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  1. Ya, I think he's probably not much help but we were due for a visit. Maybe he can check for any basic things. Fingers crossed the gyn is good
  2. Thank you ladies- I'm checking all of this out before our appointments.
  3. My period started and it was a blech day. That with the lack of sleep the last 2 days and I was utterly wiped out and did nothing. But I fell back asleep after my 3 am bathroom run this am and didn't wake until 4 (I was in bed by 8). I feel so much better. Stupid peri hormones are all wonky. I got 6 pimples last week, usually I might get 1 at most. And the mood, ugh. I know menopause is no walk in the park but I'm not fond of this. Today is supposed to be kettlebells but I'm not sure when I'll get to it. I am taking the girls to the park and then dd1 to a dr's appt. Hoping I have energy after I get home to get it in but it might not happen today.
  4. Daughter has had horrible periods. Cramping that knocked her flat and very, very heavy bleeding. Finally last Dec we went and she got on the pill. It has been much better (when she takes it regularly - which she has been lately). In the last few months she's started to have back pain. It is now nearly constant. OTC meds are not touching it. She feels faint at times. I've got her an appointment with the ped on Thursday. The gyn can get her in on Monday. What do we need to look for? I'm concerned about cysts/endometriosis. What else? Tests you would have done? We had blood work before she went on the pill and nothing showed up then.
  5. Ds has tried to get on several places but not ever heard back, places that continue to advertise they have openings. He has had a great track record at McDonald's. He isn't late and shows up unless he is rarely sick (or when he was quarantined). He works hard. He is a bright student and has his Eagle Scout and Black Belt in TKD (which should show a good work ethic). He has worked at McDonald's since he turned 16 because they got back to him right away and treat him well. We made him quit for awhile (he gave 2 weeks notice) and thought he'd try some place new when summer came. He got a job at Little Caesar's, the first day the guy told him he can work him 12 hours with no breaks as it is perfectly legal here (and I couldn't find any law saying he was wrong- go us). Ok. Whatever. The second day he packed a sandwich, as I told him to see if they'd let him just have 5 minutes to eat during a slow period. He asked one of the managers when it was dead if he could sit and eat a sandwich and she said it was fine. The owner came back and told him he didn't think he was dedicated enough. Workers should spend every minute cleaning or working, no breaks at all for any shifts. So, he called McDonald's and got back on with them. When he gave his 2 weeks to Little Caesar's the owner told him that he was going to fire him anyway, he can go ahead and leave. My brother went by this location a few weeks back. He didn't see anyone there so he was getting ready to leave and as he did the owner pulls up and gives a sob story about how he can't get anyone to work for him. Another restaurant in town is advertising that they can't get workers so have had to reduce hours. This same place was in the news because the owner was sexually harassing employees. It is now supposed to be under new owners but I've got to say I'd be skittish about sending my kid there.
  6. I *think* my littles want room stuff for Christmas. I'm guessing ds will want tech stuff and dd1 clothes. We usually do 66/67 day winter and 62 at night. If it is sunny that feels ok. If it isn't it feels cold. The kids usually don't notice because they are always moving around. I have fleece socks, pants, and a sweater I wear on the colder days. It is always an adjustment after keeping the house warm for the summer. I had dh stop to pick up the feta cheese I forgot for dinner and he bought me $5 flowers. Now where to budget those....
  7. My eating was not great yesterday. And I tried to nap in the afternoon but by the time we finished school it was time for the big kids to get home. After they left(football game/skate park) I finally had a minute when I could have taken a walk but by then I didn't have the energy. Today I woke up at 3. UGH. I'm guessing this is hormone stuff with my impending period. My mood is absolutely horrible too. I'm trying to tell myself it is just hormones, things won't look so bleak after but I've not convinced myself yet. Today is a rest day, I'm planning some light yoga and a walk. My allergies have really been acting up since working outside on Sunday. And I only have 9 more days (today included) of VIPKID and the Korean job. We were told the last day was Nov 4/5th but that was only if they classes were already booked and I don't accept bookings that far out. I'm counting down. Tired and done.
