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  1. I bet one of the rental places at the airport has them, not very convenient for you but cheaper than buying one and regretting it 6 months later. I think I remember seeing them at the San Antonio airport and the Houston airport is significantly bigger. I bet if you call and talk to a local person, they could direct you to which rental company might have them.
  2. Aren’t you in the Houston area? I’m pretty sure you could rent any kind of car you can afford there. He could probably even choose which color Jeep.
  3. Lessons are expensive, so if it isn’t important to you I’d have trouble continuing to pay for lessons if my kids hated playing. At the same time, without giving lessons some time, kids aren’t going to play well enough to ever learn interesting songs. We never set a specific amount of time but I think I would say if after two years my kids hated it, I’d let them stop. My oldest (11) is pretty musical. He has been playing about 4 years and will sit at the piano an hour a day. He likes to play fun songs, or make songs up (he’s actually decent) but he does kind of just run through his assigned songs unless he has one he loves. I ended up changing piano teachers about 2 years ago because he needed a teacher that challenged him more. His new teacher mostly follows the lesson books, but always has the kids also working on a fun song (Star Wars theme, Heart and Sole from the movie Big, Supercal...) if the song is too hard, he simplifies it for the kids. I don’t think my son would still be improving if I hadn’t found a better teacher. If he suddenly lost enjoyment in playing I would try to figure out why and make him continue for awhile. My daughter has been playing two years. She didn’t really start enjoying piano until she started getting more interesting songs. 6 months ago I was ready to let her finish out the school year and then stop lessons, then about a month ago she suddenly really started enjoying piano. She is not as musical of a kid, if she asked to quit now I would probably have her finish the semester and then let her quit. I have definitely found that I need to observe during the lessons, not necessarily closely, but enough to be aware of what is assigned and what specifically needs to be worked on. My kids also need some direction on practicing. They usually need to be reminded to practice, and if I’m not listening they almost always skip their scales, and frequently skip theory. They HATE theory. Dmmetler, I’m going to check out that website you mentioned. Their piano teacher doesn’t give guidance on how to practice so I have been winging it.
  4. My 7 year old has been playing a game lately where he yells “JEEP!” everytime he sees a Wrangler. Do you have any idea how many Wranglers are out there? A Wrangler happens to be the dream vehicle of all three of my kids (besides a Bugatti Chiron which they figure they won’t be able to afford at 16). The 7 year old votes dark blue, soft top, with a light bar and winch. Seriously though, I wouldn’t do teal because it seems girly. Also, of the people I know with Wranglers, only girls drive white ones. It’s a fun car, I would want a fun color, I would probably pick red.
  5. You didn’t ask this, but since you are leaning toward kayaks here’s a video review I found. This guy owns a kayak shop and did reviews on kayaks he bought from Dicks Sporting Goods. He has videos with other price points too.
  6. I haven’t heard anything about this particular event. In general I would expect someone like her to expect to be photographed. At the same time I could see that a person might think they understand what they are getting into, only to realize it’s way more than they expected. She also just had a baby, she could be dealing with hormones and sleepless nights and who knows what else. A couple years ago I went to a local event that an individual who is famous in his industry/our area also attended. If he had attended a similar event in a different area he probably would not have been recognized. It was incredibly eye opening. During the tour portion people kept snapping pictures of him and his wife sort of covertly. They would pretend to be taking a selfie but really trying to get him instead of theirself. Then as more people realized who he was, people started getting bolder and requesting photos with him, often asking his wife to snap the picture! During the luncheon portion it was worse, people kept going up to his table, interrupting the conversation. I don’t know if he even ate. I was at the next table and it was disruptive for me, and they weren’t talking to me. I commented to the friend who was with me that I couldn’t imagine what it must be like for people that are even more well known. After witnessing that, I decided I would never take a picture or go up to a famous/semi-famous person unless they were working in a professional capacity.
  7. Columbia has more than one type of PFG fabric, I like the lighter one that almost feels like silk. Corrected typo.
  8. I bet electrolytes will help, I use something called Salt Stick when hiking since I can’t always get Nuun, Gatorade, or Propel.
  9. We use car time to listen to audiobooks, you could use walking time to do the same. It would be more individualistic on earphones, but still valuable. I get most of mine through our library downloads. It sounds like you aren’t in the US, but maybe you can get a US library card somehow. Here is a link I found, I can’t verify the info though.
  10. Classical Conversations has their President song on Amazon.
  11. @AcadieI’m jealous! Enjoy your trip!
  12. I don’t know what kind of work you do, but my husband uses a recruiter to find new employees.
  13. Work on memory work, practice math facts, listen to music, practice spelling. For a second grader though, unless you are gone so much that it’s interfering with getting schoolwork done, it’s ok to just enjoy the walk and see what there is to see.
  14. (((((Hugs))))) I have a difficult mom but I live 1000 miles from her and have 5 siblings to share the pain. I’m frequently thankful that when she is elderly, I won’t likely be the primary caregiver. It stinks!
  15. Grubhub is similar to Ubereats, You order food, someone goes to the restaurant, picks it up and brings it to you. Some areas only have one or the other. Houston may have both and even a different one I’ve never heard of. It sounds like you may have figured out a way to cook in your room though, which sounds even better. If the hotel hosts lots of conferences, you may be able to call the hotel and get help from someone familiar with the area. Good luck!
  16. I’ve never had a hotel stop me from bringing my own food. I’ve stayed at some nice downtown hotels and I’ve taken my shopping bags in and no one has ever said anything. I was recently at a not so fancy place and they didn’t allow outside food at the pool area, but they didn’t care if you had it in the hotel.
  17. What about a seeing if Grubhub or Uber Eats is available?
  18. My parents have Kevlar canoes by Wenonah, they are surprisingly lightweight and I can put them on an SUV or minivan by myself. They aren’t cheap but last forever. Theirs are from the 90’s and still get used several times a summer. I have seen used ones on Craigslist from time to time.
  19. Yes! Our at the time brand new fridge was dented by a boy with a hammer.
  20. We bought my oldest boy a tool box and tools (sized for kids) at that age. We also got him some nails and scrap wood to play around with. My youngest was a bit older before he got any tools. Lowes and Home Depot both have free kid building workshops on Saturdays, I think they are just once or twice a month so check your local store.
  21. You aren’t saying the washer is the problem, just that when it drained there was a clog in the line that didn’t allow it to drain correctly?
  22. I agree it’s weird. At first I thought it was because my kids were young, but it hasn’t changed as they have gotten older. Last weekend I was planning to drop my 6 year old off at a party that’s on a side of town we don’t go often. I had planned to run errands, but not only were all the other parents staying, the parents of birthday boys expected it. A friend ended up offering to be in charge of my son, I was glad because it was at a CrossFit place and there was no ac or place for parents to hang out. It was odd! When we host parties (and I use the term party loosely) I always tell the parents they don’t have to stay.
  23. I have seen $50 presents at parties but those tend to be from family members not from random friends.
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