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  1. That’s creepy. I knew the free wireless in stores was frequently used to track customers, I didn’t realize that geofencing could be used for months after the last visit! Sort of related, Target recently was caught upping prices on the app once customers entered the store.
  2. Thanks, I think I would enjoy that.
  3. I was going to recommend Sarah Beth Yoga too. I have very low flexibility and have tried many beginner yoga videos but I can actually do hers.
  4. Rachel

    What to do with a class clown kind of kid?

    I have an 11 year old who is similar. We have spent a lot of time discussing when it’s appropriate and when it’s not appropriate to joke around.
  5. Rachel

    Lost family photos

    Hopefully the company you found can help. I had a hard drive crash when my oldest was 6 months old. In addition to an external hard drive I also back-up my laptop on Carbonite. I’m sure there are similar services. It costs about $60 per year but sometimes they offer discounts when it’s time to renew. The peace of mind is well worth it for me.
  6. Rachel

    Small lost object

    I offer a dollar to the first person who finds the item, it’s funny how something can be missing for days and then suddenly be found in an afternoon.
  7. Feel better! Being sick and taking care of others is no fun at all.
  8. Rachel

    who does the decorating at your house?

    Mutual decision on big things like paint color and furniture. Although I may pick a few colors I like and then we decide which one is best together. I don’t think my husband really cares about towels or what pictures are on the walls. We’ve been together so long that we have a good feel for what both of us like. I wouldn’t purposely buy something I knew he wouldn’t like though. He bought “me” a new tv for a present once and then later bought me a tv stand. It was an antique buffet someone had refinished and painted. He really went out on a limb when he bought that without asking my opinion, but also was confident he could return it if I didn’t like it. It’s actually one of my favorite pieces of furniture.
  9. Rachel

    I need to join FB. Sigh. Help?!

    Maybe use a different email address than the one your friends or family may have. Just don’t friend anyone and only use the account for groups. If the group is closed and you have a new account the admin may think you are “spam” and not approve membership.
  10. Rachel

    SAD light?

    Whether it’s placebo affect or not, I find my light helpful. I mostly use it in the winter but occasionally if it’s summer and it’s been really cloudy I’ll pull it out. I set mine on the bathroom counter while I’m getting ready for the day or on the breakfast table while I’m eating. I don’t stare directly into it, but it’s close to my eyes. Mine has a timer so I start with 15 minutes and work my way up to longer sessions. I find actually being outside, especially if I can exercise at the same time helps more than the light, but the light is still helpful. I have this light: I have no idea what the ion button does, I’ve never noticed that it does anything.
  11. Rachel

    There is a mouse in my kitchen

    You all are my people! 😆
  12. I think this is the same jacket at Macy’s: Womens_Women's Jackets - GS_Levi's-_-76779782821-_-pg9265711_m_kclickid_e531761c-f802-4974-b191-d7a85b3aff07_KID_500_263563381_19522968901_76779782821_pla-382354160305_694414443593USA_{feetitemid}_m_KID_,trackingid:424x9265711&cm_mmc=Google_Womens_PLA-_-RTW_Womens_Women's_Jackets_-_GS_Levi's-_-76779782821-_-pg9265711_m_kclickid_e531761c-f802-4974-b191-d7a85b3aff07_KID_EMPTY_263563381_19522968901_76779782821_pla-382354160305_694414443593USA__m_KID_&trackingid=424x9265711&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8sbEzMiZ4AIVCqtpCh1hEgHgEAQYCSABEgLi7_D_BwE
  13. Here’s an Old Navy version:
  14. This is actually what we assumed with our beagle. I gave him the yogurt for his ears and was pleasantly surprised he stopped licking his paws.
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