  8. Short on time. Woke up at 3:30 but tried to sleep until my alarm (4:30). No luck. I get in my step goal and more doing outside work yesterday. Today is another kettlebell workout and a nap!
  9. Thinking of you. I hope you are getting amazing care and on the mend soon
  10. So, I found out Friday that Nov 4th/5th will be the last VIPKID day (the way it is written I'm not certain which- and of course until/if the global market takes off). That means for the next 3 weeks I have both jobs. That really squeezes my workout time because I still have 2 kids I'm homeschooling. I'm going to tweak my workout schedule- not taking off on Sundays- taking off both days during the week. Saturday I started the kettlebell series- I meant to start last week but was short on time. It is 5 days- I did day 1 yesterday and 2 today. Tomorrow will be 3 and then Tuesday and maybe Wednesday will be off- and I'll finish it Wed/Thurs or Thurs/Fri. I did better on steps last week than I have in awhile although there were still some low days in there. My knee is still a bit touchy so I've not been pushing it too much. I planned to start some running intervals but not until it feels good. I don't know how you ladies with FT jobs are doing so many hours of activity a day. I'm feeling squeezed. Work is 4.5hr + and then homeschool is the same. Plus taking care of everything around the house- cooking, cleaning, and taxing kids around. I'm feeling busier than I'd like. Some days I have more time but it is always here and there, and not consistent.
  11. Thanks to @sarahafor posting I didn't want to violate board rules. It was on a public page so should be visible to anyone. Yes, gas is looking outrageous. (we are all electric here but know some who use gas). That is very smart to plan ahead on ways to save on energy and DIY'ing to save even more. If you don't already you can download the ynab app to your phone then you can add the transaction before you even make it home 🙂 I usually do mine once I get to the car. Awesome job, wonderful that you could barter. Do you have a special needle to darn the sneakers? I wouldn't think a regular one would work but I'm not a very accomplished seamstress. _________________________________________ -dh bought the hvac part $225(can't remember if I posted that) it came in but then it says we have to change capacitor- so dh will have to buy that Monday ($15ish) So, dh will change the motor this weekend but we can't run it until he changes the capacitor Monday evening (he's changing the motor now as it will take longer and he has college Monday). We cannot use heat or air until then. It is getting a little cool over night now (in the 40s) but warming to the 60s in the day so shouldn't get too awful cool in the house. It was 62 this morning, which is what I usually put it at in the winter anyway. -got the girls mini icecreams after the park last week -dh bought sodas for work at DG on sale with the $5/$25 Sat. coupon -took girls to free outdoor Halloween event -I planned to take dd2 &3 to an out of town pumpkin farm but with my current work schedule it was stressing me out (working 2 hrs later pushes everything back)- so we are going to do the local one- it is not as big and fun- but it is only $5 per person (vs $12) and 30+ min closer
  12. I think partly too depends on how you define friend and what type of friendships you have/want. I prefer a few close friends, people I can talk to regularly. People I can turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on and I can likewise be there for them. I don't have a lot of bandwidth for many of those, generally only a couple of people at a time. Now, many people consider people friends that they rarely talk to- maybe a few times a year. Those relationships are easy to maintain. I don't consider that a friend, it is a friendly acquaintance. It doesn't take much to be friendly with people but to cultivate friendships is a different thing. I also think some people can more easily hold friendships with dozens of people, I don't work that way. I've been a part of tons of groups and generally get along with most people but I rarely end up with relationships I call friends- even if I talked to that person every week. Huzzah for the people that operate differently. I'm done with the expectation that everyone is supposed to have dozens of friends or something is wrong/missing.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/8410298702/posts/10159514638753703/?substory_index=0&sfnsn=mo
  14. I agree with Lecka, sounds like age discrimination. It is very much a real problem and not just a midlife crisis. I would be looking into that angle. She doesn't need counseling and to get over it. Id be looking at ways to fight it, find other women going through similar situations(maybe online if nothing else), and consider another job. Eta: actually a mix of age and sex discrimination
  15. It's official. Nov 5 is the last day of teaching for VIPKID. 3 more weeks. It is very bittersweet. I'm tired of working both jobs- working 4.5-5+ hrs in the morning really squeezes our homeschool schedule. And I'm tired of the waiting. Now we'll see if the global expansion pans out and I'll be watching out for other good paying jobs.
