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  1. I am also curious since so many parents we know plan the transfer route.
  2. We are in a similar boat. I have been trying to figure out what the local PS is doing. I know they give foreign language and math credits, but I can’t figure out if they count those toward graduation. Parents of PS kids have no clue and are very puzzled by my questions. 🙂
  3. Exactly, only I am still a little ensure what it means. Apparently we can list them on a transcript as completed, but I am not sure we can actually grant credits for graduation or include the grade into the high school GPA for any class completed in middle school. I am just going to list math and foreign language as a side note.
  4. I think I answered a similar thread on the high school board. Intro to Lit has plenty of writing. In addition to essays she assigns weekly summary of the reading and critical thinking question (about two paragraphs of analytical write-up about the reading). The courses that I think lack in writing are Intermediate Lit and British Lit, which may or may not be a bad thing if you want to do writing in other subjects.
  5. I know the reasonable thing to do is to get rid of things and I did away with elementary school things, but I grew up in a house where every room (including bedrooms) had bookshelves in addition to a study that had an entire wall covered with shelves, and often it wasn’t enough . I have decided bookshelves exit for a reason (to hold my books) and while I will gladly give my books away to somebody who may use something I have, if nobody inquires, I am keeping everything other than workbooks. We have 5 big bookcases and the rule is in the house, to not expand our collection, so if they begin to overflow, I will get rid of something to make room. I want to add that most of what I own is literature and high school textbooks.
  6. I am so glad you saw the post. I have meant to ask you about AP French at TPS (for a different kid). I vaguely remember you had experience with it, and ever since the board change, I still can’t locate old posts. I wonder if TPS AP class prepares well for the exam.
  7. But how does one go about doing this. Some universities have such a high number of applicants, I wonder how they could possibly accommodate every kid wanting to speak with a faculty. What would be the proper way to gain access to the department? Is this arranged through admissions office? or do you go directly to the department head?
  8. I am up. It’s 3 AM and I can’t sleep. My dreams have been downright mean tonight.
  9. I know some families have done this, but I wonder how one would go about prepping for an exam (generally in May) when classes don’t end till June here, and therefore full material isn’t covered prior to the exam.
  10. I would love to know what your DD thought about the teaching and her teaching style.
  11. I am surprised anybody is still alive in that show. I watched the couple of episodes in the first season and quickly realized every personage I was going to get attached to was going to die painful agonizing death. My heart simply can’t handle that. I never watched again,
  12. well, if you aren't from this country, a lot can remain a mystery. It would never occur to me that universities have summer programs for high schoolers. It's just not done in my neck of the woods. There are some internship opportunities locally that I never knew existed and would have never gone looking for them, because again, It would never occur to me to look there. So I will say I am not surprised that some parents don't know. Maybe they simply haven't had exposures. And more "prestigious' type opportunities that my kids have gotten were all initiated by their private teachers from their activities. Again, I wouldn't have known. And some were by invitation.
  13. If you go with Intro at CLRC, he doesn’t have to be independent. A middle schooler isn’t using those grades on a transcript, so you can sit down and write the first essay with him, providing more hands on instruction on topic sentences and supporting evidence. Then give half the help on the second essay and by second semester he will be doing most work on his own.
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