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  1. My advice is to travel light: bathroom sundries (including toiletries, thin bath towel so it can dry easily, and flip flops for gross floors & showers) bed linens/mattress zip cover/ thick mattress pad for greater comfort/blanket/ get cheap plastic box from dollar store and fill it with band-aids, aspirin, scissors, cold medicine, cough drops, thermometer, etc)/ notebook & pens. I would suggest holding off for anything else until they see what actually needed then have it mailed directly from store to dorm - everyone loves getting packages!
  2. so the graduation was nice - younger brother got home in time for the family road trip 6 hours each way to the college it was great to hear my two sons chatter the entire way - who knows when, or if, we'll ever have a long family car trip again. We even had a chance to quickly run to Niagara Falls for a quick look and photo op before the ceremony But here's the thing - following the college's covid mandate for graduation we each took online questionnaire and printed it off, brought our covid vaccination cards. and we did the required drive through nasal squab for young
  3. My son will walk for his Masters Degree next week. They are requiring all graduates and their four guests provide either proof of two vaccinations with last dose at least 2 weeks prior to grad date OR note from doctor saying recovered from Covid OR a negative test within 72 hours of grad date. This is going to be hard for his younger brother who wants to come from across state for the ceremony as his second shot date will be only 6 days prior so he'll have to figure out where to get tested and get results quickly as he works on Friday, and has a 12 hour drive already to get to c
  4. My doctor only asked for bone density so that's all I got.
  5. Had dexascan last week - my doctor wrote a script for it along with my digital mammogram. Both were covered 100% by insurance. It only took about 10 minutes for the dexascan with minimal contact with the technician.
  6. Wow! Just ordered two of these for my "adult" boys! Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Okay - guess I am doing something wrong. Give me some hints/recipes/suggestions that don't make my crepes ending up being torn semi-thickish pancakes that aren't even close to the real thing. Help!
  8. Whenever I've had them replaced it ended up being a crown & root canal. I have a few more but am hesitant to go forth as I do not want more crowns/root canals. If the fillings were shallow and needed replacing because of age then I would consider it again.
  9. In my town, all generators must be inspected upon installation and receive certification of safety upon placement of generators, ventilation, enclosures, etc. Therefore, each and every time you move the generator a new inspection is required. Without the certification, your household insurance will not cover any generator-related accidents and one's liability would be through the roof.
  10. Last night we had shredded chicken breas with lime juice and cilantro on pan-blacked tortillas - then bowls of rice, cheese, black beans, jalapenos, and onions that each person could add to their roll up as desired.
  11. a jar of local honey with raffia attached gift tag saying "thanks for being so sweet"
  12. Yeah to this! When I was 45 I decided no more shaving any hair anywhere on my body. It has been so freeing - I am now in my 60s and wish I had never even started shaving ever!
  13. Hate being the contrarian - but I like my side-by-side. We're not big freezer people and I hate digging through a freezer for my stuff so I like the ability to have a shelf in the freezer (and fridge side) for each type of food - like frozen veggies on one shelf, frozen meat another, etc. and likewise on fridge side milk/of on shelf, yogurt/eggs on another shelf, etc.
  14. Would you mind sharing the medical perspective with us if it's not too personal?
  15. and even if you don't compost - one can still sprinkle tea bags, coffee grinds out on your lawn - your grass will love you
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