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  1. I was just talking about this with my husband. My grandparents won’t leave. They were born and raised in Beaumont, they have weathered many hurricanes and storms. My cousins are young and have young families. With Harvey they were told it was 1000 year event. Two of my cousins married high school sweethearts, parents on all sides are divorced and remarried. So extended families are huge and all live in a 15 mile radius. Everyone is super tight knit so I think it would be a struggle for any of them to leave the area unless they all left the area. I would at least want to get to a higher ground. If you look at the neighborhoods where my great grandparents lived, all the homes were on piers, not super high piers but definitely off the ground. The houses in the last 40 years seem to be built on slabs, at least from the observation of someone who doesn’t live there. My grandparents street is at least built up so their front door is about 2-3’ higher than the street. My aunt and three cousins though all have homes on slabs that are at or barely above street level. I mean 40” of rain anywhere in two days is going to cause issues, so I’m not sure how much piers would help across the board, but I would think it would help some. My husband pointed out that even if they did want to move, selling a house that flooded out twice in two years is going to be very difficult.
  2. I have family in Beaumont and just east of there. The Beaumont family is fine. Those east of there have flooding, again. My aunt literally spent the first night back in her home in April and had it completely finished 6ish weeks ago. One of my cousins only has about 3” in his house as of this morning. They got back in their house about Christmas time. Another cousin with extensive damage from Harvey took on some water today too but I haven’t heard how much. They are ok physically. It’s just emotionally draining to have lost almost everything two years ago and then be facing loss again.
  3. My husband is 6’5” and we have a queen sized bed. He would prefer a king but we don’t really have room for it, but his feet don’t hang off if he keeps his head toward the top of the bed. My 11 year old is 5’4” (95th percentile) and still sleeps in a regular twin. His best friend is 5’7” and 6 months younger, he’s still in a twin. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get an XL twin, just that you have time to wait until you have cash.
  4. I think you basically fill out an application online but you meet with someone in person for fingerprinting. My husband said it was no big deal, 15 minutes at most. I agree that at some airports it isn’t that advantageous. But sometimes the airports you think you will breeze through take awhile.
  5. I always hated it when my kids were younger and people would tell me it’s just the stage of life I am in. There is a lot of truth in it though. These types of things get better as your kids get a little older. I had similar feelings when my oldest was 7, but now that my youngest is 7, things go a lot more smoothly. If kid clutter is a huge problem, I would temporarily put stuff away until it’s easy to manage. Our legos had to be put away for a couple months. I also find it easier if we have a pick up time pegged to another part of our schedule. Timers worked really well with two of my kids, I set it up as a try to beat the timer race and then see if we can do it faster the next time. I didn’t punish for not beating the timer but I did reward when they beat it. My third is a dawdler. I haven’t figured out a good way to motivate him not to dawdle with picking up his own messes. He is a great helper with other chores though. I find that with him he just can’t be sent off to cleanup on his own. He needs someone keeping him focused. Part of that is his personality and I think part is his age. I think it’s normal, especially when expecting to worry about the future, but I have found things generally fall into place over time. Good luck!
  6. The Marines still train dolphins, at least that is what I was told last time I was in San Diego. My Colonel friend currently in war college told me about the cat thing recently. He said the project failed because the military couldn’t get the cats to do what they wanted them to do.
  7. Definitely get precheck if you will be flying more than a couple times in a year. It’s something like $75 for 3 years. The lines move quicker, no taking off shoes, no taking electronics out of your bag. Plus everyone in the line travels regularly so they know what they are doing and don’t bog down the line, it’s way easier. I don’t fly enough to have precheck but my husband has it and when I fly with him I usually end up with precheck too. Even if I don’t get precheck, the kids can go through with him and I get through the regular line more quickly. I wore a dress on my last flights, no pat downs. I’ve only ever been patted down once (I don’t fly very often so that doesn’t mean too much) and it wasn’t horrible. I mean it felt a little weird but I didn’t feel violated or anything. I was wearing pants that were a bit big and they made me take off my belt so I was worried my pants would fall down, but that was the worst of it.
