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  1. I think it’s important to cover it at some point, but I don’t think you must do it now. Don’t worry. Just prioritize other topics and you can circle back to those later. I just looked at MM7. I would personally cover Probability over the summer. As far as stats is concerned, I would wait and do a year of stats in high school and no, you don’t need a previous knowledge to do well.
  2. I am just out loud questioning the need for formal lessons at such young age, not debating inferiority or superiority of households who ban video games at home, which is what leapfrog is.
  3. This is exactly how we got to the situation that Kindergarteners are now expected to write, and I am saying this as a parent of a kid who read fluently at 4 as an unintended consequence of being gifted a Leapfrog.
  4. I can’t answer your comparison question, but I just want to say Jetta is an incredible teacher, and what she adds with her teaching and personality has made all the difference here. She also adds problem solving worksheets, so it includes basic algebra and isn’t all conceptual. I can’t imagine Apologia to be more advanced to warrant a repeat of the course. You would be probably better served with an AP physics course as a follow up, assuming there is interest. Otherwise CC is more than enough as a high school physics course. I think socialization question is a separate question from the course. I have highly outgoing children who thrive in a group/live setting. But strictly from physics perspective, you can’t go wrong with Jetta’s class.
  5. $70 is what our local tutoring center charges. I have found one on Wyzant for $50 who seems promising for general exam prep, but not sure he is AoPS level. Mine had a rough start with a course, but is now sailing fairly smoothly, so we ended up not hiring anybody, but if he hits the rough seas again, we will look again. I think $50 would be a low end for somebody qualified.
  6. Around here it’s about $70 an hour. i have tried so hard to find an AoPS tutor and failed. Good luck!
  7. UCs are generous with AP credit. If he takes Calculus BC exam, he might be able to start in Calculus 3 as a freshman instead of having to repeat Calculus 2. This is also probably the case with AP Lit.
  8. This school in San Jose teaches it. Try them Also San Mateo
  9. But the situation in private colleges is no different.
  10. I graduated during the Internet age and it was still pretty much like this. I don’t understand why we have to be babysitting kids now.
  11. No we don’t. We really don’t. And being great at various things doesn’t carry the same weight and respect.
  12. No news? Nothing is happening to the monolith? I am expecting a dressed up goose to appear on top at some point.
  13. My friend had a hard time with Russian. They ended up having it certified through a charter school for A through G purposes. i am guessing outside of UC, you don’t need to prove anything.
  14. Question by question. Mine took his first test at 12 with just vague familiarity and did just fine in terms of format. I would have her do one test at home on a paper just so it isn’t anything new, and that will be more than enough. My priority would be getting to the test site a little earlier to find parking and to make sure you are in a right line and can find a right testing room. Sometimes those big schools can be really confusing to navigate, and the signs can be lacking.
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