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  1. Ya, online doesn't show it like the app. Glad you found the info.
  2. Does it show you have meet the requirements on the app? I don't remember it being tied to billing cycle just a bit after meeting requirements. I think within 2 weeks or less. This year I've got chase checking and chase freedom flex rewards and they were within a week.
  3. My 17 year old is so much better this year (although we did have a crap day yesterday). Overall he has been pleasant to be around and fun to talk to. But the 14 year old is in the thick of it. Very self obsessed and oblivious. She says she doesn't think everyone is idiots but it is clear she does with her attitude and comments. Horrible double standards as to what is perfectly ok for her to do and we are being horrible people if we do the same thing. She has ALWAYS been one to feel things rather strongly and express it loudly. She wasn't a fun baby or toddler. The childhood years were pretty good though. Hormones have been killer. She is much better than she was (thank goodness) but we got a ways to go.
  4. I tried Zumba but couldn't get into it. I have a friend that loved it. I have done some dance workout classes I enjoyed but not enough to do regularly. Yesterday was a rest day and all I did was a short walk outside. Sleep continues to suck and I'm just not feeling very well. I'm starting to think my thyroid med change might be at the root of it. I was really hoping it would be a simple change and then I'd have improvement. I did feel better at first but have went slowly down hill and have less energy than before. I know partly it is due to sleep but I think the sleep is more than changing my schedule at this point 3 weeks in. Today is full body strength My workouts this week have not been great at all- I'm afraid I'm going to have to switch programs if my energy doesn't improve.
  5. Yes, it does not take long to buy produce from Aldi's it is already packaged. The store is small, that is one reason I love it. re: to label reading- 2 of us in my house eat GF- most of the food I buy is naturally gf - produce, meat, dairy, eggs. Then I buy a few gf specific items that are marked (like bread and baking mix) there are very few things to read the label on and I buy the same things quite often
  6. Weekly shopping in Aldi's for our family of 6- 15-20 minutes unless I'm killing time. I go in with a list and I shop there often so I know where things are. I mostly shop individual items for cooking from scratch with a few convenience items here and there.
  7. Ya, I agree with you I wouldn't want him to be going without any money or way to buy things but giving you a heads up on what he wants is good. I wonder if you could look back at the months before Covid to see how much he was spending to get a ballpark number to start with? It is hard to guess numbers when things change.
  8. Always smart to discuss it to see what will work best for you as a couple. Here is why we budget for free money. Neither of us are big spenders and don't typically have expensive tastes. Dh's only hobby is playing a computer game we already own. He's too busy for anything else. He doesnt' care about clothes, gadgets/toys, sports or anything like that. We instituted (more me as CFO here) because I couldn't make an accurate budget without having a number on that as we do zero based budgeting. It made me feel controlling without having it budgeted because charges would go through and I'd have to ask him what it was so I'd be able to put it in the budget appropriately. And I really hated to ask him about transactions- it made me feel like his Mom. Now he has a fund and I have a fund and if an ATM charge goes through- I just sort it as his personal money and move on. If he has any charges that are family items he tells me what they are, amount, and account so I know I dont' take anything out of his spending money that is really a family expense. On the other hand I often will spend a chunk on something and then don't buy anything whatsoever for 2 or 3 months. I like to let it build up so it helps me keep track of that too as it could be easy to forget how much I have spent because I do things so sporadically.
  9. What we settled on here is a certain amount of free money each month for each of us. I'd guess my dh spends a good chunk of his on work snacks, even though I buy him drinks and snacks and I think that is a stupid choice but I don't ask anymore. Currently that is around $100 for him and 50-75 for me. When the budget was tighter I didn't take any for 3 months and he got $50. That is all we spend each month on individual wants- ie any hobbies, personal fun things, individual going out to eat, bought a snack somewhere, any special personal goods etc. I often buy fitness things or random home goods I find (home good fund is currently only $15 so it doesn't cover much- usually goes towards needs- like replacing old pillows, things like that). Fitness is my only real hobby currently. I tend to spend money in spurts. Like I don't spend anything for 3 months then buy something bigger. This summer I had bday money and bought a set of workout clothes and some new weights. I had a bit over a $100 saved up in my personal fund but with the car buying I put it towards that. Sometimes I have a entertainment budget for some fun family things (individual entertainment is personal money), but not always. This month it is $0 after buying a car that got wiped out. Eating out was $0 until a few months ago when we had our anniversary and I bumped it up to $50. So far this month that has been sno cones for the girls and the drive through for them one day for a treat(still off the value menu),drive through for dh when we ended up out and dh hadn't ate. We'll get ice cream out with the girls after their TKD testing.
