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  1. Jewelry box? And check the wallet again. When I lose things, they are usually where I thought and just got overlooked on the first try.
  2. Our town has a grocery store with lights that affect me that way. I finally realized they have a slight flicker going on constantly and I think it’s the blinking that gets to me. I don’t shop there anymore, but more than once I had a headache and had to go to bed after shopping there.(Both times involved having to look hard to find a product, so that I was stationary and focusing my vision In one area more than average.)
  3. The least common multiple of the numbers you listed is 1800. Now, just divide 1800 by the number of items to see how many boxes you need. So, packs of 50 combs would be 1800/50=36 boxes and so on. Im guessing that’s way more bags than you want to make 😂
  4. We love the dinosaur and looked up his story when they launched. https://www.space.com/amp/spacex-crew-dragon-tremor-dinosaur-doll.html
  5. I’m not really sure if that was specific to our mortgage company, state, or whatever, but definitely had to sign it last week.
  6. We’re in a slightly different situation, but I’m going to mention this just in case it applies. We are currently in the process of buying a second home( condo in college town where dd will live with a roommate),which is mortgaged the same as a vacation home, and a specific thing we had to sign and verify was that we would not be using a property management company. I think it’s because investment property is a different mortgage than second home/vacation. YMMV
  7. To me, the main difference is that Costco is way more oriented towards organic foods. If your family eats mostly organic, you won’t find as much at Sams. Otherwise, they are very similar. If you feel ok with the Covid risk, they will let you come in and look around without a membership- you just tell the person at the door you are thinking of buying one.
  8. https://www.budgetbytes.com/ is a recipe site I have recently discovered. She just did a no yeast pizza dough recipe. I haven't tried it yet, but everything else we have made from there has been delicious!
  9. We saw my parents yesterday. It was ds 18th birthday and they came for lunch and cake. We had a deck picnic with our household on the top deck and the two of them on a smaller lower deck, with their own table and disposable dinnerware. We probably were about 12 feet apart the whole time and they never came insde the house. We could see each other and talk while we ate. It was so nice to see them and really brightened ds quarantine bday. Biggest risk was probably the birthday card they gave him, but he washed his hands after opening.
  10. It's only $10 here ( deep South).
  11. My dd is a student at a large state university and her math classes(pre cal and calculus) did not allow graphing calculators. They specified a fairly simple $10 calculator that had to be used. Check before you buy- we wasted a lot of money on a calculator we didn't need.
  12. My daughter's campus also has Amazon lockers at the student center for packages from Amazon. Maybe that is an option?
  13. I vote commando. One of my boys always hated the mesh part so much, we would have to cut it out before he would swim.
  14. My DD is the same size and has found bra sized bikini tops at Target that have been great. She did have to try on a lot to find a winner, but the price was under $20.
  15. Our female cat had blood in her urine which we discovered because she began peeing in our white bathroom sink. She never acted sick at all. We took her in the next day and it was a kidney stone. She was treated with antibiotics and I think a steroid shot( it's been a couple of years). They offered a choice of surgery to remove or trying a special prescription food that sometimes dissolves the stones. We tried the food and it worked! She is on it as her regular diet from now on. I would think Maggie could wait overnight unless things get worse. Hope she feels better soon!
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