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  1. I'm happy to read that there is more of The Last Kingdom and The Expanse...especially The Expanse. Yay!
  2. Dexter and hopefully, one day, the prequel to Game of Thrones. Does anyone know what it's called?
  3. Congratulations to all! What a great story! The "children" are beautiful and you'd never know there was a flower or bustle out of order. Well done to all of you!
  4. This is me right now. Had a virus beginning of August and the cough never went away. Then I caught something again at the beginning of September and the cough is at an all new level. Even though I've been sick for 12 days, I feel like I'm getting sicker rather than better. Ugh. I'm so over being sick! I'm vaccinated, I wear masks and I'm careful about hand sanitizer and hand washing but I just can't win against whatever, other than Covid, that is going around. I hope you feel better soon! I know my throat is raw from all the coughing so I'm sure yours is too. Big hugs!
  5. I'm emotional every year and I try hard to skip over the news regarding 9/11. I still take the time to remember but I can't listen to any of the re-plays of videos or audios from that day. I just can't.
  6. Since I get my medication on base, in my mind the pharmacy is where I get my prescribed medication. Nothing else is available or for sale. The drug store is where you can get prescribed medication, OTC drugs, snacks, drinks, health and beauty supplies, and film developed (do they still do that?)... ie. CVS, Walgreens, etc. There is a place in town where you can pickup medication but they also sell medical supplies and equipment. We do call that one a pharmacy.
  7. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch Opie work the soda counter at the drugstore. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AWMGUGO?tag=reelgood06-20
  8. Thank you, I wasn't coming through clearly (back to bad communicator) but, yes, I wasn't mad that she said no. I was a little hurt that she didn't feel able to talk to me about what the doctor said when I was there because at that point I had no idea. And I was a little hurt that her post insinuated that she had no family support but I never intended to respond to it. I never do. DH has never read her FB. He's heard me mention a thing here and there about it but had never seen it for himself. I wish now he still hadn't because he's fuming about how it paints our side of the family including the grandparents. I guess since I have seen it a bit at a time that I was able to vent privately but ignore it publicly. But as he read one post after another, he saw one big, ugly picture and responded. So we definitely need to figure out a way to get together and work things out so everyone can be on the same page and work together for the best of everyone.
  9. The plan was, as a family (my parents, DH and I), to come together despite the pain and stress involved with caring for a small child and help them through this medical crisis. Temporary measures until it was safe for grandson to re-enter daycare or for her family to get here. So we had put our health care aside for his. I think that's completely different from agreeing to watch both children for hours on end so they could have "me" time. Plus caring for just one is infinitely easier than both. He's not walking yet so it's easier caring for him all around. I did tell her that I prefer these kinds of conversations be in person. Anything important needs to be discussed because things can be misunderstood through the typed word. In person or even over the phone, you can have a back and forth type of dialog.
  10. The latest - Saturday didn't happen because they were sick. They ended up taking grandson (1yo) to the ER because he had a seizure. At the ER they gave him zofran for nausea and he had an allergic reaction to that. My poor little dude! They suspect the seizure was a febrile one. So she asked me to come over yesterday to watch the kids while DS and her sanitized the toys. I did for about 4 hours. It went fine. I even asked DIL if I could take granddaughter (2yo) out with me this weekend to run errands thinking this would give her somewhat of a break and granddaughter used to spending more time with me while out. She said yes. But then today happened. I didn't realize until my son's GF pointed it out that DIL has posted on FB that she needs to find a new job because the doctor told her that grandson needs to stop going to daycare, at least for a while, and that she needed a stay-at-home job because she doesn't have any family support here and won't until her family moves down here. I was there for 4 hours and she never brought that up with me once. I don't get on the internet every day. If I'm busy, it's the first thing that goes. I've told all of them this so I can only hope she didn't assume I had read it and ignored it, but maybe she did. 🤷‍♀️ So after seeing her post, I discussed the situation with my parents and my dh to see what we could do to help. My parents offered to keep him some days, DH offered to help when he got home, and so I told DIL that I could watch him to help keep him away from all the kiddie germs. She said no. The drive is too far. She didn't say so but I think she wants to me to go to their house or pick him up, or even keep them both. So I asked if DS could drop him off instead to make things easier for her and I didn't get a reply until DH made the situation worse. He had been looking forward to seeing grandson when he got home from work and I guess he was upset by her refusal and posted to her FB message saying that I had offered to help them but she said no. I hate drama. I especially hate social media drama so I asked him to delete it. Too late, she had already seen it and that's when she finally replied to my question about DS and then went on about how hurt she was that DH posted that on her FB. So now drama is spread all around. Ugh, double ugh! My stomach hurts. I don't know what's next but I can't imagine it being good.
