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  1. I really like the American Girl book, for younger girls. It doesn’t actually talk about sex, just about body changes. The Care and Keeping if You 2 is similar but goes more in depth. There is mention of feeling self conscious of your body, but encourages you not to and talks about bodies being different shapes and developing at different rates. I read the book with my daughter so we could discuss, but it would be easy to skip that chapter. You could use it as a guide to cover what information you want to with your daughter, without actually reading it to her. There is a series of books that talk about birth and sex by NavPress. It used to be called Gods Design for Sex but it might be called Story of Me now. The earlier books focus a lot less on puberty and more on the birth process. How You Are Changing A guide for the Christian Family by Concordia Press is another resource. There is a version for boys and for girls, it is a lot more detailed than the books above. American Girl only talks about how a girl changes, this one talks about both sexes. There is also a lot more commentary from the Bible and the author’s interpretation of what the Bible means. I did not find anything overly objectionable, but some families may. I have not personally found a perfect book, I answer my kids questions as truthfully as possible. My kids seem to have a lot fewer questions than many of my friends kids, so sometimes I will bring things up even though the kids didn’t ask. I own several books and have given the kids certain books or read them together depending on their ages and questions at that time. I have found that reading a variety of books has helped me talk more openly with my kids but I don’t think I would just hand them any book without talking together first. If you want to go completely academic you could look up the Tanner stages of puberty online. It is strictly how the body changes and when.
  2. What about seeing if she can print records of curriculum she has purchased in the past from Rainbow Resource or wherever? It won’t show that the kids completed anything, but it would be additional documentation of the grades the cover school has.
  3. Huh, I’m going to have to have my husband try some.
  4. My husband does, father does, grandfather does. My FIL does not. I don’t think my brothers do unless they are dressed up. When I was a kid and we spent the night at our grandparents, we would often wear one of his undershirts as a nightgown. One of my favorite photos of him with me and my sister is him in an undershirt and jeans. I wonder if it’s more personal preference than age.
  5. I’m sorry Taryl. I hope the service offered some healing for you and for all your family. Grief can be so weird. It ebbs and flows and affects each person differently. A difficult part for me personally was that the world moved on but I didn’t. I’m continuing to pray for you.
  6. I think it’s sounds good either to invite MIL over or to do school there on the three days that are upcoming. If FIL is wanting this regularly and MIL is highly unlikely to have a real health emergency, it would be ok, but on your terms. Since people know we homeschool they have a tendency to think we are available anytime during the day. Most family members try to be respectful of that time but don’t really know how. So I just tell them we aren’t available before noon on school days. I try not to be too rigid about it, but exceptions to that plan have to truly be exceptions. It makes it easier for me to say no when something comes up, because something is always coming up.
  7. That sounds about right but they do quickly outgrow that stage and I think that female pups are generally easier to potty train. Could you possibly take the puppy to work if she’s crated? I know most workplaces aren’t conducive to having a puppy though. My husband was able to take our dog to work for about 5 months. He normally works in an office but it worked out that he was on a construction site at the time our puppy was little. The other 2 people in the job trailer loved having a puppy around otherwise it wouldn’t have worked. I loved that he handled potty training!
  8. I put them away, but I generally will rewear the next day. My husband drapes his over a chair or on our cedar chest. I’ve suggested he hang them off to the side in the closet but he’s resisted for many, many years.
  9. I don’t have any advice, but wish I could give you a big hug.
  10. Great book. Here’s a link to a talk she gave on it in Seattle. I felt the Q&A at the end is especially good.
  11. I agree with Mama Shelli, instead of one long loop I’d break your list into two or three smaller loops. For the chemistry I think I’d schedule one day for it per week, then maybe once a month have a “light” week in your other subjects and immerse yourself in the chemistry for the rest of the day. That way your kids are getting regular exposure but you also aren’t worrying about not getting it down. I think 50 labs in 8 weeks is a lot unless the labs really tie together and you can do several in a day. A friend who is a bit further in her homeschooling journey doesn’t do any science during her “normal” school year and then focuses on it during the summer. It works well for her family and she feels like they are able to go deeper that way.
  12. My hands get itchy dealing with boxes too. I’ve always assumed they were drying out from handling the boxes.
  13. My 12 year old has become the lightbulb changer in our house. He will also tighten screws on doorknobs or whatever has wiggled loose recently. The latch on our back sliding door was acting up recently and he figured out what the problem was and fixed it, I was pretty proud of him.
  14. Lego, cooking, stop motion videos, nerf gun modifications, drawing, woodworking (in the garage), reading, drawing comic books, helping with little projects around the house.
  15. I didn’t recommend it on any recent threads but it’s one of my favorite books.
  16. It looks like it won’t crush if a kid uses it as step stool, I’m glad it’s working for you and I like that gray!
  17. Taryl, I’m so sorry. 💙 ”For though I fall I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.” Micah 7:8
  18. Saying another prayer this morning. I hope you are getting some rest and that little Grant is doing well today.
  19. This tip was on the Morning Basket podcast awhile back, have a music playlist signaling the start of school. At the end of a certain song, school starts. My song list is about 10 minutes. It gives the kids a chance to finish getting ready for the day and to make the mental switch to school time without me nagging them to hurry up and finish breakfast or brush their teeth.
  20. The big fire in the Smokey Mountains a couple years back was set by teenagers. The news surround that fire was when I first realized most wild fires could have been prevented. 99% of all the wild fires in Kentucky are caused by people, mostly because of arson. I’m not familiar with other states but my understanding is that fires started by lightening is a bigger problem out west but most fires are still started intentionally. But, I don’t want to derail the thread when Australia is currently in distress. ETA: charges were eventually dropped against the boys, but initial reports pointed toward arson.
  21. What about a wooden crate? You could put those felt furniture pads on the bottom to keep it from scratching your floors. It appears some come stained/painted but you could get an unfinished one and finish it to coordinate with your room.
  22. I recently discovered ABeCeDarian for reading, I don’t know if it is technically phonics but it is open and go and I didn’t see it mentioned above. I found WTM to be already planned out for me. The current edition has checklists by grade saying how much time to spend on each subject and even has a curriculum planning worksheet that lists SWB’s recommended curricula choices right there. They are in the Epilogue for each of the stages, so if a new homeschooler isn’t a reader, those sections may need to be pointed out.
  23. I have an Ikea shelf for library books. One cubby for each kid, and one cubby for me. Alternatively I keep them in giant LL Bean canvas bags. Mostly they make it up to the school room but if for some reason they don’t, they live in the bag. For our morning time basket I have an IKEA laundry basket similar to this one. Mine is a couple years old so the handles are slightly different, they are uncomfortable when the basket is full though. Possibly they have fixed that more recently though. It’s fits perfectly into the cubbies on my book shelf. It may not exactly fit in with your living room decor though.
  24. I keep typing different responses, but none seem adequate. Just know I’m praying for you and your whole situation.
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