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  1. Two parties, one child, and a ruler who decides what's best for the child. It's a tale as old as the Bible.
  2. SKL, I hope it's not out of line for me to say that though you may have picked "conventional" schooling for your kids, based off previous posts, you are proudly an "unconventional" parent.
  3. I homeschooled until circumstances changed, and I had to go back to work. I can't wait until my son can get back into an environment were he can focus on learning his braille. His swim lessons and my job has kept him from doing much. My middle daughter has worked all summer on her twirling. She'll be able to perform in front of her classmates this year. She's also excited about her Spanish class. It's suppose to be very rigorous. My oldest is a senior this year. I'm not so excited, but she is. I love spending time with my kids. They love spending time with me. And, yes, I'
  4. How did the person behind you react? I would have been uncomfortable being included in such an awkward encounter. (I had to come out of seclusion just to ask.)
  5. Really. Not what I was saying out all. But a lot of this conversation is just going around in circles. I was really trying to be nice rather than rolling my eyes at his comment.
  6. I know this is a long thread, but I'm wondering how much of it you've read. A lot of this has already been hashed out here.
  7. Well, that certainly doesn't make you an idiot. :) I guess if I had the courage and the eloquence to say the right thing, and the smarts to know when it was time to just shut my mouth, then, yeah, I guess I would say something. But I've put my foot in my mouth far too many times now.
  8. Definitely stay out of it, and definitely be careful what you say if and when either of them come to you with complaints about the other.
  9. Well, put a beard on him and he'd look just like Ted Kaczynskyi. :glare:
  10. I have this urge to reach up and scratch my screen right about where his chin should be.
  11. I don't want to get into this with you - not here. But you are making assumptions about her classmates' intelligence and knowledge. Please remember that people can have knowledge in history and still disagree with your daughter. Also, there is a lot of carrot dangling going around.
  12. Or maybe her classmates are just as intelligent and independent thinking but disagree with her view.
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