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  1. The version of the Wahls Protocol I am familiar with is about five years old, so she may have modified it since then. If you ever listen to any podcasts where she is a guest, she talks about how being a vegetarian made her so much worse. Adding meat back in helped Dr. Wahls a lot. When I read her book a few years ago I didn't get the impression all the veggies were supposed to push meat out of the diet (unless someone wants to be a vegetarian). I thought they were supposed to replace grains and legumes. OP, I'm glad you figured something out.
  2. As someone who is strictly gluten-free, dairy-free, and only eats grains every few months, I am relieved there are so many people following all sorts of "extreme" diets out there. It makes it so much easier for me to shop. Trying to find gluten-free stuff in the 90s (back when I could still tolerate dairy and grains) was almost impossible. While I still have to almost completely avoid restaurants, at least grocery shopping is easier. Although I am not vegan, thank you vegans for providing an incentive for manufacturers to make dairy-free alternatives for people who can't handle caesin. And although I am not paleo, because legumes don't bother me, thank you paleo people for making non-grain flour alternatives available so I can have almond flour cookies or waffles.
  3. I just remembered that when I was in my early twenties and went through about a six week period of terrible sleep that I began slurring my speech. It went away when my sleep improved.
  4. Over the last month I have noticed that about once or twice a day I have some words that come out wrong. Sometimes it is like a stutter, and other times it's like the half the word gets turned into the word that was supposed to come before or after it. I always notice it right away because my thinking is still clear. I'm in my 30s. I've been having some trouble sleeping lately, and have had some emotional stress. Are there any vitamin or mineral deficiencies that could be causing this? Any other ideas to try at home?
  5. Sure, the thread title sounds demanding. I don't care. It's a little hard to talk between coughing fits.
  6. Thanks Gil. BTW, is your username pronounced "gill" (like a fish gill) or "Jill"? For some reason it bothers me that I might be pronouncing it wrong in my head.
  7. I would love to see vo-tech classes come back to high schools. I'd also like to see everyone encouraged to try them so they don't have a stigma of being only for "dumb kids." Unfortunately, offering them is still perceived by many as racist. I guess decades ago some groups were pushed into them almost automatically, and people assume the same thing would happen again. My grandfather's girlfriend's sons worked together to restore and sell old classic cars and snowmobiles. I asked where they learned the skills. She said when they were kids, one learned to restore cars in autobody classes at school and the other learned to paint them.
  8. I read about a state that had (or was considering) making the second year of community college free. I guess the idea was that then money wouldn't be wasted on all the people who go and drop-out without giving it a good try. Do these countries have problems with people proclaiming the tests are biased if various subpopulations have different results on them? I can't imagine our country making the switch because people would be screaming entrance exams are racist, ableist, sexist, etc.
  9. Gil, I enjoy reading the detailed descriptions of how language learning has happened at your house. I think many homeschooling families think that one curriculum is enough to make progress. I am inclined to think that several approaches done at the same time will work better. Can you start a separate thread about your Homeschooling Commandments? I'd like to hear what they are. I think having my own list could serve as a useful framework for making planning decisions for next year.
  10. I need help knowing where to try shopping. I am a little on the short side, so I need a place with petite pants. Here are the problems I have: Target: The shirts and dresses are too low cut and/or generally rather see-through. They don't seem to have much in the way of petite pants. Kohl's: Not much petite stuff either. Too much stuff is that shiny, spandex-like fabric that shows every roll of fat, if you know what I mean. Also, too much stuff is sleeveless, low cut, etc. J.C. Penney: My local one seems to be slowly dying. I went recently and they had half the inventory they used to have. I found one t-shirt that worked. I don't like spending a lot on clothes. Online shopping is probably not a good option for me because it seems very hard to fit stuff that fits right. What stores have higher cut shirts with thicker fabrics and petite pants that don't cost a lot?
  11. I agree with those who are concerned this will lead to more people working under the table. That will lead to more people cheating on their income taxes. Plus, the availability of loans is one factor is why tuition has gotten higher. Finally, if loans are forgiven after ten years, that is another "punishiment" for people who don't borrow, on top of paying higher tuition and paying taxes when others are cheating on theirs. ETA: I'd much rather see tuition lowered for everyone. People who don't borrow shouldn't be punished by essentially paying higher tuition than those who borrow, whether responsibly or not, and then have loans forgiven after a certain number of years (without being in some special program for underserved areas).
  12. Here is Clark Howard's 529 Plan Guide. He looked through every plan and listed which ones have low fees and good investment options and which don't. You can choose any state's plan. There is no federal tax deduction for contributions, but some states have state deductions for residents that participate in that state's plan. For financial aid purposes, you want the parents the own the account (not the child) and for the child to be the beneficiary. If the child gets scholarships and doesn't need the money the amount of the scholarship can be withdrawn without any penalty, although income tax on the gains will still be owed. Also, the beneficiary can be changed, so if child 1 has money left over, child 2 can be named. Likewise, child 1 could continue to be the beneficiary and change their own child to be the beneficiary years down the line.
  13. Thanks for pointing this out. What I was trying to say, but didn't explain very well, was that the fashion/hair/makeup industries make a ton of money from getting young women to change how they look all the time. Older women are left with either being considered out-of-style or frumpy if they want to continue wearing some style that flatters their body more but is no longer in. For example, boot cut jeans are probably flatter the biggest percent of women out there. They generally look decent whether a woman is skinny or overweight. Unfortunately, the fashion industry has spent the last decade trying to get rid of them to replace them with skinny jeans. In my opinion, skinny jeans make thin women look skeletal and overweight women look even larger. In other words, stores have largely reduced the supply of flattering jeans and replaced them with ones that seem like they were designed to make women look worse. Now that enough people have made the switch, the fashion industry is trying to bring back the high-waisted 80s mom jeans that some, uh, out-of-style women probably just got rid of. I'm even starting to see...wait for it...jumpers. All you 1980s and 1990s homeschooling moms, reach into your closets. In another few years you may be considered "cool."
  14. No, that isn't what I said or meant. My point is that as far as I know (and I may be wrong about this), fashion used to be aimed at adult women and the kids followed along. Whether I am right or wrong about that, fashion today is definitely aimed at young women, but older women generally end up adopting the same styles. Pointing this out does not equal me wagging my finger and saying, "Dress your age!"
  15. I constantly seem women 30-55 wearing what is aimed at teenagers. I get the impression that before teenage culture emerged last century, kids used to wear scaled-down versions of what their parents wore (after toddlerhood, anyway). Now I think it is largely the reverse. Fashions are aimed at the young and their moms and middle-aged women follow along.
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