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  1. Loved the thread on schools in southern states. Do automatic merit schools exist outside of southern states?
  2. No, we need it for a test. I am going to take Arcadia’s suggestion and get a new version once it’s on sale.
  3. Well, had he known how to use it and had one, those questions would have been a piece of cake. So those reading hopefully will learn from our mistake.
  4. Well, that’s not what my boy said. Two questions were impossible to graph out by hand and would have been an easy answer with a graphing one.
  5. Actually math 2 had two questions that needed graphing calculator.
  6. Mine had to clear the watch (it was an old analog one), but they had no time to clear it, so they brought in a clock for the wall and wouldn’t let him use his watch. No big deal though since time was visible.
  7. I will keep trying my luck here 🙂 In an old, old thread, I believe Kathy linked a page that outlined 4 procedures that one needs to know how to perform on a calculator for calculus exam. The link doesn’t work anymore. Does anybody know what those are?
  8. Is this the one you recommend?
  9. We were gifted TI-84 Plus Sliver Edition graphing calculator. It has to be really old (at least 7-8 years old). So my kid tried to use it for something basic and hated it. Now we are going to have to learn how to operate this clunky machine, but I am wondering if there is a benefit in going and getting him a new version when it comes on back to school sale? If so, which one? Or should I just save my money and use what we got? Also, does anybody recommend a particular tutorial for this calculator? My kid was turning it in his hand as if it landed on earth from a different solar system. It's going to be a steep learning curve here.
  10. How much difference is there between PSAT and SAT? Is the former noticeably easier than the latter? Also should a student be prepping with SAT prep books or is it better to get something specifically for PSAT? i am realizing how quickly we are approaching all these testing.
  11. Yes for PSAT, no espace from this for kids who have a chance at national merit. I don’t think we do especially since we are in CA.
  12. I have noticed a tremendous interest in homeschooling over the past couple of years. PS parents all want to know the nitty gritty details. I used to think they were quizzing me but so many of them have wrapped up conversations thanking me for information they have been wondering about. I think it used to be lot more adversarial in the past.
  13. Actually those questions are fine. People are trying to figure out the thought process behind your decision. It’s when they start telling you that you are scarring them for life when you pass the bean dip.
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