  10. Dh is taking the bed today ($120) and I'm meeting a lady about a jacket ($15)- not certain she is buying or just looking but I had to go to town anyway. Hoping to find other things to sell today to meet my goal. Still about $75-$80 short even after the bed and jacket(assuming it sells). I am going to be keeping the grocery budget as low as I can so I can maybe squeeze some out of it at the end of the month if I don't hit it. There are more rumors VIPKID ends this month but no official word. Who knows. It is like end time projections when one date passes there is another date. I've had more classes this month then I have since last fall/winter when I was working 7 days a week but the hours are rough. If I make it at least another few weeks into October that would be really good but I will take what I can get. Menu done- still working on grocery list- shopping today Wednesday: Chicken Pho Thursday: Chicken Chili (w/ dried beans and using leftover chicken from pho) Friday: Chicken Shwarma, roasted cauliflower, spiced sweet potatoes, and rice Saturday: Steak and burgers+ salad Sunday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, roasted garlic green beans Monday: Salsa chicken w/ rice, asparagus/brussel sprouts Tuesday: Green Chile Enchildas w/ Chipolte black beans, fresh corn salsa (from leftover corn on Sunday)
  11. We were only in Nashville a day and went to the Parthenon. It was really cool, beautiful park.
  12. Ya, a bed. She is meeting dh tomorrow and offered full price- $120 for dh to meet closer to her (less than $10 in gas for him). Woot. Woot. That is a big chunk towards my $200 goal. I figured it would sell quickly as I've sold several beds over the years and they usually go fast. She's the only one that messaged me but it only takes one.
  13. Nah, just Marketplace. I have sold on eBay but prefer not to mess with it if I can (ebay fees and shipping hassle). The lady is talking pick up now so it is looking good- hopefully another $100 in my fund...
  14. Hopefully, it isn't too bad on Saturday. You have been all the ball listing things. I need to comb through things and find more to list. I really don't enjoy selling things at all but want the money. I just listed 3 clothing items- 2 name brand items that dh was given and never wore (1 with tags) and a very nice Columbia lined jacket I got for ds at Goodwill but he outgrew. Priced at $60 all together but I expect I'll end up lowering the prices at least on some of it. I can always lower but can't ask for more. Checked insurance website and they had the bill ready- $269. Paid that and readjusted my car insurance goal to reflect the new numbers. Currently have a nibble for the biggest item I have for sale...fingers crossed
  15. Ds fit into Arizona at Penney's at that stage- IIRC they had them up to size 20s in a slim. Yes, he could fit into the adults at that point but it was easier to get the slim in the kids sizes and they were way cheaper. We don't have any of the other stores mentioned locally. Ds is still thin at 130lbs/5 10.5 but doesn't care for jeans anyway so I stopped buying them. He wears athletic pants and they have elastic waists.
  16. Thanks. LOL, less food and the weight is going down, hummm. I'm still eating too much, not enough sleep is driving my appetite up. I took nyquill last night in desperation and was asleep before 7:30pm! Woke up at 11:30 and then was awake a few minutes but the next thing I knew it was 2:30, awake a bit and then my alarm was going off at 4:30. I'm groggy this am trying to wake up but here's hoping after a bit I'll be awake and feeling better with more sleep. My workout yesterday was very hard. Not sure how much was lack of sleep or it was just hard. Today is upper body. Finally made myself some homemade bread- healthier than what I can get at the store (and cheaper to boot). I'll have that with eggs for breakfast.
