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  1. In our house it means there's no good cereal, junk food or fresh fruit.
  2. I know about Notgrass, is there anything else? I would be ok with it being more of a unit study than a full year or semester even. We're coming off of a year of US History. She said she would like more information on how the government works specifically before we move on to something else.
  3. I know we have carpenter ants. They're in our south wall. It's probably bad as there is wood debris in the windowsills. We should have called last year, we hesitated, then we stopped seeing them....out of sight, out of mind. So here we are again. I am wondering from anyone who has dealt with this in the past how many treatments were necessary from their exterminator? I called two and they are offering different plans at different prices so I'm trying to figure out the best option.
  4. I think it's likely that when a larger segment of the population is vaccinated that they (and many other people) will slowly begin to stop all the other safety protocols. It will be easier to do that for many people when the numbers are going down and the CDC says it's safe to do so. I think it's similar to any vaccine really. My kids have all been vaccinated for chicken pox. I would still not take them to a place where I knew someone had chicken pox. I know it's not entirely the same but I do understand that for some, especially if they have a lot of anxiety about the current situation,
  5. I so agree with the bolded! I used to shop with a calculator and then make adjustments in the store. I love tweaking our menu to stay in budget while I'm sitting on the couch watching Netflix instead of standing in the middle of the grocery store.
  6. I can always tell who has done my shopping. There are two women who are middle-aged who do an amazing job. If there's a substitution it's always generously in my favor. The larger package for the same price as the smaller one I ordered. Name brand for the store brand etc. There is a younger woman who never subs anything which is frustrating and then two younger men who have made some interesting choices. Frozen chicken patties, the breaded kind, instead of frozen chicken breasts. Green leaf lettuce for kale, which I just couldn't see putting in my soup. Dill for rosemary, as if any sea
  7. I have been thinking this more and more as my 'baby' is about to turn 7. The oldest is about to turn 15 and we're beginning to have more and more conversations about the planning involved to launch her. I have been telling DH over the past 2 years that we were in such a sweet spot with our kids ages. Everyone potty-trained and able to dress themselves, but no one old enough to be desperate to get away from us yet. 😃 It's been lovely, but I can't help but see the changing season ahead. It's so exciting and bittersweet all at once.
  8. Thank you for all the ideas! The only other thing I was coming up with were beach chairs but I really don't want to invest in those for something we might do once every 5-6 years. I shared all the fun games with my siblings and it looks like between the lot of us we'll end up with all of it there. 🙂 Thanks again!
  9. We're gong to the beach in the first time in forever at the beginning of the summer. Because of this I was thinking of making the Easter basket vacations themed with lots of the things the kids will use while we're gone. We need new towels, so that's an easy start. I am coming up with millions of ideas for the 6 and 10 year old but nothing for the 13 and 14 year old. Should they just get sand toys as well? I love going to the ocean, but it's something I do about once every 5-7 years, so it's not a frequent activity.
  10. We also encounter this. We'll ask FIL what something is and the reply will start with "Well, Dad saved from that from......in case....." And then that means we can't get rid of it. Even though DH's grandpa died almost 10 years ago, was in a nursing home for 4 years before that and not well enough to work on the farm for almost 5 years before that. So it's something that has been saved for at least 19 years with no one using it. But we can't get rid of it. And it's usually been saved in an old plastic bucket or on a random pile somewhere - always very organized you know?
  11. Just a note on water storage: We store it everywhere. We have several cases under everyone's beds. We have gallon jugs in the basement. We always have a case in both vehicles. We usually only have about 2 weeks worth though.
  12. We live on a multi-generation farm. I would love, love, love to be able to declutter even one of the multiple outbuildings that my FIL has stuffed to the brim with junk. He, like his father before him, saves everything that may ever possibly be useful. One evening he spent over 2 hours pulling out stainless steel nails from the wood of a building we had to take down. He's very frugal and for the most part that is a quality I admire about him. However, he values his time very little. To buy the hardware that it took him 2 hours to save would only cost about $10. It's getting to the point
  13. I already have the book and had made my own cards years ago. I'm working through this again with my youngest and I think she would benefit from the letters but they don't seem to be sold separately. I never used them before, we just wrote on a small whiteboard.
  14. My mom is a nurse who is still working on a floor in a hospital caring for Covid patients and is refusing the vaccine. I also find it frustrating. Her argument is that she has seen quite a few new drugs come out through the years that had eventual long-term consequences and she consistently holds to the standard that she won't take something unless it has been out for 10 years. It makes me very concerned as she plans on working for at least 2 more years and has terrible asthma. She has admitted she would be very likely to have to serious case but still refuses.
  15. Our first floor is all wood floors and I have found the thing that makes the biggest difference to me, other than a nice fleece hoodie, is to have on slippers that have a sole. Growing up my dad always told us that if your feet were warm the rest of you would be warm, and I'm finding that to be true.
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