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  1. I took a week off from weeding due to a week plus of rain and a fibro flare (probably one caused the other). But in that time the weeds have EXPLODED! I guess that it's only fitting that the gardens of Entropy Manor also show the inexorable signs of entropy as well. But Xena is the enemy of entropy and did 45 minutes of weeding today.
  2. Thought that I was done Xenaing earlier than usual but then realized that I had forgotten two exercises. . . But NOW Xena's upper body resistance training exercises and dumbbells are done.
  3. The coat of arms for Entropy Manor has fallen off the wall over the mantelpiece and has rolled under the couch. . .
  4. The anger with dementia isn't only from anger at the circumstances. It's a personality change that can come with the diseased brain. I do think that having a stranger come in might help - not because it will keep her on company manners (at some point she will not be able to choose to do that) but because a stranger can handle it without taking it personally.
  5. Went to the doctor (diabetic and everything else wrong with me checkup). So basically his solution to my pain was to tell me to work out less. Xena is not amused. I told dh when the doctor said. Dh: "WHAT?" Me: "Don't worry. I will probably ignore it." Dh: "That's true." Me: "I'm pretty sure that the doctor knows that I am going to ignore what he said as well." And on that note: I just came in from 45 minutes of weeding. The first weeding I have done in over a week.
  6. Susan, here the vets would be required to report the biting dog and their owner to Animal Control.
  7. You know how houses and cottages in British Lit always have names? Mine would be called Entropy.
  8. I have been spending time on Fitbit (logging food as well as my usual steps and joined one group). I keep seeing some massive overachievers with over 100,000 steps (apparently somewhere between 40 and 45 miles) for the DAY! Apparently it is a thing in Overachieverland. A land where I do not live. And never will live. But I did find and read an article by one 65 year old man who trained and did it. And amazingly did not die. (I, on the other hand, would surely die so I'm going to obey all ITT rules and will not even attempt it.)
  9. Agreed. Plus it can often lead to overweight dogs - a real problem in developed countries. And people often don’t realize that things like onions are bad or toxic to dogs.
  10. Good morning. I had fasting labs today. For some reason having my morning routine thrown off throws my whole day off. (Not totally but enough to feel mildly discombobulated all day.)
  11. Lot's of pet stores have premade dog treats - some biscuits and cookies, some doggie ice cream (obviously in the freezer), some cake mixes.
  12. Are you joking? It's not good at all to give treats from the table.
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