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  1. I showed her picture to my 10 year old. She says she wants our next puppy to look just like her.
  2. I agree though that at younger ages I don’t have specific questions.
  3. Sarah Mackenzie addresses this in Read Aloud Family. Here is a link to a video where she touches on it briefly:
  4. What about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver?
  5. It sounds normal to me, but I am not an expert by any means. Our current pup is a about 18 months old, we got him at 15 weeks. He did really well using the bathroom when we took him out, but like you if we waited too long, he had accidents inside. By the time we had him a month he was only occasionally having accidents inside, almost always our fault. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand that he should use the bathroom outside, but us not reading his cues. By 6ish months he was doing fine. She is beautiful! What did you end up naming her?
  6. What part of the country do you live in? There are so many wonderful places for backpacking, what about trying a less ambitious family trip first? I assume the child wanting to do the rim to rim has done some backpacking in the past?
  7. We get cash every paycheck to keep our spending in check. Every time we stop getting out budget cash, we start spending more than we should. Although my compromise is gas. I hate having to guesstimate how much gas I need, go inside to pay, go back to get change (or not get a full tank). We used to get gift cards so I could pay at the pump, but I can no longer pay at the pump with gift cards at the two stations I use most frequently. Biweekly budget meetings help. My husband is handy too. He can do most of our vehicle maintenance which allows us to drive cars longer. When our ac quit, he fixed that, when our 7 year old microwave quit last week, he was able to replace the switch with a $10 part instead of us having to replace the whole thing. Every time he fixes something like that we should set aside what it would have cost to hire someone. I don’t use it, but lately I’ve been hearing about the app Fetch, which gives you money back on certain items you buy.
  8. At my local Kroger the click list people just do the shopping. There are shopping people and then people who take groceries to the car.
  9. I’ve hiked 22 miles in a day, not at elevation, without a mile increase in elevation. It is exhausting. My kids are good hikers. We hike about weekly, but not at elevation. I’ve been hiking with my kids since before the youngest could walk. A couple years ago my then 6 and 8 year old hiked 9 miles in a day and were absolutely worn out. it was cold that day and it was challenging terrain, but I decided I wouldn’t push them like that again. 5-6 miles in decent weather is our sweet spot. If it’s hot or rainy or cold 3-4 miles is better. I have an acquaintance who regularly hikes double digit hikes with her similarly aged children and they enjoy it. I guess part of it is personalities of the family. I have a 12 year old who wants to do similar backpacking trips. He is motivated and with training I think he would be fine doing a 3 day trip like that. Exhausted yes, but ok. I would want him to wait until he’s older though. What about compromising? You or your husband and the interested child do the backpacking trip while the rest of you do day hikes or picnic in the area?
  10. Congratulations! I hope your SIL’s labor goes well. How exciting to have same aged cousins!
  11. I wish travel wasn’t expensive too! I’m scratching the bug with my kids by attempting to visit all the state parks in our state this year. There are 47 (some are historic sites run by the state park system). It‘s taking us to parts of the state we have never been and we are learning a lot. The planning is a little tough, a lot of the little museums, visitor centers, and camp grounds are closed for the season. I have a couple camping trips planned with friends too but no big family trips this year. We went on three trips last year visiting family in various parts of the country. But it isn’t feasible to do that every year.
  12. I think stevia tastes best, but even a small amount upsets my stomach.
  13. I would check into getting base layers. I’ve gotten them for my kids from Walmart. I believe Costco sells them for kids too. This time of year all the outdoor brands are clearing out winter stuff so you may find them on clearance at REI, LL Bean, Sierra Trading Post, or any other outdoor retailer. There are some brands that sell them as 3/4 zip or v neck so they hopefully wouldn’t bother him. For fleece 3/4 zip tops, Childrens Place often has them for under $10, the fleece tends to be thinner than other brands but have held up well for my kids. I have found wool socks are much warmer than any other socks (my kids each have a couple pair and I keep track of them since they are pricey). If your son thinks they are too scratchy, get some thin socks or sock liners to wear underneath.
  14. Poor guy! This sounds like an all around difficult situation. I was hoping with you and his dad being at home it would be more comfortable for him. It took my good friend years to find an overnight caregiver for her medically fragile son. She is a single mom and so often I wish I had the training and ability to help her and give her a break, but I don’t. Becoming friends with her has really opened my eyes to the difficulties some parents face on a daily basis.
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