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  1. The lecture time is a large group, and then they do break into small groups. They also have planned activities that the students can choose to participate in. I think you know your child the best. If she has a hard time in groups, or around a lot of people, then this may not be for her. I did not get the sense at all from by dd that it was charismatic in any way. I do think the videos are a good representation of what the students experience. I hope this helps!
  2. My dd attended Summit this past summer at Union University. She absolutely loved it! As a bonus she met several students that were going to attend Union in the fall (where she started this fall), and Union offers a scholarship to students who attend Summit. Feel free to ask questions, and I will try to answer them!
  3. Both my ds and did have taken AP Claases with Maya Inspektor, and dd took her college essay class last summer. She gave excellent feedback! Ds has been accepted at all 10 schools she has applied to with merit aide everywhere. Mrs. Inspektor is really an amazing instructor.
  4. Congratulations to everyone on acceptances so far! This is favorite thread to read every year. Dd has heard from most schools, but is still waiting to hear about honors programs at most of the different schools. Here is her list so far: Union University (Trustees scholarship + Interviewing for Scholars of Excellence), Samford University (scholarship + Global Missions Scholarship and waiting to hear about Samford Fellows), Messiah College (Provost's Scholarship), Wheaton College (Presidential Scholarship), Cedarville University (President's Excellence Scholarship), Calvin College (Trustees Scholarship + Collegiate Scholars Program), The Ohio State University (Provost's Scholarship), Liberty University(Academic Scholarship), Berry College (Dean's Scholarship + Alumni Scholarship). I have had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of everything!! I am sure we will all here of more decisions in March!
  5. I am a physical therapist (I work one day/week), but I obviously work with OTs and COTAs. Occupational therapists work in a wide variety of settings, from schools, to clinics, to nursing homes, to private industries. In each setting they may be working on different goals with patients. In a skilled nursing center they might be working with a patient to make adaptations to allow them to care for themselves more easily at home. In school, they may be working on fine motor skills to improve writing/keyboarding. I would have your daughter ask herself a few questions: What interests her in art therapy? Does she have a motivation to improve the lives of others? Does she enjoy art and wants to share that joy with others? Does she enjoy science (at least anatomy, etc). I could definitely see art being incorporated into occupational therapy, but it would also require so much more than that. And art therapy may not be appropriate for every patient depending on the goals of the patient and the deficits they currently have. Most people I know in therapy really enjoy their jobs. It often requires problem solving, and we generally get to spend significant amounts of time with patients, developing great relationships with people. But, it can also be challenging. Not everyone enjoys therapy and this can make the job difficult. Also, COTAs (occupational therapy assistants), must work under an OT and must consult them prior to changing a treatment plan (although we all USUALLY have good working relationships and this is not usually an issue). One other thought is that since the program is new, it MIGHT not be accredited. Most accredidation does not happen until the first class graduates. It usuallu is not a problem, but it is something to take into consideration. Being in rehabilitation is a great profession and very flexible for people like me who want to homeschool!! I think it COULD be a good fit for someone who has an interest in art therapy. It is helpful to try to do some observation of OTs/COTAs if possible, but I know around here it has become difficult for anyone under 18 to get observation hours due to HIPPA regulations. But hopefully she can find a place that will allow her to observe and get a feel for what COTAs and OTs do. I am happy to try to answer any additional questions as needed!
  6. I was going to suggest asking permission for this with Lukeion as well, since she records all the lectures.
  7. Thank you all so much! I have been reading your replies to dd. @DawnM I will take you up on your offer and try to pm over the next day or two with questions. @ByGrace3we all really love the heads of the TESOL and Spanish department at Union!! Thank you all who have responded so far! I always know I can count on the Hive!!
  8. Thank you to all who have posted so far! Morning Glory, your post was particularly helpful. I am really praying Union works out because as of right now it is her top choice. I completely understand going where the money is. Our oldest was a NMF and has a full ride at a large state school. I believe God can use our kids wherever they go, and I have told my dd this. When we went to Union, dd (and my husband and I) talked to the department heads in the ESL and Spanish program for over an hour. We were all very impressed. I did get the impression from that visit that they would work with students to get the price within an affordable range. Your post gives us hope!!
