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  1. Just got a free Sam's Club membership. Don't know if it's available to anyone else: From Discover Card. Use your Discover Card to purchase a $45 membership, get a $45 card credit. I got an email with the link to activate. I figured it gives me another option.
  2. Yesterday was youngest DD's birthday. Quiet day except it started with the cats cornering, but not knowing how to kill, a mouse in the kitchen at 4 am! Ugh! Youngest made her own cupcakes, as she's the baker, and she chose Little Caesar's for dinner. She and middle DD organized youngest's room, which is also one of youngest's hobbies. Middle DD has been researching colleges like crazy this week. All of a sudden, she's had a burst of academic energy. She's even started understanding math and is doing very very well in everything else. I think it might be caffeine - she's had her period th
  3. I didn't know this until my girls were about a size 4 in kids; they started switching between the two. I buy mine sometimes in the kids' section now if I can find them. My youngest can switch between the two easiest; the rest of us have around size 8, so it can be difficult to find in the kids' section.
  4. The IRS has their page here: https://www.irs.gov/publications/p969 Definitely not an expert, but by my reading: Deductible: Must meet both individual and family (if family plan). So, between $2800 and $14000. If you have a per person deductible, it can't be less than $2800. Quote: You have family health insurance coverage in 2020. The annual deductible for the family plan is $3,500. This plan also has an individual deductible of $1,500 for each family member. The plan doesn’t qualify as an HDHP because the deductible for an individual family member is less than the minimum annual de
  5. I've always gone through streaks of selling. Sold American Girl stuff a lot when the girls were into it. Get in a huge lot, separate out, kids took what they wanted, and I sold some for a profit. Sold all of my mom's stuff (for a percentage) when she moved into an RV after retirement. I haven't done it in a couple years. I do have a couple of AG dolls that I should get out there for tax refund season - McKenna and Kirsten. DH is excited to have gotten it. He works for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, so he's eligible as an essential worker. Our county just opened it from the 65+ age group.
  6. Yeah, I haven't sold at FB other than in person, so I assumed they would hold for a while. Good to know it's only about a week. Thank you, again, for posting about the books. I would've never thought about people wanting them if I hadn't seen it here. Did you ever find Mulberry Street?
  7. I did as you suggested. Sold almost immediately at $175. There were several other ones out there at $195 and up, so I undercut just a bit to get it out. Not too shabby - already waiting to be dropped off at the PO by DH. He's off to get his vaccine in a few minutes and he'll drop it on his way. Money will go to the tuition fund (we have to pay for DD's German 3 class in May to get a discount).
  8. It was supposed to end tomorrow. Ebay removed it for being offensive. So no sale.
  9. It's an auction - it has numerous bids. It's currently a little more than $150. So, I'm pretty happy with that.
  10. I do have a couple friends who went this route. I find it too risky for my taste - home birth, sure, unattended, no. Me? I had uterine surgery before my first pregnancy, so only planned c-sections for me. I didn't even have a contraction until baby #2. So, I can't really speak too much for birthing stories.
  11. But that shows it as a proportion of ER visits, which are down overall. From the study found here: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6945a3.htm?s_cid=mm6945a3_w#F1_down Mental health visits are down overall from year to year. It's only when the other reasons of ER visits are farther down, that mental health visits look to have increased. Edit: one of my DD's spent time in 2 different in-patient adolescent psych wards as she has at least 1x per year for 3 years. Both hospitals were far less crowded and it was much easier to get a bed than in previous years. I'm not sayin
  12. I never had this problem; my kids' summaries leaned toward the "It was about a dog. Period. Done." style. I can think of some things I might try other than the highlighting that you've already done: Borrow from IEW keyword idea, and do 2 or 3 keywords from each sentence. Then, after he goes sentence by sentence, he writes from his keywords a summary. Then, he can add his own flair to it if he wishes. Or some sort of visual graphic organizer like 4 Square Writing, where he would highlight the main point and some subpoints. Stretch the same passage to another day. Since he
  13. I love to do my taxes as soon as humanly possible for a couple of reasons - um, money back, yes please! and my mom claims she has lifetime tax preparation services since she helped put me through college. That being said, I just yesterday got out taxes done. There was an issue with DD's 1098, but it's figured out and filed. DH has never done a tax return in his life; his father was an accountant, and he married an accountant.
  14. I think that looking at the school profile (found on the school's website on the link for Data Profile about halfway down the page) says that this is a definite problem. Around 5% proficiency in standardized testing (the whole district ranks at a 9% (math) and 16% (LA)) 48% 4-year graduation rate 61% attendance On a scale of 1-10, students rate their safety from bullying at a 2, although parents rate safety at 88%. https://www.baltimorecityschools.org/schools/430
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