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  1. I know it is a rollercoaster. As much as I don't want it to end I'm very tired of the ups and downs. One thing one minute and another the next. Next up we'll see how the global thing turns out. I should be on track to finish the car fund by the end of next year with just my new lower paying job. I'd hope to finish it in the summer but my original goal was the end of the year. We've put back extra this fall so we're ahead. I still might decide to work next summer to beef up the fund or push up the timeline but I'm hopeful that I won't have to. Well, that is good and bad about the car. That gives you time to focus on your other goals. Very awesome about the gift cards. Sometimes dh will get some from work as a thank you but it is sporadic. --------++-++----- Found a bed for dd2 so her new bedroom is pretty well set up, although both girls want some new decorations. I might still change the bed in dd3s room but not right now.
  2. -sold shirt on Marketplace (was a Cmas gift for dh from his family he never wore)- to the car fund - shopping for a bed for dd2- she's decided she no longer wants to share a room with dd3 (it was their idea to share and they absolutely begged for months)- I told her we can buy a bed as an early bday present (her bday is in November). Found 1 for a great price- lady says she still has it and it is still listed but when I tried to arrange a time to buy it she didn't answer. People are so flaky. -of course dd3 now says she wants to switch back to the other bed she had- that means I need at least a box springs- maybe a mattress (depending on if I keep the one from the twin/full bunkbed. I told her I'm only doing one of these at a time. Maybe bday for her. I'd not make either of them pay for such things except the fact that it has been less than a year and they insisted on sharing over our objections. BECAUSE we knew this would happen! Looks like this is my last week with VIPKID. The rumors have a lot of substantiation this time. Usually I'm booked for several classes for next week by today- yet no bookings- virtually no one has any bookings. Now, to decide do I go ahead and move my schedule up with Koreans? Still so many unknowns. will anything come of the VIPKID global? How easy would it be to move my schedule back with Koreans if Global takes off? IDK
  3. Hmmm. Interesting I'll check it out. ------------ Knee seems pretty good today. Just a little tender. Sleep had been better the last week as I was off of VIPKID for the holiday and got to sleep in. The last 2 days I've had to get up at 4 again. Ugh. Yesterday wasn't too bad but dh accidently woke me at 1:30 today and I didn't fall back asleep until maybe 15 min before my alarm. I'm def. taking a nap today. -low impact cardio done- 20 min Will try to do a short weights session too.
  4. -got paid VIPKID and cash back---> 50% of car goal (new) -found a vanity top for basement bathroom for $10! Had a faucet too! Saved me at least $150. I think the only thing else I need is pipes and fittings as dh has to replumb it but he won't know what until he tears into it (Christmas break). I also really, really want a large mirror to go above- I'm keeping an eye out for a good deal on one.
  5. Thank you for all the thoughts. I exercise nearly very day of the week and don't ever have an issue with any kind of rash. I really don't want to take benadryl.... I took it a few weeks ago for allergies and it just makes me feel terrible the next day. I do have some yeast cream I can try on it and another allergy med and see what happens. Last time it only lasted a few days so I should be on the tail end.
  6. Pfft. So ya plenty of time on the ground, almost entirely in the mud, not much grass. Just one short obstacle on hay- I was there maybe 30 second at most. I hosed off and changed clothes after the race and didn't have any skin irritation then.
  7. I had this last December. At that time I had all kinds of stomach issues and crushing fatigue. A Dr visit and urgent care only turned up low thyroid- there had been a change in my meds. Since then I've changed and upped thyroid meds a few times. My stomach has been pretty well normal, I think I had a day or two of it feeling off at some time this year but that's it. My energy is still not 100% (just med changed again in August) but 100% better than last fall/winter (I've also had to move up my wake up time which is not helping). Wednesday my skin under my breast felt funny but I couldn't see anything. Yesterday am it was noticeable red and when I took a shower I found red spots not only under my breasts buy on a large part of my torso. Concentrated around my waist and upper thighs and under my breasts. Today I have some spots down to my calves the further down they go the less there are. In the worst spots the skin feels a little raised and you can see really bad scratch marks yet I've not scratched it. I've touched it and felt it and have longer finger nails but have done nothing that should have made that amount of damage. It is not itchy but dh thinks I should take Benadryl. Fwiw I did a Spartan Sprint on Sunday 3.5 miles with kick ass obstacles. If course the last time this showed up I'd not done any major activity as I was too exhausted. Last time it went away in a few days.
