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  1. Bleah! Our garage door opener broke yesterday. I had $200 with this week's check to finish off our tire fund. It cost $175 to fix, so we had the cash, but ugh. DD's candy winnings came today. She asked me to add a 3 Musketeers bar and a Reese's to it for Halloween. So, I bought those and only those. Same old, same old other than those things. Just keep swimmin', right?
  2. I used to always sing in the car. Now when my children are in the car, they play some Spotify playlist that's not my favorite (teens' music these days *shakes my cane at the whippersnappers*), so I don't usually sing along. Sometimes I do just to annoy said teens. I can rock Hamilton! these days because I've heard it often enough, but KPop is just not gonna happen. I still sing in the car when I am alone.
  3. Yeah, I caught the March date. So I went and looked up in my calendar when Illinois' lockdown happened (all the states happened pretty similarly) March 21-ish. CA was the first and it was announced March 20. https://www.ksla.com/2020/03/20/california-becomes-first-state-order-lockdown/ On March 23, Trump said "Can't let the cure be worse than the disease". So, within 3 days of the first state. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/488965-trump-hints-at-changes-to-restrictions-we-cant-let-the-cure-be-worse
  4. This sounds quite a bit like the Deep State conspiracy theory. If they don't agree with you & your policies, then obviously they are a member of the Deep State. In this case, if they don't agree with Atlas' science, then obviously, they had to have been compromised by politics.
  5. I finished it. I still have many questions. 1) He never answered how his or the White House's plans are different from "Let 'er Rip" or herd immunity. For that matter, I am confused on whether the White House is taking his plan completely, or if it differs. 2) He never addressed what metrics they are using or are planning to use to monitor hospitals for potential overload. Edit: Nor did he address what would happen if a hospital system hit those metrics. Would things close? Would they have a medic team that deploys to that area? What happens if (as is now happening) several states
  6. Quoting myself as I work through this video. I'm about 25 minutes in. And I gotta say I"m kinda mad at his approach. Protecting the vulnerable means sending tests to nursing homes. It's the only thing he's mentioned so far. OK, fair enough. But then he was asked about a grandmother living with family (a teen/young adult in the family). And the response? He talked about the elderly not wanting to be protected, about his 93 year old mother in law just wanting to live her life. This smacks of the "sacrifice for the economy" that certain politicians said earlier in the year. So, if his own MI
  7. I've only watched half of the interview. He claims herd immunity is not his desired approach. He wants a 3 pronged approach (3 prongs: protect the vulnerable (I haven't gotten to any specifics on that), monitor hospitals for overwhelm (nor any specifics on this), and open up schools). Other than protect the vulnerable, how does this differ from herd immunity? Also, I haven't heard him say what the White House plan is, just that it isn't herd immunity. Does he answer these questions later?
  8. I've been doing the "Covid budget" idea discussed here. None of these fall within my budget. I have a DD who needs to see doctors, therapists, and an orthodontist, at least two weekly. I have a DH who has to go into the office at least 2x per week. We all splurge on an in-person trip to the library weekly. I need to occasionally enter a store for a needed item. I have little covid risk interactons to spend on frivolous things. Plane rides were very, very few and far between for us in the Before Times. I can't see why I would need to get on a plane now unless my mother truly needed me in
  9. DH and DD have. Her college is a little more than a day's drive away. He could drive it in a day, but it's really a bit too long. So, they stayed in one on the drive down to college and stayed in one for a night or two while she was moving in. He'll do it all again next month to bring her home. He said it was ok. It's probably not the safest thing you could do, but if all covid precautions are being done, it's probably not the worst either. We chose to only have DH go with her instead of our original family trek to see her off.
  10. Hospitals are filling up rapidly: In general - https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/16/pandemic-states-virus-rebound-429753 Wisconsin - https://www.postcrescent.com/story/news/2020/10/01/wisconsin-coronavirus-fox-valley-hospitals-serious-danger-being-overwhelmed-coronavirus-patients-off/5879574002/ South Dakota - https://news.yahoo.com/rural-midwest-hospitals-struggling-handle-130829745.html These were just the first articles I found regarding the issue. In my area, we have had positivity increases for the last 14 days. 10 days of that has been over 8% (which is my state'
  11. Oldest is away at college this year. She is ok with college, but not overly happy. Her anxiety (a problem in the best of times) is at Defcon-5. She is not loving covid-precaution life at a school far from home. She is contemplating coming home for spring semester. Middle had a covid-precaution-fueled meltdown over the summer. She is in a better place now, but it's been rough. I am dreading winter. Youngest is kinda liking this time. She would like to attend an activity or two, but she is an introvert who is digging staying home all day every day. We are very close to a flamin
  12. Youngest got an email today that she won a Trick or Treat bag. It says the prize is worth $20. I may not have to spend anything for Halloween this year.
  13. Last month my DD was in the hospital for several weeks. They required the parents to make a self-care plan since her condition is ongoing. So, I made a list of 6 things. My goal is to hit at least 3 a day. 1) Exercise 15 minutes. This one needs to bump up to a non-negotiable I think. It's been consistently ignored for other things on the list. 2) Take all supplements and medicine. I'm good with DD's, but I often forgot mine. I've been doing this one almost every day since I started the self-care plan, so it's about to get bumped for a new habit. So, I'm looking at this threa
  14. I've been needing winter boots for a couple of years. Oldest didn't like any boots, so she stole mine (that I had bought at Nordstrom Rack like almost 30 years ago LOL). I found this sale today, and I picked them up. https://www.steepandcheap.com/the-north-face-ballard-lace-ii-boot-womens?irgwc=1&ircid=5418&irpid=36345&clickid=xjdyWnXvWxyOWKiwUx0Mo3bzUkE0fwTFRSBIy80
  15. Looking at Zillow, 1-2 acres go from 70,000 - 200,000 in this area with one outlier at 20,000. The lower ones are farmland type spaces, and the higher ones tended to be in subdivisions. Although that correlation isn't exact as there is one non-subdivision lot for 177,000 and the 20,000 lot is in a subdivision. Edit: there are no lots available in town. They are all in outlying subdivisions or in farmland throughout the county.
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