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  1. Thank you all, this is very helpful! I think all your responses will help me better help DD this week 🙂
  2. I love Video Text, but functions are the one thing it does not adequately cover. So I get that f(x) essentially can be considered the same as y. But why the sudden change in notation? Googling basically says that a function is a little different than an equation, but I didn't follow why.
  3. We watch the video together, then they do the odds. Tom Clark (the author) recommends they check their own work, so I have them do that and then they report the score back to me. If either of us is not happy with the grade, they do the evens the next day. My oldest would take a quiz on the previous day's material and then do a lesson with odds all on the same day, but he was very fast and very very very mathy. My next 2 have done either a lesson or a quiz, not both, each day. When we get to the end of a unit, they go over the Test A as a review, working problems they feel they need to practice but not all of them. Then when they are ready they do Test B as a test. Every once in a while we do one of the comprehensive or cumulative reviews, especially if it's after a long break.
  4. I don't try to keep up with all they read either - it's just not possible! But I do like to read the stuff I specifically assign for credit and want to discuss intelligently with them.
  5. We used it for 9th and 10th for my oldest because I wanted to still keep all the kids together for history those years. We did Vol 1, 2, and 3 in 2 years because we did history 4 times a week instead of 3 and we skipped most of the Bible stories as they were redundant from Sunday School and family devotions. He did most of the extra high school activities/assignments that are included as well as watching a weekly Annenberg lecture on Western Civ/taking notes and wrote a research paper each year (compare/contrast world religions in 9th and cause/effect of the Reformation in 10th). We stopped using it at that point because it didn't adequately cover US History. And now that we don't do history together anymore, I've used other things for high school history for my next 2 kids. I don't think I'd use it for high school again unless I had a compelling reason to keep the whole family together.
  6. I already own Apologia 2nd ed and I'm considering buying Dr Wile' s new course too, if that makes you feel any better :)
  7. I'm so glad to know this!!! I've been wondering how on earth a person can have so much to say about a building LOL I will skip the Custom House and see if I like it better 🙂
  8. DD wants to read The Scarlet Letter as one of her lit selections this year. I said sure. We are currently working on other things, so this book would not be assigned to her til later in the year. Then I started reading it so I could discuss it with her at that point and oh my word it's boring!!!! I'm only a few pages in and I already hate it. So my options are: 1. Tell her to pick a different book for that slot. 2. Suck it up and read it anyway. If you recommend this option, please tell me it gets better as I get further in 🙂 3. Cheat and only read the Cliff's notes version for our discussion. 4. Other ???
  9. We have American Odyssey and Our Human Story and really like them both for high school! K12 does a nice job making textbooks as not-boring and engaging as possible, and we like their middle school series of 3 as well (Human Odyssey). I have no idea if it's what History Odyssey uses or not though.
  10. I have several shelves of fiction chapter books organized by title because I never remember who the author is. A separate shelf for science non fiction organized by topic. A separate shelf for history non fiction arranged by time period. A separate shelf for poetry. Two separate shelves for picture books. And a basket on the floor with toddler cardboard books. I thought about putting the fiction in with the historical non fiction by time period, but decided against it because then my OCD tendencies would make me feel like my kids could only read a particular book when we were actually at that point in the history cycle. And I don't want to be that person LOL
  11. I signed up for this! I hope I can carve out time in between school and baby to actually do it ... if not, I guess I can always sign up again 🙂 This seemed very approachable and doable for a novice. Thanks for the rec!
  12. Our library is a small town library (population 1200) so the chances of them having this (or really anything other than the latest Danielle Steel or James Patterson) are ... low LOL
  13. Yes! Good point! My kids start doing those things in 7th, but don't do all of them every year and definitely don't master them for several years yet.
  14. Mom's Recipes Very original, I know LOL Maybe you could do Scarlett's Son's Name's Family Recipes?
  15. These are both very very helpful, thank you!
  16. We keep posting at the same time lol! Thanks for the class recommendation! I don't know what crop vs full frame means though
  17. I do use the program mode a lot and it does take shots I like most of the time, without the flash. I just want to learn how to figure it out myself and it's frustrating for me when I can't do it consistently ... Your suggestion to get a 35 MM lens is a good one, thanks!
