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  1. I used to pay over $600 a month for two kids’ aftercare in elementary school. Lots of parents can’t afford that. In some towns libraries allow kids (usually older kids) to come afterschool and get help with homework. I don’t have an opinion on this issue, but afterschool care and costs are real issues. I was lucky enough to be able to walk away financially, but not everybody is that lucky.
  2. There is also CLRC geometry And honors geometry at Bluetent
  3. No. They are teenagers. 😋 they are mortified by me. 😂
  4. I learned a lesson today. I gush over a bernidoodle at the park all the time. Well, I don’t have any intensional of dog stealing, but boy oh boy, the owner must think I am nuts. No more compliments. I will like him in silence. 😂
  5. The plastic lock part that actually closes the harness broke so soon. He is mostly off leash here since we live in an area where he can enjoy being in the park without a leash, but we still put a harness on him just in case.
  6. Plastic on poypet grand broke in two months. I have a 70 pound puppy.
  7. I gave 1 credit for the entire Intro to Algebra course (Algebra A and B together) and 1 credit for Intermediate Algebra.
  8. I am also waiting for the school to let me know when and how to pay. I have never been this eager to write a check. 🙂
  9. That’s very little time. Between study questions and Summa, just the number of paragraphs that need to be written is in excess of 12 and they all need to be supported by quotes. And the reading load alone is massive. Just writing alone that amount would be 5 hours here. you guys have super human kids. This is the reason I am asking for a light course 🙂
  10. just out of curiosity, how many hours per week is your child spending on CLRC GB class?
  11. Mine last question. Do you add reading literature to this course for a full English credit or does it already contain enough reading?
  12. One of mine took the essay class. I had such high hopes. It just isn’t the right provider for us.
  13. We tried Bravewriter and really disliked it.
  14. Does he teach or only corrects what you turn in? If I sign sign up for example with a goal of producing a research paper, will he teach him how to approach it step by step?
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