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  1. Are you anywhere near a Relax the Back store? I would go and try a few.
  2. The lower kitchen cabinets are being delivered today! O Frabjous Day!
  3. Susan, are you trying to get Chester into obedience or agility? Because at least here, even beginning agility requires that dogs be mostly solid on the basic obedience commands. For instance, "down" is a required command for one of the obstacles. But of course it's "down" plus the obstacle so a bit more difficult.
  4. I got the camp workbook that I was writing all done and sent off for review.
  5. I don’t like my new fancy cheese. But I have to eat it because it had a fancy price.
  6. Xena’s upper body resistance training exercises and dumbbells done. 30 minutes of not so muddy weeding done
  7. Today's agility report: When we get to agility a bit early, we all let our dogs run in a fenced field adjacent to the agility arena. Juliet had a blast getting rid of her wiggles before class. She's really starting to get down more of the obstacles. She now can do the chute (a fabric tunnel that they have to push through) without me peeking through it. And she's starting to wait at the top of the teeter (totter) for it to gently go down before advancing. Which is good, because they can catapult themselves if they go down it too fast. But she did fall off of the high dog walk (a
  8. My kitchen is being remodeled and I am putting in a whole wall of cabinets for extra storage. 🙂 Right now our main pantry is actually a closet in the hallway.
  9. I know what you're getting at, but did have a bit of a giggle at using the word "old fashioned" to describe getting news from a website or email. Or maybe I'm so old fashioned that I remember getting news at the front door in a print newspaper (and only stopped doing that relatively recently).
  10. No bunnies were harmed in the (very gentle) stick poking. 😉
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