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  1. You calling other people "irrational" takes the all-time prize for chutzpah. You have been an ongoing font of irrational disinformation since the pandemic began. Bill
  2. I think there is a reason they are called "Covid death wards." But whateves. Bill
  3. Rather it has to do with how utterly debilitating Long Covid may prove to be. That's the risk assessment. ME/CFS is horrible life-sentence at this juncture. Something like this would absolutely devastate the life of any child who contracted such an illness. Bill
  4. Take a look at Long Covid then take a look at ME/CFS. They appear to medical professionals all over the world to be very similar or the same thing. Same symptoms. both post-viral. PEM has been a symptom unique to ME/CFS, meaning people get sicker with increased activity. Long Covid patients report having PEM. People with ME/CFS have lifelong debilitating illness with no known cure and a near-zero rate of spontaneous recovery. Bill
  5. Not hardly a 2 month concern, rather a potential lifetime concern if Long Covid is like post-viral ME/CFS, which it mirrors perfectly at this point. People with ME/CFS never get better. Long Covid patients (including children) are reporting PEM--which is the hallmark symptom of ME/CFS. Bill
  6. The insurance will require some sort of specialist to prescribe the devices. They also require reviews of "compliance" data to make sure patients meet a minimum of usage (or they will cut off supplies and deny new machines). But very many people get machines set to "full auto" and that's it. Therefore many people feel miserable with their Cpap machines, don't realize that's not the way is should be, and quit. Which is why people formed the Apnea Board. There are expert-users there who are excellent at analyzing the data and tweaking the settings to help get people treatment that's both co
  7. If you have (or had) a physician who monitored your data (from the SD card) you are (were) very fortunate. Most people don't seem to get that. At best, most sleep clinics/sleep doctors look at the minimal compliance data that sent to them wirelessly that tracks whether a patient uses the device (or not) and if apneas are within an "acceptable" range and custom titrations are rare. Machines on full auto can cause patient discomfort and less than optimal therapy (as with your original settings) and it never gets fixed. Part of why so many people seem to quit, IMO. I believe the failure
  8. I hope so, as we just settled on Stonehenge Greige as our exterior paint color. We also sampled a bunch of greige options to find the one we all liked. Bill
  9. If one is familiar with ME/CFS, I'd think even a 1% or 2% (or 0.5%) chance that a child might develop a similar syndrome would be cause for serious caution. The UK numbers so far have pointed to 11%-14% of children (depending on age cohorts) who have had Covid having lingering symptoms. If half of those children develop ME/CFS, we are in for a major public health catastrophe. Bill
  10. I'm not sure if you've had anyone in your circle who has ME/CFS--but I have--and that's not an illness that I'd wish on my worst enemy. The parallels between post-viral Long Covid and post-viral ME/CFS are virtually complete. ME/CFS is a devastating illness that most people never recover from. If Long Covid is essentially the same thing, then god help those people. Bill
  11. Great! Also, if your husband has simple obstructive apnea and you have a choice of machines (you should) most people prefer the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet machine over the competing Philips DreamStation devices. Some DMEs push one choice for their own economic benefit. The Autoset allows both "auto" modes and fixed pressures. These are the ones one wants. All brands have models that lack features. Don't get stuck with sub-optimal device. DMEs can be sketchy. Also make sure a device--if prescribed-- comes with an internal SD card, or purchase a small capacity SD card yourself to captu
  12. Wishing you the best. If it is sleep apnea and your husband is prescribed a CPAP that is set up "wide open" (4/20) and the sleep doctor is not going to actively monitor his data to titrate the best settings (which is typically not the care most people get), do consider directing him to the "Apnea Board" forum I mentioned earlier where he could get free support to maximize his comfort and therapy. Finding the right mask is one of the other major issues for success. Most DMEs have a window where one can swap out masks, so be aware of time constraints. Good on you for being pro-a
  13. Hopefully you take in the message of the book of the dangers presented to humankind by extremist ideologies who place no value on human life. Interesting indeed. Bill
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