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  1. I own TTC and I’ve never watched it🤦🏼‍♀️. I got inexpensively used when my kids were still pretty young, I put it aside for later. Earlier this summer I was thinking I should dig it out, I think you gave me the kick in the pants I needed.
  2. Yes! It is well done. They typically stick to the same composer for a month. You can access it online or through the podcast. My kids usually just answer the 3 questions but there are additional activities available as well.
  3. I’m interested! I have a new 8 year old wanting to play ukulele. I’m not sure how well he would do with online instruction, but I’m willing to give it a shot since there aren’t any in person lessons in my area at the moment.
  4. When you are able to go, invest in a good sleeping pad, it will make a world of difference! If you can borrow gear at first, that would be very helpful to figure out if you like backpacking and what you do or don’t like about certain pieces of gear. I started out borrowing and with inexpensive or used gear. Slowly I’ve upgraded.
  5. I agree! Youtube has been so helpful, who do you follow? My kids make fun of me, they tell me hiking is way better than watching people hike. I do agree but I also enjoy watching many of those channels way more than a sitcom.
  6. I still consider myself a beginner but I’ve been backpacking a few times a year for 3 years now. I even took my kids on their first backpacking trip a month or so back. My first big trip (6 days, 5 nights) is coming up in September. I LOVE hiking and I go as often as I can. But I started backpacking to do a challenge and now I see it as a way to get away from crowds and enjoy trails I wouldn’t have time to do on a day hike. It’s different than regular camping, but still a lot of fun. There are lots of ways to backpack: Big miles like thru hikers, medium miles like section hi
  7. Until you said you were pregnant I was going to tell you to go. I’d talk to your OB to see what they think. They are in your area and have a handle on how and where people are getting sick in your area. I am very comfortable going to my library and taking my kids. All staff and patrons are masked and the counter has nice plexiglass barriers. They are disinfecting. It isn’t busy at all like it used to be. All the chairs have been removed to discourage hanging out. Books are quarantined for a minimum for 3 days although the librarian told me it has frequently been 5 days or more. We
  8. What about a different type of trucking job? My father in law is older than your husband, has bad knees that need surgery, and he is driving a truck. He is staying really busy right now and the pay is better than normal. He drives a step deck (type of flat bed). He does have to tarp loads but he isn’t doing heavy lifting. He drove on his own authority for years, sold his truck, taught at a community college (he has an MBA), then went back to trucking. He drove for a concrete company for about a year, he hated that job but was home every night. Now he owns his truck but cont
  9. FIAR has plenty activities, but if you are doing history with your kids and using Story of the World, there is an activity book for that too. We did more activities with Ancients than in later years. Your kids are at great ages to do lots of fun things, but the thing we did most when my kids were little was leave the afternoons open to play. I know your original question was specific to literature, but are you using Memoria for all your subjects? I don’t want you to think we are all telling you to start all over with something different, Memoria puts out great products. Also,
  10. We don’t have an Alexa device, but I told my sister about it and she got one. Thanks!
  11. I can’t quickly find the podcast episode I’m thinking of, but this one may be helpful for you as a new homeschooler. I sent it to my sister-in-law who is a new homeschooling mom this year too. https://readaloudrevival.com/159/
  12. Five in a Row is fantastic at the ages of your children. I didn’t discover it until my third child, but we really enjoyed it.
  13. I don’t think you need literature guides for the ages of your kids. Just read them good books. Looks at the book lists for Memoria Press, Sonlight, Read Aloud Revival (RAR). RAR has a podcast episode (a couple years ago) and it’s probably mentioned in her book “The Read Aloud Family” how to talk about books with your kids. Welcome to homeschooling!
  14. I know! I’m guessing something fell on it or the box got caught and torn? Did it fall out of the box and the delivery driver didn’t know what was supposed to be in there? Who knows? This is two science books, it’s not electronics or something valuable to anyone other than me or another homeschool parent. I know things go wrong from time to time, I’m thankful it is something replaceable.
  15. Not to hijack this thread completely. I checked my tracking on this order yesterday at 1:00, it was out for delivery. UPS usually comes through about 3, when it wasn’t here at 5 I figured they were just running behind. At 8 last night it still wasn’t here so I checked tracking again. At 1:30 my package was halted! It apparently got damaged and the stuff fell out of the box? It’s weird. I hope I still get the curriculum I ordered!
  16. Thanks for this! My son might be interested. I’m not sure anything he is working on currently will be ready by October but he could possibly play his pieces from this past spring. I’ll have to check the guidelines.
  17. I don’t see Nitrotype or Seterra Geography listed above, they are both online. Youtube channels we like are Smarter Everyday and Veritasium. In the past I had a binder with independent activities. I can’t remember what all it had but something like copy work, a map to label, mental math sheets. My two older kids can be a lot more independent now so I can just say, go do xyz and let me know if you have any questions. If your kids are readers that may be a good time to go to the library and bring home a pile of books. You could also save any documentaries for that time of the
  18. We went through 3 yoga balls in 2 weeks! Our lab (8 or 9 months old at the time) got two of them though, he thought they were chew toys! The first one however was stabbed with a pencil by my own dear son. He wanted to see what would happen and was genuinely surprised that he ended up on the floor a minute later. I can laugh now, but I didn’t that day! I’d had that ball for 15 years with no problems. We got to tour my nephew’s classroom during his open house last year. In a class for about 20 there were 3 different styles of wobble chairs. Only 4 desks were a normal height with regu
  19. Happy birthday! We do birthday donuts with a candle for breakfast and then the birthday person picks either where we go or what we have for supper that night. I make a cake for the rest of the family members on their birthdays. My birthday is in July, so they get me an ice cream cake, which is my preference.
  20. I sent this to my husband, his response, “The last 40 or so pictures were photoshopped, right?”
  21. A couple things in addition to the ball that work for my 8 year old are jumping jacks and exercise. We will frequently go for a walk or bike ride before starting school, not always but he definitely focuses better if we do. During school time if he starts getting distracted I will ask him if he wants to do some jumping jacks. He will do 25 or so and then get back on his ball. The breaks for movement really do help. I use to be skeptical of the ball too but it does help a ton!
  22. Hunter, so good to see you pop in! Some one recently posted a minimalism thread and it made me think of you. I hope you are doing well!
  23. Thanks all! @Teek thank you for the video list! Classical Academia Press has a science webinar Thursday afternoon with John Mays, the author of the science books. I don’t see a link on the website, but it was in their email newsletter if you get that.
  24. We are doing SOTW 4 this year too. I usually choose based on what my library has available. Sometimes they don’t have the exact titles, but they do have other books from the same time period and I will bring those home for my kids too.
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