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  1. Rachel

    my ex, my son's father, died today

    I’m so sorry! I remember your recent post requesting prayers for him. Even though he’s your ex I imagine this is tough for you too. If you have hospice near you, they should have some resources and counseling if you think it would be helpful for your son. In my area it’s free but I’m not sure if it is free everywhere.
  2. Rachel

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    Ok, I couldn’t narrow it down so you get three. Marshmallow the toad who has lived in our garage for 4 years trying to get into the freezer. (Since Marshmallow never grows it is highly possible this is actually Marshmallow the 4th). My son the day after we got home from a trip. He was overwhelmed by the unpacking and laundry sorting. A sign I drive past most days during the summer.
  3. Rachel

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    I love funny signs!
  4. Rachel

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    Pucker This one took me all day! I finally remembered that when I was in Colorado back in May I saw a rock structure called “Kissing Camels” at Garden of the Gods. I didn’t get the best photos, but if you look carefully you can see the outline of two camels.
  5. Ha! My kids are really into it for the tea and the goodies (we usually make something). My 10 year old actually likes poetry, at first I figured it didn’t hurt to try reading some. It’s not something I really grew up reading so it has been a change for me.
  6. Agree! It takes way longer to set up and prepare than actually drink tea. I think it’s sort of about creating tradition, memories, and sitting down to enjoy each other’s company.
  7. Rachel

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    Are paper plate awards a real swim thing? My kids have gotten them the last couple years but I thought it was because the coaches had no budget for awards!
  8. 20-30 minutes? We've gotten out of the habit but my kids have been begging to start again. I stick to fun poetry and maybe read one or two selections. Jack Preletsky (sp?) has funny poems my kids enjoy.
  9. Rachel

    trying to process my emotions...

    I’m sorry! I imagine after not telling the truth for so long it may be next to impossible for her to tell the truth. Would it be possible to talk to your dad?
  10. Rachel

    Prayers appreciated (loss)

    Jann, I am so sorry! I said a prayer for you.
  11. Rachel

    He's been having nosebleeds all week. What to do?

    My daughter gets nose bleeds and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to why. The ayr gel mentioned above does help, it’s inexpensive and can be bought at a pharmacy.
  12. Rachel

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    Feet I debated which picture to use and in the end snapped this photo while reading to my youngest son tonight.
  13. Rachel

    July photo prompts 7/15-7/21

    I may need an explanation of this.
  14. Rachel

    Do I need to keep this gift from MIL?

    Feel free to get rid of it! It will be a treasure to someone else.
  15. Rachel

    Pets-some family wants, some don't.

    Would visiting the humane society one afternoon a week be helpful for your daughter? I know they vary a lot and some are more inviting than others, but ours loves visitors coming to play with the animals.
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