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  1. I can't wait to get there. It is like the sinking funds. Some I had to fund very heavily at first because they were too close. Now it has been a year the budget has went down because I've been saving for all of those irregular expenses for a year (ie when we came in and I had an annual expense I hadn't saved for and it was 6 months out I had to save double to get caught up). Same with cars. We've not been saving for them and they are both older so I'm putting back a whole lot now. I can't wait to get them replaced so I can move to a much smaller replacement fund, that will be much easier to manage.
  2. That looks amazing!!! I get this too. It is why I have switched up what I do so often and try out different things. I'm not doing anything special atm but have been enjoying my workouts. I still long to actually finish a triathlon but don't know that will ever happen with my lack of swimming skills. ------------------ So, I'm still logging food but can't figure out an easy way to post my picture and have been short on time. I tried yesterday but my phone has bad reception in the basement and I gave up. Food has been ok. Yesterday I had a mini sundae after I took the girls to the park. I didn't get a regular walk but did walk while talking on the phone. Today I have 5+ hrs of teaching, then homeschool. Thankfully it is a rest day. I don't know what exercise I'll do. I'll aim for a walk while they do TKD. Maybe some stretching?
  3. We've just been using ynab 1 yr but I wholeheartedly agree with all of this!!!! So much. We also started ynab with no debts (house paid off years ago and the cars many more). Accruing debt wasn't an issue. I started ynab because we really stunk at saving for irregular expenses and those little emergencies that come up. We always had enough cash to pay for things (because we lived below our means) but (1) there were times things were way more stressful than I liked and (2) we weren't making progress near like we wanted to- precisely because we didn't plan enough for those things. Prior to ynab I'd budgeted plenty of times and had a good grasp of regular/fixed expenses. What I didn't have a great grasp of was those irregular expenses. Things like appliances breaking, cars needing repairs, medical bills etc- irregular expenses- like cmas, taxes, insurance etc. Things will break and those irregular bills are coming. Because of the way ynab stresses true expenses we realized that we needed to live on even less because we had to save some towards these things every month. You can't have your bills to where it eats up all your cash because sooner or later shit will happen and you will be caught without the money to pay for it. It is so incredibly obvious. Something you know intuitively but something I did not account for in previous budgets. I had a generic emergency fund but that didn't cover enough. Sometimes many things happen all at once or one BIG thing will happen. So, now I have sinking funds for things like- yearly house and car insurance, Christmas, bdays, property tax etc and savings funds for- medical, home, and vehicle expenses. Then my savings for a new car, house project, and vacation. With ynab you don't need separate accounts (I actually closed a savings account that I thought I needed before) it is easy to keep track of what money is for what. Now, some months a bunch of crap comes up and you have to put it all towards that thing(that happens less as time goes on and you can build up those funds) BUT some months are good months- when those happen you put aside all you can to prepare for those rough months sure to come. Before we'd get a nice amount in our checking accounts and think- ya we can afford that- when we really needed to save it- it is really hard to keep track of everything coming up or possibly coming up to know how much money you need to spend and how much to save- I don't have to guess anymore. I know exactly what is coming up and have funds for the unknowns too. Another ynab philosophy I LOVE is the - Roll with the punches. I'd make budgets and then feel like I failed because they'd end up changed. It is not a failure for a budget to change. It is life. Things happen. Now, as you go along this will happen less but it is not a failure. But you don't just say forget it I failed when you overspend- you have to figure out- where is that money going to come from? Spend less in another area to make up for it and move on. Then if it keeps happening reassess- why is this always happening? Am I being realistic with my budget? When I budgeted before with a spreadsheet dh HATED it. So we then went with MINT, that went ok but it is not designed the same. It works more as a tracking program than a budget program because it lets you budget money you don't have- you can't do that with ynab. Now, dh still doesn't really do ynab- he's too busy anyway- I keep track of everything. At first I had to really push for ynab- I straight up told him for my peace of mind I needed something. So, he went along with it. In the last year, he has come to be a huge ynab fan and is always preaching about it to his friends. It is not me telling