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  1. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I pray it gets better for you. Has anyone seen that Chelsea Handler is reporting deafness on one side since her second shot? This really is concerning.
  2. I am on a FB page where people are experiencing tinnitus, dizziness, and deafness (usually on one side). The doctors are saying the same thing....and overreactive immune response.
  3. I would do a typical hospital mask under the Happy Mask. That way she can change the disposable one during the day if she needs to (I just feel that is much more sanitary).
  4. Why do you think she needs something better? Are you wanting to protect against Covid or something else? BTW, the research facility looks AMAZING!!
  5. Yes, and both of those people had underlying health conditions (40% of people with underlying health conditions have been hospitalized with Covid). I do not know anyone that is healthy that has been hospitalized. Although several on my list do have pre-existing conditions that I thought for certain would mean they would be hospitalized, and they were not hospitalized. One didn't even know he had it. He had to be screened because he had to have a heart procedure, and he had it without knowing it!
  6. We have gone to the beach a ton, and we love the Destin area. We did a beach trip last fall to Hilton Head, and it is very easy to stay socially distanced on such a trip! As far as Destin, we loved snorkeling at the Jetties. The beach access is called O'Steen Public Beach and it is literally a small path off of Gulf Shore Drive (it is easy to miss). It is a "longerish" walk to the Jetties, but it is the best place to snorkel. The water is shallow and the kids can literally stand and stick their head in the water and see fish. If you take some lettuce, the fish will come right up to y
  7. Right off the top of my head I counted 55. I am sure I am missing several. Maybe that is not a ton, but it is quite a few. Several of those were over 70 as well.
  8. Our youngest is 12, and for certain this has been difficult for him as his brother and sister are off at college. His piano teacher has been vaccinated, so he has been doing live piano lessons (with a mask). And we have been going to our speech class (we just started in March). We all social distance and wear masks. Many have either had Covid or are vaccinated, and we are not a huge club, so we feel it is fairly safe. And we have been going to church (we stared 2 services, socially distanced and masked and we have not had any outbreaks). Those are the three activities we do. We have met
  9. So, I am vaccine hesitant. I have worked in healthcare as a physical therapist for 25 years. I did cancer research in undergrad. My point is that I am not an anti-vaxer and I am very much a science/data person. I have tinnitus and a history of vestibular issues/dizziness, as well as myoclonus in my left ear. I was actually scheduled to get the vaccine, but then thought I would look at VAERS. I saw reports of tinnitus, hearing loss, and dizziness. I did more searching and found an article addressing this issue. I then joined a FB group of people who are experiencing tinnitus/hearing los
  10. Some did have tinnitus prior, but it was a very low level (like me). They report it going from a 1/10 to 9-10/10. Not all tinnitus is the same volume. Probably about half have no previous issue with tinnitus. People are reporting that it is so loud it is like a siren and they can not sleep. These people are not anti-vax people. Many were happy to get the vaccine, and some are going ahead with the second dose. Many of their ENTs are reporting an uptick in people with tinnitus/hearing loss after the vaccine. I asked on my own FB page and several have reported similar symptoms. Others ar
  11. I was wondering about this as well. But I do think a lot of people are having legitimate issues. Many are reporting that their ENTs are seeing more and more of this. I asked my FB friends and had several report issues with tinnitus. One is going to have an MRI next week (although I do not think it will show anything).
  12. Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I am part of a FB group that has over 900 members, many with similar stories. I am so concerned about this. I pray you will see improvement!!!
  13. This is what is concerning to me. The FB group I am in now has 900 members. I am holding off on the vaccine for now.
  14. For sure thinking about it makes it worse! What is really concerning is the number of people who have not had any issues before and are now dealing with tinnitus (and some with hearing loss) and it has been a month (and sometimes more). There are quite a few reports of this on the FB group I joined. Of course, we still do not know that this is a cause and effect situation, but there case studies of people having increased tinnitus and hearing loss with flu vaccines, so I don't doubt that this can be an issue for some people (although I do think it is rare).
  15. I joined a facebook group yesterday for people who have experienced tinnitus/hearing loss thought to be related to the vaccine. There are quite a few people who have ENTs who definitely think the vaccine is the cause. I feel like one has to make a choice between bad a worse. So far, on the FB group, more people have had issues with Moderna and Pfizer (only one has had an issue with J & J), but I also wonder if that is because not as many doses have been given of that one. J & J does report Tinnitus as a possible side effect (I think 8 people in the trial reported that as a symptom)
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