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  1. I'll have to see when it comes in if a kid wants the pic for their room. I don't have a lot of wall space as we are maxed out with bookshelves and cabinets. Middle DD might like it in her room as the colors will go in that room. I upped my Vitamin D from 1000iU to 5000iU. I'm noticing a lot of difference these past few days. CTC: For any kids age 6-17, you'll receive $500 less at tax time per kid. For kids 5 and under, you'll get $200 less per child. This is because the CTC increased from $2000 to $3000 for ages 6-17 and from $2000 to $3600 for ages 0-5. So, if you take the upfront
  2. I started new vitamins this past week (I upped my Vitamin D & added a B complex), and I've been feeling downright energetic these past few days. Well, energetic for me, anyway. This morning, I packaged up yet another homeschool sale to drop at post office tomorrow. Go, me! DH and I worked out in the garden before the heat hit, filled the vole holes, trimmed some bushes, and weeded a lot. I'm cleaning and doing some cooking ahead today. I'm going to try chickpeas in the air fryer. https://www.myforkinglife.com/crispy-air-fryer-chickpeas/ This is the Disney/Thomas Kinkade picture
  3. Hugs, DawnM. You have a lot going on, and I know in my life, if one area is stressful, everything else is harder to deal with. I am sorry.
  4. Nope, DD had to dig deep to figure out she wanted to swim. I think she's all burned out from pandemic stress and just wants to hang out, read, and swim. I hope they open up soon for her (and everyone else in town's) sake.
  5. I was able to return a pair of shoes, mail back a shirt that didn't fit, and request a return on a book that never arrived today. I sold a textbook - mailed it today, so money should be in account in a week or two. I listed a toy on FB marketplace. I was notified that I won a sweepstakes yesterday. I won a Thomas Kincaide/Disney limited edition painting. Similar to these: https://insidethemagic.net/2020/10/6-painting-sweepstakes-thomas-kinkade-studios/ I don't have a clue what I'll do with it - probably sell it as the kids have kind of outgrown Disney for their rooms. We'll see when
  6. 1) My kids still like me in a doctor's office. They go into therapists' offices by themselves though. I ask starting about age 14-15 if they want me to stay in the car/waiting area at a doctor's appointment. 2) Oldest is 19 and has made her own appointments for a couple of years. I am keeper of the schedule for everybody though, so it's just easier for me to do it for the younger ones. 3) All of mine chose same-sex doctors about age 13 - the family practitioner retired when oldest was 13, so she chose a female. The other two went on to see FP's male replacement, middle wanted a femal
  7. DH just heard from the car repair shop. We're trying a new one here in town as the one we normally use is full and their prices have been higher the past few times. The price isn't as high as I feared, but it will wipe out the car repair fund, which I was working on building back up after DH's brakes as well as the washing machine fund and a whopping $10 from our emergency money. But, I'm trying to look on the bright side and look at the fact that we have cash to pay for it. No credit needed. Finally got a hold of health insurance yesterday. They will reprocess the claims and he said it s
  8. Ugh! My car broke down last night from visiting my cousin. I was able to get it home with no towing, but ugh. Washing machine purchase is on hold until we find out the cost to repair the car. I'm going to work on the budget to shove more stuff around to find $ for the car this afternoon. I have a couple of returns to mail back. I don't know if it will get done with only the one car today. Maybe this weekend?
  9. My oldest wore a scoliosis brace for about a year and a half. Her curve was considered moderate. She did PT, but honestly, it didn't help. Her curve did not advance to her needing surgery. Essentially, she did bracing, PT for a few months, and xrays every 6 months. She used a rolling backpack (still does) so as not to put pressure on her back. She occasionally has back pain now at 19. She's on the list to get EDS testing as that is the likely culprit - but at the time, none of the doctors took us seriously in drilling down for a reason. Bracing is pretty awful - it's hot and
  10. Target has a couple that have Asian skintones 18" dolls: https://www.ourgeneration.com/shop/dolls/suyin or https://www.ourgeneration.com/shop/dolls/leticia American Girl has Truly Me #64 18" doll: https://www.americangirl.com/shop/p/truly-me-doll-64-plus-sparkle-and-shine-accessories-06bun118 The doll in the OP is gorgeous, but as you said, Catwoman, pretty small and possibly hard to find clothes for.
  11. Soror, Way to go on your Vaca fund! How exciting - 100% is within reach!! Mommyto5, Welcome back! Some of my ebay/marketplace items sold this week - yay! An extra $60ish bucks or so. My budget meeting with the new director gained me 5(!!!!) hours of pay on Saturday - it was supposed to be a 2 hour meeting, but OMG, it was 5!! Good thing DH was available to do the appointments I was supposed to do then. DH is off on Thursday (using up his PTO before year end), so he's picking up summer meals at a park that day since the school doesn't resume their meals until next
  12. Growing up I didn't know anyone from any faith tradition other than Protestant Christianity and a couple of Catholics. I went to a boarding school for high school - I was introduced to LDS, Taoism, Hindu, and Islam there. Currently? I ran an open co-op for a few years, and we had a few Mormon families join because they weren't welcome in the Christian co-ops. A couple of them have become really good friends. I did a Mother-Daughter book club with a lady who was a JW, but honestly, I haven't seen her since Covid started. Her DD was a little younger than mine, so we didn't hang out too
  13. I'd probably pack: PreK: I'd pack nothing - I'd build learning toys as I went. My kids did math through playing store using empty pantry boxes glued shut. K-3: Ruth Beechick's 3 guides (I don't know if these are still in print), some cuisinaire rods, Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading 4-6: Ray's Arithmetic, GrammarLand (Another - is this still in print - I just printed off the internet years ago), Story of the World, Minimus Latin 7-10: Jacob's Algebra & Geometry, The Elements of Style, K12 Human Odyssey, Henle Latin, This needs more, but I'm at a loss for sm
  14. My 15 yo and 14 yo are about 24 hours post shot. 15 yo has had zero side effects, not even a sore arm even when pressing on it. 14 yo couldn't sleep last night and has a headache today (which could be a normal headache for her or lack of sleep). She took an Advil for headache/arm pain.
  15. Gen X. I had some family members where it was kind of an open secret and possibly whispered about, but never discussed openly. A great aunt who never married, but she had a "roommate" for 35 years and the like. My brother's best friend in high school (so I was in middle school), but as he was a part of our church, he was not out in high school.. The first person I was close to who was openly out was a co-worker while I was in college.
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