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  1. Rachel

    Fastest way to close up a cavity? (yes, I'm serious)

    Just to help you feel better, some kids are more prone to cavities, even with good tooth brushing habits. I have three kids, one of them had to have a filling in a molar that wasn’t even finished coming through! We had to wait for the tooth to finish coming in before it could be filled. The dentist thought antibiotics when she younger or a fever when I was pregnant with her may have contributed to the issue. We are not snackers and we religiously brushed her teeth at least twice a day. Obviously good dental hygiene helps, but sometimes there are other factors causing problems.
  2. I have no idea if you can get them back personally but I bet if you get your attorney involved there is a way. I’m sorry you are dealing with this and people are being so ridiculous!
  3. Me too! I’ve started it a dozen times but can’t get into it. I frequently choose audiobooks and read alouds I don’t think my kids will pick up on their own. My son is 10 and this is the first year I have assigned him a “girly” book on purpose, Anne of Green Gables. My English teacher friend told me she had assigned it to her same aged son, so I decided to as well.
  4. I don’t think it was the Mason Jar. She has mentioned bible reading lately but I think it was more in passing than detail.
  5. Rachel

    ISO "proof" that books > podcasts JAWM

    It seems like there was some discussion of this on the Circe or Schole Sisters podcast recently. I don’t think they had research but did feel they were different.
  6. You could also go old school and only allow approved DVD’s.
  7. You can require a password on specific shows on Netflix. There would be too many shows to password protect them all but I have done that to a few shows on the kid profile that I find especially obnoxious.
  8. Rachel

    NC/SC Boardies check in when you can (Florence)

    Stay safe everyone!
  9. Rachel

    We're moving

    Civilization is relative, you will feel like you are living in a huge city! 😉 Think of all the ice cream you can buy! My brother lives there and I have family in the panhandle but they aren’t homeschoolers.
  10. Rachel

    Do you own/use an electric can opener?

    I’ve owned it, it lasted a yes or two. It’s almost like a need a way to sharpen them. May parents have had the same can opener since the 80’s I really think I should just steal theirs.
  11. Rachel

    Know a lot about TWTM? Want to make money from it?

    @athomeontheprairie the job I mentioned in your thread.
  12. Rachel

    Divorce because of a Criminal Case

    WTM has a pinned post for parttime at home employment. It is definitely on the General Ed board if not on the Chat Board, maybe a combo of part-time jobs can get you through until you can make some decisions.
  13. Rachel

    Baking and serving plate for nachos?

    Why has it never occurred to me to make nachos at home?
  14. Rachel

    Do you own/use an electric can opener?

    We have an electric one. I’ve had difficulty with hand openers lasting more than a year or so, I guess we go through more cans than average? I finally bought an electric after I got blisters using a hand opener while doing some freezer meals. It was the same price as a new hand opener so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. We do own a hand opener in case the power ever goes out but it’s a piece of junk.
  15. I’m not a glasses wearer, but my husband and siblings have always taped their frames in similar situations. It’s only for a week and then your son can get new frames he likes and that are affordable for you. Get some colored duck tape to make it fancier.
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