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  1. I have tried heating vinegar water in there and then wiping it down three times now. There was not a fire (thank goodness!) but it does seem that the interior is permanently discolored. Has anyone experienced the smell eventually going away? For reference, she put it in for 11:45 instead of 1:45. She turned it off when she noticed smoke.
  2. The US Air Force Museum in Dayton is free, if that plays in to your decision at all. You can walk through several old Air Force One planes. While obviously military it's also a lot of information on the history of flight. All the other things mentioned are great as well. Columbus is a fun city, the City Museum in St. Louis is amazing and the Indianapolis Children's Museum is fun, but more for younger kids in my opinion. Not sure what ages you have but my 12 year old mainly enjoys watching her youngest siblings have fun there now more than enjoying it herself. Obviously this will be different with every 12 year old 🙂 If the weather is good and you want something other than a museum experience, Young's is a cute stop. Play put-put, eat delicious ice cream, pet a goat and watch them milk the cows.
  3. We just built two raised beds that are 4x8. I'm hoping they help me have a more successful gardening year. I basically tilled up a part of the yard to make a garden the last time and it was a disaster with weeds - obviously. 🙂 I was a little overexcited. So now I'm on the hunt for various compost sources to fill them up while planning it all out. I'm loosely following the tenants of Square Foot Gardening. I also keep thinking about landscaping the house, which only has a few overgrown shrubs that were planted over 30 years ago. DH wants to pay someone for a plan, which I'm not opposed to, but I also kind of want to plan it myself. We need to get that figured out so we have a master plan to work on. I doubt we would be able to do it all in one year but it's we can't do anything without a plan.
  4. We have the Ikea Hemnes Daybed for my 4 year old. It has drawers so you could even put her clothes in there. I love it because on nights when DH is really snoring I am able to pull it out larger and throw the second mattress on it for myself. My 4yo sleeps through anything thankfully. That makes it as wide as a King size, just not as long. Love it!
  5. In our state if you have a DUI you have to put these bright red and yellow plates on instead of the normal ones. I guess the concept is public humiliation will make you less likely to drink and drive? I have also heard people refer to them as "party plates"
  6. No, we're rural, so no taxis either. There's also many more DUIs, or at least there appears to be based on the number of DUI liscense plates I see.
  7. That's not normal. I installed detectors at my parents house and replace the batteries every 6 months. They have never had one start beeping - which is good because my dad would probably just throw the whole thing away.
  8. We have a reverse osmosis system for drinking water and it sounds like the set-up is just like yours. It has its own faucet at the sink and we also run it to the fridge instead of using the fridges water filter. Our filters are around $60 and say they should be replaced every 6 months, but I know we push that out to more like 9 months. Mainly just when we can tell the taste is starting to change. It is expensive, but nothing like what it would cost for bottled water, it just hurts a little more because you don't usually buy $60 worth of bottled water at a time. It's also way easier to replace a filter than it is to lug bottles of water from the store every week.
  9. I completely get this! We finished up every little last minute project, we cleaned like we had never cleaned before and got rid of boxes and boxes of clutter. When we finally listed our house I wasn't sure I really wanted to. It finally looked the way I always hoped it would!
  10. Long story short, I verbally committed to something about a month ago. Now the time has come to sign contracts and pay registration fees etc and I Just. Don't Want. To. I'm full of anxiety over how to word the change in my decision while keeping it concise and avoiding rambling on and on. I don't want to give openings for debate or to an attempt to change my mind. The longer story is that I agonized over this decision and kind of talked myself into saying yes. As soon as I made this verbal commitment my stomach sank. I have been thinking about all that it entails ever since and I have been DREADING it. Not in a lazy, I'm-just-not-in-the-mood way. Really dreading it. It's something I have done in the past and took a year off from, I know exactly what is in involved. I think I felt obligated in some way because I'm friends with this person. I feel so shady like a flake about the whole thing but after sharing my feelings my husband is strongly urging me to apologize, but immediately let them know that it's not going to work. Especially before paying deposits to register my kids. I think I need help wording it in a way that lets her know it has nothing to do with the people, it's just not the right thing for our family and that's it. No reasons to give openings to a debate. No way for her to jump in with how it IS right. Does that make sense? I know her well and if I give any reasons for my decision she'll jump in with a counter-argument. It's about teaching a class at a co-op as well as having my kids take classes there. I don't know why I was so vague in the beginning. I thought once I agreed to it that I would begin to be excited about planning for the new year. Unfortunately, I'm just so burnt out. Even with this past year off its not enough. Honestly, I don't know that it's something I'll ever want to do again. We've missed seeing our friends there every week but we've had a great year and have I have felt so much more relaxed and at peace.
  11. You want the 6qt. It doesn't cost much more and will be so much more versatile.
  12. Are you often all in the car together or just a couple of times a week? We have an Odyssey, but only 4 children. We sit two in each row and I appreciate having a bit of room between them for a basket of car activities, wipes etc. However, we have taken several vacations with my in-laws and they have said the back was comfortable to sit in. Not as much as being in the front seat or in a 12 passenger van, but they did fine on the various trips ranging from 3-12 hours. My FIL is 6'2" and my MIL is 6'. I also have my two oldest in the third row, they're both 5'6" at ages 12 and 11. So all that to say if the only time everyone is in the car together is to go to church on Sunday, a few little trips here and there and the yearly family vacation - the Odyssey may work. However, if you're often all together and your drives are more like 20-30 minutes I wouldn't recommend it.
  13. I love the porch! And the rest of it! Especially the 2.5 baths!
  14. Yes to the above. People bid more when it's not just for a piece of paper, even if the other items don't add much value. Packages always seem to go higher at the event my mom hosts. That may mean combining a few gift certificates to make a great "Night on the Town" basket, putting the movie tickets in with a few inexpensive boxes of theater candy, a bottle of wine or sparkling grape juice with the hotel gift certificate, the oil change gift certificate in with a few car care items like interior wipes etc. Hers is for a school so they also do things where you can bid on naming the drive for a year (they do purchase a sign, so there is a cost involved in this) and each class makes a craft that is donated - sometimes a quilt sometimes a painted ceramic cookie tray. Those types of things always go for ridiculous prices ETA: Also yes to the consumables! Instead of a $20 gift certificate to the grocery store ask if they'll donate ingredients for a themed dinner, like pasta with higher end sauces etc. Those are often bid to a higher amount than their actual worth.
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