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  1. Most dishes made with rice as an ingredient use leftover rice. Except sushi. That’s usually fresh but cooled down and vinegared.
  2. I actually rarely eat rice now because of diabetes. So I don’t really know about prices anymore. I usually have rice with something else: teriyaki chicken, cashew chicken (tonight’s dinner minus the rice), curry etc.
  3. I go to Asian grocery stores. They are often cheaper.
  4. Ah. My regular kind of rice. Originally grown in the area of Japan where I grew up.
  5. Load # 1 was washed and now is in the dryer broke down a chicken and cut it up into pieces. Gordon Ramsey would be proud of me. . . maybe. . . unless he was cussing me out on my rather haphazard trial-by-error method! Have cleared the table except for papers that need to be filed. I may end up sweeping these all in a box and removing them temporarily though I am hoping to have enough energy to actually file them. But I am rapidly feeling the pain freight train bearing down on me. Going to rest a bit in hopes that the train pulls off into a station. . . .
  6. Now I am curious as to what this fancy expensive rice is. . . .
  7. I do not live in a gated community. But we do have a local road that is blocked by a gate (there is other open access to the community. This is a back way that is only available for emergency response). All local police and fire vehicles have a remote to access the gate. The gate is checked monthly to make sure that it is in working order. We did recently have an issue when someone (drunk? high? angry because there was a gate in his way?) rammed the gate in his car, damaging it. The gate was left open until it could be properly fixed and then went back to it's normally closed status.
  8. I am pro vitamin D for general health reasons. I was severely deficient in vitamin D in the past and supplementation helped me a lot with my chronic illness symptoms. If it helps me be a little bit less likely to get severe COVID that's a win for me. But I don't see it as a preventative as such. Avoiding situations where I am more likely to be around the virus as well as doing things to lessen viral load if I do come in contact with it is more on my "preventative" list. So for me, the big three are masking, social distancing and limiting group sizes especially indoors. Re. dengue fe
  9. Washed, dried and put away dishes, knives and pans made lunch for myself and then made the same thing for dh since he asked nicely. have cleared off half of the dining room table - actually putting things away.
  10. Is the Senior at all open to you setting up automatic payments for their regular bills? To giving them access to an "allowance fund" for gifts and small expenditures? To taking their credit cards? (My mom complained bitterly about the last but we had to do it after she gave her cc numbers to scammers).
  11. logged fasting bloodsugars fed Neko and Juliet. Cleaned up after Neko started the long process of clearing up the dining room table. fed myself medicated myself medicated Juliet logged food, water, carbs updated Sparkpeople blog PT Lower Body workout made bed dressed brushed teeth
  12. Is the telemedicine appointment on his computer or phone? If it’s on his computer you can still join on speakerphone like usual. Or could you go to his office to join the appointment since I believe that you had childcare set up?
  13. clean off dining room table/ chairs hem pants? roofing bid
  14. Is there a franchise owner? A district manager of some kind?
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