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  1. We get stuff wrapped in wool! NZ has a lot of sheep. 🙂 https://www.woolcool.com/
  2. Agreed. The lay person magazines were very readable, but I couldn't really see a clear thesis. So he can only mimic them if I can find some examples with a thesis. I'm also a bit wobbly as to the difference between literary criticism and literary analysis. So I'm happy for someone to explain that too.
  3. My ds is supposed to write either a literary analysis or a literary criticism by having a hypothesis and then picking 2 resources to argue with. I think he would use the techniques in They Say, I Say. He writes very well if he has read and studyied some writing in the style that he is supposed to write. I believe that he could either write in a formal academic way (so with google scholar style), or he could write for more of a lay audience as long as he attacks his hypothesis with 2 other works. I've been looking for either 1) formal open access journals, 2) lay person magazines, or 3) high-
  4. DH dropped our ballots in the diplomatic pouch at the embassy yesterday. He was not allowed inside the embassy, but was asked to watch as they bomb checked it, x-rayed it, and put it in the slot on a closed pouch. He said that they had to really push it in as so many Americans here in NZ had voted within 3 days of receiving the emailed ballots. The diplomatic pouch gets priority on the planes, which is important because mail is taking up to 3 months to get to the USA at this point because so few planes are flying. DH went all around town looking for the proper sized envelope and was told by
  5. Almost there! 15 cases is great given where you had gotten to. And the deaths, well those are from infection transmission from at least 4 weeks ago.
  6. My niece (museum curator), my nephew (airport staff), my niece (optometrist), and my nephew (hospital administrator). 4 of 10 are still furloughed. All are aged 33-42.
  7. We just never up-sized. We moved to NZ to a 600 sq ft flat overlooking the city with the woods directly behind us. It was lovely. DH could walk to work, we could be both city and country folk with our location, and our next door neighbor became our best friend. When the first baby came, we thought, oh we can make this work, we love it here. Then the second baby came, and we thought, they are little, they can share. Then they got bigger, and could play in the woods, and walk into the city to meet their dad which made them so empowered, we couldn't lose that. Then, my dh started a PhD whil
  8. You may want to ask for some guidance. Like are the problems put in order of difficulty? Or what would they consider the best problems to reinforce the classwork? Basically, ask them to give your son set work, rather than an open buffet. AoPS is pretty responsive in my experience.
  9. I did not read until I was 12, and graduated from a top-10 univeristy "magna cum laude" by 21. You have time. Not all kids progress at the same speed, but this does not indicate that they are slow. Take deep breaths, and meet your child where he is at.
  10. The p-sets and the olympiads are designed at multiple levels. So you could have your son just do the 'basic' level, and skip the other 2/3rds. My ds did WOOT for 3 years, and graduated from basic, to moderate, to advanced over that period. Have him do problems in the 'zone of proximal development.' I should also add, that within a year of answering the advanced problems at WOOT, he was taking grad classes in math at MIT. So don't expect to be able to do the advanced work right away as it is crazy hard!
  11. Announcement made! NZ is going down to its lowest level - so gatherings of any size allowed and no masks or social distancing required. Auckland will remain at gatherings restricted to 100 people for 2 more weeks. Masks required on public transport for Auckland. 155,000 tests in the community have been completed in the past 3 weeks, with zero new cases. There has been zero cases linked to the Auckland cluster for the past 7 days. The others from the prior 2 weeks were family members who had already been put in the quarantine facilities even though they had not yet returned a positive
  12. They are currently checking the only other place he could have gotten it from - which was his flight from Auckland to his quarantine facility in Christchurch. So they are testing all those passengers and crew. But his case links genomically to 2 other cases on the flight from India, so it is likely from that. They will also be checking all the footage from days 1 and 2 in the lower level quarantine before the 2 people who tested positive were moved to a different hotel for the higher quarantine. I'm sure we will hear more about the investigation as it may impact advice to travelers once they
  13. We have wool duvets with duvet covers. The covers are washed about once a month (we have a top sheet so no skin contact with the covers). But the wool duvet inners!?!?! Never.
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