  16. Best wishes on your budget. BTW the YNAB Facebook group is great, if you've not already joined. There customer service is also top notch. It can be a painful process at first but the security of knowing exactly what is coming in and going out and building up those funds is the best. You are right unless you are budgeting income doesn't matter that much (unless you make a large amount of money- my husband would always say let's just cut back- but without concrete goals and priorities that doesn't work). No harm in trying.
  17. -grocery shopping done -med picked up for ds- I have nearly a month extra for him now- I think by the new year we'll have 2 (he doesn't take on weekend or holidays and I'm filling it as early as possible every month since hitting deductible) -cash for school lunches and rewards for grades from ATM -I think we'll have some med expenses coming up- one dc is having some issues; I have $800 until the family deductible so unless it is a big something (let's hope not) it will be OOP- have an appt next week but am calling today to see if we can go earlier and might need to schedule another dr too -payday and IRS CTC- car fund at 56.7%
  18. My son has a job and makes a good amount of money, he's not interested. Dd1 signed up and did it a bit but it didn't seem to bring up many surveys for her and then of the ones they did bring up many weren't applicable to her.
  19. Just got in a walk yesterday. Ended up taking a nap in the afternoon. I didn't think I was that tired but I slept an hour. Consequently I didn't sleep well at all last night. Sigh. Tomorrow is the weekend, 2 days with no alarm. Woot! And no more classes booked at 4:30, so my earliest alarm will be 4:30 instead of 4. i've been sleeping pretty decently this week. It has made a world of difference. I have felt down about how little I have gotten done but when you don't sleep you don't have the energy to do anything. Today full body strength is planned- short one- 20-30 minutes- I think.
  20. I know the incentives and referrals make no sense to me. I waited a long time to go after the job because I thought it must be a scam. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long. They have been great, until all this crap, a lot out of their control but still annoying I've never heard of anyone not getting paid. Now many of the companies already have shut down they are still going and paying us. Parts of their business model makes no sense but it is for sure not a scam. The new rumor is Nov 4th is the last day supposedly to be announced today or tomorrow. Eventually rumors will be true. We'll see. I'm ride or die now, they pay way more than my other gig.
  21. The only tip I have is there are different surveys on the computer than the app. You get more doing both. I don't count time. I do it when I have time to kill like sitting beside a kid doing work they just need help here and there. Before it was about $5 every 5 days, it seems to be more now. I'm at $75 now since starting back in September. I had about $40 backlog. I've earned $25 already this month.
  22. I can't wait to get there. It is like the sinking funds. Some I had to fund very heavily at first because they were too close. Now it has been a year the budget has went down because I've been saving for all of those irregular expenses for a year (ie when we came in and I had an annual expense I hadn't saved for and it was 6 months out I had to save double to get caught up). Same with cars. We've not been saving for them and they are both older so I'm putting back a whole lot now. I can't wait to get them replaced so I can move to a much smaller replacement fund, that will be much easier to manage.
  23. That looks amazing!!! I get this too. It is why I have switched up what I do so often and try out different things. I'm not doing anything special atm but have been enjoying my workouts. I still long to actually finish a triathlon but don't know that will ever happen with my lack of swimming skills. ------------------ So, I'm still logging food but can't figure out an easy way to post my picture and have been short on time. I tried yesterday but my phone has bad reception in the basement and I gave up. Food has been ok. Yesterday I had a mini sundae after I took the girls to the park. I didn't get a regular walk but did walk while talking on the phone. Today I have 5+ hrs of teaching, then homeschool. Thankfully it is a rest day. I don't know what exercise I'll do. I'll aim for a walk while they do TKD. Maybe some stretching?
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