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  1. We are good. They are really good at contact tracing now. The community case from 3 days ago was a Quarantine worker who had missed multiple vaccine opportunities due to 'personal reasons.' Luckily, he lives alone and carpools with another quarantine worker who was vaccinated. So, this community case is not likely to go anywhere. But in other news, we are in a travel bubble with you starting on the 18th!
  2. NZ completely closed its borders yesterday to all people travelling out of India, including NZ citizens. For the past week, there has been a huge spike in cases on the first day of quarantine for people travelling out of India. So instead of 4 new cases per day on average, we spiked to 17 cases per day and all of those from India. This is our military run quarantine where a positive day 1 test moves you to a different and more strict facility (which I'm guessing was filling up). We require a negative covid test within 3 days of travelling, so it looks like people were getting covid while trav
  3. I awarded credit in the year the majority of the work was done.
  4. Sounds like he needs to work on proof writing. Is there someone you know who could help? AoPS courses did this for my son. Their graders are very picky and give great feedback as to how to improve. Best money I spent, but you could also hire a specialized tutor. Maybe a university maths major?
  5. Hi Mckittre, my older boy is also a math lover and knew by the age of 12 that he would be a mathematician. He loved proofs and puzzles. So, question for you. When you say he has never officially studied algebra, geometry, etc, but always seems to know what he needs or can fill in any gaps, are you talking about algorithmic skills or deep problem solving skills? I ask because my son could intuit all algebraic manipulation without being taught, but it was very valuable for him to work through the good problem solving questions that you find in AoPS. Have you considered grabbing the AoPS int
  6. I just remembered a funny story about my older. He was at a 3 year old's birthday party (ds was 2 and 11months at the time). And there were about 15 of these little kids aged 2 to 3 playing musical chairs. All the parents were laughing their heads off, because when the chair was removed, none of the kids realized it. None of them seemed to be at all clear about the point of the game, or even that it was a game. When a kid couldn't find a chair, he got really confused and looked around at which point my friend gave the kid a lollipop and lead them back to their parents. And all the kids just
  7. I've kept up the momentum. And now that we are on school holidays, I'm getting in about 4 hours of Māori per day. Once we start back up again, it will slow way down. My biggest problem is being consistent with vocab drill. Not my favorite thing, and stuff slide out of my head so fast!
  8. Multivariate calc is a required class at MIT. Ds had done two additional university classes past mulitvairate, self studied three other uni math classes, and attended three IMOs. He still had to take the final exam for multivariate calc to get credit.
  9. Interesting NYT 2017 article linked today on my facebook feed, on how wealthy/poor students are distributed among the Universities, and which universities have the most and the least of the top 1% as percent of student body. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/01/18/upshot/some-colleges-have-more-students-from-the-top-1-percent-than-the-bottom-60.html?fbclid=IwAR0s-ygO__dmncqcUHxYV0fSQGqowBH4AkkY_rnyrHcoJTSlfpGaw_pMuV4
  10. I work with a lot of teens who I get to know over 3-4 years. There is a LOT of trouble going on in today's teen world. The kids I work with are not top-academic types, but even they are deeply injured by the ranking associated with grades and the implication of its direct correlation to self worth. We are actually zoned for the best school in the country as ranked by the scholarship exams. It is public so free to us, but has beat out every single private school in the country. It is only 5 blocks from my house. I tutor a lot of these kids, and I would never send a child there even though it is
  11. Yes! Thanks to Kathy! She was a godsend when we needed one.
  12. I think this is where the legacy component is so important and so distorting. We would have been very surprised if my ds had not gotten into Duke as his legacy includes: a mom, a dad, 4 aunts, 1 uncle, 3 cousins, 2 grandparents, and his great grandfather was an Iron Duke (meaning large contributor). And I'm sure if we were $$ giving types, if he had not gotten in, we would have been both deeply mad and shocked. I'm absolutely sure it would have impacted our giving. The universities need these gifts (or say they do), which is why legacy continues.
  13. My ds was one of between 1 and 3 white kids at all five of his math camps, out of a total of 30. Girls numbered either 2 or 4 all five years (they seemed only take even numbers). So this is true in NZ too.
  14. We lived in a commune in the outback of NZ. We lived in a hut with no electricity, no running water, no wifi/data, and a composting toilet. We had a 12 month old baby. What do you want to know?
  15. In contrast to wendyroo's story, when I was in Reno as a grad student in the 90s, I actually went to an informational session for a brothel. (yes, I am probably the only person you know who has). Coming from a very religious southern family, I couldn't resist the add "no experience necessary, will train." I was very curious as to what they would say, and what I found was very eye opening to me. Two young women were running the session and they were students at Texas A&M. They were very enthusiastic that they could work for the summer at the Brothel and this would pay off their entire year
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