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  1. Yes I do. It also allows me to go to their pages and see all their posts if I'm in the mood. So if I think I can eye-roll at a few of my cousins posts in order to see pics of their kids etc. I go ahead. And the best part is, they don't even know it! They can still see everything I post, which is a family picture a few times a year and a generic ask for people to buy popcorn from my son's scout troop once a year. People I'm close to just know that I don't really communicate through FB. If something really noteworthy is posted by extended family my sisters usually clue me in.
  2. I have unfollowed everyone I am friends with on FB and am only using it as a way to see group events.
  3. It is in both hands. The pediatrician kept asking about injuries and finally DD said "I think I would remember hurting all 8 fingers at the same time." Her thumbs don't seem to be swelling. The pediatrician ordered no tests. I was OK with that at first as she was calling the rheumatologist, but now I'm getting upset, especially as it's getting worse.
  4. There is no discoloration and they have not felt tender to the touch. Just today she said she thinks they are kind of sore when she bends them. After talking to her more about it I think it's that they feel tight and more difficult to move since they're more swollen today.
  5. We have soaked them a few times and she said they felt more comfortable and the experience was relaxing, but I did not see a noticeable difference in the swelling. It may have helped a little? The pediatrician did no tests. She thought we needed to see a rheumatologist and was going to call them to see if we should make an appointment or do blood work first. Apparently the rheumatologist did NOT think they were the right doctor and said neither, it didn't sound like their specialty. So then we were referred to a dermatologist to rule out any skin issues. Her fingers are slowly
  6. This started last Saturday and has been getting consistently worse each day. Very slowly, but a noticeable increase in swelling each day. It began very small in her fingernail bed. We went to the pediatrician on Tuesday morning. She decided to refer us to a dermatologist? DD has not complained about anything else. She doesn't have a fever, hasn't been sick, still has feeling in all her fingers, the skin does not have a rash, doesn't itch etc. We see the dermatologist tomorrow but I don't expect to get any answers there since she has no other skin irritating symptoms. Has anyone else ha
  7. Thanks everyone. A couple of answers: We have 4 children. We live a little more than an hour from a decent sized city, 2 hours to larger ones. It's likely none of our children will stay in the area or all of them will. A lot of people leave, but a lot stay as well. Our town has actually increased it's population but about 1,000 people per year the last 5 years. Unless one of them wants to live in our home there is very little chance we would build something smaller. If DH is alive he will want to live on this farm until he needs a nursing home. We do currently have a ful
  8. I just switched all my white plastic hangers to the velvety no-slip hangers. They are space saving, like the old wire hangers, and nothing falls off! AND my closet looks classier. I didn't buy anything special, it's a mix of the ones Sam's Club has right now - 50 for under $13 - and some I found on clearance at Home Goods. We needed hangers and I was going to just grab the cheap white plastic, but instead decided to splurge on ME and pass all my plastic ones along.
  9. Or know someone who has? We do not have a master bedroom. I hate this about our house. It's a 2-story with 5 bedrooms upstairs and one very large bathroom. When we initially moved in our plan was to turn 2 bedrooms upstairs into a master suite. However, once we had possession of the house it became clearer and clearer that the renters who had been here had damaged things to such an extent that we ended up having to redo the kitchen and downstairs bathroom and put all new flooring on the first floor. That ended up taking our entire budget. So, here we are 5 years later and we're disc
  10. Lori D. thank you so much for giving such a detailed response! I had never even heard of Essentials in Writing and I think this combined with a simple grammar overview will solve our problem. She is solid in spelling and we have a great book list we've been working through together this year. Thank you again.
  11. Yours are older than my oldest, but I was also struggling for something to do together as a family now that we're spread out from K-8th grade. Just the different sleep patterns alone were making morning time difficult. We started a mandatory one hour lunch together this year instead, at 1pm. We eat, sometimes do poetry, sometimes work on memorizing something, sometimes listen to an audio book. Between lunch and lunch clean-up it's only about 10-15 minutes together but it's really helped to add back the idea of our whole family learning something together.
  12. I have a 7th grader who I need something more open and go to use with. I was looking this over and thought it might be better than the nothing that ends up happening more often than not lately and the PDF's are reasonably priced. Her reading and spelling are way above grade level and her writing is good, except for some grammatical errors she makes. The grammar questions on the placement quiz are where she lost all her points. I am concerned that if I place her in level 5 she'll revolt at some of the readings. Or would we be better off going with level 5 and focusing on the grammar, movin
  13. My sister has the older Traverse (the one before the most recent redesign) and I have an Odyssey. The van has more room in the third row and more storage than her Traverse. I agree that unless you're getting a Suburban a 3rd row SUV is a step down from a van. All that said, my sister loves her Traverse. She has 3 kids, the oldest is only 11. They usually sit 3 across in the middle row and she keeps the 3rd row down for the extra storage, but likes having the option to use it for extra kids if needed. If you don't need the 3rd row for regular seating or juts for one child, I think it's a
  14. We started with Pfaltzgraff's Cappuccino which I loved. However, the plates were very large and heavy. The time the kids became old enough to help with dishes coincided with us getting hardwood floors and quartz countertops. We began to see a lot of broken dishes. So then I switched to Corelle's Winter Frost. I just wanted something simple and found some sets on clearance at Walmart that only had 8 plates, 8 cereal bowls and 2 serving bowls. Perfect for us as we didn't need anything else. I also love how much less space it takes up in my cupboard. We have only had one plate break in th
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