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  1. Here’s a link from the General Ed board that may be helpful.
  2. I’m wondering the same thing. My insurance absolutely won’t let me refill until a couple days before my one prescription expires. I always refill ASAP in case I’m traveling at some point in the future so I make sure I’ll have enough to get through.
  3. The Hundred-year-Old Man Who Climbed Out His Window and Disappeared The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen age 83 1/4. The audiobook of this is great! Old Lady on the Trail: Triple Crown at 76 by Mary E Davison.
  4. So cute! There isn’t much cuter than a puppy.
  5. After trying various special detergents I have started spraying hydrogen peroxide on the arm pits of my shirts as soon as I take them off. If the clothes are especially sweaty I’ll do a pre-wash with vinegar. I launder as usual with original Tide. I have not had any problems with the perioxide bleaching clothes but you may want to test them first.
  6. After reading through this I realized I’ll be heading across I-70 this summer too. It’s my first cross country trip driving alone with my kids, I’m taking notes on breaking up our driving.
  7. The Kansas City Main Library is made to look like giant books. That may be fun to drive past.
  8. Indianapolis Childrens Museum is fantastic, maybe a bit young for your boys, but it’s probably the best children’s museum in the country. I’ve heard great things about Young’s Dairy. There is a train hotel in Indy too. I’ve always heard the air museum at Wright-Pat AFB is very neat but with you having access to both the Smithsonian Air and Space Museums I’m not sure if it would be worth it. I would definitely go up in the Arch if you get the chance.
  9. If you think a guest may be lactose intolerant, the DQ cake is the way to go. Otherwise either dessert sounds great.
  10. I tend to prepare for the adults and then also have things like fresh fruit, or fresh veggies like carrots or cucumbers. Chips are usually big too. Kids can be super picky about non-predictable things and short of asking the parent it’s impossibe to guess what little kids may or may not eat. Then again you may be inviting over kids that will eat anything. I have three kids, one will try anything, one is super picky, and one that can go either way depending on his mood. It keeps me guessing!
  11. My 6 year old did not care for Redwall. Our friends 10 year old however is really into it. My 6 year old did really enjoy Paddington though.
  12. Great update! I too hate that break between and I have many friends at my church. I usually use the bathroom and then read my bible or the bulletin. I dislike small talk but when I notice new people I do my best to break out of my shell to introduce myself. I’m not trying to be rude or unwelcoming, I’m just a bit shy. Don’t be afraid to sit with someone in your class. I’m sure they won’t mind, they just may not realize they should offer you an invitation.
  13. Is he a particularly slow reader? My husband would like to read more, but he reads slowly, and finds reading books frustrating. On the flip side he never forgets anything he’s ever read. What about graphic novels or magazines geared toward his hobbies?
  14. He’s cute! Do you have any other pets? What are their names? All but one of our dogs have had names starting with b, so we stuck with that tradition when we got a puppy a few months back. His name in Boone.
  15. You may want to read “Teaching from Rest”by Sarah Mackenzie. It may help you figure out the balance between not enough and too much with school.
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