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  1. Roadrunner

    s/o Math TED Talk- why is there a race to Calculus?

    My take on this is how things are structured. So I had geometry in school for the duration of 2 or 3 years. It wasn’t integrated, but a separate class. So twice a week it was “geometry” and 3 time a week “math” which was basically Algebra all starting in 7th grade. So our classes started algebra/geometry early but really went slowly with enough repetition that material soaked in. It seems to me they do very little in middle school and then cram and rush through material in order to get to Calculus in high school as opposed to going deeper. I think Common Core fixed the issue with statistics and actually a lot of it is now included in math curriculum.
  2. Roadrunner

    Arabic major in college help :)

    Definitely look into DLI. I don’t know how they do their recruiting, but there is a language aptitude test he will need to take. Those who score on the higher end will get assigned more difficult languages, like Arabic. It’s an intense 1.5 or so year program and I think they give AA degree (don’t quote me on that). I once met a guy who was an officer and ended up going there and working at embassies as a military attaché. A great career!
  3. Roadrunner

    Arabic major in college help :)

    Does he have any interest in being in a military? If yes, look into this opportunity here is a list of schools offering Arabic
  4. Roadrunner

    s/o Math TED Talk- why is there a race to Calculus?

    Calculus was a university class and not offered in high schools at all. Our schools were 11 years. It didn’t matter what/how you did in school because you applied to a specific university department and had to take exams for it. If you wanted to major in English, a set of entrance exams was different than if you wanted to major in engineering. Our local PS offers Calculus. My problem is the math program they use prior doesn’t provide good foundation and only the very few bright kids do well in calculus. Most suffer. There wasn’t much rush and pressure on school before but we are starting to see some Bay Area residents move locally and attemp to bring the crazy here. I don’t know how it will all end, but I see no point in rushing when what they really need to be fixing is weak algebra.
  5. Roadrunner

    Rhetoric I change in teachers

    This isn’t associated with Omnibus, right? I am so confused by all of those offerings.
  6. Roadrunner

    Puppy food

    Fancy! Where would I get organ meat?
  7. Roadrunner

    Puppy food

    Any recepies to share?
  8. Roadrunner

    Puppy food

    My puppy doesn’t want to eat kibble. He sits in the kitchen and wails for meat. We gave him some chicken because he was such a poor eater with kibble alone and now it’s even worse. I don’t want to mix meat with kibble (somebody told me mixing wasn’t a good idea), but I also want there to be some balance to his food (not chicken all the time). I tried giving him a chicken tight and he devoured it with mean and bones. I am just not sure how to really get a menu going for this puppy and what sorts of stuff is allowed. He can’t just eat chicken tights alone.
  9. Roadrunner

    Puppy food

    Cooked ones splinter, but raw ones don’t.
  10. Roadrunner

    Puppy food

    There seems to be some conflicting information online. I am particularly interested in bones. I know cooked bones are strictly forbidden, but is it OK for my puppy eat all raw bones safely? Are raw chicken wings OK? What about beef? What about sweet potatos mixed with raw meat?
  11. Roadrunner

    AOPS books for math elective?

    Also look at AoPS recommendations for books. Are you using Intermediate Algebra for Algebra 2? If so, he might be ready for Intermediate Counting book. They recommend it right around precalculus. Here is their curriculum map:
  12. Roadrunner

    AOPS books for math elective?

    You should do Intro to Counting before Intermediate Counting. Those books will be each half a credit.
  13. Roadrunner


    I found what I needed.
  14. Roadrunner

    Going from Alg 1 to Integrated Math?

    The link doesn’t work.
  15. OK. I was surprised to see Calculus along with other material in grade 12. They seem to cover all the material in their own sequence, different than in the states. If I were you, I would contact Derek Owens and see if he can do a placement test for your son and go from there.