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  1. Oof, I'm sorry. I just had to go dryer shopping with my MIL this past weekend - I can attest that it is way more fun to spend other people's money on dryers...
  2. This morning I have surprise $. I don't know what it is. It says it is a transfer from my paypal account, but it's not showing in my paypal transactions, and it's a weird amount. I didn't authorize a transfer and I haven't sold anything other than one set of books through paypal recently (and it's a totally different amount - 30 some odd dollars more). I guess I'm going to leave it in the bank account for a while to see if they suck it back in. I'm clueless. How'd I get a quote box?? No idea.
  3. She would walk around the room and tap one kid's answer sheet repeatedly. He would then change the sheet. I posted about it here when it happened. She reported it, but we didn't hear anything about any resolution.
  4. The mattress is gone! It was somebody completely new. The lady from last week didn't show, and I got a message and it was picked up within 30 minutes with cash in hand from a young couple whose brother is moving in with them.
  5. Worked on some Christmas shopping this weekend. I saved points on my credit cards for my holiday shopping. I actually think I'm going to have extra this year. I'm going through their gift card options and ordered some for "free" to get the Christmas ball rolling. We are giving the grandmas gift cards in $10 increments to different restaurants, so they have multiple free or almost free meals on us. Yesterday, Groupon had a deal for a $10 Starbucks card for $5. I picked one up for my MIL who was just commenting how much she enjoyed stopping for Starbucks while driving to visit her sister. Just ordered Cracker Barrel for both grandmas, and Red Lobster for my mom as well. A couple more and they're done. Need to prod DH on what he agrees to for the kids' presents. We discussed Christmas presents this weekend, but he will put it off until the last minute if I let him. I'd like to have them here by the end of October, so I don't worry about shipping delays. In gift card shopping, I noticed that Discover gives bonuses (for example: redeem $10 in points, get a $15 card), and they have hotels.com. I'll have to look at that for going to and from Alabama - may be a better deal than we are getting with Swagbucks rebates on hotels.com currently. I said that I was done selling, but the mattress has gone through like 6 flaky people and it's still in my bedroom. Today, one of those flaky people is supposed to come pick it up - she didn't show last week but sent me a message yesterday asking if I still had it. We'll see if she comes and gets it this afternoon. I found an inexpensive Trunk or Treat display that I can do for the library, so I'll start getting that ready. I'll get paid about $40 for doing it, so I wanted to do it as cheaply as possible in order to keep that $40. It should cost less than $5 since the library provides the candy, maybe even less if I dig around in the garage some.
  6. DH and I discussed gifts this weekend for the kids. Now I need to prod him to agree to purchasing them early. Looked up Flylady's Holiday Flying missions - I need a kick in the butt to get in gear.
  7. DD got her September scores this week. I'm happy in that we were afraid they were going to cancel all the scores for the room since the proctor was cheating.
  8. So glad the car sold! I cancelled all my sales for a while - I'm burnt out with the constant trips to the post office, etc. I figure I'll pick it back up in a couple weeks for Christmas. Nothing much happening here. Just chugging along.
  9. DH still complains about his teacher who graded their spelling in math class. He could do math; he couldn't spell (still can't). So, all that accomplished was making him struggle in math class (and hate the teacher).
  10. The new response here to every local Covid news article (since the ICU's are filling up - we have 10% available, a region in southern IL has 0) is that all the nurses quit because they refused the vaccine. Apparently, if hospitals didn't make people get vaccinated, we would have ICU beds available. This, despite the fact that the total # of ICU beds has remained unchanged or even increased in some regions.
  11. Academically, the kids are fine; 2 out of the 3 are very glad they were/are homeschooled. I'm wondering if it was worth the financial sacrifice as I have calculated I will be working for at least the next 2 years (!) at my part time job simply to pay off our medical debt, not to mention retirement age staring us in the face. I made more $ than DH when I had a high risk pregnancy and left my job that I just never returned to, so we've always struggled with money.
  12. I don't like paying for anything, but they will pry my Amazon Prime from my cold dead hands. DH was a college student for several years, and we took the Amazon Student amount, but I will now pay full price. I ship a lot to my mom in Florida so she doesn't have to shop around during Covid, Subscribe & Save a ton of stuff - one of my DD's is prescribed a basketfull of supplements to use every morning and Amazon has the best prices on most of those, use Amazon Prime (we do 1 other streaming on a rotating basis - currently Discovery+), DH uses Amazon music extensively, and DD uses the photo storage.
