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  1. We don't get a menu either which led to a funny story on Monday. My college DD and I were sorting the food for fridge, pantry, freezer. She said "Corn dogs! Sweet!". I was sorting something that I decided were cheese curds (we're close to WI, what can I say?). So, for lunch she pulls out her corn dog and decided to go for the cheese curds. Well, when she opened the container of cheese curds, she said, "Wait these are mini corn dogs. So, in the same package we got corn dogs and mini corn dogs? Weird." She cooked the big corn dog and bit into it - it was a pancake wrapped around a sausage. Still
  2. Oh, that would be a toughie (and probably something I would worry about for months prior to the date!).
  3. Nope, no planning for anything beyond next week. Just plodding along day by day.
  4. Most of my family is buried in a different state, which both of my parents came from. So, I didn't grow up visiting graves often. However, when I do get back to the area (about every 5 years or so), I visit my father's stone (he was cremated and the ashes scattered, but his tombstone is there in the family area) and other various family members. My mom's cousin takes care of the family sites, so she and I usually go together so she can take me to the ones I can't find. We pull some weeds, talk about our memories of the person, scrub the stone if she's noticed it's dirty lately, lay some fresh
  5. I've got to go out and about for a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I think I'll pick up some fusing and make some of these stars. Christmas present for my neighbor and some Christmas fun for us - yay!
  6. My tree usually has "finger chains". Yarn knitted with your fingers as the needles. https://www.instructables.com/How-to-chain-knit-with-your-fingers/
  7. That would definitely catch their attention! I like fire, but my youngest would lecture me on the safety violations LOL.
  8. Looking for some fun ways to make Christmas special with teens. We're going thin with presents this year due to budget, and most activities have been curtailed. It seems like anything I suggest is met with eyerolls and a quick return to the screen or the book. There will be no family visiting, so I'm afraid most of December will just go by with no real excitement. We don't celebrate Advent. Any ideas on how to make this season a little more fun? I am planning on hot chocolate and the drive through lights one night. Christmas read aloud? We've done most of the well-known ones. We're
  9. 2020 came out to be a wash. We are almost exactly where we were financially when we went in to 2020. Hopefully, we can make some traction in 2021; I feel like the past few years has been just a holding pattern. When we get some $, it seems something comes up that takes it. Medical for this year: 3 hospitalizations and one 6 week stretch of daily therapy, 3 months of 2x week therapy. One root canal. 3 cavities. Finished paying for 2nd kid's braces although removal has been delayed. Medical for next year: We're being hit with some doozies of medical bills right now even though our ki
  10. Ours is usually in the living room corner so you can see the TV from it. It's where the tree goes, so right now it's in our bedroom.
  11. I started my morning by getting on the exercise bike. 20 minutes because the cat decided it was time to get off and feed her. She can be a nuisance.
  12. Made $15 today on our Christmas tree stand. We sprang for an artificial one this year. Oldest has some pretty bad allergies, so it was past time to move to fake greenery.
  13. I have a DD who we are "holding back". She has had a rough 2 1/2 years with mental and physical health issues. She is only now starting to come out of the fog a little bit. If she makes a huge leap in the next few years, we will figure that out, but for now, I'm calling her a 9th grader even though she has been a 9th grader before. I don't know what you would like to know. The reasons we are holding DD back are 99% most likely not the reasons you would hold your son back.
  14. Mayhem celebrates Tuxedo Cat Day by wreaking mayhem in the laundry basket.
  15. Congratulations to your DD! How exciting. Hugs to you this Christmas season.
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