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  1. 😂😂😂 Technology can make life harder sometimes. My boy loved the class though, and he is so looking forward to the rest of the year! Thank you for having the live component. It does make so much difference for him at least.
  2. We hit the books. So far things have been going better than expected.
  3. I have no idea. In our case it’s very strange because often this child didn’t struggle through the material at all (although he did have his moments). He understood it while working through it and then let it all miraculously go with the wind. At least with the struggling kid one can assume the child really never understood it, but how one manages what this child of mine did defies understanding. Although I want to add that if I review the material, it comes back. Maybe this kid has some memory issues?
  4. My kids want to be home at least for now. The moment they express interest in PS, I am driving them without hesitation. Homeschooling if tough, and the income I haven’t been earning for years is starting to hurt us. I homeschool because my my children are willing and because they are thriving. But I have lost my identity when I walked out of my job and it deeply hurts knowing I can’t regain it. I can live with it because I see positive results in my children both socially and academically.
  5. I have several boxes of school supplies. I keep buying them.
  6. One of my kids also had very little retention with AOPS even though in the moment he knew it all.
  7. AP Physics 1 and 2 are Algebra based. AP Physics C is calculus based. There are two exams for C - mechanics & electricity/magnetism.
  8. Oh, I am not complaining. Especially since this isn’t a universal new model of admissions. That’s my point exactly. It makes sense for Bard. Just like Caltech would have a different exam. You can almost decide based on such admissions what is a good fit for a student.
  9. This is interesting, but just like any other admissions game biased in its own way. This approach favors writers, but for a school like Bard, it probably makes sense. I wonder what would happen if every school came up with its own “admissions process” that’s unique. I bet kids would identify “fit” much easier by just looking at entrance procedures. My biggest nightmare is creative writing. I can write well formulated papers on topics I research. Write about myself? Forget it. I would rather crawl under the bed and hide. 🙂
  10. Roadrunner

    PAH biases

    The comfort level with a class that is leaning either way is going to be different for each family. I think it’s good to know going in though.
  11. Roadrunner

    PAH biases

    Read the linked thread discussion by Swimmermom3.
  12. Roadrunner

    PAH biases

    At least I found an APUSH teacher who seems suitable at PAH. You can guess which one. 😋😂😂😂
  13. Roadrunner

    PAH biases

    You are amazing. Tell me you had this bookmarked otherwise I need some tips on the search functionality of this forum! So it looks like US Gov at PAH is problematic. Do you remember if the instructor was Reed it Burns?
  14. I am having a lot of trouble searching up old threads. Google brings up nothing, while the forum search brings up everything. So I can't locate the discussion I remember we had about political biases in PAH courses. I am trying to get a mental inventory of what is available to us in coming years, so would love if somebody could remind me if I remember correctly that APUSH was taught from a political perspective leaning to the right? Or was it USGOV or Econ?
  15. Roadrunner

    Finished Duo Lingo French

    Breaking the Barrier seems to be very grammar centered. Galore also teaches grammar, but it is moving more slowly (I think) because it is geared toward younger audience.
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