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  1. I grew up multilingual, I am Hungarian who grew up in Romania. From first grade I had 3 languages, Hungarian, Romanian and German taken in school. Hungarian and Romanian every day, German 3 x a week. We had only 4 hours of school a day, 50 min long classes with 10 -15 min recess. In middle school, from 5th grade, I had to take Russian too, twice per week and Latin in 7 and 8th grades. In middle school we had 5 or 6 classes per day, same format with 50 min class and 10-15 min recess. In high school the school dropped Latin, but all the other 4 languages stayed till the end. During high school we had usually 6 classes , if we had 7 classes it was ART or PE class that day and we schooled 6 days a week. Since I attended a Hungarian school all the classes were taught by native Hungarian teachers, the Romanian by a native Romanian, but the German and Russian languages were not native teachers, but were excellent professors without any accent. All classes were conducted only in that corresponding language, rarely did the teachers instruct us in our native language. All the languages had, phonetic instruction in elementary, lots of reading, poetry memorization, grammar, literature, copy work, narration, talking in class, outside in the real world, lots of translations in German and Russian, essays... We were also tested orally and in writing, but not multiple choice questions :) After high school I traveled a lot, and living in Spain I picked up Spanish in a month. I learned English when I came to the USA but I still have a strong accent! 4 Year college here was easy, it corresponded to a high school level education back home only in English. When I went to Indonesia several years ago, I met several tour guides; one in Borobudur had excellent English accent. I asked him where did he learned to speak so well? He said he never left Indonesia, or his hometown, he learned it watching BBC and other TV channels that he had access to. Amazing, what people can achieve if they want it. My son, 10 yo, currently learns 3 languages, English, Hungarian, Latin. He wants to start French (that I do not speak at all:) and Spanish too.
  2. smootwater

    Book suggestions for mid-Elementary

    Yes, the unabridged version has a richer vocabulary and content. Now that he read the abridged version he can listen to the unabridged one for a change. My son just turned 9 today, and he reads these books.
  3. smootwater

    Book suggestions for mid-Elementary

    Here are some that I can think of, there are thousands more of course:) Peter Pan Princess and Goblin Princess and Curdie At the back of the North Wind Men of Iron Swallows and Amazons The Saturdays Alice's Adventures n Wonderland Through he looking glass Roald Dahl book Black Beauty Pollyanna The Secret Garden The Moffatts The Borrowers Gone Away Lake Robinson Crusoe The Peterkin Papers Rip Van Winkle Oliver Twist Kim Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Prince and the Pauper Captains Courageous Treasure Island Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates
  4. smootwater

    2nd grade language arts

    Another option is "The Sentence Family: Introducing Grammar Through Art and Story"
  5. smootwater

    2nd grade language arts

    You can find Language Arts albums and other albums at Cultivating Dharma's website:
  6. smootwater

    2nd grade language arts

    Retention is pretty low at this age. We did FLL 1& 2 previous years with my now 8 yo son, and always struggled with parts of speech. He chose Abeka LA this year over R&S because it is colorful. What we did is used some Montessori grammar materials over the summer, that is color coded and pretty simple. It helped him understanding the content better. You can download Montessori Grammar manuals from the internet for free.
  7. Waldorf's third grade curriculum is focusing on farming and gardening.
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