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  1. My dd is a student at a large state university and her math classes(pre cal and calculus) did not allow graphing calculators. They specified a fairly simple $10 calculator that had to be used. Check before you buy- we wasted a lot of money on a calculator we didn't need.
  2. My daughter's campus also has Amazon lockers at the student center for packages from Amazon. Maybe that is an option?
  3. I vote commando. One of my boys always hated the mesh part so much, we would have to cut it out before he would swim.
  4. My DD is the same size and has found bra sized bikini tops at Target that have been great. She did have to try on a lot to find a winner, but the price was under $20.
  5. Our female cat had blood in her urine which we discovered because she began peeing in our white bathroom sink. She never acted sick at all. We took her in the next day and it was a kidney stone. She was treated with antibiotics and I think a steroid shot( it's been a couple of years). They offered a choice of surgery to remove or trying a special prescription food that sometimes dissolves the stones. We tried the food and it worked! She is on it as her regular diet from now on. I would think Maggie could wait overnight unless things get worse. Hope she feels better soon!
  6. Dd was bitten by a coot while volunteering at a wildlife center. They are very uncommon in our area. Several weeks later dd became sick with some unusual symptoms, and in the long process of looking for a diagnosis, our poor pediatrician and the infectious disease people had to do all kinds of research to see if coots carry any unusual diseases (they don't). 😂
  7. Maybe in the store? It definitely didn't take it online.
  8. Thank you all! I used the one for 20% off and saved $14.
  9. I was getting ready to order online only to realize my coupon expired last week. If you have one sitting around that you won't be using, would you please pm me the code? The website wants the MO code. On mine, it is located above the bar code. Thanks!
  10. I don't know anything about hedgehogs. I know about allowing 17 y/o to get a pet. The 17 y/o goes away to college and then YOU have a pet. Signed, the lady who has to feed snakes and other reptiles because I didn't say no.
  11. We always told our kids that, in addition to helping themselves stay well, they were helping protect other kids who were too sick to be vaccinated. It seemed to help them be brave, to know they were doing a good deed for kids with cancer, allergies, and other problems that precluded vaccnes.
  12. I had a small dent from an antibiotic injection in the front of my thigh. It went away eventually, probably in the ballpark of several months to a year.
  13. I think you mentioned Crohn's earlier in the thread and I wanted to say that my ex SIL had anemia for at least a couple of years in high school before they diagnosed her Crohn's. It was related but Crohn's wasn't a common diagnosis back then. ( Hers was diagnosed when surgery for appendicitis turned out not to be appendicitis.)
  14. Thanks so much!! This is for a public school algebra 1 class study sheet to prepare for the final. No answers were provided( not helpful for studying) and ds is pretty sure they didn't cover this in class. And they have no textbooks.
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