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  1. This is so good to know; I did not consider this angle (credits/financial aid). Very helpful!!
  2. The DK First Dinosaur Encyclopedia is great! (Might be a little light for your 5th grader, but it would be perfect for 2nd grade and K!) My kids really loved all the DK "First" Encyclopedias.
  3. This is wonderful advice. Thank you. The info about DE grades following you around is a great point to keep in mind. (And I totally get what you mean about playing to your family's teaching strengths. So, so helpful!)
  4. So interesting! And yes! That was actually my experience at my own state flagship (years and years ago). Even though I scored great on my own AP English exam, all incoming freshman (and I think even some transfers) at the flagship HAD to take Intro to Academic Writing (the basic freshman English class). It was just the university's rule, across the board. (Not sure if it's still a rule in place today.) But I will say, it ended up being a great class (in that it taught me a lot), so I can see why huge universities make all their students take it. (It's impossible to get out of that class without learning how to write a proper academic research paper, so if you take that first thing at college, you're really set up to know how to do well in all of your other courses.) But of course I resented it at the time, lol. It's amazing to me how much AP stuff has changed. In my high school (back in the late 90s), it was common to take maybe one AP class your senior year, in whatever subject area you were good at (I only ever took the one AP English class). I think the valedictorian of my high school took maybe three or four APs total, in her senior year. And now, it feels really common for kids to have a ton of APs on their transcripts--it seems crazy! (That's partly why I'm so curious to see what the AP fuss is about nowadays--they really weren't a big deal back then.)
  5. How wonderful! That is awesome and so, so encouraging to hear. (And so good to hear that you didn't feel she was hindered in any way.)
  6. Oh gosh, grade weighting! Haven't even begun to think about that sort of thing. Ugh. lol. Thank you for sharing your own situation; it's so helpful to hear others' strategies to start to make sense of everything.
  7. This makes perfect sense--thank you for sharing your experience!
  8. It is so refreshing to hear that your current 12th grader has done everything at home with you except for German. (Sometimes it feels like in order to homeschool high school well nowadays, you have to outsource everything and take a million online courses or college courses or AP courses or whatever. I'm not opposed to any of that--I will happily seek out whatever we decide is necessary when the time comes--but as of right now, I do envision doing a lot of our high school stuff just at home, so it's encouraging to hear it can actually be done!) And your point about the likelihood of changes is well taken!!
  9. Thank you for this; this seems like a good way to think about it. (That is: worrying about high school credit while in high school, and worrying about college credit later, while in college.) I'm in no particular rush to have my students enter college with a ton of credit banked away, but at the same time, with the cost of college being what it's hard not to try to get the most bang for your buck through DE credit or whatever. But your approach seems sane...taking this under advisement!
  10. Oh, this is so good to know! I didn't know you could NOT report an AP score. (I figured it was like a college transcript and that you had to report it.)
  11. Oh my gosh, what a treasure trove! I almost never visit the high school boards because my kids aren't there yet, but I will definitely be reading all of this! (I know I will be better off if I start learning this stuff now, so it's not totally overwhelming when we reach high school.) The generosity of these boards kind of blows my mind sometimes--thanks again!
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