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  1. I wasn't aware people still wore PJs. How quaint. Bill
  2. I love Joe and my heart is joyful. Bill
  3. Much less expensive than paying for a tail amputation, I would think. I looked at some more videos and reviews and this tail saiver seems pretty impressive to me. Bill
  4. I'd say "tiny little." Probably reserve for story telling purposes as an effect. Bill
  5. I've seen nothing but positive reviews for the contraption I linked to. Bill
  6. I'm not familiar with this product (it popped up in a web search) but here is a link for your consideration: https://happytailsaver.com/ Sorry to hear your dog has injured her tail. Tough injuries. I own a breed (Vizsla) where tails are typically docked shortly after birth as their tails are long and thin and they are an extremely active (tail-wagging) breed. In some countries (UK and parts of Europe) so-called "animal rights" groups have successfully lobbied to the practice illegal or difficult to get. The result is that many (many) Vizslas and other pointing dogs are suffering
  7. Followed the link. The IRS website wants my full SS# to confirm how the funds were sent. I'm not delighted, but really appreciate the info. Bill
  8. I hear you. Mrs Spy Car is a behavior therapist who works with ASD kids in and out of schools, so I have a slight insight into what it can take for things to go smoothly. For myself, I figured I could use the fingers of my left hand to mark the length I wanted my hair to be, as I snipped with the other hand. Turns out as well as any salon cut. But I don't dare touch my wife's hair or my son's. Too tricky. Mine is easy. Bill
  9. The boy and wife are totally sold on an Abyssinian now. And that's the one type of cat I could see having myself. They seem like a good fit. Besides, nice, old, fat, slow, and boring kind of crowds my niche in the family order. LOL. Bill
  10. One day, about 5 years ago on an unbearably hot day here in Los Angeles I was going crazy from the heat and the misery was exacerbated by a very overgrown thatch of thick wavy hair that desperately needed cutting. Had to go! Only I could not get into the stylist who cuts all our hair--as she'd had a good turn in her career and was supremely busy at a very fancy salon in Santa Monica. So in a moment where I decided I did not give a &#$% how it might look I grabbed some hair cutting scissors and started cutting. Only instead of being a complete disaster--which really is what I expe
  11. Thanks for that info. I'd be more relaxed if an open door wasn't going to be like Born Free. Or am I dating myself?
  12. Last point first. Originally I did hope a cat would enjoy the yard. That got modified in my mind in to hoping we could take the cat out on a leash or that it could somehow be trained to stick around. Or maybe I could make an enclosure? I dunno. I remember when cats were able to fun free. But I'm becoming convinced that running loose puts cats at risk. I dunno. But I started to become "worried sick" about a cat that we don't even have getting loose and it has been killing my buzz. Bill
  13. Thank you for that information. I wonder how long a check would take to process? Bill
  14. It remains "theoretical." My biggest concern is living with people who can't seem to keep doors closed. Do indoor cats just bolt if given the opportunity to escape? I don't want to be a wreck all the time and I'm not sure if a cat can be "trained" to not make a break for it. KWIM? The pressure to move ahead is still considerable, but it has been admitted that I have a fair point of concern. Bill
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