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  1. Roadrunner


    Do you speak French? There are ton of textbooks with CDs written for high school audience. Take a look at Vista Learning for example. I think if you speak French, you can easily buy those texts with CDs and work them at home. If you don't speak the language, I would look at something intended for homeschoolers. Breaking the Barrier seems to be popular.
  2. Yes, absolutely. I think what is happening in California specifically is absolute insanity over UC admissions. UCs (and some CSUs) have become so competitive that a lot of outstanding kids are now applying to “lower tier” schools pushing those acceptance rates lower and student stats higher. A lot of this is a generalization, but a case in point are Occidental College, LMU, and Santa Clara U. Those are all three absolutely wonderful schools, but getting into them has become much more competitive because those who can’t compete with 15 AP classes with all 5s (think Bay Area and an extremely competitive population of overachievers and tiger parenting on steroids), now apply to those schools. Also I believe the spots available at UCs haven’t kept up with population, but I don’t really know how big that discrepancy really is. It is hard to say without real visibility on who was accepted, but my friend’s kid got denied at Occidental, which was a shock to me. It wasn’t that long ago that his good grades and significant number of 4s on APs would have been more than enough to get in. I have no clue what is going on at Biola for example. I would call.
  3. We have kids on this board who did not do APs but went on to great schools. I think PS comparison is a little more challenging because by design and school culture college bound kids just end up with so many APs. Also I don’t know your target schools. St. Mary’s College has a very high acceptance rate and a good reputation.
  4. I think what is happening in our area is AP courses are being used to boost up the GPA for UC admission. So in our good district but with minimal international students the top 10% take APs in double digits but the tier after kids in my limited experience of watching my friends’ children take maybe 8 (1 as freshman, 1 as sophomore, and then maybe 2-3 per each junior and senior year). Now they don’t necessarily get 5s on those exams. Most will manage 4s, maybe couple of 3s, but they do manage better grades in class for the hopes of higher GPA. I can tell you my friend’s kid had 8 APs (7 fours and one 3). He didn’t get into any UCs and ended up at LMU, a great school. I mention this because LMU is a religious institution that isn’t the top tier, so I am wondering if you have eyes on it. He had no DE at all. This is completely an anectodal evidence, but hopefully it is a little helpful.
  5. Unless a child is a recruit, I don’t think sports matters so much for application. However for us organized sport is the only way my family is getting off the chair. I am very reluctant to give it up because I am afraid we will remain forever frozen in a sitting position. And of course my kids adore the sport the play.
  7. I can’t find a list of tenses that are being tested on the SAT exam. We don’t plan on touching Subjonctif Imparfait and Subjonctif Plus-que-parfait. I would also rather not touch Passé Anterieur and Futur Anterieur, but I am not sure I can get away with this one. Anybody has experience with this exam?
  8. Anybody has experience with this series? I am absolutely unable to do any meaningful search now that google no longer works. I found book 1 on my shelf. Wondering what the hive thinks of this program.
  9. Roadrunner

    SAT grammar (Writing) portion

    Has anybody used Editor in Chief for high school for a more informal practice?
  10. Roadrunner

    Open and go middle school science

    The most “open and go” will be a textbook to read and no labs. For middle school that would mean to me picking up books based on topics of interest and just reading. Or outsourcing. But the latter isn’t always open and go, because you might be stuck doing all the labs. 😋
  11. Roadrunner

    SAT grammar (Writing) portion

    Not so young. This is shaping up to be our 9th grade. I need to start thinking about tests a little more.
  12. Roadrunner

    SAT grammar (Writing) portion

    OK. So the concensus is no formal grammar program. I will look at Khan for prep then.
  13. Roadrunner

    SAT grammar (Writing) portion

    We have done MCT. Our experience has been different. This type of practice (identifying and naming parts of speech, sentence, clause) hasn’t really materialized into what I wanted.
  14. So would the hive recommend a certain grammar program in high school that will also take care of this section of SAT? Or is it better to just use test prep when time is right? I have WTM new grammar program but it’s just not a good fit. It’s simply too much. I am not sure what I am looking for, but not a program that takes considerable daily time (Rod & Stuff, I am looking at you). I want something simple and to the point.
  15. Roadrunner

    CA related question regarding CHSPE

    I think this is key. For me the feedback and support is what I am paying for. And $3k a year is a looot if money to pay for minimal feedback. Otherwise I can just have my kid watch the bunch of lectures available for free through various universities. I know your children really are very unique, but I can’t imagine minimal anything with my children. ☺️ I think they treat their OHS students very differently given extra fees. So I am just pointing out that the two aren’t necessarily equivalent options. The latter is better and more expensive. And offers a ton of classes.
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