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  1. I should add that I dislike clothing shopping and don't want to drive to zillions of stores looking for petite clothes.
  2. I went ahead and bought the jeggings from the August thread. I tried on both the Levis mentioned and a similar Amazon style. Unfortunately, they are too tight in the calf. My calves and ankles are large, so I really need some boot cut pants. I'm looking for size 14 short/petite. I need both yoga pants to work out in and some nicer looking ones for the rest of the time. I'm tired of my jeans stretching out and sagging until they get washed again, so something that holds its shape would be great.
  3. The Great Courses Plus is on sale today for $10 per month, plus a two week free trial.
  4. I didn't know what I wanted to do in college (the first time), or after really, so while I've had jobs, I've never had a career. A few years ago I started an associate's degree in a specific career. I am now taking my capstone course for that program, and I will graduate in the spring. Last week I met with a friend of one of my professors about free lance work. This morning the business owner replied to my proposal and offered me $3 an hour more than I asked for! It will only be about 5 hours a month to start, but I am very excited. I finally have a career. And it is one that I can do part-time from home and ramp up after my kids are all grown up.
  5. We found out this morning our cat has oral cancer. We are going to do some palliative care and bring him home before we schedule euthanasia. The poor cat has lost 2-3 lbs since August and seems to have stopped cleaning himself last week. He is 13 and we've had him for four years. My kids are 13 and 10 and this has been their only pet. How do we help them through this? Should we bring them to the final vet appointment? DH is heartbroken. He was thinking maybe we should schedule for Wednesday because of Thanksgiving closings. Another complication is that DH will be away on a business trip for several days in early December. I haven't asked him yet, but I'm thinking he probably wants to "get things over with" before his trip rather than risk having the cat die while he is gone.
  6. Do high school transcripts only include the final grade? In other words, do they care about quarterly grades, like on a report card? Is there any reason that courses need to line up with school years? Does it matter if I have my 8th grader start high school science halfway through 8th grade rather than at the start of 8th or 9th grade? If we started a course partway during the school year would I list the final grade on the transcript for the grade when he finishes it?
  7. I saw that Singapore Math sells/sold Biology Matters, Chemistry Matters, and Physics Matters. Does anyone have any experience with these?
  8. Does Master Books promote Young Earth Creationism? That is something I'd like to avoid.
  9. I am looking for high school level science that is set up more like a workbook or CLE Light Unit. I can get my 8th grade son to read a science textbook, but doing a few pages of end of the chapter problems will probably overwhelm him, partially due to a negative experience with Novare Physical Science in 7th grade. He is the type of boy who'd best enjoy reading a stack of books about a topic, but I'd like something with premade tests. So I was thinking perhaps a "get it done" type program as a spine, plus a workbook, and reading other books and writing occasional summaries about them. Any ideas? I am open to any science subject. I am also open to combining various books and workbooks, as long as I can find tests made by someone else.
  10. Here are some tests and quizzes I made for the first four chapters. It includes a quiz and test for chapter 1, two quizzes and a test for chapter 2, two quizzes for chapter 3, and two quizzes for chapter 4. That's as far as I've gotten this school year. If people find these useful, I can upload new tests and quizzes as I make them. AOPS Algebra Ch 1-4.pdf
  11. I heard this podcast guest talking about creating a neighborhood where kids want to play outside. He had some really good ideas, so I went to his website. Somehow I also wound up looking at articles about him and his ideas. Over the course of my reading, some people were making some comments where they blamed overprotective mothers for depriving their sons of their needed masculinity. I understand the idea, and agree that helicopter parents can be a problem. However, the idea seemed to be that being cautious equals being a helicopter. In reading some of the comments, what it boils down to is that many of the women disagreed and shared brief stories about how their free range childhoods resulted in bullying or being sexually assaulted. It seems like this is something that some of the men just completely ignored as possibilities. Sorry if I'm rambling. I just wondered if anyone else thinks that maybe the hypothesis that free range childhoods disappeared due to kidnapping fears is overblown. Personally, I wonder if the bullying and sexual assault people experienced was a bigger cause.
  12. I'd like to add that my concern about this is big because I know it is one of the most likely ways for my kids to be killed. I let them roam the woods, as long as they bring the walkie-talkies. I'm not worried about random kidnappings like many parents. I'm worried about distracted drivers.
  13. My oldest is 13 and so far we've be able to avoid the whole issue of other parents driving him around. However, I suspect that it will begin to come up. I see soooooooo many people texting and driving in our area. When I was a teen, my parents had a rule that I couldn't ride with any teenage drivers. I like that rule for my kids, but I feel like a large percent of parents need to be added to the list. How often do you see people texting and driving where you are? I've seen people on their phones while turning left at a major intersection. If another parents is offering to drive, how do you find out if they text and drive? It doesn't seem like the kind of thing people will admit to.
  14. The version of the Wahls Protocol I am familiar with is about five years old, so she may have modified it since then. If you ever listen to any podcasts where she is a guest, she talks about how being a vegetarian made her so much worse. Adding meat back in helped Dr. Wahls a lot. When I read her book a few years ago I didn't get the impression all the veggies were supposed to push meat out of the diet (unless someone wants to be a vegetarian). I thought they were supposed to replace grains and legumes. OP, I'm glad you figured something out.
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