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  1. My husband’s former company requires all company vehicles and vehicles being used for the company (ie personal vehicle for which mileage is paid) to be backed into spaces. Apparently it’s a lot safer and you are less likely to run over a person if you are pulling forward vs backing up. They are also required to walk completely around their vehicle each and every time they are about to drive. Many of them put a small construction cone on the opposite side of the hood to remind them to do their walk around. It’s really weird to go through the company parking lot because all the vehicles are backed in except those belonging to random visitors. I asked if you were more likely to endanger people backing into a spot but he said according to company rules it is still safer because you have observed the spot completely before pulling in. I don’t know that they have done actual research to determine which method is safer.
  2. Not cinnamon, I taste that in Coke though. It’s a unique flavor, I think originally it was a blend of 23 flavors. Some people say it’s like Mr. Pibb but as an addict of Dr Pepper I can assure you that they are nothing alike. I can’t think of what flavors are in it that would describe the flavor to someone who has never had it. It is sweeter than plain cola, it maybe has a hint of cherry and a hint of vanilla. I don’t care for fountain Dr Pepper at all, it tastes different than from a bottle. Overall it seems to be more popular in Texas (where it originated) and the surrounding states and less popular the further north you go.
  3. One of my best friends had a severely disabled son in a wheelchair. I know this is different than what your son was dealing with but I thought I’d explain a couple scenarios so you can see how it works with our friend and my children. We go bowling with him a few times a year. My kids set the ramp up, get it angled right, set the ball on the ramp, and then help their friend get the ball started rolling. Friend gets all the credit for however many pins on knocked over. Friend loves fishing, all the hooks on his lures have been removed. My kids help him select the lure, attach it to his line, he “throws” out the line, and then reels it in. My kids will hold his pole still for him and since he can’t move his hand in a circle, they help him finish the circle with the reeling. When we went apple picking, he would point to the apples and my kids would pick them for him and put the apples in his bucket. It’s very similar to working with a toddler but in a man sized body. He can communicate but it’s very simple and quite difficult to comprehend him, but we always talk to him the same as any other child.
  4. @calbear Your response was very graceful, I’m glad your church leadership listened and agreed to make changes.
  5. I don’t know specifically with Group but I know that in the past our children’s minister has gotten a sample VBS kit for her to see sample lessons and samples of the items available to purchase. Added: I don’t see a sample lesson in here.
  6. I would spend $25-$50. I have been known to go in on group gifts for things like strollers. If you are looking for book ideas I love to give “Press Here” by Herve Tulle.
  7. Did the 2nd row have bench or captain seats? Mine has captain and I feel like it’s pretty easy to get into the back. But again mine is an Acadia and older so it could be a bit different inside.
  8. As far as cargo space, I don’t have trouble hauling groceries. The way the back window curves can make it difficult to get any other luggage with a full sized suitcase in the back though. Not impossible, but not as easy as in a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Toyota Sienna. Edited to add: that’s in the 3rd row version, if you are only looking at two row versions you will have plenty of cargo space.
  9. The Enclave is the Buick version of the GMC Acadia or Chevy Traverse. It rides a bit smoother than the Acadia. I think the Acadia drives more like a truck which is my preference but my cousin who has the Enclave likes that it drives more like a car I’m assuming he (or maybe you) is looking at a much newer version than the one I have, but it’s been great for hauling around 3 kids and their friends. The third row version actually doesn’t have a ton of cargo space. We usually put part of the seat down when we are traveling. Although for a single guy it may be plenty. If it’s for you, it may not be enough. I think it’s easier to park than a minivan. It’s comfortable as a driver and passenger. An adult can sit in the middle captain chairs reasonably comfortably for a day trip. My 5’ tall 11 year old still fits fine in the back seat but I’d say his days are limited. I have sat in the backseat going across town but I wouldn’t want to do it for a road trip. Ours has 185,000 miles on it and we’ve just done general maintenance with the exception of a motor mount which my husband replaced at about 175k. People are usually surprised that I’m driving a 12 year old vehicle with that many miles, they usually think it is newer. We will likely replace it with another Acadia/Traverse/Enclave when we finally replace it in 2-3 years.
  10. Whether you live in a low or high cost of living area, don’t do the job for less than you are willing. If $250 is what you are comfortable with, that’s what you should charge. Too often I think we undervalue ourselves. 😊
  11. $250 for an untrained dog seems low to me as well.
  12. Even booking through Expedia you can use the Delta (or whichever airline) app. Your seat will not be assigned until you are at the gate most likely.
  13. Mine is on Do Not Disturb after 10. My husband is set to favorites so that he always rings through. When my kids get older they will be too. My best friends know I keep the phone on DND and I’m fine with them (or anyone really) texting me whenever. They also know that in an emergency, they can call twice to get through. Living in a different time zone than most of my extended family has taught me that is best. Many years ago when I was in college and worked on a dairy farm, my family couldn’t seem to remember the time zone different or that I had to be to work at 4am. I would silence my home phone ringer completely. Anyone I could imagine texting in the middle of the night, has their phone on DND too and we have discussed it. The husband of one of my best friends is a police officer, when he’s working overnights, I generally do not text her even though I know her phone is on DND and her husband is set to her favorites. I send emails whenever. I have a couple of different things I organize and primary communication is through email. I just have to send that when I’m available. I tend to work on those at night after the kids are in bed.
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