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  1. My daughter likes the little Nora Gaydos books.
  2. Has anyone used this program? It looks interesting and the cover is so pretty (totally not a reason to choose a curriculum...I know, I know!). Any thoughts on this program and the companion - Writers in Residence?
  3. Yes (says the woman who is currently seeing one and who is seeing positive results)
  4. I would not plan any outdoor activities - even light hiking. The humidity is insane in Houston. I would sweat horribly just walking down my driveway to get the mail. I found the summers intolerable, and the bugs - mosquitoes especially - were insane. Plan indoor activities like visiting the aquarium or children’s museum. It’s been years since we lived there so I’m struggling to remember the other museums and indoor activities.
  5. Yes. That’s what I’m saying. It’s very common and has always been covered in the past. I know that the meds are not called pink bubblegum. But that’s how everyone knows them and how I remember them from childhood.
  6. I know. I was referring to the pink amoxicillin. It’s the common antibiotic for kids. They covered amoxicillin for my other daughter last month. But not for this child. It makes zero sense. It’s the most common antibiotic....
  7. The insurance won’t tell the pharmacy why they’re denying it. I can’t call the member line because they’re closed today. The pharmacist guesses it might be beamed on the strength of the antibiotic. It’s a different strength than what was prescribed for my other daughter last month. But she said the one that was prescribed is an extremely common strength so this doesn’t make any sense to her. What insurance won’t cover the pink bubblegum medicine? They won’t cover my Epi pens or Auvi-q’s. Grrr! Now this!
  8. My husband went to pick up the meds. I’m currently calling the pharmacy to get more details.
  9. It’s amoxicillin. My other daughter was just on this very antibiotic 5 weeks ago. They covered hers.
  10. So my toddler has a raging fever and very red throat. I took her to urgent care. Rapid strep was negative but dr felt she did have strep. I opted not to culture it but to just treat it since she had all the signs of strep. Then my insurance denied coverage of her antibiotic. Why? What is their problem? I’m over all of this. I just had a dry drowning scare with this kiddo and spent last weekend in ER. Then all of my kids had a horrific stomach virus. And me too. I’m just so done. Bah humbug. I’m so grouchy. Thankfully it’s nothing serious and the meds are not super expensive and I have so much to be thankful for. But just ugh. I needed to vent.
  11. My 2 year old had a bad experience with an instructor at swim lessons tonight. She swallowed a ton of water. Her stomach is very bloated and swollen. She’s been complaining of stomach pain. And she’s been throwing up water several times over the past two hours. Should I take her somewhere? Should I keep her here at home and watch her? What should I watch for? She’s so uncomfortable and can’t sleep. She’s in our room so I can keep an eye on her but she’s just moaning and throwing up. I am so worried. My older children are all swimmers and nothing like this has ever happened to them before. Update: We went to ER. No fluid in lungs that they could see or hear. Lungs are inflamed so they think she probably did get some fluid in them and that’s why they are irritated. But not enough to cause issues. Seems like most of it went straight to her tummy. Her tummy is still bloated and aches. They think she swallowed a ton of water. She’s supposed to eat a bland diet and have some electrolyte drinks today. She needs to take it easy and only have a little at a time since her tummy is still very upset. She has kept down a bit of juice for several hours now. She has no fever or any other issues and her oxygen levels are perfect. She has no coughing either. We’re supposed to watch her for those things but they felt like her scans were great and she shouldn’t have any issues other than a tummy ache for a day or two. Sorry it took so long to update. I had to nurse the baby and try to get a bit of sleep. She fell asleep in our room in her “nest” that we made under my desk. She just woke up and is in a pretty good mood. Thankfully it’s the weekend and my hubby is home so he can help out with her. I’m hoping for a nap today. And it was really sweet that when we got home our little dog was beside herself with worry and has not left our sides. She’s been trying to sit on me to prevent me from leaving the house again. Poor dog. She has anxiety. She freaked out when I left in the middle of the night. Now to spend the day doing laundry and washing sheets. Yuck. We did not make it to the bathroom last night.
  12. Thanks everyone. I’ve been very upset. My appointment is next week so I have all week to stress about it. Sigh. I do have that dvd and have been doing it. That’s what has helped. But I’m still having issues and I’d like to be myself again. I can’t even exercise. And I can’t continue like this. I think I will call and find out what to expect. That might help me. And ive never had a mammogram so I can’t compare the two experiences. But I can only imagine that this is so much more awkward. I’ve also had mastitis twice and I’m just kind of done with everything. I’d love to be left alone if that makes sense.
  13. I’m not sure I can get past the “awkward.” I just don’t know. I’ve been doing some things at home and have already improved somewhat. So the dr thinks I will respond well to therapy. But after reading a little about it, I am panicking.
  14. My doctor just recommended PT for me. I’m having absolute panic attacks over the thought. Has anyone done this type of PT who can message me? Or you can share experiences here if you’re comfortable.
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