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  1. I tend to prepare for the adults and then also have things like fresh fruit, or fresh veggies like carrots or cucumbers. Chips are usually big too. Kids can be super picky about non-predictable things and short of asking the parent it’s impossibe to guess what little kids may or may not eat. Then again you may be inviting over kids that will eat anything. I have three kids, one will try anything, one is super picky, and one that can go either way depending on his mood. It keeps me guessing!
  2. My 6 year old did not care for Redwall. Our friends 10 year old however is really into it. My 6 year old did really enjoy Paddington though.
  3. Great update! I too hate that break between and I have many friends at my church. I usually use the bathroom and then read my bible or the bulletin. I dislike small talk but when I notice new people I do my best to break out of my shell to introduce myself. I’m not trying to be rude or unwelcoming, I’m just a bit shy. Don’t be afraid to sit with someone in your class. I’m sure they won’t mind, they just may not realize they should offer you an invitation.
  4. Is he a particularly slow reader? My husband would like to read more, but he reads slowly, and finds reading books frustrating. On the flip side he never forgets anything he’s ever read. What about graphic novels or magazines geared toward his hobbies?
  5. He’s cute! Do you have any other pets? What are their names? All but one of our dogs have had names starting with b, so we stuck with that tradition when we got a puppy a few months back. His name in Boone.
  6. You may want to read “Teaching from Rest”by Sarah Mackenzie. It may help you figure out the balance between not enough and too much with school.
  7. Our town does not have Uber, but the airport is less than 10 miles so Uber and Lyft will give you a ride home. However, the local Uber/Lyft driver has posted on the local FB page so if someone needs a ride, they know who they can contact. I live in a small town that is a bedroom community but not a suburb of a small city (pop 300k). Grubhub and Uber Eats aren’t available yet either.
  8. This is what my grandparents did.
  9. That’s a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing!
  10. I rarely mark up fiction, but I also rarely buy fiction unless it is for my kids. Usually if there is a passage I like I write it down elsewhere. Now my Bible is another story. I highlight, underline, write thoughts, write what someone said about the passage, write other ways a particular word has been translated, etc. I typically date whatever I mark so it can be interesting coming across a passage again and realizing what was going on in my life at that time. I also have letters and handwritten notes in my bible. When I read non-fiction I sometimes mark up the book and other times don’t. It all depends on how much I am learning and want to remember from the book. It also depends on if I might pass the book on, if so I probably won’t mark it. As for my kids I wouldn’t mind if they were thoughtful with their marking and the book belonged to them. I did notice my 11 year old underlining passages in his bible this past Sunday, to me it symbolized growth in his spiritual walk. My 6 year old writing in a picture book would be viewed as graffiti though.
  11. Me too and my daughter loves it, that’s why I decided to try something different.
  12. For those of you who are not artists and who are intimidated by art, I randomly saw an ad for Lets Make Art on Facebook and decided to give it a shot. It is a subscription service but you can also buy individual kits. Instead of subscribing, I bought a couple past kits that had projects I thought my daughter would enjoy. The kit comes with a sample of the completed project, basic directions, 2 pieces art paper, carbon paper, an outline of the project, and the paint. You can buy brushes from them but I bought a set from amazon. On YouTube they then post two videos showing how to paint your project. One is the instructor doing a tutorial and the other is a live stream where you can follow along with the instructor and a couple other people. I found it incredibly helpful and pretty easy to follow along. We did pause the video a couple times to catch up. There was enough paint for two complete paintings, possibly three if we knew what we were doing. I thought I would share for those of you looking for new art ideas, I am not affiliated with them in any way. The left is mine, right is my 9 year olds. It was my first time painting anything and the first time using watercolor for both of us. Here’s the link for those interested:
  13. I did not grow up eating biscuits and gravy but my husband did. My MIL does it all by feel, but when she was teaching me, we measured everything and I wrote it down. Now 20 years later I don’t have to use a recipe but I still always glance at if for approximate measurements. For 1/2 pound ground sausage (I prefer Jimmy Deans Hot, my husband prefers Sage): Brown sausage over medium to medium high heat. Then add approximately 2 round Tbsp flour to the pan and continue to cook until flour is light brown. Slowly stir in about 2 cups milk, continue cooking over medium heat until the right consistency. I have found 2% or whole milk works best and I like to have it at room temp before adding it. I keep the gravy just below boiling while it thickens. We season with pepper after the gravy has thickened. Good luck!