him that we cannot afford/buy this or that he looks at the budget and can see- yes we do or don't have the money (of course we discuss goals and priorities and I fund things according- I check in with him regularly with him to assess where we are). He also loves, loves, loves seeing all our little funds build up and knowing- hey if my phone breaks I got a fund for that. We have generally not fought a lot about money over the years but there would be times when our money personalities would not match up- that is not an issue anymore. I prefer to save more and be more of a miser. Dh is fairly frugal but thinks I go too far (I do at times). With ynab I'm not nearly as miserly because I have so much more security knowing that various things are covered and accounted for- because I know this I'm not quite as much of a tightwad. Dh is much more amenably to saving more as he can track our progress in YNAB and sees where it is going. He sees it is not sacrifice for nothing but merely deciding that we have other priorities. Now, when we first started using it I still had stress because I hadn't prepared enough for those irregular expenses and we had a crap ton of things hit in our first 3 ynab months (3 root canals, $1k+ vehicle repairs, cmas, taxes, house insurance, hot water heater breaking, college classes (that were supposed to be reimbursed for)). But we made it through it all and each month the stress has gotten less and less as we pushed further ahead. Yes!!! For years I thought it was a waste. My tight ass thoguht why would I pay for something when I can use something for free. But, no, it is nothing else is the same and it is worth it. 10000% I wish I had started using it years ago. In fact, I tried a few years back but couldn't wrap my brain around it. This time I watched some Nick True videos and it clicked nearly immediately. I highly rec. his videos--
  4. - Paid from Korean company- $50 (just 3 days last month) -Dh buys a million dollars in gas as usual- 🙂 Keeping on, keeping on here. Nearing 75% of Crowdtap goal. Not much exciting (thankfully after so many months of so many big expenses). Knock on wood! VIPKID is still kicking and they are still not telling us crap. Saying there is no end date yet they are certainly telling some parents that they can't take anymore classes. We think it must be in phases. So, I'm still teaching with them until I can't. Nearly fully booked. WTHK???
  5. I wanted to say congrats on all the things you sold at the fair. I hope it is a worthwhile side job for you. I found the same thing you did about Rev, it doesn't look worthwhile for the time investment. I would bet YNAB would give you a free membership if you wrote explaining your situation. BUT there is a learning curve and I can understand not wanting to mess with it. My mom does her budget totally old school. She keeps a checkbook register, as soon as she has a transaction she writes it in there.. I do the same thing on YNAB. I enter transactions when I do them, not when they clear. I was not great with that before YNAB but you can totally do that with paper and pencil or in a spreadsheet.
  6. Listening in--- I'm 7 months out from my 2nd shot this week. I'm "younger" and have no risk factors but want to be prudent.
  7. Woke up early today so did my workout early. I have to teach later today and am taking the girls to the park so I won't have much time later. Got in 45m+15 min of walking yesterday. Today: 25 min Chest and Shoulders + 10 min core; Will play on the monkey bars a bit at the playground. Hopefully a bike and/or walk.
  8. I don't know why lunch is not showing because I took a picture... I'm aiming for homemade - 90% - so I'm not sweating my chocolate and occasional store bought item. I'll try to post my food for awhile because it is motivating me to not eat crap and work on my food timing and mindfulness with eating (am I hungry?). breakfast- steelcut oats, apple, pecans, and nf greek yogurt lunch- homemade club salad (turkey instead of ham- no croutons or cheese); dessert- homemade black bean brownies snack: dark chocolate caramels snack: bit of leftover chicken malaysian curry w/ rice dinner: spaghetti squash, chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli - w/ homemade alfredo sauce; store bought cauliflower breadstick
  9. @Laura Corin So, the sun doesn't rise until 7:30 now? How many hours of daylight do you get right now? I laid back down in the morning after teaching, so I did not get in my workout first thing. I did get 2 short walks and 1 short bike ride and did a 15 min upper body strength workout. I'm thinking I may just stick to shorter workouts until my schedule becomes regular again or I get more used to it. Today will be lower body. Will aim for a walk later. I downloaded the Ate app @Laura Corinmentioned and used it yesterday. I really like the focus of it towards mindfulness and the questions it asked. I think I'll find it helpful for the time being. Right now my goals are homemade food and decreasing snacking (got a ways to go) you'll see--
  10. I'm sorry. When it rains, it pours.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Sorry I missed it yesterday, sounds delicious, yum!
