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  1. I think he has buried somebody under the monolith. It’s a grave. there must be a lot of gossip going around your neighborhood about this monolith.
  2. I wonder if the spike has anything to do with Halloween. We are in CA and my county has been in the purple (most restrictive) tier the entire time. We haven’t loosened any guidelines here locally and yet despite doing what we have been doing all along, we are still experiencing a spike. It’s very frustrating.
  3. I have an aspiring music major but he is just entering high school. I am here to learn and listen.
  4. Master and Margarita. may I ask what people didn’t get in this book? I guess there is a lot of detail as it pertains to the life in the USSR. Was that an issue?
  5. We despise AP Stats. I don’t want to say more, but yes, despise.
  6. Do you know if a one semester CC course in Java would be a good preparation for this exam? Apparently our CC has a good teacher in Java.
  7. All people want is free and hands off.
  8. I would take AoPS intro and intermediate courses back to back. The intro course is very gentle, but the intermediate level really increases in intensity. DS loved them and came out with fairly good Python skills.
  9. Have you heard anything about eimacs AP class?
  10. I want to revive this thread because I am also wondering about Edhesive AP Comp Science course. If we go this route, do we need to prep for the exam in addition (FRQs and MCQs) or does the course pepper the exam prep throughout? Our other option is eMAICS. I can’t find any reviews of that either. I don’t mind paying more if exam prep is built in. CTY is super expensive. I can’t justify $2k for a course. We have a fourth option - free CC course in Java and then prep ourselves, but I am always worried about self prep since I have no expertise in the subject.
  11. Edhesive has a self paced AP stars course that isn’t too expensive. I would look into it. https://edhesive.com/parents_homeschools
  12. It’s not that it will be “looked at” as remedial, but because those courses are targeted for remedial students, they might not be of the same quality as classes targeted for high performing students. This is why for kids who love math or want to major in STEM, AoPS will give much more solid foundation for future success in either Calculus or any proof based mathematics courses, while a CC course will most likely be teaching procedural math (here is a formula and an example, go replicate). Not all math course are creative equal even with the same title.
  13. Cats will hunt for you 🙂 my friend’s cat would kill rats and bring them to her bedroom. Imagine waking up next to dead rats. 😂 This could work as a persuasive argument for Mrs. Spy Car.
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