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  1. I received a $400 OTC from my insurance company. I have never received one of these before. Apparently it covers an Apple Watch w/ cellular because of health benefits. I have never considered an Apple Watch, but wonder if I should use my card for that or for other OTC items. I would have to pay the cell line fee. I would use this card at Walmart. Thanks.
  2. The little bit of research I have done is not completely agreeing that dairy contributes to inflammation in the body, but yet, I understand that it does. Does anyone have legitimate links that will help me to navigate this issue please. I am not committed to one outcome or the other just want better understanding of what I should look for in my own body in regards to inflammation and the science/reasoning/health behind it. Thanks!
  3. I made a Thai Coconut Curry over Cauliflower Rice-excellent! Recipe from https://www.amazon.com/Keto-Comfort-Foods-Favorite-Low-Carb/dp/1628602570 Seems like recipes abound. I'm still amazed at what is "acceptable" and what is not!
  4. I am getting ready to make a blueberry cream cheese danish https://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/low-carb-blueberry-cheese-danish-coffee-cake/ Super Yummy!!
  5. I think I made the same Broccoli Cheese soup and it was delicious and yes, the site is "horrible." I also made the rolls from DietDoctor to go with it. The rolls were very good, but a lot of fiber! https://www.dietdoctor.com/recipes/the-keto-bread If anyone has the inclination to post links to the recipes listed that would be wonderful (that don't already have links)! I am new to this so it is great to have resources. I am getting ready to make a blueberry cream cheese danish https://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/low-carb-blueberry-cheese-danish-coffee-cake/ Thanks!
  6. I was unaware of this-thank you! I will look into it. Dairy and I don't often agree, but neither do coconut and I. I have been engaged in a microbiome cleanse for the last couple of months and my digestive system is much healthier so maybe it will tolerate coconut a bit better. I have been doing better with MCT oil after a few weeks of scary consequences!
  7. I prefer organic. I will add it to hot darjeeling or assam tea with a tiny bit of heavy cream. Thanks!
  8. Thank you Debbi! I will definitely check out all the recommended information listed. So far, I am enjoying the food and not missing the carbs, but I am feeling the headachy-possible keto flu-at the moment. Do you possibly have a liquid stevia recommendation for adding to hot tea? Thanks!
  9. Hubby and I are embarking on a Keto diet. My goal is to reduce inflammation in my body. His goal is to reduce pudge around his middle. We both would like to see an increase in energy. This is day 5 and today I have decided to use the Carb Manager Premium App. So far, so good. Fat is definitely filling and I am having to figure out how much dairy I can tolerate. Would love to hear others experiences with Keto. Thanks🙏
  10. I love my Manduka, which I use just about daily. I do double my newer one on top of my old to protect my wrists from all the chaturangas, down dogs and inversion poses. I feel confident and secure on it. https://www.manduka.com/products/manduka-pro-yoga-mat?variant=32148488290362
  11. Is there a non-toxic nail polish that is worth the cost? Is there such a thing as a non-toxic nail salon? Thanks!
  12. Kindle or Audible Similar type writing/well written Really enjoy mysteries/ crime Tend toward reality and less fantasy, but not to much drama Thanks!
  13. I live in Saluda and am trying to find some like minded women (I am a Christian)who may want to eventually do yoga, meditation, and Bible study together for community. Hoping we could start by dialoguing. Feel free to PM or reply here. Thanks!
  14. I am considering hiring someone to deep clean my home. I'm not entirely sure what that entails and what is appropriate to ask someone to do-even if Im paying them. Here is my list, please feel free to add or tell me if it is not appropriate. Thanks! Clean all appliances-inside and outside Clean all cabinets-inside and outside Clean baseboards, floors-scrub, not just mop, walls Dust and clean behind everything and above everything including ceiling fans, furniture-under furniture, hard to reach book shelves, and interior trim too high for me to reach. Clean doors, win
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