the Intro to Counting and Probability book back in 7th grade and really liked it. He is planning on taking Statistics this year and possibly working through the Intro to Number Theory book. Thanks for the DE suggestions. It isn’t free here and is fairly pricey. Also, I’m not sure how covid-19 is going to affect DE this coming year. We had thought about him taking some DE classes on the community college campus but if they are just going to end up online, I will probably go with online homeschool providers. From reviews I’ve seen online of the local CC, they didn’t transition well to online. And there definitely isn’t a swim team for CC...that would be awesome if there were. 🙂 @daijobu If I went through the process of getting approved as an AP course at home, would those be problems that I would have access to?
  3. This has probably been asked and answered here a bunch of times but everytime I do a search I end up with threads about people whose kids are in Multivariate Calculus in 4th grade and I end up feeling depressed becuase I’ve clearly failed my son. My son is a rising senior. He loves Math and will likely be a Math major. Almost certainly something STEM related. He has used AOPS since Pre-Algebra and loved it. He has always self-studied instead of doing the online classes. For one, the online classes seem too fast and also we haven’t wanted to do a class at night (he is a swimmer and gets up at 4 am to swim so an evening class is tough). He is going to do Calculus this coming year. For some reason, I’m having doubts about him continuing with the self-teaching. I think I feel guilty because we’ve gotten to the point where I really can’t help him. It’s been that it’s hard for me to help for awhile but in the past six months or so I really am useless. He’s independent and doesn’t seem to mind the self-teaching....I just worry that he’s maybe not learning as well as he could. I’ve looked into online Calculus options and the only one that I see that uses the AOPS text is the WTMA. For some reason, they call their class Calc AB where the AOPS people say their text could be for Calc BC. I’m not sure why or really if it matters. He doesn’t really want to switch texts as he really likes AOPS. Options... *Continue with self-studying. I did think about hiring someone locally as a tutor who could maybe look at proofs and meet by Zoom or Skype or something to just go over concepts and questions. I guess if it’s online it wouldn’t have to be local. *Take a non-AOPS Calc BC class (meaning one that doesn’t use the AOPS text). *Take the WTMA AOPS Calc AB class and either just do the AB exam or figure out the gaps and have him self-study. I’m not sure if AB vs BC really matters. Since it’s the end of his senior year, colleges aren’t going to see the score anyway and after the debacle of this year’s AP exams (we were one of the people who couldn’t submit an exam) I’m not really sure how much AP exams are going to matter in the next year or so. Mostly my goal for him is to have a great experience with Calc. He loves math and I want him to really enjoy it. I’m not really looking for him to do well on the test in order to score highly for credit on the AP exam. But I do want him to really learn at a deep level. Anyone with thoughts on that somewhat convoluted story? Anyone whose kids self-studied and thought it was great? Or who had terrible experiences and they wished they hadn’t?
  4. I have a rising senior swimmer as well who is super sad. He is hoping to swim D3 so not the same level, but it’s still a huge loss. He’s being doing dryland and some running to stay in shape, but oh boy, does he hate to run. 🙂 I”m on a committee for our summer pool and we are trying to decide if and how to open. Our state will probably allow it in some capacity this summer so we’re trying to be prepared. The pool as we know it for the summer is not an spending all day there with all the kids and having it be the center of our summer life. But I’m hopeful that at least it can open for lap swimming so he can go. He needs it for mental health as much as physical conditioning. And maybe to make you laugh since you will probably get this....we had a house fire about a month ago and have been going through the process of getting lists of all our stuff that was deemed a total loss so we can get reimbursed. A company goes in and inventories everything and then sends us an itemized list.The funniest to us was the 41 (!!) swim caps that we had. Most were ds’s that he’d gotten free from various meets and things. We also had a staggering number of goggles strewn about the house.
  5. I teach Anatomy at our co-op and use the Apologia text. I’m a physician and the Anatomy portion of it is very solid. I don’t love the way they insert references to God into the text, but as a Christian it isn’t a non-starter for me. For labs, we use slides from websites that have their slides online. It’s fairly easy to find with a Google search. Many med schools have their slides online now. I think if I was doing it at home I would want my kid to known how to use a microscope, but if they already knew how the online slides are actually much better for identifying structures than what you will be able to see on a slide at home. We also do three dissections (cow’s eye, sheep’s heart, fetal pig) which you can buy at Homeschool Science. They have very good dissection guides as well. I think it’ a fairly easy class to do at home, especially if you’ve already done some of it.
  6. Hi! I’m in Fairfax County. I have a son just finishing his junior year and one finishing 8th grade (and a daughter finishing up 5th grade but that’s not as pertinent to you). We have always homeschooled. My middle son definitely has ADHD. I also work part-time. You can do part-time high school in VA. You can take up to two core classes (so not Band or Art) at a high school as a homeschooler. I believe that it is somewhat subject to availability, and that they are not required to allow it. I haven’t looked into all the details. I have not done it and haven’t known many people who do. Most of the homeschoolers I personally know enjoy their freedom and don’t want to be tied to the school schedule. For you, that might be different, since you are already used to that schedule. You can also take online classes through Virtual Virginia. There are regular and AP classes. The classes are free to public school students but are $375 per course for a homeschooler. That’s a fairly typical price for an online class, cheaper than some we have used. We used them for one class, AP Computer Science. It was fine, actually much less demanding than other online classes that my son has taken from other providers. You can also take classes at Nova as a DE (dual enrollment) student. There is an application process that involves proving academic ability with either a standardized test or placement test. I know many people who have done that, usually for junior or senior year. My son will likely take at least a couple of classes next year. Nova does have online classes as well. My second son really wants to do ASL there next year so I’m looking into it, even though he will only be a freshman. Homeschooling in Virginia is fairly easy, as far as the legal part. There are also a LOT of homeschool opportunities in this area for outside classes and for social opportunities (perhaps not as many in the next year with covid-19). If you have other questions feel free to DM me.
