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  1. Today’s menu: a crockpot turkey breast with cranberries, steamed green beans with gluten free French-fried onions, microwaved yams in the skin, and a store bought gluten free, dairy free pumpkin pie.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to my ITT family! We ran to Whole Foods and got a gluten free dairy free pumpkin pie. My dinner is complete. 😉 Actually, a turkey breast is in the crockpot. We won't eat until regular dinner time tonight. No reason to change the timing since it's just dh and I eating here. It will be simple - just adding some veggie sides - microwavable in my field kitchen.
  3. I don’t get the idea of “tacky” when it comes to decorating for Christmas. There are different personal styles, of course, but it is perfectly acceptable to decorate in a style that reflects child like delight in the holiday.
  4. You could do cornish game hens. Sort of a cross between a turkey and a chicken! (in size and shape, I mean)
  5. This is really just a random question. I am well aware of attachment disorders with kids (especially older) who are adopted. But I was talking to a friend lately and she mentioned that in retrospect she thought that one of her kids (not adopted) had an attachment disorder. Is this common? Possible? Just curious. I know why she made the comment but it just raised some rabbit trail questions that of course I am not going to bring up with her.
  6. Dh spackled the dog. And the tub. And the sink. And the bathroom floor. I washed the dog and the sink. I'll get to the rest tomorrow.
  7. This brings up something. Not all texts are equal and not all require a reply or at least a thoughtful reply. A funny meme often just gets a LOL or an emoji - not necessarily because I think that the meme is hilarious but just to acknowledge that I got it. I acknowledge those funny texts because the person who sent it (and their relationship to me) is what is important, not because I necessarily need to be entertained by memes. As far as response time, though, I won't necessarily reply to those immediately because they don't need an immediate response.
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