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  1. I would like to make up about a dozen or so freezer meals to take to my brother and sister-in-law next month when I visit. She's pregnant and due mid-April and since I don't live local, I thought it would be a good way to help out. However, every single time I have ever frozen something it seems like it's just mush when I thaw it and cook it - especially every crock-pot freezer meal recipe I have tried. So, if you have a recipe that you trust to turn out and that a lot of people have enjoyed, I would so appreciate if you would share it! Please let me know how you freeze it as well as the thawing/cooking directions as well.
  2. I am in need of some ideas to give DH's dad for Christmas gifts. A few years ago he expressed interest in giving the kids something they could use for school. So far we have a very nice microscope and a digital piano. He does not want to give classes/memberships etc. or electronics. He wants them to have something to open and would prefer it to be something that they would be a little excited about. I'm kind of stumped this year. I have a child in 7th, 6th, 3rd and K. All I can come up with is a nice science set, but I don't know how excited the kids will be about that 😉
  3. Some of these are repeats but my two teens suggested the following: Decent, not dollar store, soccer balls/footballs/basketballs Cute hoodies/fleece jackets in a L/XL They pointed out that Walmart had some good ones for under $20 Joggers, name brand if you find a good sale, but again, Walmart and Target have cute ones. Name brand slides can often be found on sale around $20. Nice water bottle Graphic T-shirts - they pointed out that cute sayings, Marvel and Stranger Things were a good bet. Scrunchies Name brand tall socks Also adding inexpensive make-up kits from Ulta or Sephora, usually the store brand, especially if they come in a case that can be used to store more items.
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. My friend did not expect me to show up for this and we've been talking every day, for short periods, since her brother passed away. But I come from a "You go to the funeral" family and was struggling a bit. I know that's why DH kept asking me if I felt certain. We did not go, as originally planned. In posting I think I needed to hear that that was OK from someone who wasn't impacted by all the grief everyone I'm close to is reeling in right now. We had already sent flowers for her sister-in-law as well as a plant for her. I mailed her parents and her other sister a card yesterday and plan on taking her several meals for her over the next few weeks. I also have Halloween gift bags for her kids as they didn't get to go trick-or-treating. I, and she, knows that's not a major point, but it's hard when they're little and big scary sad things are impacting what is usually a fun tradition.
  5. I made a choice in the middle of a stressful time to NOT attend the calling hours or funeral for the brother of my best friend of 28 years. Calling hours are this evening and the funeral is tomorrow and now I'm feeling anxiety and panic that I made the wrong choice. It's not something you change once it's done, you know? It's in Chicago, which is a 4.5 hour drive from me. In the past 3 weeks I have buried by uncle, a close cousin who unexpectedly died at the age of 30 who was 4 months pregnant, and just Wednesday my god-daughter - at the age of 24 from ovarian cancer. We were out of town for all three of those events and just got home yesterday afternoon. My dear friend texted to let me know about her brother while I was at my god-daughter's calling hours. I am now second-guessing whether choosing to not go was really just me going "I can't handle this right now" instead of a legitimate logistics choice. We are for sure unable to go to calling hours this evening because my day is full until 9pm and I would have to cancel several things very last minute which isn't fair to everyone else involved - but I could drive late tonight and get a hotel to make the funeral at 8am tomorrow. And poor DH, he's been asking if I'm sure I don't want to go every single day. And now if I do go it'll be a huge stressful emergency situation of my own making. Would you expect a good friend to travel that far? I am not at all close to her brother or his family due to our age difference, he was already out of the house when we became friends. However, I love her parents dearly as well as my friend and her immediate family.
  6. When I asked the nurse at the pediatrician's office what exactly was off, I was told that her free T4 was at .5 and that was considered low. Honestly, that's all I know at this point because the next step was to go to an endocrinologist. I'm thinking I need to have them send the referral to someone else. If it matters, what we were initially at the doctor for was to talk about the possibility of ADHD as well as ask for a referral to a therapist. DD is very low energy, inattentive, has trouble sleeping and has chronic constipation. DD has said she might be depressed because it's hard for her to want to do anything. Our pediatrician gave us the therapist info but also wanted to run some basic labs to see if anything else was going on. Thank you for all the info so far!