  8. My son was never all that bad- I mean I'm sure he thought we were idiots plenty but didn't express it that often as he is not a big talker Last year was tough for him but not in that way. My daughter- 14.5 has made up for him. She has always been more dramatic. She feels everything more deeply and expresses it loudly. Last year was horrible. It has thankfully gotten better (much helped by bc -because the hormonal shifts were horrendous and her periods were really bad). I really hope the next 2 are more like ds.
  9. Have they tested your thyroid? B12 levels?
  10. And now my right knee is a little swollen. I don't know if I inadvertently did something to it yesterday or it is from my race. It has been a little sore but it seems to have gotten worse. So, I'll be taking it easy on it today. No walking. - 1 short core workout done(10m) and 1 more(10 m) planned; Will try to do a bicep workout (15 min) and maybe some light stretching
  11. Yesterday: -bought groceries -several cleaning goods- tp, trash bags etc -bought dds 2 and 3 the rest of the winter clothes they needed It is after the October holiday and I'm still working VIPKID. They sent out an email yesterday that they are going global. We'll see how that goes. I'm certain it will involve a pay cut but most of the jobs out there will be a paycut. I'd rather work for them for a paycut than someone else. I'll be keeping my ears and eyes open for anything else that pops up. But I'm not going for anymore jobs while VIPKID is going unless it is a great job. I don't want 3 PT jobs and won't quit VIPKID until it ends or I get something better.
  12. Hip continues to improve and is hardly noticeable this morning. Did get in my other short upper body workout yesterday (15 min). So far today 25 min hamstrings and glutes- will do 10-15 min weighted core after teaching. I didn't wake early enough for a walk. Will try to get one later. Food was not good yesterday. Sigh. I really need a reset. You know sometimes you get in a groove of bad habits. That is where I'm at. Mostly good meals but too much snacking and still not near the amount of fruit and veg I would like to eat (and feel best at).
  13. It depends to me on how old the appliance is and how big the fix is whether it is worth fixing. We've done several little fixes on our stove, they were well worth it as it was easy cheap things and it was still in good shape. When we had a repair come up for our washer it wasn't because it had some other issues and things that were on the verge of breaking- besides being 14 years old. I'd prefer to buy cars a few years old so as to not get hit by the hardest depreciation (although my budget has always been more in the range of 5+ yrs or older). Right now things are very wonky with the car market, heck most cars you can't even get at the MSRP. I hope to be able to afford a car just a few years old when I buy my next one. But we'll have to see how the market looks then and what I can afford. Who knows! I have a $$ goal in mind and am shooting for that and then I'll reexamine how prices look- to decide if I can get what I want or do I need to work on saving more and waiting longer. One thing at a time-- although I keep looking and pricing and thinking-- I'm trying to be patient.
  14. Girl, btdt. I have also done the whole stick my head in the sand thing. I always regret it. We've had so many expenses this past year (just bought a car last month that I didn't plan on buying- just 3 months after buying another car I didn't plan on buying). I've whined and bitched. Then dusted myself of and refigured the plan. Yes, it changes things. Yes, it sucks. Hard. Any money you do get saved is more than you had, even if it is less than you wanted. We keep working on our sinking savings and then it gets hit, again and again. BUT because we have been working on that saving we had the funds. It is really hard to think about that when your in the midst of it. It always takes me awhile to get my head right after something comes up. I've just got myself settled after the last unplanned car purchase and news about losing my job. It was ugly getting back in the right frame of mind. Lots of nights awake thinking and stressing. (hugs) I hope the rest of the year goes better.
  15. Damn you could about buy one for that much.
  16. Almost all my soreness has dissipated except for my right hip flexor. It is still very sore. I think I might have strained it (I rolled the atlas stone(70 lb) to that side and pushed from kneeling from the right- I should have squatted and picked it up that way- it was a lot of strain on my right hip and I could feel it)- I also fell on that side and had some soreness on the back side of my thigh from that but it is gone. It is improving so hopefully it will go away on its own. This am I did a short upper body session- 20 min chest and triceps- plan to go back later for a 15 min bicep workout and maybe a 10 min core. I could have done upper body yesterday as I wasn't all that sore but figured it better to err on the side of caution with previous injuries. I had planned to do kettlebells this week but it is too much full body work. I'm going to try and do hamstring work tomorrow but if it is still pretty sore I'll just do low impact cardio. Walk yesterday and today.