  14. I agree with redbud identification, that was my guess too but I didn’t know if they grew in CA. A great app for identifying plants is iNaturalist, I’ve been learning quite a bit through it.
  15. The first wildflowers I’ve seen this season.
  16. I know a guy who is a manager at a returns center. He hasn’t talked about quantity of returns being a problem unless it was fraud type of deal. He has some pretty crazy stories but a common scheme is to buy electronics such as an iPad. Remove the iPad and fill the box with junk like used batteries, making sure it weighs the same, and then shrink wrapping the box before returning it. One woman didn’t quite get the weight right so they investigated further and learned she had also bought a shrink wrap machine within the last few months. Her account was suspended. He said things like that happen with a fair amount of regularity.
  17. I drink almost ( about 3 cups) as much milk as you daily and do not have issues with sinuses or fluids in my ears. I don’t think it hurts anything to try eliminating it from your diet temporarily though.
  18. Esperanza Rising by Pam Munez Ryan Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson If she hasn’t read them, the Anne of Green Gables books.
  19. Why am I the only one who can find an item in the fridge (pantry, closet, etc.) that is exactly where I said it was?
  20. Is there someone above the council you can appeal to? My grandfather was a southern baptist preacher in Texas. When he retired from preaching he became a director of missions for a region, basically he was a pastor to the pastors. Occasionally he would be asked to assist in situations like this and could help negotiate a situation that is acceptable both to the pastor and the congregation.
  21. I’ve skimmed over your materials Elizabeth. I’m really not sure if he is dyslexic or just slower at learning to read. He definitely processes information differently from my older children. He doesn’t know any sight words except the, which he gets right about 75% of the time. Usually he starts sounding it out, realizes that he knows it and then corrects his pronunciation. He can sound out CVC and CCVC words without a problem but if he reads the word cat on one page he will still sound it out again on the next page. His has great vocabulary and comprehension even with the slow way he reads. Although I’m not really sure if I would call what he does reading. He still mixes up certain letters, especially if they are similar. For example b and p also k and x. When he sees the letter h the sound doesn’t come to him automatically, every time he huffs on his hand and then can remember what sound h makes. He has some issues with working memory, he is improving but it is slow going.
  22. My daughter had trouble with single letter reversals past when most kids usually work it out. She seemed to have completely outgrown it and then one day wrote her full name in a mirror image of how it should be and was oblivious that she had done it. It ended up being a time time deal but definitely made me question whether I should be her teacher!
  23. Breakfast is the only meal we regularly do on our own. Frequently 2-3 of us are at the table at the same time, but we just eat breakfast whenever we get up. Lunch is typically the kids and me. Supper is all of us unless my husband is out of town. We try not to have activities during meal times, but when it happens the affected person may eat on their own or we may all eat together at a different time depending on the situation. I’m sure as the kids get older we will have to adjust. Growing up my family always had supper together, on Sundays our grandparents and frequently aunt and uncle typically came over for the noon meal. In high school we had an open campus with an hour lunch so typically my sisters and I went home for lunch too. One of the things my husband loved about my family when we were dating is that we all hung around the table talking when we finished eating. His family was much smaller and didn’t really do a family meal regularly during the week. Whoever was home first (parents or kids) would start cooking and whoever was around when it was done would eat together. Then the others would eat when they got home.
  24. It doesn’t sound like the house is suitable for housing your family size even without the flooding issue. Does your husband have a good relationship with the council? Would church members band together and get the basement fixed properly? Would the church consider possibly selling the parsonage and instead provide a housing stipend?
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