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  1. I grew up in Richmond Va in the 1980s. Our school's mascot was the Rebel dressed in a confederate uniform, and our flag for all sporting events was the Confederate flag. So it was ALL over the school. Back then I think it meant we were teenage rebels, like Rebel without a Cause. It did not have a racist meaning to those at my school. Boy have times changed.
  2. An Australian flew to Wellington (my city) for the weekend, and we just found out that he had symptoms on Saturday and travelled ALL around town. He had gotten his first jab 10 weeks earlier, but they think it is the Delta variant. They are doing major contact tracing and testing at about 20 places of interest, and have just reduced group size to 100 plus requiring all bars to go to the 3 S model (separated, seated, and single server). Crossing fingers we don't go into lock down. It would be our first since lockdown ended in May last year. We have been so fortunate to have a normal life for th
  3. Agreed. My son's best friend transitioned from the age of 12 to 16. She started hormones at age 15. It was exactly what you said, a gut-wrenching, painful, long, involved process. In fact it was awful, and the results have not been that great given that now she is completely housebound and not left her house for 1.5 years. I just wish that for the young we could focus on counselling over permanent physical alterations, and only transition people after the miserable teen years are over and the mind is more stable. But then it is too late to change the secondary sexual features by stopping puber
  4. I'm still stumped on how you can know you are the essence of 'woman' if you reject both genetics (xx, xy) and reject gender norms.
  5. It feels like the word 'gender' has changed a number of times. I bet there is a PhD thesis out there somewhere for us to read. Here is my nonacademic go It seems in the old days (30+ years ago), the word 'gender' meant the stereotypical gender norms of society, girls with dolls, boys with trucks. From then to about 10 years ago, it seems the definition of 'gender' continued to focus on societal norms, but muted/become more broad, so gender is a social construct but allows for diversity of behaviour (even within a society let alone between society). This is where we started to see a
  6. True. We have been discussing the idea that physical attributes should not define you. And that the youth of today do not believe that previous generations were successful in removing the gender stereotypes, so they are rejecting the connection between gender and sex. I'm curious why this isn't happening with race also.
  7. It is like Ruthie or Katie, but you don't hear Markie or Steveie. I remember once during my PhD years that I had a major falling out with my academic advisor and switched schools. He actually published a paper that I did half of the research for and wrote the original draft, with only his name. So about a year after I left, he finds me at my poster at a conference, walks up to me, and says 'Ruthie!'. I was so thunderstruck. Like, why would you call me Ruthie?!?!?! Somehow it was a way to put me in my place as he had never called me that before, and neither has anyone else. Language coun
  8. I hope this isn't too far off topic, but I was wondering.... If today's youth can choose their gender, can they also choose their race?
  9. Recent scholarship has started to demonstrate that the 'civilising' goals of the missionaries changed attitudes towards sex and gender. The traditional word is takatapui, which was an intimate partner of the same sex, and there is growing evidence of some ability for people to live outside the male/female dichotomy. Academics have been working through both the Maori oral histories and Western Pakeha diaries to reconstruct traditional attitudes that were purposely erased by the missionaries around 1820 to 1860.
  10. Agreed. I have been interested in reading about the ramifications of the trans revolution to gender norms. This is a real question. A valid intellectual curiosity. I find it sadly funny that radical feminist writers have been hated by the right in the past and now by the left.
  11. My library here in NZ has it on order! I'm third in the queue. Thanks for the rec, looks good.
  12. ☹️ I am so so sorry. Sometimes I just forget how horrible it has been for you all.
  13. On a separate but related topic is American Cultural Imperialism (MercyA said rabbit trails were OK!). I moved to NZ 25 years ago, before the internet. And I started to notice differences between Kiwis and Americans when I would meet an American who was 'straight off the boat.' They were just very interested in classifying themselves. They were Attachment Parents, Vegans, Homeschoolers, etc. Their classifications were discussed within the first 10 minutes of meeting. This was NOT true of New Zealanders, who worked for the first 10 minutes to figure out who they both knew, where their connecti
  14. I work with teens, so I see a lot. There is a subset who *needs* to have their visible self represent who they believe they are. Kind of like the quote from Fight Club "what kind of dining set defines me as a person?" (but without the sarcasm. LOL). In my experience, most (not all) teens have a sense of self, but not all of them need to have this represented visibly. What I currently find confusing is why gender has become on the most important ways for young people to represent their sense of self.
  15. My father calls me a scholar. I study as a hobby. I have textbooks in all sorts of topics, and I read widely in political science and sociology topics. I also listen to podcasts in history, economics, and investigative reporting. At the beginning of the year, I added learning a foreign language. I basically learn all the time -- during my early mornings and late nights, while doing chores, while exercising, basically anytime I can squeeze it in. I find it calming and joyful. The one thing I don't do that surprises people is read fiction or even narrative nonfiction. Can't stand it.
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