  17. Ugh! I love pigeon pose but I can see how it could be a strain on the hips. I bet it was so lovely to see old friends again. That stinks. Injuries are no fun or fair at all. I hope it resolves soon.
  18. @Jenny in Florida I'm sorry to hear about your husband I hope he is on the mend and stays that way. I did yoga, foam rolling, and a little walking yesterday. I was soooooo very sore. I couldn't manage much. Especially in my hip flexors and calves. Happy to see my upper body handled it all very well- I have some soreness but nothing like the lower body. I decided to take another recover day. I did yoga and a longer walk this morning. Will aim for foam rolling later.
  19. Yes, had a blast. Looking into more races, luckily or unluckily there aren't many close to me.
  20. We used public transportation and loved it in London and Rome but public transportation through the countryside of Ireland was nothing like in the cities.
  21. Yes, my dh rented a manual to save money. We hadn't even thought about the fact that he'd also be using his left hand to shift as well as being on the opposite side of the road in the opposite side of the car. There were a few tense moments navigating out of the airport in Dublin but after that there wasn't much issue (aside from finding the airport when we left- Google was not the best there).
  22. We rented a car in Ireland. I wouldn't have been comfortable driving but dh got used to it fairly quickly. The traffic was pretty light in most places we went as we were in the countryside most of our trip. As a pp mentioned there is not good public transportation in a lot of the places(maybe cities but we stayed as little as possible in the city).
  23. We always do a variety of combinations. Whole family- spouses, kids, grandkids- nuclear family, parents and kid + their family, grandparents with grandkids, etc. We don't do a lot of photos unless it is a special holiday occasion.
  24. Had a spendy weekend (covered by the budget but took a good hunk out of eating out). I did a Spartan Race out of town yesterday (the closest one and it was 4.5 hrs away). So, there was extra gas money (we took the car to save on that), dinner out afterwards (took breakfast and lunch with me), and a few drinks (at the Dollar General close by as the Festival was $9-$11 for 12-16 oz drinks- I should have packed more ice). I almost didn't go. Wasn't in the mood and didn't want to spend the money. I signed up almost 2 yrs ago but with the pandemic couldn't do it last summer. But I'm so glad I did.
  25. - Friday-- 25 min yoga, 25 min kickboxing, + 10 min core on Fridday - Saturday--Rest Day -Sunday- Spartan Sprint Race I did it!!! I almost chickened out. I really haven't been feeling very peppy and was not in the mood and certainly not feeling like a badass. But I did it anyway hoping it would be a good kickstart and motivator for me and it was. It was harder than I thought it would be yet I did better than I thought I would. Out of the 20 obstacles I only failed 2-- the spear throw- one shot throwing a spear to hit a target Sunday being my first time doing it- I expected I would fail that barring extreme good luck-- and the monkey bars -- Usually I'm pretty good on monkey bars but haven't been practicing so I didn't know how I'd do- my grip strength was pretty decent but the diameter was wider than I'm used to and I couldn't do it. But I did do the other 18 obstacles. the hay wall, 4ft wall, and 6 ft wall. Numerous other climbing walls and cargo nets. The swinging rings- first try- I was thrilled about that! 16 ft rope climb- got a wicked calf cramp half way up but just stood on it for a few seconds and finished it crawling under the barbed wire carring the supposedly 35 lb sandbags that were much heavier due to the rain up and down a hill, the 50-80lb 5 gallon bucket (no handle) up and down another shorter hill (kicked my ass), and 70 lb rock- easiest carry because it was the shortest but getting it up from the ground was hard. I submerged myself into the muddy water so thick you couldn't see a thing and went under the wall to the other side I got right up the slip wall- have to have good technique here- the guy in front of me fell half way up and many others couldn't make it. It was 3.5 miles. I hardly ran any of it. Most of the course was so muddy walking it was a challenge and I wanted to conserve my energy. I only fell on my ass once- I'm usually a bit clumsy so I was thrilled with that. My whole body hurts today. My upper body and core from all the carrying, hanging, and climbing. My hip from my fall. My calves from the bit of running I did do. I had planned to start kettlebells today (thinking I wouldn't do the race) but will be pushing that a day or two for recovery. Today will be a nice bath and yoga instead. Walking to work out some stiffness.
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