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  1. folded and put away one load of laundry got my steps took out garbage
  2. Did a quick grocery shop for two ingredients. cooked dinner
  3. I made the necessary calls to figure out how to fill out these government forms (which always have less than helpful instructions), filled them out, attached appropriate documentation and have sent it off.
  4. I am up to two sets of 13 reps (with a goal of 20 reps) on my leg lifts. I am getting stronger!
  5. Overslept this morning. But I guess that means that I got enough sleep! human care done pet care done medical care done morning exercises done. I am up to two sets of 13 reps (with a goal of 20 reps) on my leg lifts. I am getting stronger! picked up dd's bike from Starbucks dropped dd's library books off at the library now I am going to make myself some hot tea.
  6. Political ads come to mind. You should care for the environment and voting for ___________ shows that you care.
  7. I am seeing all these ads lately for underwear that are "leakproof, odor resistant and moisture-wicking". Two brands I have seen advertised just today were Knix and Speax. (What is with the x on the end of everything?) Anyone have any opinions, warnings, recommendations?
  8. call re. background checks call Mom 94 probably some other things I am forgetting
  9. My very cells hurt. This is why I usually don’t work really hard.
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