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  1. We did this at our homeschooling coop a few years back. So went to a hobby shop and got a pre-cut kit for around $8 that included the wood car shape, wheels, and axles for each kid. Remember to ask for a discount! Also bought at the dollar store a couple packages of acrylic paint sets and a package of cheap paint brushes & superglue Didn't bother with weights as I wasn't going for an official pine wood derby - just making cars for fun. Beware of superglue as it needs to be supervised closely by an adult as it gets everywhere For the track, we left-over length of pressed wood (about 10 feet x 3 feet) from when we built our house - it was propped up onto a folding table to create the hill/slant. The car lanes were separated by nailing down some free yard sticks from the lumber yard. The kids got to race as often as they wanted until the enthusiasm wore off. It was a lot of fun.
  2. ANd it is not only pups! My 8-year old golden retriever comes running whenever he hears the printer working - just hoping to grab a copy as it is printed!
  3. Hey - look on the box of your contacts for an expiration date. My place let me return them for refund and/or credit... Just a thought
  4. Does everyone have this problem with contacts - I mean not being as clear vision as with glasses? I thought contacts were suppose to be so good since everyone seems to be wearing them. What am I missing? (besides my sight - haha)
  5. I,too, have found that my vision is not as clear when wearing multifocal contacts. I wore them a few years back when I was homeschooling so I didn't have to keep putting on and off my glasses all the time. When my kids went to college, I switched back to reading glasses for sharper focus. But I have annual eye exam next week and I am thinking about getting a pair of "transition" glasses to keep in the car so that I can wear them while driving and be able to read GPS stuff. BUt I am thinking about checking out the costs of contacts again as it seems that I need my glasses to read anything anymore...
  6. Here's a different way to go .... keep using the table clothes you already own but put a plastic see-through vinyl table cover on top of them. You can buy the clear vinyl cheaply at stores like Wal-mart that sell it by the yard. This would protect your table cloth and make the vinyl is easy to wipe down!
  7. also take pictures with your phone so you can reassemble everything - like what goes where in the bookshelf, etc.
  8. I am going to use this as my mantra for 2020 to help me not becoming depressed, but more accepting of my situation. THanks!
  9. I won a raffle for a $250 gift card at Target that has the stipulation that it must be donated for a charity to use. So any ideas on which charity would be best served by shopping at Target?
  10. I got a package of 3 for my kid who has long hair for the backyard pool this summer! Just got it at the grocery store hair product aisle and they worked great.
  11. Have you looked into Waldorf style dolls and crafts? I love them. Here are just a few links I found when googling - I don't know these sites personally, but they give you a good idea. Elsa beskow books are beautiful! Waldorf dolls are different and delightful
  12. at lunch yesterday my friend mentioned that she has a washer and dryer that she is thinking of selling ... I am in need of each. So how much should I offer? She bought these about 2 years ago. She used them in an apartment for one year and then they have been in a storage unit for one year. Hopefully, they are still in working order. I don't know what brand or model, but they are definitely a step up from the rusting junk I currently am babying in my basement. I would have to rent a uhaul and drive about an hour to pick them up plus I would have to take mine to the dump and pay disposal fees. I know this is vague, but can anyone give me a ball park figure to offer? Also anyone have any pros and cons of buying used in this situation - or should I just suck it up, use my old ones until I can afford a new set? THanks!
  13. I got my son a gift certificate at an indoor climbing gym - they had a special for non-members of 5 visits for $60. And you can use those visits anyway you want - meaning you can take a friend that day and it would count for two visits. So that might be something fun your daughter and boyfriend could do togethre.
  14. An actual phone call from one of my kids - I text is okay, but a phone call makes me smile.
  15. I would also suggest purchasing a diving skin. They are light weight ones for diving in warm water - not a wet suit that is for colder waters. No matter how warm the water, your body loses its warmth and these skins help make the snorkel/dive so much more pleasant. They give you UV sun protection (but you always will need to put on sun screen liberally on the back of your neck) as well as protection from coral/sand abrasion. Just google to see them - and they run about $40.
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