  18. @Quill You are not condescending 🙂 What I've been doing is choosing my ISO - usually around 400 outdoors, 800 or 1600 indoors (our house has crappy lighting) and then put my f stop low if I want a close up and high if I want to shoot farther away. Then my camera has a little meter thing at the bottom of the screen that goes from -2 to +2 and I guess I thought I had read that getting the shutter speed dialed in so that that meter registers 0 meant the exposure was balanced. Is that not right? @PeterPan I have no idea what metering is or how to do it. I will have to do some researching about this and see what I can learn! @happysmileylady and @GoodGrief1 I have been using shade and natural light outdoors and "the golden hour" but my results are not consistent. I guess I just need more practice. Sigh ... getting a really good photo is so rewarding, so I want to stick with it, but with school and baby care and life, I don't have time to experiment like I want to. Maybe a Clickin Moms subscription should go on my Christmas list ... Inserting gratuitous picture of my baby that I took today that I really liked 🙂 But not very many of them turned out this good!
  19. I am a very, very, very amateur wannabe photographer. I am slowly exploring the features of my Canon Rebel T5 and figuring out how to use manual mode. I did buy an upgraded 18-135 mm lens. I chose that one because I read somewhere that it is very versatile for beginners but still an upgrade from the standard lens that came with the camera. Anyway, I hate using the flash because the colors always look so fake. I know I read somewhere that a bounce flash can be helpful. Is that just for indoors? Do you have any recommendations for good ones? How do I use it? Also - what can help my outdoor pictures look better? I usually set the f stop to where I want it and then dial the shutter speed to where the exposure dial says it's "right" but sometimes my pictures still look dark. So when I dial the shutter speed to a little bit brighter on the dial, they look kind of washed out without much contrast. Is some kind of indirect flash going to be helpful in this situation? Or ??? If you have links to specific items that would work for my camera, that would be great too. I've read lots of blogs, but they all seem to assume I know more about photography than I really do ...
  20. It feels so good to have a groove that works well, doesn't it? Good for you!
  21. Kindred Bravely bras are pricey but awesome! As are nursing tanks from Target. I wish they'd had these when I had my other kids. Supportive but comfortable for my ... ahem ... mature bOOks. I did this for my other kids too, so what a rude awakening it was the first time I went shopping with my newest baby a fee months ago to find that the new car seats are NOT designed to go on top of the shopping cart seat anymore. Apparently it has been deemed unsafe so they don't fit anymore. I had to put the whole seat in the bed of the cart and was only able to get a few things instead of my whole list. Now I just take her in her Ergo baby or bring my other kids to push a 2nd cart.
  22. This is a GREAT idea Best $50 I've ever spent. Seriously.
  23. I don't know how long you've been back at doing lessons, but my kids always seem to have forgotten a ton of stuff over the summer, but then after about a week or two of review their brains are back in their heads and they remember most of the stuff they seemed to forget. Sometimes it just takes a while to get back into the swing of things. Even if he has really and truly forgotten grammar, 4th grade isn't all that old for still needing to practice the concepts. If what you were using before was working and you like it, I'd stick with it. If you really want to switch to FLL, starting at level 3 should be fine. There's a ton of repeat between 2 and 3, and 1 isn't necessary at all, IME.
  24. I didn't read the other responses, but I wonder if a grammar and writing program could/should be put off til she is reading confidently. It just seems like a lot of composition and grammar involves knowing how to read, and if she's still putting a lot of effort into that skill, it might be setting her up to fail to ask her to read to do grammar and composition assignments as well. Perhaps do some gentle copywork with her and informally talk about the grammar and composition involved in whatever you have her copy? And oral narration would build her composition skills without requiring her to read beyond her current ability.
  25. I just had a surprise baby after giving all my baby stuff from the other 5 kids away, and I did *not* want to re-buy all kinds of stuff I would only need a few times. So no stroller. I have a car seat, a crib with a good mattress and a waterproof mattress cover, a saucer play thingamajig, a foam bath pillow for sink baths, a diaper changing pad and covers, a diaper bag, a few toys, and a bouncer seat. I did splurge on the high end Ergo baby because of my 45 year old back lol! I did keep my Boppy pillow for sentimental reasons and while it's falling apart I just got a couple new covers for it and it's fine. I couldn't bear the thought of using a different one than I used for the other kids, but old or new a Boppy is a must in my opinion. I also had kept all my favorite board books. A few sleepers and onesies, lots of burp rags, and a muslin blanket. Sam's club diapers are about half the price of Huggies, fyi.
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