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  1. Yes! Tea and Mini Boden are my splurge clothes for my daughter. I use to sew for her quite a bit but don’t really have the time as much now, instead I buy the occasional dress I would have liked to have made for her. They are very good quality but pricey. I am on Boden’s email list and they do offer 20% discounts regularly, I also shop clearance. I can’t remember if Tea does discounts, I get their catalogs but not the emails.
  2. So if an emergency occurs, the attendant has permission to move other vehicles? Or do you just find another mode of transportation? I can see that more cars can park in the same sizes lot when you park like this, it just seems complicated to work out leaving.
  3. I agree! He got in late last night and is coming home today so I don’t know if he will have a chance to go ask. I was hoping someone on here was either from Albany or was familiar with the area who might know how it works.
  4. I zoomed in to see if the fence was removable, but it doesn’t seem to be. One of the no block spots appears to be handicapped parking. My guess was everyone takes a train or some sort of public transportation. I feel like you would really have to trust the other people in your row. I find it a pain when my husband parks behind me in the driveway and I have his keys and know his schedule pretty well.
  5. I really like LandsEnd jackets for my kids, they have lifetime warranty which I’ve used. The styles are semi-timeless so I can pass them between kids. However, ask the parents what brands they prefer. My inlaws are wonderful people but the style of clothes they pick are not what I would pick for my kids even when they choose a brand I like. What I would have loved for my kids instead of toys when my kids were that age was a zoo or children’s museum membership. I definitely didn’t want more toys even though that’s what the kids wanted.
  6. I thought maybe there was an attendant he just didn’t notice but he said he was watching quite a while and never saw anyone. I’ve never seen parking like that except on a ferry and usually there is a crew of people directing traffic.
  7. Can someone explain how this parking lot works? It’s across from my husband’s hotel in Albany, NY. He says individuals are parking there, not valet attendants. How do you get your car out at the end of the day? Do you park by time you are planning to leave? Does an attendant have everyone’s keys if you have an emergency? It looks like everyone is blocking everyone else in, except in a very small handful of places.
  8. My South Dakota family has a very similar menu, but it’s regular stuffing not cornbread. There might be pheasant with the turkey if it’s hunting season. The bread is different and there would definitely be 7 layer salad. Usually there were more kinds of pies, because Grandma likes mince meat. I don’t know if that’s all family tradition or unique to the region though.
  9. Denim couches were in our church’s youth room 15 years ago. They are now out at camp. They do look faded, but nothing is torn. We bought inexpensive (for a couch) couches that came with a lifetime warranty on the frame and 15 years on the cushions. 6 years ago we bought 2 identical that were $550 each. We don’t let the kids jump on them or climb over the backs, and no food or drinks (even water) is allowed in the living room. We have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats plus regular company with kids and until we got a dog that slobbers a lot, they looked pretty new. I would say visitors don’t notice the dog slobber, just me. I don’t know what at the fabric is but some sort of low nap velvet type, the brand is England. They have more expensive couches, but we decided to go with something that was less expensive because of kids. We also have a couch from Ikea with a tweed type fabric in our school room. So far it’s holding up well too, it’s only about two years old and it doesn’t get used near as much as the living room couches. It was a display couch so we got it at a discount, I’m not sure which model it is.
  10. I think part of this would depend on what part of Texas. Based on what my dad grew up with in east Texas, their basic Thanksgiving would be: Turkey with brown gravy, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce from a can, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, ambrosia, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. There would be some sort of dinner roll too. My bio mom grew up in the panhandle and their traditional meal is pretty similar, no ambrosia though, and there would be sweet potatoes casserole or something similar. My cousins of a younger generation serve slightly different foods. Cranberry sauce tends to be fresh, instead of green bean casserole, fresh green beans. I don’t think anyone still does ambrosia. It’s interesting that you brought up Texas specifically because initially I thought traditional Thanksgiving is about the same everywhere in the US, then I remembered that where I live now there tends to be lots of little differences and Thanksgiving with my in-laws use to make me very homesick because although the foods were similar, they weren’t what my (step) mom and her family fixed. I think this is a very sweet thing for you to do for your husband!
  11. It’s 67 and pouring now, supposed to fall to 40 by trick or treat time and into the upper 20’s overnight for our first freeze of the season. Couple that with 20mph winds gusting to 40, I’m trying to convince my kids to skip trick or treat tonight and go Saturday afternoon in a neighboring town. At least the rain is supposed to stop so we won’t be wet and cold if we go tonight.
  12. Shouting, hollering, using “outside voices” are fine with me, the ear piercing scream annoys me, it seems some kids are more prone to it than others. I don’t mind the occasional gleeful scream when you are about to be tagged in tag or whatever. One day my daughter seemed to be screaming just to see how loud she could be, I told her, “hey save that kind of screaming for emergencies so I know if there’s a problem.” She isn’t much of a screamer so it wasn’t a huge ordeal, just me saving some of my sanity. A couple years ago the cousins were all over and one of them is a screamer. My daughter, age 7 at the time, told her “you need to save that scream for when you really need your mom.” My SIL was amused but also amazed that it worked. She has since used that statement for her one daughter who likes to scream a lot.
  13. Our local lunch counter in a similar town does chili dogs, pimento cheese sandwiches, and soups. They also have ice cream and coffee.
  14. Here’s my signal to start school playlist, it’s really upbeat. Happy Dance, Mercy Me joy, for King and Country Move (Keep Walking), Toby Mac All the People Said Amen, Matt Maher
  15. We use cash or auto payments for most things, but basically my husband checks the bank app daily to make sure any charges are correct. We do write a handful of checks a year, it drives him crazy if those take awhile to clear. It’s so few though that he can generally keep in mind that there a check out there waiting to be cashed.
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