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  1. Happy birthday! We do birthday donuts with a candle for breakfast and then the birthday person picks either where we go or what we have for supper that night. I make a cake for the rest of the family members on their birthdays. My birthday is in July, so they get me an ice cream cake, which is my preference.
  2. A couple things in addition to the ball that work for my 8 year old are jumping jacks and exercise. We will frequently go for a walk or bike ride before starting school, not always but he definitely focuses better if we do. During school time if he starts getting distracted I will ask him if he wants to do some jumping jacks. He will do 25 or so and then get back on his ball. The breaks for movement really do help. I use to be skeptical of the ball too but it does help a ton!
  3. Hunter, so good to see you pop in! Some one recently posted a minimalism thread and it made me think of you. I hope you are doing well!
  4. Thanks all! @Teek thank you for the video list! Classical Academia Press has a science webinar Thursday afternoon with John Mays, the author of the science books. I don’t see a link on the website, but it was in their email newsletter if you get that.
  5. We are doing SOTW 4 this year too. I usually choose based on what my library has available. Sometimes they don’t have the exact titles, but they do have other books from the same time period and I will bring those home for my kids too.
  6. I’ve never thought of doing school this way, I think that could work really well for my family.
  7. Is this something that if an individual shipped it to you the shipping would be somewhat reasonable? I’d be willing to help you out if that’s possible. I’ve only ordered something internationally a couple times in my life. Both times shipping was high but not outrageous. My brother attends school on a small island. Through usual shipping channels the cost to send something is outrageous. However there are unofficial channels where you send stuff to a US address and then someone takes it to the island personally. It’s about half the price. I doubt that system is operating currently though.
  8. I order a couple things from CAP today. My options were $7 for media mail, $18 for UPS ground, or $36 for UPS overnight. I reluctantly paid the $18 because I do need the books sometime soon. I’m certain the UPS fee isn’t really that much but I didn’t really have a choice. With USPS employees not being allowed overtime right now all mail is kind of a disaster. I’ve had two different items shipped Priority, quoted 3-5 days to arrive. One took a month, the other 3 weeks. The second package actually made it to 10 miles away in 2 days, then sat for a week, then moved to 60 miles away, then came back. I got it a couple days after filing a complaint with the local post office. They were very apologetic and called today to make sure I finally received it. My friend had a package sitting there for 3 weeks so I feel fortunate mine just sat a week. I heard on the radio today that the local distribution center, where my package sat for a week, has dozens of semi trailers full of mail just waiting to be unloaded. I imagine a similar scenario is playing out in many locations around the country.
  9. Thanks, I found some threads over there and it was very helpful. @EmseB Thanks! He will read ANYTHING but we would do the labs anyway. I have a rock identification kit from his much younger days, the other lab materials didn’t look like they would be too difficult to find. I’m drawn to the high school courses and think this would be a good intro for him. We have done Memoria Press Insects, Birds, and Astronomy in the last couple of years. I’m planning to do trees with my two younger kids this year. Initially I planned to do it with him too, but I think he needs something more.
  10. No specific questions, just curious what you like and dislike about it. I’m looking for science for my 7th grader. The preview looks good but it’s always good to hear from someone who has actually used a particular curriculum.
  11. Has anyone used this? The only reviews I’ve found online are from people who just got their copy, none from people who used it for a year. I can’t find anything on Cathy Duffy’s website either.
  12. I love this so much! I love that you got to witness that with your daughter and to celebrate it with her.
  13. SWB has a talk, “Avoiding Burnout” that may be helpful. One idea she mentions is block scheduling kids and getting each one set up for the week. She doesn’t really talk about your specific situation, but it’s still a great talk, it’s $4 in the online store. https://welltrainedmind.com/p/burning-out-why-it-happens-and-what-to-do-about-it-mp3/?v=7516fd43adaa
  14. Yes! I know when kids are first starting to read it can be so hard to find material that’s easy enough and interesting. But, the stage is short (although it’s feeling like forever with child 3). If you can have trouble getting books from your library see if they will do inter-library loans.
  15. Thank you all! I’ll be seeing what my library has and then doing some shopping.
  16. My 10 year old daughter enjoys to read myths, fairytales, and folktales and wants to incorporate more into this year’s school year. She has read most of the Lang fairy books and enjoys Native American stories. I know D’Aularies has Norwegian and Norse tales in addition to the Greek myths (she’s read them). Any recommendations of tales from other continents? Anthologies or collections would be wonderful.
  17. Here are some shots from hikes in the past month. A mushroom on a trail, the overlook at sunset near where my daughter and I camped (and got eaten alive by deer flys), and a waterfall at a nearby nature preserve. It had been pretty dry so the waterfall was barely flowing, but the size of the rocks always surprises me. This week we have had lots of rain so it’s probably flowing good now. You all are really talented photographers!
  18. My SIL had (has?) Valley Fever, it is very serious. I keep praying for the whole world to be cured of this virus.
  19. Jacqueline Woodson writes a lot of middle grade books, the ones I have read are good, especially Brown Girl Dreaming. Cry, the Beloved Country is really good! The author is white although South African. Becoming by Michelle Obama, although non-fiction is really good. Condelezza Rice’s autobiography is also really interesting. Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson is fabulous. He is a black attorney from the north who moved to the south and started the Equal Justice Initiative which works with those who were wrongly imprisoned, often on death row, due to non-existent or poor legal representation. If you would like something on civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr’s autobiography read by Lamar Burton is really, really good. There are recordings of the speeches Dr. King gave interspersed throughout. I agree with CuriousMom that Maya Angelou is a great writer but many of her books have graphic scenes in them.
  20. I’ve not seen one but I have definitely heard a pair. A couple weeks ago I took my kids on their very first backpacking trip. My two boys slept just fine but my daughter was nervous and had trouble sleeping. She woke me what felt like every 10 minutes. I was laying there awake after the most recent disturbance and heard the “Who cooks for you call” nearby, then heard a response off in the distance. Then a minute later heard it again closer. It was really neat. Then suddenly the two birds came rushing through our campsite and seemed to land in the same place very nearby. They made this most awful sounding monkey sound several times over what felt like an hour but was probably a minute. My 7 year old sat up during the middle of it and sleepily told me, “I do NOT like that sound”. My daughter didn’t sleep much at all after that while my 12 year old slept through it all. 😆 We think it may have been some sort of mating ritual but aren’t certain. Now my 7 year old keeps talking about wanting to see more monkey owls. We had a great horned owl that would come to a tree in our yard for 3 winters in a row but he didn’t show up this year. We think our yard was just part of his territory, he was really impressive.
  21. If you have Amazon Prime you can find songs online, I created a list of school songs that we use during our morning time. The Classical Conversations President song is available. We like the Macho Nacho song for states and capitals. There are many other options though. Seterra is a good quizzing program online for geography. Edited to add this video, they have a world map video too.
  22. Kuman has good maze books. Instead of writing in the books, I have my kids a button to push through the maze.
  23. Fill the sink with water, give them a couple cups and maybe a strainer. When you dry up your floor, it will be cleaner than it’s been in a long time. 😊 You may just want one kid doing this at a time.
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