  8. I read this on NPRs website the other day, I haven’t looked into it yet. The military has done some strange research but this is the first I’ve heard of ticks possibily being used for biological warfare.
  9. That’s crazy. It does take a little while (2-3 months) to get my three kids in for well checks with our preferred pediatrician at our preferred location. Part of that is wanting all the kids done the same day. However, whenever I have anything urgent I can usually get in the same day with any doctor or within a day or two with our preferred, as long as she isn’t on vacation or something. It’s the same for the general practice where my husband and I go. I do specify when I call that I want to be seen today or tomorrow depending on what I’m calling about. I did switch away from a doctor in the same health system as one of the hospitals because they couldn’t get patients in for urgent needs withinin a day or two. My kids would have strep, I would develop symptoms, then be told the doctor could not see me for a couple weeks. I felt like if was part of how that particular hospital system operated or poorly trained scheduling staff, I don’t think the doctor has any clue patients had trouble getting in to see her. Have you talked to your son’ pediatrician to see if they have a practice they would recommend? They may be aware of someone taking new patients.
  10. Saying a prayer for you and for her recovery.
  11. I didn’t know that one and my husband didn’t either. Sure gives a new meaning to Taco Tuesday!
  12. We have bought gifts for anniversaries , but it isn’t always part of the recognition of our marriage. Sometimes we go out to dinner, sometimes we cook a nice meal, sometimes we don’t do anything. I think it’s good to have a conversation about not giving gifts if it isn’t important to you. Some people do find gifts very important, it’s just as important that they discuss that with their spouse so they aren’t constantly disappointed.
  13. As far as I know my 11 and 9 year old don’t know any. I mean if they asked, I would explain. My daughter heard a commercial for the little blue pill and asked what ED was. I told her I would tell her if she really wanted to know but it might embarrass her, she said she would ask again when she was older.
  14. When my three kids were at those tough ages where they were too big for the cart and not big enough to just walk along with me at the grocery store behaving, I would give them assignments at the grocery store. Can you find the giant can of x brand green beans? Look for the poster with the horse. Remind me not to forget toilet paper. Count how many black tiles are in aisle 7. I could imagine doing something similar walking in my town. Count the sidewalk squares on this block. Is that more or less than the previous block? Windows, buildings, yellow cars, people with backpacks, birds, or whatever could be counted and compared. If a busy city you could look for license plates from different states or use the letters from a plate as a word scramble to see how many words you can make. If the environment is such that he doesn’t have to stay right next to you, you could have him run ahead two buildings and then skip back to you. Then on the next one hop on the left foot ahead a building and hop on the right one back. Keep repeating until he’s worn out. I certainly understand him being bored with the same routine daily and 3 hours of errand running is a lot even if it’s not daily. It’s ok for a kid to be bored, but the whining would bother me. When I first started going on longer hikes with my kids we would have special treats they only got if they didn’t whine. Now they can hike fairly long distances and not need treats, and they don’t whine. I can’t point to any one thing I did to get them to stop whining, but a combination of many different did help. Good luck!
  15. Rachel

    Portion sizes

    Yeah, even though I commented that I would probably eat a slightly bigger piece of salmon, I really think context matters. I can’t imagine commenting on the portion sizes of someone’s meal, unless asked. Is that a gigantic plate? Did you have a giant lunch? Was lunch really late? Is there going to be dessert? Are you eating shortly before bed? Did you buy not quite enough salmon for everyone to have as much as they wanted, so you are skimping a bit? Do you just not have much appetite in the evening? On the flip side if you had posted a heaping plate, maybe you just hiked 10 miles or that was your first meal of the day... I don’t usually comment on people’s food posts beyond, “that looks delicious” or “can I have the recipe”. Kudos to your son for cooking!
  16. Rachel

    Portion sizes

    I would probably eat a bit more salmon, I didn’t see it under the lemon and was looking for the protein. That would not be enough food for my boys or husband. It would be about 3x too much for my picky daughter. 😆 Although she might eat the rice if she was in the right mood.
