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  1. Look at the list of countries. It’s very limited. You don’t need to be a citizen to travel. Anybody can travel. Citizen or not. We aren’t asking anybody for a proof of vaccination as far as I know. We need to be.
  2. No. That’s the confusing part. I wonder how. that list (travel restrictions) by the way makes no sense. 😏
  3. Because Americans have a right to return to their own home. It is not our fault Mexico isn’t asking for vaccination cards. That doesn’t mean we can’t ask others. Again, if a group of Americans is causing issues and bringing back virus mutants, does that mean we need to worsen the situation and allow everybody to do so? What sort of logic is that? I know for sure Canada had very strict travel restrictions. We checked couple of months ago and there was no exception even for vaccinated individuals. I think US is pretty much open.
  4. Is this enforced? Because I know people who have gotten here just recently from some of these countries. And didn’t somebody mention a ton of people were coming from Asia to get vaccinated here? I am lost.
  5. But no other disease he grounded the entire planet to a halt lately. When measles outbreak forces the entire nation to lock up, then maybe we would ask the same? Common sense.
  6. Right. That’s why I am saying get the tourists vaccinated! Apparently banning people from opening their private businesses due to pandemic is legal, but asking international travelers to show vaccination records is too much?. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Well, I would ask all who are eligible and traveling to be vaccinated frankly. But I could see why you couldn’t ban a guy with a passport returning home. Until we get a better handle on this worldwide and have deployed vaccines in areas where mutations can be particularly terrible (people in countries with large population of untreated AIDS patients for example), we all need to be more cautious. Europeans are asking for vaccination cards or creating a system of some sorts, why can’t Americans do the same? Any help at this point to improve the situation and prevent another surge would be wel
  8. . While we are fighting on this front domestically, at least make sure we aren’t importing more trouble. Common sense to me.
  9. Non American citizens traveling into the country. Yes. Obviously under 12 year olds can’t be asked to be vaccinated, but until this situation is resolved, we need to lock down. I am going to predict widespread vaccine availability by the end of the year.
  10. Ban everybody entering the country who isn’t vaccinated. Period. We have locked up kids at home for a year but we can’t stop unvaccinated people from coming in? Odds of vaccinated people bringing in new variants are much smaller than non vaccinated. we can absolutely limit our exposure if there is political will to do so.
  11. I think we need to not let anybody into the country who can’t prove their vaccination status. Why did it take so long to suspend flights from India? I am afraid after this delta variant than it will be another one and another one. 😞
  12. CA has high vaccination rates in some areas and lower ones inland. Today was the first delay of opening here. I shopped without a mask! Then went in Starbucks (also without a mask) to get a coffee, ran into a friend sitting inside, had a conversation, walked outside and started sobbing. This is the first time I have felt normal in over a year. Let me tell you, pandemics aren’t for extroverts.
  13. Given how many people aren’t going to vaccinate, I could see another surge. Vermont on the other hand reached 80% vaccination rate. Maybe I just need to move. 😓
  14. I am so tired of this. I can honestly say I no longer care. I would rather die than live locked up in a way we did last year. I am taking my chances. I will get whatever boosters they offer, but for the mental sanity of my children and me, I refuse to zoom and sit home. Enough is enough.
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