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  1. Side note, quarantine is much more difficult when kids are feeling well and they see their friends outside.
  2. I would assume she has Covid. That is pretty much exactly what my 11 year old did last week, right down to the negative test. When we took her for a strep test the next day, they retested for Covid and she was positive. Her symptoms were completely different than mine back in February. Also, she is still positive on day 8 despite no symptoms in 6 days. She never lost smell but did smell burnt toast all one afternoon. Our friend’s daughter had the exact same symptoms on the same day, with the exception of testing positive when tested. In this family all 5 got Covid. Mom was partially vaccinated (second dose day daughter was exposed), dad fully. The two older kids never ran a fever and only had 24 hours of mild symptoms. Mom and Dad are both pretty run down both have lost smell although mom’s seems to be coming back. Local health department is sending dad’s sample off to verify it is delta but everyone is assuming it is. On the plus side both girls were really only sick for about 36 hours and then acting normal again. I hope it’s the same for your daughter!
  3. Don’t you love it when kids are super into something and you want to support them, but you kind of don’t? What ages do you think the Freedom Center is appropriate for? It’s been on my to do list for awhile, but we haven’t made it up there yet. Specifically I’m thinking of my 9 year old.
  4. If he’s at all interested there is a Gap Clearance center in Hebron, KY. It’s super hit or miss but on a good day it’s totally worth it. They sell all the Gap brands, some is overstocks, some are returns.
  5. I haven’t been to Cincinatti since Covid started but Jungle Jim’s is quirky and fun. Cincinatti Museum Center was the inspiration for the Hall of Justice. My husband and I enjoy Trio Bistro near Kenwood and also a Lebanese restaurant near IKEA in West Chester I’m having difficulty finding it on the map so it may have been a casualty of Covid. In northern KY, across the river you might enjoy Rabbit Hash. Full disclosure, I’ve never been here but supposedly you can kayak to it. I would look to see if you can find more recent info: Ghost Ship. This is also in northern KY Have a good trip!
  6. Yay! I’m glad you had a great trip. Yes, get Gaia, you do still want a paper map because electronics fail, but apps make things so handy.
  7. I’ve never seen that! I can see that it eliminates the problem of a sleeping bag slipping around on a pad. The flexibility seems nice too. Honestly for a pad and down bag the price isn’t so bad.
  8. Sounds like a great deal on the tent! I haven’t tried a quilt. I think in the winter I would get too cold, even though down compresses, being inside the bag at least holds in my body heat. I know people seem to either love or hate them.
  9. You can definitely over inflate, I prefer to slightly under inflate my pad and then it’s perfect when I lay on it. I’ve never heard of an inflatable pad being too hot, but I have heard of the sleeping bags being that way. As a fellow side sleeper, I have tried the z-lite (foam), prolight (foam/inflatable combo), Klymit Static knock-off, Kylmit Static, and now a Nemo Tensor wide. Only the Tensor is thick (3.5”!) enough that my hips don’t sink to the ground. It’s an expensive pad though and I never would have bought it for myself if my friends hadn’t given me a gift card that covered most of the cost. The Thermorest Neoair has a similar amount of thickness and one of my good friends swears by it, but I’ve never tried it. Since the z-lite and equivalent knockoffs are very light and not too expensive, you could lay one on the ground with your Klymit over it. If you have a sit pad, you could put the sit pad under the Klymit where your hips would hit the ground for extra cushioning too. I have spent a pretty penny on getting the right pad for backpacking for me. If I had to do it all over, and knew I was going to backpack as often as I do, I would have started with a more expensive pad. However, the ones I own that I don’t like work well for my kids. I am fortunate that I was able to borrow gear to try out as well. If stores are open near you, go to your local outfitter or REI and test out sleeping pads to figure out what you like. I discovered a pillow makes a big difference for me. I had an inflatable pillow that just didn’t work for me, I switched to a Thermorest compressible pillow. It is heavier, but sleeps much more like my pillow at home. Oh and I have to have earplugs too.
  10. Thank you for this! Bumping in case another parent needs to read this.
  11. You only need to purchase a copy of the game. It’s $30 for a Switch and $5 for iPad. If you have family sharing on the iPad you only need to purchase one copy of the app. I’m not exactly sure how it works but my kids play together on different devices in the same world. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes separately. My son also plays with a couple friends he invited to play in his world. I believe if you create an account you can play across platforms (ie Kindle to iPad). I “think” my nephew plays on his Xbox with my son on his iPod, but my nephew has multiple devices so I’m not certain. For what it’s worth, my kids have never played on a pc and Minecraft is still by far their favorite game. They have said it’s better on an iPod/iPad than the kindle.
  12. Do you have Walgreens? They have a pcr test for travel, you do the nose swab yourself. The results are available the next day at the latest. In the past year my kids have been Covid tested 4-6 times, every single time was a nose swab. They all preferred doing it themselves. None would say it was fun, but having control of your own swab you don’t hit anything painful.
  13. I was going to post about the museum as well. It is really wonderful! We got to see the Paddington Bear exhibit when we were there a couple years ago, including the original bear! May you Rest In Peace Mr. Carle.
  14. Thank you! I’m a few days behind on this thread, but that’s all that came up for me too.
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