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  1. I really like Spectrum Geometry. I've only used the grade 5 workbook so far since I just use it as a supplement. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/1483804798/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_8uoBFb58DFBCY
  2. A Tree Is Nice (Rise and Shine) by Janice May Udry and Marc Simont From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons Jack's Garden by Henry Cole The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin
  3. I made a few updates. I actually didn't realize how many changes I had to make until I wrote this out.
  4. My ds13 uses an over-the-door basketball hoop (with a rubber ball) and a magnetic dart board in his room. ETA: We invested in a 3D printer this summer so he's been making gifts for friends and extended family members
  5. I don't think there's a sleeping problem. He goes to bed late normally (11:30-12:00) and is now sleeping 12-13 hours. I used to have him wake up at 9:45 but he was hardly growing and we were concerned there was a problem (fortunately his medical test results were normal). He has blackout curtains and exercises every day. We limit screens and his wifi goes off at 9:00. I could always increase his activity though since he is getting older and is finally taller than me. I'm tiny...hence the worry about his not growing. I just figured somebody on here has probably BTDT with a teen boy like
  6. He can hear through the noise-cancelling headphones. I can see about adding in some physical activity.
  7. He wouldn't get anything done in the living room because my girls are LOUD and my 5 y/o will bother him. He's easily disturbed by noise so that's why his room is the best option for him. That's why we got him a desk for his room and all his books are in there.😀
  8. I am standing in his room while he is at his desk with his work. I either go over answers or have him answer orally or sometimes I just wait for him to finish since it's a short subject and it would take more time to leave and come back.
  9. I have three kids and can't nap and he doesn't even nap in the car so I don't think so, LOL! Yes, the 3:00pm time is when I check in to go over things but he is taking longer and sometimes hasn't even finished answering comprehension questions by 3:00. I don't know if I will need to make some subjects "night subjects" that I check the next day. I may need to experiment a bit with that as I was hoping to ramp up his work load a little for 8th. I could give him the option of doing work on the weekend which I know will motivate him to finish his work during the week.😉
  10. OK. We aren't worrying about extracurriculars currently so that's not an issue. If we have an outing, I change his schedule for the day and make it lighter. We school year-round so that's easy to do. I don't expect him to finish in 2 hours but I do need to go over some work with him and there is also work that he does with me (it's actually faster that way). So, I'm trying to figure out which subjects to have him do and in what order. Part of the time shift is that he's sleeping more and part is that his work is getting harder. He will start 8th grade next month. We're doing summer schoo
  11. How do you manage your time and schedule your day? My 13ds has recently started sleeping more. I guess puberty is on the horizon. I am up by 8 to take care of my 5dd. I do her work with her after breakfast. Late morning and sometimes early afternoon are reserved to work with my 11dd. We are usually done by 1:00 when my ds13 wakes up. We all eat together and I do read alouds and then he has to do his work. I check in with him at 3:00 but he's not always done by then. Lately, he's taking longer to do his reading comprehension (literature guides) and sometimes isn't done with his work un
  12. I'm not sure if all of the literature you listed was supposed to be American or not. Kidnapped takes place in Scotland. You may want to switch it out with Johnny Tremain which is a lot more engaging imho. Another great one is Chains which we listened to on audible. Some others my son has read are Ben Franklin (Landmark), The American Revolution (Landmark), Carry On Mr. Bowditch, Moccasin Trail and Shades of Gray. This was for 6th grade and I didn't use any lesson plans. I just had him narrate afterward. Some other good ones by Scott O'Dell include Sing Down the Moon , Streams to the Riv
  13. I don't have any experience with it but am planning to use it with my upcoming 8th grader. It does have labs but all the lab sheets and all the quizzes are short answer. The lesson plan has it so the labs are only in the second half of the year. I went through and planned it out so that he reads from Discovery of Design and Made in Heaven every week (Men of Science every 3 weeks or so) so that we can do weekly labs. I may just save them up and do two labs twice monthly (to flip flop with my daughter's art activities). I'm planning to make my own quizzes for this reason but haven't starte
  14. I'm planning to have my son do a lot of the MP 8th grade core with some substitutions/omissions. Some subjects are with his sister who will be in 6th grade next year. Literature: MP grade 8 Lit with guides I decided to do a combo 7th/8th so he can do the 7th Grade Lit Discussion Group with Vita Beata instead. Hopefully, he can do the Vita Beata discussion group with this. Math: Shormann Algebra 1 with Integrated Geometry Self-Paced eLearning Course We started this over the summer and it isn't going to work. Too much spiral for a kid coming from Math Mammoth. We will do Fo
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