  12. LOL, certainly not a bed of roses. It has been pretty good until all of this mess. Not perfect but great pay for the amount of time and flexibility. I just hate the uncertainty now, it is driving me nuts.
  13. That is cool! I need to try it out. I ended up doing 2 short strength training sessions on Saturday (1 hr total) in addition to the 20 min low impact cardio. Yesterday I worked on homeschool planning (that I should have done last weekend) and catching up on chores around the house. This week I am waking at 4 on Mon and Thurs but otherwise not teaching until 5 or 5:30. I felt so much better when I didn't have to get up so early. It is not worth it. As it is rumors are growing stronger, this may be my last week of VIPKID- so I'll have to switch my schedule again. Long story short. Too many things in the air, still. I've been discouraged about my lack of productivity. It is hard when I'm not sleeping much and busy thinking and stressing. I woke up at 2 this morning, doesn't bode well for getting things done but I'm determined to try. I am aiming for a nap after lunch or after teaching if I'm really tired at that point. On the plus side will finish teaching by 8 (instead of the 9:20-9:50 the rest of the week). Planning on kettlebell workout this week- but might switch to calisthenics....
  14. Yes, China passed a law outlawing foreign teacher, ending 100k+ online ESL jobs. We were first told in August that parents would get to finish their classes and it would be around March of next year when it would officially end. Since then it has changed many times becoming more and more restrictive and closer. Our last update on Tuesday said the end was imminent, but no date. But there have been many messages from parents this weekend that they were told no classes after the 15th. Many companies have already went out of business. VipKid says they are going global but they have said that for years. We have no idea if it will take off.
  15. I know it is a rollercoaster. As much as I don't want it to end I'm very tired of the ups and downs. One thing one minute and another the next. Next up we'll see how the global thing turns out. I should be on track to finish the car fund by the end of next year with just my new lower paying job. I'd hope to finish it in the summer but my original goal was the end of the year. We've put back extra this fall so we're ahead. I still might decide to work next summer to beef up the fund or push up the timeline but I'm hopeful that I won't have to. Well, that is good and bad about the car. That gives you time to focus on your other goals. Very awesome about the gift cards. Sometimes dh will get some from work as a thank you but it is sporadic. --------++-++----- Found a bed for dd2 so her new bedroom is pretty well set up, although both girls want some new decorations. I might still change the bed in dd3s room but not right now.
  16. -sold shirt on Marketplace (was a Cmas gift for dh from his family he never wore)- to the car fund - shopping for a bed for dd2- she's decided she no longer wants to share a room with dd3 (it was their idea to share and they absolutely begged for months)- I told her we can buy a bed as an early bday present (her bday is in November). Found 1 for a great price- lady says she still has it and it is still listed but when I tried to arrange a time to buy it she didn't answer. People are so flaky. -of course dd3 now says she wants to switch back to the other bed she had- that means I need at least a box springs- maybe a mattress (depending on if I keep the one from the twin/full bunkbed. I told her I'm only doing one of these at a time. Maybe bday for her. I'd not make either of them pay for such things except the fact that it has been less than a year and they insisted on sharing over our objections. BECAUSE we knew this would happen! Looks like this is my last week with VIPKID. The rumors have a lot of substantiation this time. Usually I'm booked for several classes for next week by today- yet no bookings- virtually no one has any bookings. Now, to decide do I go ahead and move my schedule up with Koreans? Still so many unknowns. will anything come of the VIPKID global? How easy would it be to move my schedule back with Koreans if Global takes off? IDK
  17. Hmmm. Interesting I'll check it out. ------------ Knee seems pretty good today. Just a little tender. Sleep had been better the last week as I was off of VIPKID for the holiday and got to sleep in. The last 2 days I've had to get up at 4 again. Ugh. Yesterday wasn't too bad but dh accidently woke me at 1:30 today and I didn't fall back asleep until maybe 15 min before my alarm. I'm def. taking a nap today. -low impact cardio done- 20 min Will try to do a short weights session too.
