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  1. Honestly I have yet to find any class online that runs like AoPS. Their text based format with managed board is unique. WTMA doesn’t run anything like AoPS, their classroom is much more traditional in format.
  2. @mms you had blanks in the book? Hmmm. I have my 1st grade notebook where I have handwritten x + 3 = 5 x = 5-3 x = 2
  3. mine just rolled their eyes on manipulatives. They considered it “beneath” them. And of course they refused to write anything out, because their workbook didn’t tell them they needed to do it. You know, looking back, I don’t know how I have survived my kids, or how I am still surviving them. 🙄
  4. @mms @square_25 the very popular Russian Math schools that are popping up everywhere, do you know if those are based on old Soviet textbooks? Because I also hear new ones are garbage. It’s the textbooks by Kolmogorov, Nurk... that were excellent. I thought maybe they would also be selling the translations, it I don’t see them anywhere.
  5. I remember (still have notebooks saved)having to copy the problem and write out step by step solution (regrouping addition and subtraction for example). I am convinced not having workbooks that you just fill in with a number and having to show the process was key in early grades.
  6. They had grades 1 and 2 as well of the Russian math, but they no longer list them. And there is an amazing Russian math 6! am pretty sure this is the one we used in school.
  7. Has anybody seen/worked with U of Chicago translations of Russian and Japanese math?
  8. Yes, classes most definitely add value for us. First, I am never sure my kid self studied well what he said he did, and since there is nobody in the house capable of checking, I need outside sanity check. Also DS always finds class makes material clear, and going over it the second time, and getting feedback on proofs, is valuable to him. I don’t think my kid could even succeed in a class without the textbook, but the pace of the classes doesn’t give us time to do both book and course problem sets simultaneously, hence delay.
  9. this is the reason my kid has taken almost all AoPS courses either after completing the textbook or when he is near completion.
  10. Beast includes things that are just not found anywhere and those parts are super fun! We haven’t used grade 2 or grade 5 (they weren’t published on time for us), but I would say grade 3 had things in it that really made my DS exited. I vaguely remember skip counting and thinking how silly it was going to be and then being floored about how cool it ended up being. I don’t know what to say, but we felt SM gave us a foundation and Beast gave us love. Also for my youngest kid, SM’s long division was very confusing. Then he took one look at Beast’s long division and said, oh, this is what I do in my head! So I am glad we shelled out $$$ but I am also glad we didn’t ditch SM for it.
  11. Ha. I have always felt that Beast was a great supplement but not a great primary program. Never could explain why I felt that though, but it just felt shaky for this not mathematician mom. We loved Singapore here (even the bar diagrams 🤭). We mostly only worked Intensive Practice books and my DS transitioned to AoPS prealgebra without a hiccup. He said bar diagrams made him see all the equations in his head, although I suspect he would have done just fine without them. And to echo @8FillTheHeart DS, mine feels somewhat shaky on word problems (or as he says, I don’t like word problems, would rather work on a proof) having done only AoPS starting in 4th grade. I’m I see people recommend Beast exclusively now on Facebook for everybody (struggling kid, gifted kid, bored kid... just name it). I shake my head, but I don’t have anything articulate to offer.
  12. I want to start by saying that I am pro mask, but I feel so privileged not to have to work during this pandemic. I can’t breath through those masks for a prolonged period of time without feeling like I am going to pass out. So I no longer leave the house unless I absolutely have to. We are lucky to be able to exercise without masks, although I put them on if I see anybody approaching me on a trail. I mentioned to a bank employee the other day how impressed I was that she could survive all day in them and she said she goes every 30 minutes or so to take couple death breaths outside. And this is a young girl in her 20s. It’s tough and tougher in cities where you can’t avoid crowds. At least I can manage my shopping in 30 minutes and don’t need public transportation. I guess I am saying this in response to posters who mentioned some employees don’t wear those masks when customers aren’t there. I am sure they take them off every change they get, just to inhale. An entire new appreciation for doctors who wear them while conducting surgeries on their feet for hours and hours at a time. And a realization my asthmatic kid could never be a surgeon.
  13. It worked. They tried to get rid of me (oh, the system is down, oh, you must pay, oh, call back on Monday). I refused to give up. I offered money, to stay on the phone indefinitely, anything but not to have me call back... eventually they figured out I was crazy, so we now have an August date 🕺. I was nice and apologetic and offered to pay any penalty they wished to impose on me. People must be calling and yelling at them, because they took pity on me and didn’t even charge anything. Apparently it was a technical hiccup on my end. My kids are floored. They were betting on how long I was going to wait in the line and none had faith in my perseverance. Now what do you think are the odds of actually having a test in August?
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