  7. My so had trouble with Latin. He also submitted the make-up form. We had tested the demo on the same computer using the same browser and it had worked fine. For him it was the first question that wouldn’t submit but the second did and he did the exact same thing for each. I told him afterwards that I was proud of him for staying cool and managing to even do the second question. I was in the room with him but had no idea he had a problem until afterwards. He thought it would be cheating to ask me for help submitting (I’m not sure that’s true, but I admire his integrity) and so when it wouldn’t work and he ran out of time, he just move on to the second one. I think at the same age I might have dissolved in a puddle of tears. 🙂 I also told him that if they won’t let him re-take it, since he did really well on Lukeion’s final exam, he can just tell himself that’s the equivalent of a 5. 🙂
  8. My son had an issue submitting his first question on the Latin one. He knows it didn’t submit before he ran out of time. He stopped with plenty of time but the file wouldn’t come up when he did was trying to upload it. He filled out the form to do a makeup but we’re not sure if they will let him. Either way, it’s such a bummer for him. He’s handling it well but I feel bad for him. I’m not sure I have a better solution for the AP exams given the current situation. I just feel bad for all these high school juniors and seniors who have worked hard and are going to have so much upheaval at a stressful time in their lives.
  9. Just thinking that. We had a minor house fire today due to a tree falling a few houses away and causing a chain of events that ended with a fire at our house. It’s minor in some terms but is going to require a lot of work. (We’re all safe and have somewhere else to go (a relative’s house).)
  10. Ds will take his. He’s in Lukeion Latin so I feel like he’s as prepared as he could be, all things considering.
  11. Definitely saving gas. Not much food savings yet. We did a lot of stocking up early on but then haven’t really used it. We’ve still been going to the store and I’m keeping what we have in storage in case things get worse here and stuff isn’t available or we really can’t get out. I used to eat breakfast every day at the hospital but they shut down the doctor’s lounges so I’m now eating at home. We aren’t eating out otherwise so that should be a savings eventually. Kid’s activities are the big unknown. We have a few that haven’t yet said if they will give partial refunds. If they do....that will be a nice amout. Likewise, if summer activities don’t happen we’ll save a lot. I’d prefer not to save though as they kids are all missing their various activities (swim and dance primarily). We also had some planned college visit trips that didn’t happen and a trip to Boston in June that won’t happen. We should get refunds for all those, but they haven’t gone through yet. I took a pay cut and even though I’m very part-time, I have the bigger income in our family. So we’re trying to not spend much not knowing how all this will end up and what will happen as the year goes on with jobs.
  12. I think part of the problem is that the semantics are confusing between social distancing/stay at home/shelter in place. I’m in VA and we are under an official stay at home order until June 10th. But it’s not really all that different than what we were told to do before, it just became official. I understand that some people needed the official order to make them do what they should have been doing all along...but it’s not really that the recommendations changed. The VA governor was similar to the Iowa governor in that he didn’t want to issue an official order but was finally really pressured to do so. Partially, due to people crowding state parks and beaches, I believe. And partially due to neighboring governors letting it be known they were issuing official orders. So then he made the order and made it be until June 10th, which I think is the longest one out there.
  13. Everyone in my office is taking a 20% paycut to avoid lay offs or furloughs. Most medical offices are hurting right now, which I think people don’t realize. So far, dh’s office is doing well. They actually just hired someone who started yesteday. Dh is an architect though so we’re wondering what things will be like when the current projects they have are finished. Back in 2009 it was tough for them as not many people were building the kind of things they work on. We have a friend who is a dentist and who owns his own practice and he may end up losing it because of this. We do realize that we’re lucky to be able to weather a paycut and that it could be much much worse and is that way for many people.
  14. I can relate. I think for me it’s a mix of things that have made me feel less stressed than others... *We’re not in a relatively hot-spot. There are cases but not overwhelming numbers. We are upper middle class to start with (not bragging...just being honest that I know this is a factor) so we don’t have to worry financially that much. I am taking a fairly significant paycut but we can handle that. We have a nice house and places to go outside. The stores here aren’t really empty. It’s more inconvenience for us than true hardship at this stage. And I know that’s very much not the case elsewhere or even for everywhere here. *I tend to be someone who really really likes to be in control. I usually really struggle with this and most of the time I’m spinning my wheels trying to micromanage everything in my life, even things I can’t really control. An example might be something with the kids. Where I want them to do something but now that they are teens I know I shouldn’t be controlling their choices and decisions but it also really really bugs me when they are choosing wrong (meaning not the way I want). When something like this pandemic’s so obviously out of my control that it’s easier to give up trying to control and micromanage everything. Which leads to me feeling more relaxed than usual, I think.
  15. I hear you. On the flip side, I think some of the people offering or trying to continue online are trying to find a way to continue to offer a service that they can get paid for and/or they want you to continue to want their service when it’s all over. Or if they offer online then people won’t ask for refunds for classes missed. And I don’t blame them for that. It’s got to be hard to be any kind of small business owner who runs some kind of music/TKD/dance/drama etc studio or someone who’s income comes from tutoring or meeting one on one with people.
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