  18. -got paid VIPKID and cash back---> 50% of car goal (new) -found a vanity top for basement bathroom for $10! Had a faucet too! Saved me at least $150. I think the only thing else I need is pipes and fittings as dh has to replumb it but he won't know what until he tears into it (Christmas break). I also really, really want a large mirror to go above- I'm keeping an eye out for a good deal on one.
  19. Thank you for all the thoughts. I exercise nearly very day of the week and don't ever have an issue with any kind of rash. I really don't want to take benadryl.... I took it a few weeks ago for allergies and it just makes me feel terrible the next day. I do have some yeast cream I can try on it and another allergy med and see what happens. Last time it only lasted a few days so I should be on the tail end.
  20. Pfft. So ya plenty of time on the ground, almost entirely in the mud, not much grass. Just one short obstacle on hay- I was there maybe 30 second at most. I hosed off and changed clothes after the race and didn't have any skin irritation then.
  21. I had this last December. At that time I had all kinds of stomach issues and crushing fatigue. A Dr visit and urgent care only turned up low thyroid- there had been a change in my meds. Since then I've changed and upped thyroid meds a few times. My stomach has been pretty well normal, I think I had a day or two of it feeling off at some time this year but that's it. My energy is still not 100% (just med changed again in August) but 100% better than last fall/winter (I've also had to move up my wake up time which is not helping). Wednesday my skin under my breast felt funny but I couldn't see anything. Yesterday am it was noticeable red and when I took a shower I found red spots not only under my breasts buy on a large part of my torso. Concentrated around my waist and upper thighs and under my breasts. Today I have some spots down to my calves the further down they go the less there are. In the worst spots the skin feels a little raised and you can see really bad scratch marks yet I've not scratched it. I've touched it and felt it and have longer finger nails but have done nothing that should have made that amount of damage. It is not itchy but dh thinks I should take Benadryl. Fwiw I did a Spartan Sprint on Sunday 3.5 miles with kick ass obstacles. If course the last time this showed up I'd not done any major activity as I was too exhausted. Last time it went away in a few days.
  22. My son was never all that bad- I mean I'm sure he thought we were idiots plenty but didn't express it that often as he is not a big talker Last year was tough for him but not in that way. My daughter- 14.5 has made up for him. She has always been more dramatic. She feels everything more deeply and expresses it loudly. Last year was horrible. It has thankfully gotten better (much helped by bc -because the hormonal shifts were horrendous and her periods were really bad). I really hope the next 2 are more like ds.
  23. Have they tested your thyroid? B12 levels?
  24. And now my right knee is a little swollen. I don't know if I inadvertently did something to it yesterday or it is from my race. It has been a little sore but it seems to have gotten worse. So, I'll be taking it easy on it today. No walking. - 1 short core workout done(10m) and 1 more(10 m) planned; Will try to do a bicep workout (15 min) and maybe some light stretching
  25. Yesterday: -bought groceries -several cleaning goods- tp, trash bags etc -bought dds 2 and 3 the rest of the winter clothes they needed It is after the October holiday and I'm still working VIPKID. They sent out an email yesterday that they are going global. We'll see how that goes. I'm certain it will involve a pay cut but most of the jobs out there will be a paycut. I'd rather work for them for a paycut than someone else. I'll be keeping my ears and eyes open for anything else that pops up. But I'm not going for anymore jobs while VIPKID is going unless it is a great job. I don't want 3 PT jobs and won't quit VIPKID until it ends or I get something better.
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