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  1. Rachel

    Storage of homemade bread?

    I was wondering the same thing! I never bake more than two loaves at a time though.
  2. Rachel

    First World Problems: Fitbit Floors

    I don’t know a way to add floors later. Enjoy the mountain climb!
  3. Rachel

    Dr hive: What to do for hives

    Oatmeal baths can be soothing. Put the oatmeal in a cloth so it doesn’t clog your drain. Don’t make the water too hot, that can irritate the hives. If the hives are getting worse you may need to take him in to get steroids. Hives are miserable, I’m sorry he’s dealing with this.
  4. Rachel

    Turning long sleeve tops into short sleeves

    I’ve done it with t-shirts. The sleeve may hang weird if you just hem it, you may need to take it in just a bit as well. I’m sure there is a YouTube video showing how to do it.
  5. Rachel

    The internet changed my thinking

    Ours too, it clogs the storm drains and blocks bike lanes. People are supposed to leave them on the curb, but many don’t.
  6. Rachel

    Do you bring your own Bible to church?

    I like reading different translations too. Sometimes it can give the verse a different feel or even change the meaning. I really like it when the preacher goes into what the original Greek or Hebrew said and how different people chose to translate the word or phrase.
  7. Rachel

    At what age do you allow boys to ....

    One thing I learned through summer swim team, if it goes into the locker room with my son, there is a good chance it won’t come back out. I send him with as little as possible!
  8. Rachel

    At what age do you allow boys to ....

    The two Ys local to me require kids 7 and older to use the locker room for their sex. Those are technically family lockers as dads can take their daughters into the men’s and vice versa. There is a special needs locker for those older needing special assistance and there are 19+ locker rooms for both men and women. What does your son prefer? By age 9 mine did not want to be in the women’s locker room where he might potentially see girls his age. He has always been very modest though. My 8 year old girl probably wouldn’t care if she were in the men’s room with my husband and saw boys her age.
  9. Pal sounds like a hoot! I’m glad you found that year. For some reason I was thinking your boys were older than mine but I think they must be about the same age, my oldest will be 11 this month. For me personally I’ve found it doesn’t really matter what grade my kids are in, we just keep trucking along doing the next thing. I guess when my oldest gets to high school age and I need to start doing transcripts it may matter more. I’m thankful for this board for giving me permission to have the freedom to teach the kids I have, not the kids the rest of the country thinks I should have at their current ages.
  10. Perfect name for that cat!
  11. He’s cute! My daughter would like to know his name.
  12. Rachel

    Do you bring your own Bible to church?

    Most people bring their own or use an app. I bring mine, I like to make notes in it. We also have pew bibles and there a bibles in the classrooms. We are encouraged to give bibles the church bought to people who might not own a bible. We also have English/Chinese bibles available as quite a few Chinese people visit our church for English classes.
  13. Rachel

    Repairing a rip in a Bible

    There is a special library glue that a man from my church uses, it is amazing. Apparently book repair is becoming a lost art. I don’t know what brand he uses but I did turn up some options in a quick google search.
  14. Rachel

    Whar is the best laundry detergent?

    I prefer Tide. I’ve tried them all and keep coming back to it.
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