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  1. Spy Car

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    I've heard many stories similar to yours. Many people wondering why they had not acted sooner and relishing improved sleep (for both partners). Bill
  2. Spy Car

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    What I like about Subarus, in addition to the amazing reliability (that is admittedly shared by Hondas) is that they have a quirkiness and character that Hondas, to my taste, lack. Subarus, to me, feel like Japanese Volvos. The boxer engines in Subarus distribute weight and the center of gravity beautifully, the AWD systems are standard (and world-class), they are top rated for crash impact, they get the best mileage in the class (especially when considering AWD vs front wheel drive only) and to my taste, the interiors have more of a Euro-feel than the sterile/plastic Honda alternatives. The touring level trim is to die for but bumps the price. There are many great vehicles in this class. Get the one that speaks to you. Our next vehicle will be another Subaru. I love 'em. Bill
  3. Spy Car

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    Yes, it is new. I sat in one at the dealership. Too big for me (I was looking at the new Foresters), but right in the same niche as the ones you mentioned. I love everything about Subarus and would take one over a Toyota, Honda, Nissan, or Chevrolet, all other things being equal. They all make quality products. Subarus just have something special as far as I'm concerned. Bill
  4. Spy Car

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I have not driven an Ascent, nor do I know how the size would fit your needs, but there is no current brand of automobile I'd choose over a Subaru. Bill
  5. Spy Car

    Snorkeling advice & questions

    When using fins one employs the same basic flutter kick one uses when swimming freestyle. The speed and endurance advantages that swim fins offer a swimmer cannot be overestimated. These advantages benefit swimmers of all levels, but for one not confident of their abilities the fins are particularly valuable. There is no way that I'd advocate for a person who isn't highly confident of his or her abilities to swim without fins, even on a protected ocean location. One gives up too much benefit IMO. Bill
  6. Spy Car

    Any dog psychologists here?

    Gundog Supply does a great job with these. They have amazing customer service on all their products. At $1.99 these are a steal. Bill
  7. Spy Car

    Snorkeling advice & questions

    For someone who is not a confident ocean swimmer, wearing swim fins makes a dramatic difference in both water safety and the ability to swim quickly and competently over a sustained period of time. Even good swimmers are hugely advantaged by wearing swim fins. It is the most critical piece of equipment to use when ocean swimming. Bill
  8. Spy Car

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    I think there can be complexities and legitimate developmental issues that lead to some students being held back. Those who simply game the system for athletic advantage are on shaky ethical grounds IMO. it happens far too much IMO. As a coach, I've encouraged a few kids to "play up" (rare), talked others out of playing up (most common), and in one instance appealed to our lacrosse conference to allow a player who was a couple weeks past the cut-off to "play down," which is almost never allowed. But this boy needed the extra year on a developmental level and was not going to put other players at risk by being too large or too dominating. I was very grateful to the league that they allowed a very unusual request. The boy stayed in the game rather than surely quitting had the appeal been denied. Bill
  9. Spy Car

    Any dog psychologists here?

    If it is a tag issue (I abhor dog tags for a host of reasons) the best (and highly affordable option) is to order engraved brass plates from Gun Dog Supply. These are very sturdy but have enough bend to conform to a collar shape. They attach with provided rivets. Very secure. They cost $1.99. One of the great values of the world. These are first class. Tips: Do not include pet's name. Only owner contacts. If one has a long email address (as I do) you can call in the info as the last line (of 4) has more room for characters than the online form allows. Bill
  10. Spy Car

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    Huh. I've never encountered a youth sports team (either club, non-profit, or park/rec) that didn't have age-based cut-offs. No playing "by grade" here in CA that I've encountered, except in school sports (where there is a fair amount of abuse in holding athletes back). Bill
  11. Spy Car

    Snorkeling advice & questions

    The only gear that might be an issue the mask/snorkel. One needs a well-fitting mask to have a good time. But purchasing one online w/o being able to test it in advance doesn't guarantee a good fit. A vest is a vest. Purchasing one for a one-off trip makes no sense. Pool noodles are a very bad idea for open ocean IMO. Stick with a vest. Fins are something I'd purchase if I was planning to do a lot of snorkeling. I've had fins my whole life and have snorkeled a great deal. I prefer bodysurfing fins (like Churchill Makakoos or Dafins) myself, but for a poor swimmer, the larger scuba style fins that the resort will provide are preferable. I would not purchase fins if this was a one-off trip. I'm picky about the fins I own, but for a casual snorkeling adventure which brand is used is not that critical. Quality gear would be way more than $100. Buying cheap stuff that one would never use again is money poorly spent. Save it for things like salad spinners. LOL. Bill
  12. Spy Car

    Snorkeling advice & questions

    The resort package includes a mask, snorkel, fins, and a vest. I would not take a floatation device (or mask) with me. They provide these things. If one really needs buoyancy a secured vest is far preferable to using a pool noodle IMO. Having fins and a well-fitting mask are the keys to having a good time. Bill
  13. Spy Car

    Snorkeling advice & questions

    Include in the package at this outfitter are swim fins. Fins are critical (especially for weaker swimmers). They make all the difference in the world. Bill
  14. Spy Car

    What's your house salad?

    You need a salad spinner. Bill
  15. Spy Car

    What's your house salad?

    My memory is that having one of these French baskets was fairly unusual among my acquaintances. Not sure I knew anyone else who used one. My folks were a bit ahead of the game with these. We ate a lot of salad! Still do. We ate a lot of dark leafy green salads, but iceberg salads were enjoyed as well. Funny, but after decades not eating iceberg, I made a fancy throwback iceberg wedge salad with chilled (in the freezer) plates and homemade "French" dressing, and my kid loved it. Must admit it was pretty durn good. My only requirement for salads is homemade dressing (using olive oil as the base). The most nostalgic "salad" I made (and often) is a German coleslaw in the style my dear grandmother used to make (daily). A simple dressing of olive oil, usually apple cider vinegar, a pinch of sugar, and salt & pepper. Lot's of optional ingredients including grated carrot, sweet peppers, grated apples, etc. I use her old carbon steel knife to cut the slaw and eating the dish links me to her through memory. Bill
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