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  2. Today my dad asked if we postponed our trip because we are “chicken.” It’s more annoying than upsetting, because it’s what I’d expect him to say. I’m not going to mention it to DH though because I’m concerned he might agree with my dad.
  3. Matrips, could you please edit your post to remove the part of my post you quoted? Thanks.
  4. We had another discussion today. He will only wear a mask to our favorite thrift store, I’m guessing because they have required them since they reopened. He refuses to wear one to other stores anymore because it is no longer voluntary. (His only compromise offer was to add swear words all over a mask.) He said he wants to “express” himself and those are his two choices. I said it was a false dichotomy because there are other options. I wanted to know why he was willing to protect the grandparents but not longer willing to protect his wife and kids. He said it’s because we are low risk. The conversation ended when he walked off saying, “I guess I’ll have to bottle up my feelings like I always do.”
  5. The quarantine rules are not leaving the property for fourteen days. That is longer than our whole trip and would mean we couldn’t see both sets of grandparents. We would not enjoy our trip much if we couldn’t go anywhere, such as kayaking with family.
  6. Please don’t quote. We were supposed to visit the grandparents soon, but then their area put in quarantine rules. DH thinks we should ignore the rules because they “are an executive order, not a law.” I think we should wait until we wouldn’t be subject to quarantine, even if the likelihood of getting caught is low. When DH thought it was a law, he was okay with postponing the trip. Now he seems angry with me like it’s my fault. We were very cautious and stayed home for 2 1/2 months. We have been diligent about wearing masks as well. Our area just got a mandatory mask rule, and now he is declaring he is done wearing masks. It seems that he is doing this to protest the grandparents’ quarantine and me saying we should postpone the trip. Please don’t quote. I need prayers for wisdom.
  7. A relative was planning to take his family to visit both sets of grandparents in (upstate) New York this weekend. In order to reduce the chance of catching coronavirus and bringing it with them, they had gone back to more self-isolation for about ten days before the planned departure date. Now New York has announced that visitors from his state have to quarantine for 14 days, and he's trying to decide whether to go on the trip. He thinks the police will be likely to target out-of-state plates when pulling people over. I tried to find out what exactly "mandatory quarantine" looks, which is what I believe visitors are put into if they are caught. Based on some documents on the state's health department's website from April, it sounds like it involves not leaving the property for 14 days and receiving visits or phone calls at random times every day to ensure compliance. There were also rules about how the setup of the location as far as rooms and bathrooms or else being placed in quarantine elsewhere. (I didn't fully understand all the rules, because I was in a bit of a hurry, but it looks like they want each quarantined person to have their own bathroom.)
  8. No parties? Do any college officials think this can realistically be enforced? That's the type of idea that makes me think they haven't met actual college students before.
  9. Yes, I think this will give colleges some useful data as they try to decide their plans for opening campuses back up in the fall.
  10. The original article also talked about football players from UCLA that want a third-party to be involved. They are worried that the college will try to make them play in unsafe conditions or revoke their scholarships if they decide they don't want to play this fall.
  11. What does "FBS schools" refer to? I was under the impression from years of reading at Inside Higher Ed that only about eleven football programs were profitable. The rest all either lose money or are only "profitable" due to all the donations to the program. Is this not the case?
  12. The NCAA allowed voluntary practices to begin June 1. (I don't follow football, so I don't know what "voluntary" really means.) Here is a list of football teams and the number of athletes who have tested positive. I haven't included any numbers from athletes in other sports. Louisiana State - 30 players either have it or were in close contact with confirmed cases Clemson - 23 players tested positive UT Austin - 13 players Kansas State - 14 players U Houston - 6 players Other colleges with cases, but the article didn't report numbers: Universities of Alabama, Mississippi and South Florida as well as Auburn, Florida State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Texas State and Troy Universities. DH and I think that if the numbers are this high for football, they might be high for wrestling in the winter.
  13. I have a relative who will be driving to visit his family next week. He usually drives around DC rather than through it to avoid the traffic. How is traffic there these days? He would be taking 495 on the west side of DC to 270 W.
  14. Is it common for boys around 13-14 to lose interest in sports and activities they previously loved? I'm talking as a general thing, not as a symptom of depression.
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