  7. I'm not sure where what to do right now. My daughter's pediatrician ordered some blood work and according to the Dr. it showed that her free t4 was low. The Dr. re-ordered that test to verify, and according to Dr it was low again. So she referred us to an endocrinologist. I just got a call from the endocrinologist that said all the tests (the ones from pediatrician) were fine and that daughter doesn't need to be seen by endocrinologist. So now I'm sitting here wondering if I should have a second opinion from an endocrinologist or if our pediatrician doesn't know what she's doing?
  8. Thought I would ask if anyone has any recommendations on house training a new puppy. DH and I have agreed to get a puppy after thinking about it for a few years, it's not a spur of the moment decision. Between us we have adopted 5 adults, house training 3 of them, but never a puppy! What am I getting myself into? If it matters, it will be a male med-large mixed breed. Parents appear to be Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever and Treeing Walker Coon Hound/Bull Terrier/Pit Bull? Any other tips for the puppy stage are welcome!
  9. They SHOULD be washing them before meals, before unloading the dishwasher, after using the restroom and first things when we get home from being out in public. Oh, and whenever they come in from the barn. Everyone is pretty good about it, but I still remind them from time to time.
  10. I feel like it's not so much that you didn't get a gift it's that no one even took 10 minutes out of their day to pause and appreciate you. I get that. I had to have several conversations with DH about this and to be fair to him, it was a bit of a change for me. I was never big on celebrations and technically, I'm still not. But after all these years of giving giving giving and making sure everyone else's days was special - even if just with a small cake and their favorite meal for dinner - it started to hurt a little bit more every year when NOTHING was done for me. Going out and buying my own cake wouldn't solve that problem. DH taking 5 minutes to pause with the kids to put a candle in Little Debbie snack is really all I was asking for. It's not about the actual gift, just the time to remember. Eventually, after many conversations, it's happened. Usually. I do still have to remind quite a bit ahead of time.
  11. I completely understand! We moved close to family 2.5 years ago and I'm still adjusting. It was so strange to me when my MIL wanted to know the soccer PRACTICE schedule, just so she could come watch. However, I'm trying to fully embrace it, especially this year!! 4 children with 4 different sports teams, 4 different lessons for instruments and 4 different levels of Scouts....I'm maxed out. My MIL and DH's step-mom both recently retired and have volunteered to do a lot of the running, so I plan on keeping them busy. Considering all those promises to help were part of the reason we moved here, it's only fitting.
  12. I'm attempting to give all the grandparents/aunts/uncles all the schedules for all the things that are beginning soon. Soccer, volleyball, dance lessons, karate etc. It used to be that I would always be given a printable schedule or list by all of these activities and make copies for everyone. Now, some still do that, but others use apps like Heja or FB to organize. Last year, when I typed up a master list for everyone, I made some transcription mistakes and it took quite a bit of time. Other than giving a copy of my personal calendar that I have synced everything to, has anyone figured out an easy way to do this? I would prefer not to do this because it has a lot of details they don't need. And yes, I want them to know everything from practice times to games and locations because not only to they come to cheer the kids on, but several of them help provide transportation where they can.
  13. I am looking at doing a 12 week co-op class on the same subject! What textbook are you using?
  14. I am also a big fan of Walmart's pick-up system. I just started using it 2 months ago. I do NOT like shopping AT Walmart. The pick-up is a completely different experience. Also, even though overall the prices are a bit higher than Aldi, I find it's worth it. I have an easier time sticking to my grocery budget with it because I don't even go in the store. Their website and the app are extremely user-friendly. Instead of making a list through the week I just add things to my cart in the app. It also made grocery shopping while on vacation so easy! I set it all up three days before we left and my groceries were ready for pick-up our first morning there. Counting travel time, I was there and back with $200 worth of groceries in 15 minutes. I don't like the single-use plastic bags. I have thought about asking them to just bring things out in the crates but I could see how that would make loading my car take quite a bit longer.
  15. I have tried heating vinegar water in there and then wiping it down three times now. There was not a fire (thank goodness!) but it does seem that the interior is permanently discolored. Has anyone experienced the smell eventually going away? For reference, she put it in for 11:45 instead of 1:45. She turned it off when she noticed smoke.
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