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  1. There was a bird orgy yesterday and the birds totally demolished my favorite bird feeder. Since I can't even find some of the parts, I can't fix it. So what is your favorite bird feeder? Links are appreciated. Just in case it matters I get Oregon Juncos, sparrows, nuthatches, chickadees, Stellar jays, crows, black-headed grosbeak . . . I am not totally anti- squirrel.
  2. I meant it matter of factly. I choose to participate in some threads and not others. Sometimes I choose to share “sunshine “ on threads designed for that purpose (ones about jokes and puppies and kitties etc). Sometimes I choose to be helpful on threads asking for information or advice. Sometimes I choose to offer support on threads where someone is sharing details either good or bad about their life. Sometimes I choose to debate. Debate isn’t any worse than any other choice I make. I obviously agree with some people and disagree with others. Saying why I disagree doesn’t mean that I am putting the other person down. Debate has always included strong feelings. You can look back at debates over thousands of years to see examples of that. On this board there have been thoughtful debaters and those who aren’t so thoughtful. I try to engage with the thoughtful ones. Even if we disagree with each other hopefully we will learn from each other.
  3. We have long needed “big girl panties” and “rhino skin”. Both of these were recommended over ten years ago. We are adults who can choose which threads to participate in.
  4. Accidentally took my morning and evening meds all at once this morning. Stupid auto pilot. Most meds don't matter if I take them morning or night but I do take two that make me sleepy. And this meant that I had doubled up on diabetes meds. But I managed to stay awake even doing errands. And my sugar inexplicably went up higher than normal with more meds (and the exact same breakfast I have every morning). Masked up and went to the post office and supplement store. Then realized that I was out of some pet stuff so stopped at the pet store. Also - needed canned pumpkin to mix in Juliet's food. Safeway was completely out of pumpkin so I had to go across the street to the grocery store that no one likes where they had it. Fed the bunnies and now I'm going to eat my half of the salad.
  5. I can't remember her user name right now but one of the boardies from New Zealand had her son come home from the US. Quill had her daughter come home from France. They figured out a way to be safe through quarantine and masks. Depending on the situation I would do something similar. With driving someone, I would have my respirator on even in the car (something I normally don't do). My husband is an RN. He works in a situation where they have lost 12 people to COVID 19. We understand the real risks involved. But we are not tied up in fear. We take precautions but we are living our lives.
  6. Of course I would let a homeless friend stay with me. And would offer to drive a friend to the doctor. (In fact I'm signed up on to drive strangers in the community to the doctor though no one has needed it.) I haven't hugged anyone other than my nuclear family for two and a half months. Not exactly a lifetime.
  7. logged fasting bloodsugars did PT first thing since I had forgotten it earlier yesterday and when I remembered it, my muscles were shaking so badly that it wasn't a good idea to add that on. fed Neko and Juliet premedicated fed myself medicated myself placeholder for Juliet's meds logged food, water and carbs made bed dressed brushed teeth
  8. Our state is only mail in voting. Or maybe mostly mail in voting. I think that there are a couple of spots where you can vote by person in each county. Has been for years. I didn't like it at first. I had liked going to the polls, seeing neighbors lining up to vote, showing my kids democracy at work. But mail in ballots has allowed us to sit around the dining room table and talking about the candidates and the issues while we vote (each our own choice) and that's been nice too. Just a different way to see democracy at work.
  9. My COVID life never avoided my family's normal. We don't eat in restaurants right now but we are getting take out. I am shopping for things that aren't strictly necessary but are still necessary for me. (Like there is this great online bra sale today that I need to take advantage of.) I am talking to all my friends and family even if I am not seeing them in person. I am going to the doctor in person. I am doing my normal exercise even though I can't go to the Y right now. I am chatting with the neighbors. (Actually this is where the current situation makes a better normal for me because with people working from home our community has come together more.) I am going to church even if it is online. And I don't understand the "avoiding being human" question. Even if I weren't eating take out or shopping online it's not like those things are the dividing line between making me human or not.
  10. Thanks. I often wake during the night. I will get back to sleep again.
  11. Keep working on sorting school books. figure out where I am on the course descriptions.
  12. made and ate dinner walked with Juliet worked a bit on pruning yet another hydrangea bush weed whacked another section in the back yard.
  13. masked up and went grocery shopping forgot the mail that I was going to mail. Oops. Will have to go back later. put away the groceries. prepped some fruit.
  14. Washed, dried and put away dishes, knives and pans. wiped down counters and stove and microwave. Went through 80% of the school books shared a salad with the bunnies
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