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  1. What type of students do better with Saxon high school math courses than other courses?
  2. Here's another strange symptom DH just noticed: talking makes the pain worse. He often tends to sing for hours a day while he works and yesterday he noticed that the return of his singing made him feel worse. Last night he decided he would try talking the bare minimum to see if it helped. Today he noticed that a five minute call with a coworker increased the pain.
  3. The cardiologist didn't have the heart monitor results yet at the appointment last week, but he seemed to think the chest area pain was related to the sudden severe reflux issues. As DH got the reflux under a little better control he had noticed that the pain was more in his esophagus and stomach area, near his heart, but not his heart. When the pain was worse he wasn't able to pinpoint it, which is why he thought it might be his heart. Until two nights ago, DH hadn't had any more palpitations since this all started a month ago. Last week he had a day when he didn't really have any heartburn. That day he was able to breath much better. He thinks his shortness of breath is his lungs getting irritated by the reflux. He hasn't seen a pulmonologist.
  4. Before this started a month ago DH was playing soccer twice a week and lifting weights several days per week. Now walking around the neighborhood sometimes leaves him feeling out of breath.
  5. No, he hardly ever takes any pain relievers. He just started probiotics and some fiber supplements. He eats too much sugar.
  6. A month ago DH (late 30s) woke me up because he wanted to go to the ER. He had gone to the bathroom and after going back to bed noticed his heart was pounding. He used the pulse oximeter and his pulse, just lying there, was something like 140. His oxygen was fine. The ER did a CT scan and his heart looked good, bloodwork was normal, EKG was fine, and his chest x-ray was clear. He did a Covid test after being sent home and it was negative. They gave him a heart monitor that he wore for two weeks. When he went to the cardiologist last week, he hadn't received the results. I had him write up his symptoms. We were thinking reflux and maybe an ulcer, so the PCP ordered an H. Pylori breath test. It came back negative. The GI doctor ordered an endoscopy, so he's waiting on that to see if he has an ulcer. Before this happened he never had a problem with reflux except for occasional minor heartburn if he ate ice cream before bed. He's been taking Prilosec twice a day, which is helping. Eating ice cream with every meal also seems to help sooth his stomach. He read about eating lots of cabbage to treat ulcers and it seems to be helping some as well. However, last night and the night before he had the pounding heart/palpitations again. Last night it started after he woke up in pain from his stomach. Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on other than H. Pylori, an ulcer, and reflux? The symptoms don't really seem to match gall bladder symptoms I've seen on lists, and he doesn't have any tenderness in his abdomen like is apparently expected with appendix stuff.
  7. This looks interesting. I am dairy intolerant, so I don't use MI Paste. It looks like I can use Theodent, though. I'll order some. Did your child use the regular or the 300? How long does a tube of it last?
  8. About five or six years ago someone here recommended Win Sports Detergent to get the stink out of sports clothing and gear. I bought some and have kept it sitting around since then knowing that some day I'd have stinky teenage boys. A few months ago I noticed my soccer shin guards stank and regular washing wasn't enough. The Win detergent fixed it. There have been several threads about Lantern English courses. DS15 started Intro to Creative Writing a month ago with Mrs. Grape and loves it. He likes to write Minecraft fan fiction, so he's been able to use the assignments in the course to work on a new story. I'm very thankful his teacher doesn't mind all his assignments being about the main character making weapons or fighting off zombie hoards. In the fall he's going to take Mastering Dialogue.
  9. In my mid-twenties my 4th wisdom tooth came in. My dentist at the time wanted to pull it because he thought it would give me trouble and be hard to brush properly. I mentioned it to my dad and he said he had a dentist recommend pulling a wisdom tooth for similar reasons. (It was not impacted or damaging other teeth.) My dad decided to ignore the advice and didn't end up really needing to have it pulled for another 30 years! I decided I would leave it as long as the tooth is healthy and it hasn't gotten any cavities so far.
  10. I wonder if the magic question is something like, "What can patients do to remineralize their teeth?" I would guess that a drill-happy dentist would claim that doesn't happen. The previous owner of our current dental practice recommended we have the kids use MI Paste to try to remineralize areas that were pre-cavities. The current owner still sells it, but hasn't mentioned it. In any case, we thought spending $25 to to "heal" the teeth was worth a try.
  11. I've never had dental insurance, so I have no experience with this. In fact, I think my current dental practice is out of network with most insurance.
  12. I thought "removalist" sounded like a pest control company but for people! I suppose that would be a company the specializes in evictions.
  13. About seven or eight years ago I read this article about a guy who traveled the country and had about 40-50 dentists examine him and offer treatment plans. Before he went, he had a panel of dentists from a dental school give their recommendations. The treatment plans from the dentists he visited while undercover varied from 2-3 fillings (from a dental student) to removing most of his teeth and getting implants or something. I think the average treatment plan suggested about 10-12 fillings and/or crowns. When we were looking for a new dentist around this time I took my son to three different dentists. One said he needed 4 crowns plus 3-4 fillings (I can't remember the exact number), another said 8 crowns plus about 4 fillings, and the third said 2 crowns plus 2 fillings. I chose the third dentist. Unfortunately she moved a few years ago, and I'd like to find a closer dentist anyway. In June I had x-rays taken and one of the new dentists at the practice recommended 3 fillings. I could see one cavity on the x-ray, but the other two didn't look like anything to me. I had a consult at a closer practice today (using the same x-rays) that two people had recommended to me because I wanted a second opinion. That dentist wanted to do the same 3 fillings, plus 3 more, plus a crown. She also claimed I have two fractured teeth. (I think these supposed fractures are part of the suggested fillings.) She also really wanted to do a panoramic x-ray to look for infected roots and to examine the one wisdom tooth I have. It seemed like she was inclined to remove it, although my regular dentist said it's fine to leave unless it starts to annoy me. Anyway, all this is to say I hate looking for dentists. It seems like either a bunch of them are liars and/or there is a big philosophical difference about when to drill. I asked me previous dentist about it once, and she appeared to be trying to find a diplomatic way to state that she is more conservative about drilling and that others want to drill everything that looks like a pre-cavity just in case it turns into a cavity. In contrast, I found looking for an orthodontist recently to be very straightforward because I could easily see which teeth need to be fixed. I took DS to three and their suggested treatment plan was about the same for each. <end of rant>
  14. He doesn't really like to work hard mentally. He is an above average math student (tests in the 90 something percentile), but he doesn't like to work hard at it. We only made it through AOPS Intro to Alegbra (chapters 1-13) because I eventually wound up sitting and doing the problems with him. After that I decided I didn't have the time or willingness to sit and do each course with him. Some of the lessons have 10+ proofs in them. Most have at least 5-7. It often takes him 10-20 minutes per proof, and this is after doing 25-30 non-proof problems in the text plus about 30 minutes of Derek Owens videos. It can take him 1.5-3 hours per lesson. To get through 15 out of 17 chapters (what DO covers) there are 113 lessons plus 15 tests. This is simply too many hours of math to get through for him. I remember my high school geometry teacher saying at the start of the chapter(s) on proofs that we would either get it or not. Sure enough, after correcting the tests he announced that everyone in the class either got an A or an F, except for one student who got a C.
  15. I have a hard time believing that young teenage girls will just come out and say, "I'm going out to have sex with my 19 year old boyfriend. Be back in two hours." Or that teens will say, "I'm going out to get drunk or high, steal, or vandalize with my friends."
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