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  1. Both my mixed race kids have gotten flack at different times for looking more one race or another. Their look has changed as their age has changed and with the season and even with the light quality. Ds (who has natural black hair on top and a natural red beard) has gotten flack for the different hair colors even though both hair colors accurately reflect his ancestry and haven't even been dyed. My daughter has been told that she could "pass" (as white). I have been asked "what" they are. (My reply : human). They are not their skin tone. Their culture is reflected by more than just their ethnic makeup. And their culture is mixed just as their race is mixed. It's nobody's business to try and pigeonhole them or to try to chain them to their standard of what they should be or not be.
  2. Monday is the Autumnal Equinox . Do you think that they are celebrating the start of fall a bit early? Wouldn't you "shoot off" a bat signal for Batman Day? Or is Batman Day a day off for him?
  3. human care done enough for Saturday pet care done medical care done putting letter for ds out in the mailbox for pickup.
  4. Most of us are pointing out that social dynamics often change at the Middle School level. They don't necessarily have to but I think that they do more often than not. I would assume that an older teen girl playing with younger children is more in a babysitting role (even if she isn't actually paid to be a babysitter) unless there are social and developmental delays. This is simply because developmental stages of children in general means that there is a difference in how younger children play and relate to each other than how pre-teens and then teens relate. Because it is a continuum and because kids are individuals it isn't a hard and fast thing to point to on a chart but I think that we can safely point to overall trends and stages.
  5. Crows were trying to break into our house via the roof this morning. Juliet was not pleased.
  6. I would try again once Daddy is back home. Changes like that can impact potty training.
  7. I don’t have a problem with outside play only (we did that but we had a much more temperate climate). I also think that the age difference will be an issue in a year or two. I also agree with posters who suggested making your house the place to play (though obviously you can’t force other kids into wanting to play at your house). I am going to make a comment on your thread title about modern kids. I am in my mid-fifties and kids haven’t changed from when I was a kid. Oh toys and technology have changed but kids were just as likely to get into trouble in “the old days “. (I say this because there can be rose colored glasses about the “good ole days “ and sometimes this leads to unrealistic expectations about real children.).
  8. 5k walk with Juliet and the dog park laundry of course kitchen of course send mail to ds
  9. Juliet is now ringing the outside doggie doorbell! It’s so annoying. Now I have to get up and let her in. 😉
  10. Hand washed pans and knives. Wiped down the counters Wiped down the microwave Brought new paper towels up from the laundry room
  11. Buttermilk! You go girl! Or boy! As the case may be. . . .
  12. Rebooted dishwasher folded and put away one load of laundry
  13. I have. In my case, having a sleep study and then getting a Cpap helped with the sleep issue. Very careful with the exercise thing. I have done an "adrenal diet" in the past - Figuring out the primary reasons my adrenals were taxed: in my case, celiac disease, hypothyroid and immune issues. I take low dose naltrexone for my immune issues. I also take natural thyroid. And I eat strictly gluten free. (This will not apply to anyone else who does not have these primary issues.)
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