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  1. This is the same info we found as well. The older man at our local appliance store told me that he felt they were so popular because of their longevity, but that they weren't actually the best at cleaning clothes. I trust him completely because when we were shopping for all new appliances after our kitchen remodel he told me that he couldn't in good faith recommend any particular brand anymore. They have all become equally unreliable.😄
  2. 33.2% with one dose. 31.9% fully vaccinated. As soon as the mask mandates lifted for anyone vaccinated everyone quit masking. It's so frustrating.
  3. Yes! Thank you for mentioning this! It made me look it up online and we discovered that jeans can not have any holes in them above her fingertips. We checked with a few people and found out this was actually enforced. All of her jeans have small holes around the front pockets. Nothing you can see through, but enough to not be ok. I would have never even thought about this. Thanks for all the comments, they're about what I was thinking. A few new items to start off with and then adding as the school year progresses is probably what we'll end up doing. She also just got her first job so I'm sure she'll be picking up some things on her own as well.
  4. DD is going to switch from homeschooling to public school for 9th grade. We're very casually dressed at home. Lots of PJ/athletic wear days. Other than once a week co-op and church, she really only leaves the house for soccer practice and hanging out with friends. We're trying to figure out reasonably how many clothes we should have to start the school year. I attended private schools and remember needing to add quite a few things to my wardrobe over Christmas break my first year of college. I don't mind adding things as we go, I'm just trying to get an idea of numbers to help make a budget.
  5. We just drove east through Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We did have issues at a couple of fast food places that were not open, even for using the restroom. After telling my sister about this she recommended chain drug stores for bathroom breaks. They're usually a little more off the highway, but most towns have a CVS or Walgreens or Rite Aid etc. They all have *usually* clean public restrooms.
  6. I don't think it's weird to stay with family on visits, but the inviting yourself on vacations is not OK. However, no one has ever stayed with us, or us with them, for more than about a week. 3 months is a long time. We have traveled several times with in-laws, my parents and even my parents and all siblings/spouses/nieces/nephews. Those are always planned trips together. MIL or my mom or sibling will say, "What do you think about going here with everyone?" Then we plan it together and go. I can't imagine hearing of my in-laws trip planned for Niagara Falls and then telling them that it sounds fun and we're coming along.
  7. Thanks for sharing! I'm heading into ancient history this coming fall with my youngest two and have been thinking about doing this.
  8. I also just purchase the printed books. I might have chosen differently if I was going to use them for all of my children, so I would have the PDF file, but I'm just doing TGTB with my younger two. For me, it's just not worth the hassle of printing.
  9. In our house it means there's no good cereal, junk food or fresh fruit.
  10. I know about Notgrass, is there anything else? I would be ok with it being more of a unit study than a full year or semester even. We're coming off of a year of US History. She said she would like more information on how the government works specifically before we move on to something else.
  11. I know we have carpenter ants. They're in our south wall. It's probably bad as there is wood debris in the windowsills. We should have called last year, we hesitated, then we stopped seeing them....out of sight, out of mind. So here we are again. I am wondering from anyone who has dealt with this in the past how many treatments were necessary from their exterminator? I called two and they are offering different plans at different prices so I'm trying to figure out the best option.
  12. I think it's likely that when a larger segment of the population is vaccinated that they (and many other people) will slowly begin to stop all the other safety protocols. It will be easier to do that for many people when the numbers are going down and the CDC says it's safe to do so. I think it's similar to any vaccine really. My kids have all been vaccinated for chicken pox. I would still not take them to a place where I knew someone had chicken pox. I know it's not entirely the same but I do understand that for some, especially if they have a lot of anxiety about the current situation, it feels like Covid is guaranteed to be everywhere.
  13. I so agree with the bolded! I used to shop with a calculator and then make adjustments in the store. I love tweaking our menu to stay in budget while I'm sitting on the couch watching Netflix instead of standing in the middle of the grocery store.
  14. I can always tell who has done my shopping. There are two women who are middle-aged who do an amazing job. If there's a substitution it's always generously in my favor. The larger package for the same price as the smaller one I ordered. Name brand for the store brand etc. There is a younger woman who never subs anything which is frustrating and then two younger men who have made some interesting choices. Frozen chicken patties, the breaded kind, instead of frozen chicken breasts. Green leaf lettuce for kale, which I just couldn't see putting in my soup. Dill for rosemary, as if any seasoning subs for another? Really it's just obvious they don't cook 🙂 I adjusted my preferred pick up days/times in order to up my chances of having someone older do my shopping. It seemed like most ridiculous choices were made on weekends or later evenings. Now I pick up on Tuesdays at 11am.
  15. I have been thinking this more and more as my 'baby' is about to turn 7. The oldest is about to turn 15 and we're beginning to have more and more conversations about the planning involved to launch her. I have been telling DH over the past 2 years that we were in such a sweet spot with our kids ages. Everyone potty-trained and able to dress themselves, but no one old enough to be desperate to get away from us yet. 😃 It's been lovely, but I can't help but see the changing season ahead. It's so exciting and bittersweet all at once.
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