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  1. Also, is everybody using plus and minus system? That’s all I see online.
  2. Oh, by hand is OK. I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing. I just thought maybe somebody already had it excel.
  3. Does anybody have an excel formula on how to do this? I see most online calculators take into account +/- system, but locally neither our high school nor our CC had a plus and minus system. Does anybody have a simple GPA calculator they can share with me?
  4. We feel the same. I also think now that admission by exam is out of the question, PSA kids will be shut out from UCs. I still think College of Creative Studies at UCSB could be great. Other than that UCs are only good for their price. Nothing else is appealing about them otherwise.
  5. Welcome back! I remember you opening the restaurant. Glad to hear it has been paying your bills.
  6. I would love advice if anybody knows the answer. A junior, but with enough credits to easily graduate him this year, wants to apply to a dream school and go off to college early. Now there are reservations on graduating early from age perspective but not academic perspective. Here is my question. If this student applies this year to the dream school and doesn’t get in, can he apply again next year as a freshman? Meaning can we change the mind and not graduate early and submit again? I guess the issue is next year the transcript will be different (extra year). Would it raise alarm at the colleg
  7. I still remember your prealgebra thread. Shaking my head that you have a college freshman!
  8. True, but in all honesty I have only ever had fever with flu. So if it doesn’t eliminate all the possibilities, it really helps to narrow then down! 😉
  9. I usually never do (laziness), but I did this year. I don’t want to come down with a flu and then try and guess what I have - flu or Covid. Plus I worry hospitals will be overwhelmed this year, so I am doing my part to minimize potential illnesses. Also I have gotten older and my health isn’t what it used to be.
  10. We are still in high school, but so good to see you!!! Glad your boy is happy at Bard. I hear nothing but positive about the college.
  11. What is his intended major? I wouldn’t use MUS for a STEM bound kid, but otherwise, I don’t see a problem. And Statistics can be taken as an elective in addition to a regular math course. Also I am not sure what would be the purpose of MUS calculus. If I were to put my kid in Calculus, I would go with an AP version or DE. If you really want him to have Calculus, why not work hard on a solid Algebra 2 and Precalculus sequence and then take Calculus at a CC the second half of his senior year? Which brings us back to his intended major. Does he even going to need a calculus cou
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