  11. Just gorgeous picture of the two of you. Give that sweet one lots of Auntie and Uncle kisses from us.
  12. It's breaking my heart just reading this. I am so, so sorry!
  13. Adorable little sweetheart! I wish you many happy, love filled years ahead!
  14. The requirement to pay co-pays and deductibles makes so much more sense than flat out denying coverage. Thank you all for your help. I just couldn't picture entirely denying their claims. I don't think a child hospitalized with chicken pox complications is denied coverage if the child isn't vaccinated, right?
  15. My youngest son's GF was telling me that insurance companies are denying claims of patients who end up in the hospital with Covid and who didn't have the vaccine. I guess they could if having the vaccine was part of your agreement with the company but I can't see it working without that or without any mandates in place by the state, country or employers but I don't know a lot about insurances and could be way off base. We are vaccinated but I'm still curious if this is true or the way things are headed.
  16. In February, something, I don't know exactly what caused me to be able to barely move without excruciating pain. For a few days, DH had to both lower and pull up my pants for me to go to the bathroom. I hated that when it was right after a poop and the air was less than fresh. I was barely able to wipe. It was a lot of pain to do so but I couldn't bring myself to ask him for that kind of help. I hope never to need that kind of help but I'm not sure life will play out like that for me.
  17. I've either had the same thing or something close to it. Twice this summer I've been through it and it was rough. The second rougher than the first and I've still got a cough that won't go away. I sound like a long time smoker. But it is getting better just slower than I would like. I hope you are on the road to recovery soon!
  18. I agree with this 100%. It took me a while to stop asking my father for help for household repairs. He loves doing those kinds of things and still putters quite a bit in his own house but I finally realized when he was about my age how much those kinds of things cause him pain. It's one thing for him to putter at his house at his own discretion than it is at my house where he feels he has to get it all done at one go. It's hard watching your parents age and decline and hard to accept, that's for sure.
  19. Twice this summer I've been really sick. Every symptom I've seen of the Delta variant type of sick. Both times I tested negative. I've still got a lingering cough so it must be something going around this summer. I hope you feel better soon!
  20. Most of the people I have mental pictures of I've actually seen pictures of so those are fairly accurate but I'm sure there are others I've got dead wrong. Profile pictures do seem to influence what my mental pictures are. I've been wanting to change my profile picture but I know how hard it is the recognize someone when that happens. It takes me a while to reassociate a person with their new pic. I almost added a real picture of me to this thread but then I worried it might not be the direction this thread is meant to take so I decided to axe that idea.
  21. I'm not sure if DS will be there but DIL definitely will be. She works M-F but his schedule changes weekly. You're right, I probably won't lead with the entitlement and rudeness and I hope I don't have to actually use those words. What I'm hoping is to work the babysitting and pain into our conversations as the day progresses so it seems less confrontational but if "no" doesn't seem to be working then the words entitlement and rudeness will be brought out as the big guns. Thankfully, since I will be at their house, I can get up and leave at any time and not be stuck in an uncomfortable or confrontational situation. DIL is always agreeable face to face, though. It makes it hard to read her because she will be saying one thing quite convincingly and later I'll find out she was thinking/feeling something else.
  22. DIL has asked me to spend the day with them Saturday. Just a stay-at-home kind of day. Hopefully, this will give me the opening I need to talk with them about this. They could actually be thinking the same thing but the conversation definitely will not go as they want if that's the case. Yesterday, hurt more than the day before. I managed to sweep the kitchen, front hall, bathroom and the porch and then swept and hosed off the front mat. I also got a load of laundry done. My body was just done after that little bit of work. I needed to take DS#3 to work because his car is on the fritz and since he works for a grocery store I took the opportunity to get some shopping done. I couldn't even make it through the store. Carrying in those few groceries and putting them away just about killed me. The rest of my day was shot. I really miss those days when I could clean the house in a single day.
  23. Yes it is. I was concerned they left their cat they've had for many years behind with this move so I was thrilled when I saw it walk out of the bedroom when I was over there babysitting one day. It's my understanding though that her parents are planning to leave their dog behind so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  24. My eldest and his wife just recently suffered another failed IVF treatment. They've decided that's enough. Too much money and too much heartache. So now the plan is to remain childless and try to be a great uncle and aunt. My middle - well, you've probably seen my thread about him, DIL and their two children. Those children are the light of my life. The world is certainly brighter with them in it. My youngest and his girlfriend probably haven't agreed yet about children. He's never been a natural with kids. The only time I've ever seen him interact well with littles is when we all went to Disney World and his girlfriend half forced him to hold my grandson. Well grandson is a super chill dude and easy to amuse and had my son throwing him up and flipping him around while grandson chuckled his fantastic baby belly laugh. I think this opened his eyes a bit to how amazing kids can be. His girlfriend definitely wants kids so if they get married I'm sure they will have a few.
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