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  1. Apparently spying is also a big thing on campuses. Crazy world we live in.
  2. That’s the mistake we made. I wish we had taken it after the more standard calculus course. I think traditionally we work the textbook first and then take the class to make AoPS work. So my DS (second one) is taking Intermediate Algebra class but he has worked through 3/4 of the book already. I also felt BA was an excellent supplement, but I am so glad we used SM primarily.
  3. We found this to be especially problematic in Calculus. Wasn’t enough at all.
  4. That’s crazy. My kid tried (and very quickly dropped) a French class. His first quiz was on day 2 of the course and pertained to the information covered in the previous course without review. And questions asked things that could be answered in a number of ways. For example, what is an opposite of selfish? Mine said altruistic. It was marked wrong. Why? We don’t know. There were at least 5-6 questions like that. The class had kids who haven’t taken the previous level with this teacher but instead have taken French at other colleges. How are they supposed to know the preference of
  5. That’s not an excuse for lying on college apps though. I didn’t realize how common it was until this thread. This is simply not acceptable. Just want to be clear that this is mostly the issue with applications from abroad and not Chinese Americans. And the cheating isn’t limited to China, but the staggering numbers mentioned here are shocking (A 2010 survey of 250 students from top Chinese high schools who were applying to colleges outside China found that about 90 percent of their applications included fake teacher recommendation letters. Seventy percent of the Chinese students said they or t
  6. Walk away if it doesn’t fit. I actually think textbooks are a great way to get the basic foundation. Immersion through videos and reading is much easier done once you have at least a year of basics. Look into hiring a native speaker once a week for reinforcement of whatever textbook you chose. You can probably get a Spanish speaker relatively cheaply through online services like italkie.
  7. Please do share. I am curious to see what they will tell you. Hopefully you will get a choice.
  8. So here is a question to think about. Do you have to submit Clonlara diploma? Or can you submit your own? I ask because if your child were in a public school or a private school, legally you shouldn’t be writing your own diploma, but you must submit PS or private school diplomas. Now in California there are charter schools where kids take their classes at CTY and PAHomeschoolers among others, but those kids are legally public school kids and their charter school issues the diploma and UCs consider them just like any PS kid. You could have another kid who did the same classes at exactly the sam
  9. @Pen wow. I now realize I don’t understand anything. How much should I be taking? I saw the mention that Fauci recommended vitamin D, so I thought I could just get the dozing info off the bottle. Do you know what should be dosage for immune system strength?
  10. So with this Covid pandemic, we finally decided its worth taking vitamin D and C as a supplement. Can anybody recommend a brand? I was told quality mattered.
  11. CTY isn’t a school, so I wouldn’t list them as “a school attended.” Neither is PA Homeschoolers. I think when they ask about schools attended, they mean accredited institutions - public, private, charter (even homeschool charter is a public school). I am not familiar with Clonlara, but I don’t see why UC application is going to be any different than Common Application. If she has gone to a private school or a public school and has a diploma from them (and I am not sure at all that Clonlara would check that box), then you wouldn’t be applying as a homeschooler. She would be the graduate of t
  12. What is a typical career path for a male ballet dancer in terms of duration, retirement and post?I am just curious. Makes sense he doesn’t want to spend the best dancing years pouring over books in college. Good luck to him.
  13. I will be in line as soon as it is made available to me. I am high risk.
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