  17. -sold $10item; still haven't listed other items or gotten any nibbles on 2 other items posted -called insurance and price was a little less then they had told me monday but they still can't give me the exact price I owe b/c the ins. company has to prorate it. I paid in July for 6 months but since the vehicle is full coverage it costs more so I'll have to make up the difference and the difference in the last 2 months of not saving enough to cover it for Jan ($60 more a month). Ds has been covering it but I'm not going to make him cover those things, from this month on he'll get it though. -paid a couple of medical bills, still have many more coming. Looked through eobs and think I managed to put extra in the med fund. I checked and rechecked so that went back to the sinking fund that just got a beating and will be there if I forgot something -ETC credit + bank bonus+ $10 = 41.6% (37.4% old goal) of "new" car fund; I will get paid this Friday and next. I am getting more classes than I thought this week but still need to sell around $200 to meet my goal. Have got to get other things listed and look for more things -need to start grocery list and menu for shopping tomorrow -the account I opened closed my account (and that is the first account I even opened in years)- I hadn't even added any money was just trying to link 1 account with it- and they won't tell me why. I haven't even done anything with it. -got cash out for kids- ds lunch money and dd other school and hoco stuff -after a rough first week dh has done well not spending while at college. I bought him extra snacks and make sure dinner is ready when he gets home (he gets home after dinner but they can hold him over) -dh's check this week is a bit better than expected so it looks like we can start to recover from the car purchase (at least a little)
  18. -Need to list more things to sell- don't want to. Supposed to meet a lady for one item I have listed-unfortunately the smallest item and only $10 but it is something -60% of goal on Crowdtap -got the "new" car registered, taxes paid, etc Seems there is something else I'm forgetting...
  19. I finally got to my workout yesterday evening. My morning went sideways, long story short and I was busy all morning. Today is lower body strength. Also, got in a little walk around the house. My sleep is still messed up. I think it might actually be getting worse. I know have a hard time falling asleep and am waking up in the night for hours. Sigh. I need to be asleep by 9 to get up from 4-4:30 but I can't go to sleep until well after 10 then am up for hours in the night it is not enough sleep and not good sleep at that.
  20. YES!!!!! And the stupid boss babe guilt trips that you aren't supporting people.I also think I'm not asking you to support me so don't expect me to support you. I'd be thrilled to buy things if it was a good value and something I actually wanted/needed. I don't just buy a lot of things just because. The limited things I buy just because I want I'm not going to use my for overpriced crap.
  21. This weekend we bought an older model Honda Accord for the older 2 kids to drive but I'll likely be taking a turn in between vehicle purchases and stealing it here and there as I can. It reminds me of the Civic I had when we married (newer and bigger but very similar body style). I loved that Civic so much and haven't loved a car before or since then. And having a Honda (over a domestic model) gives a very huge piece of mind (for safety and my pocket book).
  22. I love the map. I think dh would love it too or something similar. Maybe for Christmas.....
  23. My 14 year old hardly had any symptoms, maybe a sore arm. Ds17 had it rough both times but also had a diagnosed case of Covid last fall.
  24. After looking at the budget and accounts we decided to- cover the car purchase with sinking funds money and a bit from the shop fund (poor shop fund). We will repay the shop fund once the other car sales and if we are lucky have some to put back into the sinking funds. I will be able to replenish those more in Dec/Jan when dh is off college and works more. Of course, if something big comes up and we don't have enough then I'll have to hit my car fund but we are going to try and leave it as is. I will be lowering my car fund goal by 10%(so my percentages will have a bit of a jump). We had planned on using the funds from my van to help fund the car for dd but will now use that for my car leaving less I need to come up with. I'm squeezing all I can out of the budget this month to cash flow the taxes and registration- so will be looking for more things to sell so the money I was going to put towards car fund from dh's check(from his small raise) will go that instead. I listed 3 things yesterday and we also posted the car. I think dh is asking more for the car than we will get but we can always lower the price if/when it doesn't sell.
  25. People! I was giving away some homeschool books and this one lady said she wanted them. Twice she said she would meet me (when I was already in town) and ghosted me. After that she asked me if I could message her a reminder before we were supposed to meet. Um nope. I dropped them at Goodwill.
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