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  1. I’m not sure any of them have a bike, but if they do, it would be perfect for bike storage. 4 bikes could fit in with no trouble at all.
  2. Exactly why we need to fill that space with something ASAP 😂
  3. Deep South, so probably won’t need so much as a jacket before November 😂. I like the gaming room idea, not sure if there are outlets in there or not.
  4. We moved ds into his college dorm this weekend and were surprised to find an enormous storage closet in the dorm suite. The setup for the dorm is 4 guys each with a private bedroom, 2 sharing a bathroom, and all 4 sharing a kitchen/living room area. None of them have more stuff than will fit in their own space. But….. there is this huge wasted space and I know the hive aunties will have creative ideas for using it. There is no shelving, and nothing allowed to be nailed/screwed into the walls. I would estimate the space is maybe 8-10 feet wide and 4-5 feet deep, and has 2 big doors that open outward. Sorry I don’t have pictures. So, what fun or useful thing could happen here?
  5. Oh, and sadly I don’t think there is a way to keep it on your snowballs. It’s just part of the charm.
  6. I saw a shirt once that said glitter is the herpes of the craft world. 😂
  7. Call your local rescue and see if they could use the food. If they decline because of the ants, you can throw it away without guilt. 😃
  8. I have a Leesa pillow. It’s more than I have ever paid for a pillow before, but it is so much better than any other pillow I have had. I even travel with it 😂 Mine came from Pottery Barn but you can get it other places too. https://www.potterybarn.com/m/products/leesa-pillow/ eta- I have had it about 3 years and it has held its shape.
  9. First, I would want to be sure you really trust that it’s not a heart problem. As in, ED doctors are not always the best. But, if your heart is fine, it could be a herniated disc in your neck or back. A neurologist/neurosurgeon or orthopedic doctor could diagnose, probably with exam and mri. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. I had my post Covid first haircut this week too- so happy to have short hair again. 😊
  11. I would decide on different things from month to month as new ideas and needs became apparent to me. Today, I would donate to a new charity I just heard of for the first time- The Purple Leash Project. I think it’s sponsored by Purina, and it helps women escape domestic violence situations with their pets. Apparently most dv shelters don’t accept pets and many people trying to get out of a violent situation won’t leave without their animal. Last week, it was charities in India helping with Covid medical needs and vaccines. Next week, who knows? https://www.purina.com/about-purina/purple-leash-project/about
  12. Maybe so- our family was quite entertained by her re-telling of getting the mask. Like a visit to Olivanders for science kids 😂
  13. Are you sure the facility won’t be providing masks? My DD recently participated in research at her university and before beginning, she had to take the mask they provided and have it tested. It was really interesting and involved spraying something in a bag that was over her head to see if she smelled it or not. They didn’t like the original mask and changed it to another one during testing. Then, they had the supervising professor order more of that kind of mask so they would be available to her later.
  14. What you have would be perfectly acceptable where I live- I think it’s going to depend on where you are in the US.
  15. So frustrating to work with people who won’t look as hard as you would....and no one is as skilled as a mom in finding lost stuff. Really hope the keys turn up before you have to break into your van!
  16. Did some of the kids go home? If yes, maybe they took the keys with them.
  17. DH works in healthcare and anecdotally, people in his office who have had covid react worst to the first shot while people who haven’t had covid are having a harder time with the second dose. Nobody he knows has had a severe reaction to either, but their opinion on which dose is worse seems to correspond to whether they’ve had covid already.
  18. Our city has a major research university. A doctor was recently interviewed for the news and suggested the quickest way to have your child vaccinated would be to enroll them in a vaccine trial. If my kids were younger, I would definitely consider it.(They are all old enough for the adult vaccine.)
  19. Both of my sons had stretch marks on their backs that were fairly alarming the first time I saw them. One was mildly overweight as a young teen but the other is super thin. Neither have EDS.
  20. Oh, and if by some chance they really didn’t know, this will be the wake up call they need to find a mechanic who knows what he’s doing.
  21. I think you should force them to make it right- whatever that means to your family, or drag their name through the mud on every form of social media you can find. And maybe your local news station, if they do one of those “on your side” type segments. There is no way they didn’t know what they were selling to you.
  22. And, if you are able, write a review with your pictures for other unsuspecting shoppers.
  23. If you hate it, send it back. You won’t change your mind, so better to only be out the $8. At least you won’t see it sitting around unused and bothering you on a daily basis.
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