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  1. I just heard about this on Clark Howard's podcast. https://fame-usa.com/fame-program-for-students/ Students attend community college two days per week and work three days per week for two years. They can graduate debt-free and earn $30,000 or more during that time. Often the sponsoring employers will hire the students at the end. I think Clark Howard said the program is based on the German apprenticeship system. States with programs: Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia
  2. I took the English Composition CLEP test last week. Later that day I was able to register for the Principles of Management CLEP test using the discount code. Once I pass it, I will be done with my degree. YAY!
  3. One of my first thoughts was that if the car seat issue is enough to change your mind, you don't have the perseverance and/or money to raise a third child.
  4. I would think daycare costs would have a much larger effect on the number of children a couple has. Maybe this has already been studied.
  5. Where I live now, the schools spend half as much as the school district I grew up in. Here teacher pay could use a boost, but I doubt the education is only half as good. This is despite a much larger percent of ESL students, which is very low in my hometown. The tax rate in my home state drives people away because who wants to have $6,000+ in school taxes every year for middle class homes? My parents have a second home in a rural part of the state that is worth maybe $150-200,000 and the school taxes are about $4,000 per year.
  6. Considering how may families around here drive large SUVs despite only having 1-2 kids, I have my doubts that car seats make a big difference. I could see it having a small effect, but really, if the car seat issue is enough to dissuade you in the US, you probably didn't really want a third kid that much. (I can see people stopping at whatever number their minivan maxes out at to avoid getting a big van, though.)
  7. I looked up districts all over my state. The average spending was about $20,000. The cheapest I saw was about $16,000 in a school district with many tech parents. The most was $25,000 for a megacity.
  8. I just looked up DH's school district: almost $19,000 per student in a semi-rural county.
  9. I constantly hear people all over the country say that schools are underfunded. I know where I live now they aren't funded nearly as well as where I grew up, so the amount schools get varies greatly. When I was a kid, I believe my school district had about 30% of students getting free or reduced lunch, so it's not a wealthy district by any means. I just looked up last year's spending and they spent nearly $20,000 per student! Why does this idea persist that schools are operating on almost no money when those in high tax states get such large amounts?
  10. A few years ago a tech issue resulted in people's names or email addresses showing up instead of their user names. That's when I changed my user name and set up a new email address I only use for this forum. I also put in fake info for my name and address for my account, that way if there is ever another problem, my real info doesn't show up in public. (When I place an order I change it to my real info long enough for the order to go through and then I change it back to my fake info.) I am very concerned about privacy and am very careful not to post identifying details, such as what the weathe
  11. I ordered this yesterday, but my access has not arrived yet. I will come back and post once I am able to get in and look around.
  12. I don't remember if the episode mentioned diagramming (in any language) or not. The general idea what that having more grammar knowledge in English makes it go better.
  13. DH took the Trump and Biden cards I posted above and modified them so we didn't all have the same buzzwords on each card. He also wrote down some ideas for next time. I am pleased to announce that I got bingo on one of my cards with fifteen minutes to spare. My kids, especially my 14 year old, loved the cards.
  14. I think DH and I are going to make a card for the moderator for the next debate. Feel free to post ideas for his squares. Try to keep it non-partisan.
  15. You'd probably need your stomach pumped. Or worse, you'd "wake up dead." I will say that in 2016, we were disappointed that neither of us got a bingo. I plan to print out several cards so we all have a better chance at getting a bingo.
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