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  1. I see a ton of job ads that require Spanish in CA.
  2. When should I start my hoop jumping 😂. Am I safe waiting till August?
  3. That I know. Backup is a 4 year school.
  4. @Arcadiai have no idea what you are trying to tell me. Are you trying to tell me you are happy for your children that classes are online? OK. Are you trying to tell me CCs should remain online permanently? Then we disagree. I am not even sure what conversation I am having now.
  5. But CCs here are virtually free. They are mostly tax funded. So taxpayers can’t vote with their wallets as much as they could at a UC for example.
  6. Well but this was all true pre Covid as well. Covid online school was supposed to be a temporary thing, not permanent. Students are better served in the classrooms. Now if CCs want to remain online, then hire one teacher per subject to develop online courses (like Scout) so we as taxpayers pay one teacher (we don’t need a thousand teachers putting out subpar prerecorded lectures for $$$$$$ in salaries) and we could hire graders (grad students who could use extra cash). And we can sell the physical campuses to those who actually want to run real classes in person (maybe UCs will extend their re
  7. Yes, but we would still need to go through the grueling application. And lose another year in the process. At this point I think it makes more sense for us to graduate him a year earlier (with it without his consent).
  8. You could be describing us. I think you made a great choice. I wish we had done the same. Best of luck to your DS!
  9. Would you mind sharing which grade he got accepted into?
  10. This. They don’t want to go back to work. And it looks like they can do whatever they want. I am shocked and saddened.
  11. Oh, nothing bad. Just not what would work here - asynchronous, board participation requirements. Even assignments, we need more focused work.
  12. I meant their AP English courses. I have talked to some parents and those aren’t exactly what we need. It’s hard for me to explain what I want, but I will know when I see it. 🙂
  13. This is the way AoPS did it in prealgebra, if I remember correctly. I like this as well.
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