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  1. would swimming in a chlorinated pool work? I swear, chlorinated pools are amazing for clearing up random skin issues. I am not suggesting for open, weeping wounds or anything, but acne, random bumps on skin, eczema, cracked callouses, etc, all helped by pools for us.
  2. This is why I am wanting to give up (mostly) the internet. I cheaply offer my time up to the god of the internet, the god who promises so much and leaves my soul feeling smaller. The god who demands so little of me.
  3. I think this is what I am going to do. I want to do it. Or severely restrict, like 10min a day to do all the mandatory email stuff. if you see me on here, it is because I decided to do candy instead.
  4. @Nan in Mass, I have just finished reading this thread: And you expressed concern about the non-traditional trajectory that your youngest DS was on at the time of the thread in 2010. I dont know if you updated on him anywhere else, but I was wondering how it all played out? What would you still encourage homeschool moms to focus on? What all shifted itself out in the end for you? I have thoroughly appreciated all of your past wisdom.
  5. Have her kids been in the public school up until now? Because if what @CAJinBE said applies, then it sounds like the local school has already not done its job, so she does not need to worry about ruining her kids. What can be so hard is knowing and believing that education is a marathon, not a sprint. I had to remediate reading in my son after I pulled him out at the end of first grade. It took 2 long years to undo the damage done (thanks for nothing, whole language!) and I had to have the long view in mind when spending 20min a day on phonics. I had to take to heart your advice: Same goes with math. If the child doesn't have LDs, then it is doable to get him up to speed with a year or two. I remember that weight of responsibility I felt after I pulled my oldest out halfway through 2nd grade. This decision is not for the faint-of-heart and it sounds like she is fully experiencing that. The super annoying part is asking for loads of help but not taking it.
  6. To hire a sitter in my area for this would be $20 per hour for 3 kids. Add in picking up the sitter and driving the sitter home if sitter cannot drive. ETA: When I was 11, not that many moons ago, I was the sitter! I was being paid to watch other people's toddlers for hours on end. The summer I turned 11, I took a CPR course through the local hospital and received a certificate at the end as having successfully finished their babysitting course. So I wasn't going rogue or anything, this was sanctioned by my suburban community.
  7. To be clear, Jonesboro isn't so much backwoods, as it is not remote and rural. It is poor and about 20min from the Atlanta airport. The rest of what you said I agree with:).
  8. Sorry about the assumption. I erroneously read your screenname as CA Lizzy. It sounds like your summer school option is much better than ours😁. Is there a park or something nearby for you and the younger kids? If there is nothing for them to do, then summer school sounds better. What do your kids want to do? We do math and reading year-round, but I think my kids (same ages as yours) would seriously resent it if I put them in a 6-hr a day school program in the summer so that I could have a break from them for 6 hours. Is there any option between these two extremes? Like riding their bikes around the neighborhood for an hour a day and finding friends? Or walking to a nearby park and playing there? This gets into one of my beefs with parenting in modern society (not at all directed at OP). There is so little opportunity for our kids to just go play with other kids without the parents (mostly the mom) being the event planner and cruise ship director. You understandably want a mental break from parenting for a few hours a day in the summer. This is not a big ask. This is something that parents throughout all time have expected of their 9 and 11 year-old kids. To fend for themselves for a few hours without needing an adult. But instead, the way modern society is built, we get pigeonholed into a situation where the options are 6-hour-a-day summer school, or driving and staying for 2 hours of swim. My mother would have laughed at this dilemma and said, "I just sent you to play outside and you stayed there all day."
  9. Have you talked to any parents who have done summer school? I assume you live in CA. I have witnessed CA free summer school programs at our local school. These are provided as childcare for dual-income families. I think our district provides them because we have enough kids that qualify for free or reduced lunch. These programs always sound like fun. Minecraft theme! Dance musical party theme! Learn to Code! Shopkins Extravaganza! Throw in whatever educational buzzword theme! STEM Camp! I understand that the majority of the families who participate have no choice. This is their best childcare option, and I am thankful that they have options. That being said, our district's summer program is my version of hell, I dont care how wonderfully it is marketed. It is barely controlled chaos, with well over 100 kids in a cafeteria for half the day. They can go into classrooms for a "fun learning experience" and also have outside activity on the playground. It is just like school, but with even more pointless "learning" involved. The amount of noise is enough to make you want to stab your ears. The chaos would make all but the most ardent of extroverts want to curl up in a corner. I truly dont know how some of these kids cope with it. Also, not to put too fine a point on it, your kids will learn something, all right. They will learn lots of things. It just might not be the stuff you want them to learn...
  10. I ended up buying them on Ebay, but if I ever want to buy more owl pellets, I would probably get the 1 gal bag on I dont want to admit how much time I spent pricing owl pellets.
  11. Do you live near a skatepark? My kids who love activity just love going to the skatepark, and it is usually not crowded M-F.
  12. If it makes you feel any better, I have an engineering degree, and I still have to say things in words to have it make sense. For instance, if I want to multiply 7*9 and I think, I will just multiply 7*10 and then subtract...9? or is it 7? I forget. Let's see. I have Ten groups of seven apples in each group, but I really just want nine groups of seven apples, so I need to subtract one group of seven apples to go from ten groups to nine groups. Now I get it. This was a relatively straightforward problem, but the idea stands with more challenging problems. Talking to yourself about apples is a legit way to think about numbers😜
  13. I didn't want to be nitpicky, but I thought that was a rather crucial 1😜
  14. I think you dropped a 1 here at the end. It should be 123,123/1001 = 123
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