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  1. My ds12 is an introverted Eeyore (way more than yours). We require him to take karate (for the discipline), swim lessons (seasonal) and he's in a FLL group (my hubby takes him). He talks to one or two boys at these classes. That's it. He doesn't see a problem and isn't super social. He talks on the phone most days with some friends (real kids) but this is mainly for online gaming (which I limit to 1 hour). We're a shy/introverted family so I can understand. I don't quite get the trend these days for pushing lots of activities. I require my big kids to do 30 min./day of physical activity (they mostly just walk on the treadmill). Your son is enjoying some activities and talking to other kids. It sounds like he's doing great!
  2. I'm not sure what type of geography curriculum you use. This past year I had my 6th grader type up notes (10 facts) about a country he read about for some of his writing assignments. We used Geography I from Memoria Press and Rod and Staff English 5 (which teaches note taking).
  3. I used WS 3 with ds last summer and plan to use WS 4 with him this summer (we us R&S during the school year). The following summer I'm thinking either WS 5 or Wordsmith. I'm not sure about the levels after that but may buy them just in case. They're cheap used on Amazon or eBay.
  4. My son already did MP Geo I the year he did Famous Men or Rome. So, this year he'll do Geo II with Famous Men of Greece. I think Geo II lines up with Famous Men of the Middle Ages, but we've already spent LOTS of time on the Middle Ages (with other books/curricula). Also, I've read that Geo III ramps up in difficulty so I'm saving it for next year (it's in the MP moderated 8th grade core). I've read on the MP forum that Famous Men of Rome is the easiest but I liked the stories in Famous Men of Greece better so I would just pick whichever book lines up with what your child is studying. As to the Latin, we've always done Latin half-paced (LC over 4th/5th and FF over 6th/7th) because it's the easiest way for my child to retain the information. So, even if you do FF over 7th/8th, your child will be more ready for Latin or a Latin-based language in high school. ETA: We also school year-round, so that helps with retention of Latin.
  5. Math: MM7/Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra (not sure how much of each we will use yet) English & Composition: R&S 7 (first half), outlining to go with SOTW, Writing Strands or Wordsmith Literature: 3 MP guides and some historical fiction to go with our history studies Classical Studies: Famous Men of Greece w/MP guide Geography: MP Geo. II Spelling: Spelling Power Latin: First Form (we go half pace so he's already about halfway through this) Karate, swim lessons (seasonal), FLL (if his leader continues next year) With younger sibling (gr.5) Science: finish RSO Physics in the fall (electricity & magnetism), for spring I'm putting together some resources using Life Science for Middle Grades for our main labs ( I will probably have him read a couple of the Tiner science books to complement this) History: SOTW 4, we'll do some of the Activity Guide Bible: MP Christina Studies IV (first half), slowly going through Teaching Hearts and Training Minds devotional
  6. I’m guessing it will be at least a month before she is tested. What would you suggest working on in the meantime?
  7. If your library connects to the Hoopla app, you can preview some of the Tiner books for free (on a tablet or computer). I'm planning to have my rising 7th grader read a couple next year to complement our studies.
  8. I gave her the Barton screening and she didn't pass since she got 2 wrong on Task B (clapping syllables) so I will work with her on that. She made no mistakes in Task A and Task C.
  9. I actually had her do the DORA over three days because I knew she wouldn't have the stamina to read that long. We typically buddy read for about 10 minutes (5 days/week). So really she's just reading 5 minutes aloud per day and will complain if I ask her to do more. She reads silently before bed for about 10 minutes. Sometimes it's a book she can read on her own like Judy Moody and sometimes it's a Whispersync book (with audio). I was planning to have her use Touch Type Read and Spell this summer instead of the typing she has been doing. I have had her work on cursive for two years but she still can't read cursive. I actually just realized that recently. When she copies a word she does it one letter at a time. During the DORA, she was reading a story about Sally Ride and she asked me, "Does this say ride or rid?". We've worked on silent e a lot. I'm surprised she still is wondering how to read words like that. So, these are some of the things that concern me.
  10. Thanks for the kick in the pants regarding testing. I don't have someone IRL to talk to about this. Yes, we homeschool. Yes, I am pursuing evals (private). We have an appointment with a psychologist next month to discuss educational testing. Any tips moving forward are appreciated.
  11. Can anyone give me some advice on where to go from here? I just got results for the DORA exam for my 10dd (4th grade). She has always struggled with reading. She learned to read at 6.5 and only about a year ago stopped asking me "When will I know how to read?". We've completed OPGTR and almost all the ETC books (doing book 8 this summer). She also completed Reading Eggs and Teach Your Monster to Read when she was younger. I'm currently having her watch Elizabeth B.'s phonics videos and I'm using How to Teach Spelling with her. The main problem I see with her is she forgets the sounds of phonemes. She guesses words and adds/takes off letters and endings. I had her checked by a COVD optometrist but he said her tracking is slightly off but not bad enough to need therapy. I'm a bit depressed by these scores. High-Frequency Words: 3.17 Word Recognition: 5.17 Phonics (Word Analysis): 4.5 Spelling: 1.83 Oral Vocabulary: 6.83 Reading Comprehension: 2.17
  12. Maybe this? Valentine's Day Is#
  13. We're not Catholic but I've seen the Tan books on the Hoopla app. If your library connects to Hoopla you can listen to them for free.
  14. I used MFW ECC a few years ago. I have no experience with WP. I agree that it may be difficult to meet the needs of different ages with it exactly as written. You may have to tweak it a bit. I decided to just get the basic package used off of Ebay and have the kids make lapbooks instead of using the student sheets since I wasn't really impressed with them the year before for second grade (Adventures in U.S. History). My kids were only in 1st and 3rd grade so this worked out really well. The book basket is a big part of ECC so you may want to see if your library has books about the countries that will be studied. We added in some countries that we didn't do lapbooks for and just spent a week on them. Other countries we spent two weeks on. We mostly used for the lapbooks and I also based some of our studies on the books my library happened to have since there were almost no books about some countries. I made sure to add in the countries of our family's ancestry and they participated in a geography fair that year. I remember a lot of folks complaining on the MFW ECC FB page about the science book being boring (Properties of Ecosystems) but we actually liked it. There's hardly any experiments so that's something to consider. There's some hands on acitivities in the teacher's guide that seemed a bit babyish even for my 1st grader (pretend to ride a plane to the country, etc.). If you live near an IKEA they sometimes have Kids Kamp events where there is a free craft and play passport so that's something that your 1st grader may enjoy. We also used Home Art Studio First Grade art DVD which happens to be about art from different cultures. If your library has the Christian Heroes series of books, you can pick some countries based on those missionaries and have your older kids read those (some are available on audio on the Hoopla app).
  15. We use some from this site:
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