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  1. Do you find yourself wondering how you'll ever get high school done in four years?
  2. I can't really predict his post-high school plans. I was planning on having him do 4 credits of high school science. Chemistry and physics for sure, something biology related, and the other to be determined. Wouldn't physical science in 10th grade look behind? I get the impression that many people only consider it an 8th grade class. ETA: I could probably count his chemistry as 1/2 credit. I looked around at various syllabi and it looks like he's done about 1/2 the work that some of the schools do.
  3. I've wondered if mRNA vaccines will allow companies to change the flu vaccine to actually match what is spreading, rather than having to predict it months ahead of time. I am also a little paranoid about ticks. Some "lucky" people get a "buy one get one free" deal on tick borne diseases and end up with 2-3 at the same time.
  4. I'd like to add that today is day 180 of our school year and I still have 53 more days scheduled. As you can see, DS isn't capable of keeping up with a high school workload with the normal school year length. He is bright, but his other waiting-be-diagnosed issues hold us back. Hence, we have more days that are shorter.
  5. We used Spectrum Chemistry from July - November 2020. Then it became clear that the program only had about 10% of the practice problems needed, so DS switched to Holt's Modern Chemistry. After 6 chapters (about 1/4 of the book) I decided I couldn't drag him through the program anymore. He was getting B+ to A- grades mostly, but I kept having to repeatedly slow the pace down. I couldn't get him to read the textbook carefully. Videos from Bozeman Science and Khan helped, but his study skills lag too far behind, and I felt like I was dragging him through the course because he needed me to sit and
  6. Lyme disease scares me because it seems hard for people to get a diagnosis after they get it unless they get the bulls-eye rash. A good, safe vaccine would be wonderful. I don't know much about the one you mentioned. However, when my parents had their previous dog vaccinated for lyme disease, he went from being healthy to unable to walk. It took several months for him to be able to walk normally.
  7. Obviously people want effective HIV and malaria vaccines. What other diseases would you like to see vaccines for? Will mRNA vaccines make any of these possible? I'd like to see a vaccine for Epstein-Barr (mono).
  8. My nightmare is that both sets of parents (plus BIL) need care at the same time, or that they all die within a year or two of each other. Each set of parents now has two houses, his dad has one workshop, and my dad has essentially three workshops plus business equipment. My dad thinks it would be hilarious for me to have to clean out so much stuff someday. (My brother probably wouldn't be very helpful.) At least I got my mom on board with organizing their financial papers, passwords, etc. to make being an executor easier.
  9. DH and I watch almost exclusively sci-fi shows. We have noticed that somewhere around 2002 or so shows began to get more explicit in both language and "love" scenes. Around 2015 or so things got even worse. We are at the point that I don't expect any shows made after that to be anything less than R rated (or what I think should have an R-rating). That's why Lost in Space surprised us so much.
  10. Lost in Space would be a good one. It is only of the only sci-fi shows that I think it actually family-friendly. There is also an episode where Londo Malari is gambling and uses one of his tentacle-like p*nises to cheat and hide cards or something. In one episode, another alien of his same race talks about different levels of teA, and how different it feels depending on how many p*nises they get to use. It's been a LONG time since I've seen the show, but these two things stand out in my mind Some little kids might find the Wraiths scary. They are like alien vampires that suck t
  11. Beware that there is one episode in ST: Enterprise where T'Pol (the Vulcan) needs to have teA with someone or else she will die. I wouldn't watch that episode with a kid.
  12. Part of the problem is that my in-laws just bought a townhouse in our state. So they will be in their state of official residency for a little over half the year and here for the rest of it. I am assuming that means BIL would only be eligible in their state, but a waiting list for a state we never want to move back to wouldn't be very helpful. This could work. One idea would be to buy a house with an in-law apartment and then hire someone to help when we want to go away. I think having him in the same house without a separation might not work because then we'd always have to be
  13. This quote from the article strikes me as a "well duh!" kind of thing. I think moms have known environment matters for approximately forever.
  14. Yes, he's verbal and can bathe himself, read at about a 2nd or 3rd grade level, reheat food, and clean. Real cooking, handling money, etc. are beyond his abilities. He's done Special Olympics for a few sports, but I don't think he's made any real friends there, maybe because most of them have been more intellectually disabled than him.
  15. I don't know if he thinks about it much. I am picturing me getting stuck with most of the work. ETA: I have a tendency to see myself as the responsible one who will get stuck with the work. My own brother and SIL have some issues of their own, and sometimes I am concerned that if they ever have a child like they plan, that I might get stuck raising my niece or nephew if it totally overwhelms them. Also, my dad is not administrative and if he outlives my mom (unlikely), I see myself as being stuck trying to help him pay all the bills, clean out a house (they own two), etc.
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