  13. Everybody was shopping on ebay and FB marketplace this weekend! I am down to 2 items listed on ebay and a lot of books on FB. Sold a bed frame (lady who wanted the mattress got lost - she wants someone to drive her here tomorrow (we'll see if that happens) - I had 2 people contact me simultaneously about wanting part of the bed so I split it - if mattress lady shows tomorrow, I'll get more than I had it listed for since they each offered over half to take just a part), a baby doll, some American Girl books, a Dunkin Donuts tumbler, and DH sold a plunge router all within the last 30ish hours. I have several boxes on my kitchen island to drop at the post office tomorrow. Money will go toward our portion of the MRI bill. My mom came up to visit me (first time I've seen her since Christmas 2019), and she brought me new sheets and a comforter for a belated birthday present. She also gave DH his birthday present early - a whole bunch of new work shirts. I'm happy because I noticed his were starting to look worn. Found some items to purchase for the kids for Christmas - just have to turn in some of my Walmart card's rewards to cash and order. In between packaging sales LOL, I menu planned and meal prepped for the week. Hopefully, I have a good start on it.
  14. Don't think I saw this one here:
  15. DD got it a week or so ago, but the highest amount granted from her school was $1000. At her school it was based on Fafsa's EFC.
  16. Mine came Sept 15. I hope you can access yours soon.
  17. I no longer shop in person, but when I did, I went to Aldi and finished up at Walmart. My list is organized by store and aisle. It took 2 hours total - about 45 minutes Aldi/1.25 hours at Walmart. They're only about a 5 minute drive apart. Aldi is always packed, and Walmart just takes forever to get anywhere in the store. I seriously can't imagine shopping for a week in less than 20 minutes. We have a grocery store called Woodman's here that is MASSIVE - you get a workout in just walking the store. I only shopped there a few times because it just takes forever to do any shopping. Checking out is usually 5-10 people per line - Ugh. My MIL loves the store though.
  18. Got the Child Tax Credit this morning. Already parceled out to a couple of funds & paid on a credit card. Working 3 extra hours this week - Saturday is National Clean Up Day, so I'll get paid for some light gardening at work. It's going to be beastly hot though. Bleah - I signed up before the forecast was out. Ebay dropped some money in my account today - I need to figure out what I'm applying it to (I think curriculum). I have got to finish listing the rest of the stuff I have in the pile as I think I am down to only about 4 things listed. Youngest tried on a slew of dresses she had in her closet. I have 7 dresses to sell, sizes girls 10 - junior 3, and I'll need to figure out how best to sell them. Some still have the tags (my mom always felt she needed new as well as hand me downs, so she had a lot of clothes). I need to get a menu plan and grocery list going for an order on Friday.
  19. This is the main reason we never returned to co-op after Covid started. Unmasked (we had a mandate at the time), building limit set to 10 people by the church we met in (there were way more than 10 people in the single line I was in at the time) in order to pick up end of 2020 school year stuff. I was appalled, still am, that it is the Christian co-op for the area - blatantly lying about their precautions.
  20. I'm so sorry. My mom is going through a similar thing, except she made a comment in email that cranked off her friend. I thought it was a bland commisereating comment (she sent me the email with a "Where did I go wrong?") about how frustrating quarantine while feeling well can be, but unvaccinated (currently quarantined due to her DH's case) friend took it as a personal slight. *sigh*
  21. I'm currently selling a bed. First person: Scam Second person: Set it all up. Then, after agreed upon time, she says, I only have a hatchback. Will it fit? No?!? Can you deliver to XX (45 minutes away)? Third person: Lowball of $20 dollars. Um, no, I'd rather donate it now. Fourth person: Set it all up with lots of back and forth - new pics, etc. Sends, "Thank you, See you tomorrow! You are a smoke free and cat free house, correct?" "No, we have 2 cats." "oh, then I don't want it." In her defense, she may have simply forgotten to ask although it sounded like she just assumed everyone would be both smoke and cat free. Setting it up took no less than 7 messages, and then, bam! no sale. If it's still not sold by next weekend, it's getting donated. ETA: DH's selling some spark plugs he found in the garage recently. Box of 4, never opened. Bought them just a couple of months ago. Best response was: "I need 6". DH answered, "Well, I have 4 as shown in picture." "My car needs 6." DH says, "I have 4." Guy never responded.
  22. I have to apply for the financial relief on Monday for DD's MRI. I also found that the cardiologist got paid, but it's showing as owing in Middle's my chart, so I have to get on that. Sold 2 sets of books and the duplicate math book this week on ebay. Yay! Stayed within my grocery budget for the first time in about a month. Made a plan for the coming week - getting Child Tax and we both have paydays. Dentist gave Middle a free box of whitening strips as she just got her braces off.
  23. We did discuss that on the way home. She's ok with it - she was taking the test to improve her math score so she didn't have to take the Accuplacer, she figures she can just take the Accuplacer. I, on the other hand, may not be so happy...
  24. I doubt if there will be any blowback to her - she's not known at the school and several kids talked to the "head guy" following the test.
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