  17. I bet one of the rental places at the airport has them, not very convenient for you but cheaper than buying one and regretting it 6 months later. I think I remember seeing them at the San Antonio airport and the Houston airport is significantly bigger. I bet if you call and talk to a local person, they could direct you to which rental company might have them.
  18. Aren’t you in the Houston area? I’m pretty sure you could rent any kind of car you can afford there. He could probably even choose which color Jeep.
  19. Lessons are expensive, so if it isn’t important to you I’d have trouble continuing to pay for lessons if my kids hated playing. At the same time, without giving lessons some time, kids aren’t going to play well enough to ever learn interesting songs. We never set a specific amount of time but I think I would say if after two years my kids hated it, I’d let them stop. My oldest (11) is pretty musical. He has been playing about 4 years and will sit at the piano an hour a day. He likes to play fun songs, or make songs up (he’s actually decent) but he does kind of just run through his assigned songs unless he has one he loves. I ended up changing piano teachers about 2 years ago because he needed a teacher that challenged him more. His new teacher mostly follows the lesson books, but always has the kids also working on a fun song (Star Wars theme, Heart and Sole from the movie Big, Supercal...) if the song is too hard, he simplifies it for the kids. I don’t think my son would still be improving if I hadn’t found a better teacher. If he suddenly lost enjoyment in playing I would try to figure out why and make him continue for awhile. My daughter has been playing two years. She didn’t really start enjoying piano until she started getting more interesting songs. 6 months ago I was ready to let her finish out the school year and then stop lessons, then about a month ago she suddenly really started enjoying piano. She is not as musical of a kid, if she asked to quit now I would probably have her finish the semester and then let her quit. I have definitely found that I need to observe during the lessons, not necessarily closely, but enough to be aware of what is assigned and what specifically needs to be worked on. My kids also need some direction on practicing. They usually need to be reminded to practice, and if I’m not listening they almost always skip their scales, and frequently skip theory. They HATE theory. Dmmetler, I’m going to check out that website you mentioned. Their piano teacher doesn’t give guidance on how to practice so I have been winging it.
  20. My 7 year old has been playing a game lately where he yells “JEEP!” everytime he sees a Wrangler. Do you have any idea how many Wranglers are out there? A Wrangler happens to be the dream vehicle of all three of my kids (besides a Bugatti Chiron which they figure they won’t be able to afford at 16). The 7 year old votes dark blue, soft top, with a light bar and winch. Seriously though, I wouldn’t do teal because it seems girly. Also, of the people I know with Wranglers, only girls drive white ones. It’s a fun car, I would want a fun color, I would probably pick red.
  21. You didn’t ask this, but since you are leaning toward kayaks here’s a video review I found. This guy owns a kayak shop and did reviews on kayaks he bought from Dicks Sporting Goods. He has videos with other price points too.
  22. I haven’t heard anything about this particular event. In general I would expect someone like her to expect to be photographed. At the same time I could see that a person might think they understand what they are getting into, only to realize it’s way more than they expected. She also just had a baby, she could be dealing with hormones and sleepless nights and who knows what else. A couple years ago I went to a local event that an individual who is famous in his industry/our area also attended. If he had attended a similar event in a different area he probably would not have been recognized. It was incredibly eye opening. During the tour portion people kept snapping pictures of him and his wife sort of covertly. They would pretend to be taking a selfie but really trying to get him instead of theirself. Then as more people realized who he was, people started getting bolder and requesting photos with him, often asking his wife to snap the picture! During the luncheon portion it was worse, people kept going up to his table, interrupting the conversation. I don’t know if he even ate. I was at the next table and it was disruptive for me, and they weren’t talking to me. I commented to the friend who was with me that I couldn’t imagine what it must be like for people that are even more well known. After witnessing that, I decided I would never take a picture or go up to a famous/semi-famous person unless they were working in a professional capacity.
  23. Columbia has more than one type of PFG fabric, I like the lighter one that almost feels like silk. Corrected typo.
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