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  1. We have had 3 female prime ministers in the last 24 years. In my experience they are called in casual conversation: Shipley, Helen Clark, and Jacinda. Jenny Shipley has a very common first name, so is called Shipley Helen Clark has a common first and last name, so is called Helen Clark. Plus, Clark can be a male first name (and is actually Jacinda's partner's name). Jacinda Ardern has a uncommon both first and last names, and is known as Jacinda in casual conversation, but Ardern in the press. People might have started calling her, Jacinda, when the press named her meteoric ris
  2. Before you do any elimination diet, make sure you do a celiac test or any other tests. Once you start feeling better by removing the offending foods, you have really very little interest in putting the food back in your diet for 10 weeks so that they can test you to prove it is the problem. As me how I know. Look into the FODMAP died if you are considering fructose intolerance.
  3. I thought you guys might enjoy this image. The main online newspaper here is trying to get New Zealanders to be better about scanning the QR codes as a way of protecting the country from the new more contagious strain. The image made me smile -- the kiwi is a weird-looking bird! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/123966930/stop-scanner-time-on-the-push-to-get-every-kiwi-scanning-every-time
  4. I charge a flat fee of 30% loading for my noncontact hours to adapt the program to the student. So for 10 hours in person for a 10 week term, I charge 3 hours noncontact to plan. I charge an extra 30% for every class I teach even if the in person hours don't change. So if I'm teaching Physics and Algebra, I charge 6 hours noncontact for 10 in person hours. I can charge 30% rather than 100% as EKS stated because we have a national curriculum that I work with and because I teach multiple kids at the same level, so the work I do for one I can often use for another.
  5. yes. Doctor's visit required. People here are not getting tested much because we don't have covid, and haven't since May 11th. So we don't have drive through clinics or anything like that. After the doc appointment, the nurses have to get all suited up just for the one test, and then they have to print and certify the documentation. Because New Zealanders are not travelling overseas as they are not likely to be able to get back in because quarantine is full, this means that this is an unusual ask. To get an "I'm negative" certificate is expensive because it is a one off and not set up for bul
  6. In NZ the schools are ranked decile 1 to 10 with 10 being the richest. They are funded on a sliding scale with decile 1 schools receiving the most money.
  7. In highschool I did take all my notes upside down and backwards in cursive. But still spelled forward!
  8. My younger son and I can't even spell forward. I'm not touching backwards!
  9. I going to add that I think it is nuts that my ds is still travelling internationally during covid. This will be his 4th overseas flight during the pandemic. We have to buy tickets a year in advance to get them for cheap, so we already owned these tickets.
  10. US just announced yesterday that all international travelers will have to have a covid test within 72 hours of arrival. I can't find any exemptions. So even though my son is coming from NZ where we have had no covid since May 11 (except 183 cases in August in Auckland), I will have to pay $160 for the doctor's appointment, covid test, and documentation to prove he doesn't have it. Sigh.
  11. To be clear, you will die without proper insulation under you at 15 degrees F.
  12. I do some of this work. I charge $6k per class per year for 9th and 10th grade, and $10k/year for 11th and 12th grade. I have 2 students over the years that I have helped with 3 classes in a year, so $18-30k/year and an additional $3k/year for monitoring other classes that I don't teach. This is for kids who attend school and have teachers and a program to follow. I'm not sure how much you would charge to create and run an entire program for a homeschooled kid. Private education with a 1 to 1 ratio. I'm worth a lot!
  13. NZ is considering banning all travel from the USA and UK. My older boy returns to the USA mid Feb. Sigh. Not sure when he will be able to get back. It is going to be really hard to say goodbye at the airport. 😞
  14. It's been a while since he took multivariate calc, maybe it was on coursera. He definitely did it asynchronously. Because edX is on a set timetable, there is interaction with students but I'm not sure about instructors.
  15. EdX has better versions of the MIT courses. My older boy did the multivariate course and the differential equation course and then placed out of them by exam.
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