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  1. Making the mental switch when I take off one hat and put on another seventy billion times a day ... nursing mommy to grade school teacher to nurse to teen girl confidant to teen girl rule enforcer to adult son advice giver to partner/lover to daughter to helpful church member to supportive friend and back again. I'm not all that great at switching gears mid-stream and that's kinda what my entire life is right now.
  2. We don't have anything on the top because I can't find a topper I love and I don't want to buy something that's just ok. Our ornaments are eclectic and meaningful but not necessarily pretty and definitely not coordinated, so it's hard to find one I like that also goes with the hodgepodge well.
  3. "Don't worry about dinner, I've got it covered." 😊 More seriously - "You're doing such a good job."
  4. You're right - I went back and looked and it was the high school level science that was very focused on the history of science and original source readings, not the elementary recommendations. I'll have to look at those more closely 🙂
  5. I was so hoping this would be a contest about top comments and I would see that Quill had won, but alas ...
  6. I would like to learn how to be comfortable in my body and not self conscious about my weight.
  7. We don't really follow WTM for science *blush* My kids want to read about science and do activities and demonstrations, but they do not care one whit about the history of science or which famous scientists did what. They are also not very big on notebooking, but thanks for the suggestions!
  8. Good for you! 😊 That is not my experience with most people I know, so it's interesting to hear a different perspective.
  9. Due to both sides of our family living far away we are usually either travelling or already at our destination on Christmas Eve so we don't have a tradition. But DH always talks fondly of how his mom made homemade pizza and let them drink pop with it for Christmas Eve supper. I imagine it was easy for her, and it was definitely memorable for them!
  10. This mystifies me too. But I guess most people (me included until I started to look into hs'ing) don't really look into or question why they put their kids into ps either. They're 5, so they go to school. End of story. So maybe it's not really surprising that if those same people turn to hs'ing for some reason that they do kind of the same thing and just choose what people they know are using. It took a MAJOR shift in thinking for me to get into the mentality that I can make my kids' education whatever I want it to be. I am still working on that shift (as anybody who has ready my recent science threads can attest lol)
  11. Talk about Jesus with my brother and sister in law (right now they are actively anti-faith, not just waffling or unsure), finish the book I wrote the first chapter of 15 years ago, and hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up with my boys.
  12. I feel like people are often choosing to hs now primarily as an attempt to escape something negative (though they may be aware of and appreciate some of the positive benefits of hs'ing), whereas in the past they were more often choosing to hs primarily for the positive benefits of it (though they may have been aware of and wanted to avoid some of the negative effects of ps). It seems like a subtle difference, but it's there. And to the point of the OP, that subtle shift in thinking has definite drastic consequences in what kind of education they are looking for and what kind of materials they want. And so the market has supplied those wants.
  13. You could call it "English IV - Rhetoric and Cross Disciplinary Studies" if you wanted to be absolutely sure they'd realize it was a 4th English credit.
  14. I would just call it "Senior Rhetoric and Cross Disciplinary Studies" - that would leave wiggle room for you and your students to see where the class takes you and still reflect the deep issues you plan to tackle.
  15. I've only been doing this since 2012, but to me the biggest difference I see is the motivation behind why people choose to hs in the first place. When I first started it was mostly people who either had deep religious convictions or people who had deep educational convictions or both. People who chose to hs were *invested* in the decision because it was still seen as a very "out there" thing to do. Now it a more mainstream choice and so I see lots more people choosing to hs because they are vaguely dissatisfied with the ps in some way, whereas before these people would have kept heir kids in ps and just complained about it 😉 They choose to hs because it is seen as a viable choice, but they aren't necessarily invested in the idea.
  16. Too late, but if he gets good enough to want to upgrade we will definitely remember this advice!
  17. We read it for our book club a while back. All of us older moms/wives were laughing about it. Hard eye roll. Kind of like all the quasi-mysterious and seemingly profound memes that 20-something girls put on their facebook pages about finding themselves. 😛 On the marital s@x chapter, I so so so wanted to write to her and tell her that if she and her husband were half as mature as she makes them out to be, she would stop viewing s@x as a commodity traded to keep her husband happy with her and he would be more thrilled with true connection than everyday-bunny-rabbit-s@x-because-she-feels-obligated.
  18. This is exactly how I felt when I found out I was expecting DD the day before DS started college. I was all "doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo - is this really happening to me???" Pretty sure I posted on here about it, actually LOL
  19. 3 pet peeves: when people leave stuff laying around instead of putting it away when they're done, being made to feel like I'm being unreasonable when I'm not, and when people say they've looked for something and can't find it anywhere but what they really mean is it wasn't in the one place they did look and they expect me to find it instead 🙄
  20. Lol - that's what I meant! Not having a plan made by someone else that I can follow makes me nervous 🙂 I would never accuse any of you 3 of being willy nilly! This is kind of where I'm at right now. So thankful for these boards and how you all help me think things through and look at all the angles! I love reading everybody's different perspectives 🙂
  21. If it crosses my mind, it appears on my face and almost always comes out of my mouth. Several people have told me that this trait makes me very authentic and real and approachable. I hope that's true and not just that I'm a chatterbox 🙂
  22. Not having a plan makes me nervous. But I am so so intrigued by these approaches (yours and Ruth and Lori's) and I really would love to be able to be brave enough to give it a shot. Times like these are when I still feel like a newbie *sigh* I still have so much to learn! I will check out that old thread you linked, thanks! One thing I notice about nonfiction at our teeny tiny small town library is that all the newer books seem to be comic book like with small snippets of seemingly random information scattered throughout the pages. The older books seem more "serious" to me, but obviously they are going to contain outdated information. Did you ever run into that problem?
  23. When we first started hs'ing we watched lots of Planet Earth videos. I should get back to those, they were really good!
  24. We have a lot of these kits and toys too, and they get used, but I think of them more as play than school - so maybe I'm doing better at this than I thought 🙄 The skeleton gift sounds so cool!
  25. You guys, seriously, this is so so so so helpful! Not sure I'll be able to pull it off as well as you both did 😊 but it's giving me the motivation to try and come up with a DIY plan. And thanks so much for the links to various resources to use/spines - not knowing where to start was looking like a mountain I can't climb, but your lists make it seem a little more attainable!
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