  9. Hi Hive. I would like your input. Dd has been accepted to the above schools. She has been selected into the Global Missions Scholars program at Samford, and just interviewed this past weekend for the Samford Fellows program. She will be heading to Union the end of February to interview for the Union Scholars of Excellence program. The following Monday she has an interview at Messiah for their honors program., We have a visit to Wheaton planned in April. Have any of your children attended any of these colleges, or made the choice between them? Right now Union is at the top of her list. As with our older ds, I know that much of this depends on the right "fit" for the student (ds is attending a large state school and dd would like a small, private Christian school). Dd intends to major in Spanish and education, and would like to get an ESL certification. Her goals is to work in missions by teaching English to others abroad. I just wanted to hear the experiences of some other students if possible. Also, has anyone had a child compete in the Scholars of Excellence program at Union? We would like to get an idea of the amount of additional scholarship money she could possibly receive. She has done well with scholarships so far, but if she could get a bit more it would mean she could attend without any loans :). Thank you for your help!
  10. My dd took AP Lang last year with Maya Inspektor at PA Homeschoolers and is taking AP Lit this year with Mrs. Inspektor. The classes are set up the same, but as stated above, AP Lit concentrates on literature and analysis. Some schools will give credit for both, and some will not. I think it is worth taking AP Lit because the content of the class is completely different.
  11. I know you have talked with her, but I just want to give another plug for Maya Inspektor at PA Homeschoolers. Sbe is an amazing teacher, and so organized. My ds took her AP Lit class during the 2015/2016 school year and scored a 5 on the exam. My dd took AP Lang last year with her and scored a 4 on the exam (100% of th class scored a 4 or a 5). Dd is taking her AP Lit class this year, and once again loves it! She really is gifted in teaching the students and improving their writing and analysis. I can not recommend her class highly enough!
  12. My ds is a junior CS major at a large university (and he will graduate next fall). There are many different paths one can take when selecting courses to take in high school, and that depends on the goal of the student. My ds took 11 AP classes. At the time we were not sure if he would utilize all of the credit he has earned (55 hours of credit), but as it turns out he used all of his credit EXCEPT his CS credit. Ds took all the AP sciences available to him (AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics (algebra based), and both AP Physics C courses). He utilized all of this credit and did not have to take a science class in college. He also had AP Eng Lit, and by scoring a 5 on the exam he did not have to take an intro English Lit course. Ds also took AP Latin and was able to test out of 9 humanities classes with this credit. All of this credit meant that ds only had 6 core credits to take. Because of this, he will be able to graduate a semester early (and probably could have graduated a year early). IF your ds would like to graduate early, double major, or have a few "lighter" semesters to pursue other interests, he might want to focus on getting some common core classes out of the way. I am not endorsing this path as this was not our intention initially. I just wanted to challenge my ds academically, and I chose the best teachers I could find (utilizing Lukeion and PA Homeschoolers) to achieve this goal. As it worked out, he did end up utilizing these credits. He is also in the honors program at his university, so he has instead taken some really fun honors courses. Ds also took AP Calc AB and BC (scored a 5 on both). At his school, Cal I and Calc II are weed out courses, so he was happy to move on to higher level math. Some recommend NOT doing this, but it really depends how well your child understands calculus. I think it is important that engineering/CS students have calculus (if they are ready for it) before the end of high school. Most students (not all) will have had calculus before college, even if they are re-taking it in college. With that being said, I think students should be WELL prepared for whatever math they are taking, and if that means not having calculus before college, so be it. Ds also took AP CS, but this class was in Java. At the university he attends the intro CS class teaches C++, and ds felt he should take the intro class to learn this language (and he is glad he did). He could have learned it in the upper level class, but it certainly made his first semester easier. The drop rate for the intro class was over 50% (part is that because at his university, studenst may major in anything they wish once accepted, so I think the "weeding out" comes once the kids start the class). While anyone can major in CS without having prior CS experience, as a whole, the kids who have had programming prior to college have done better at his university. Your ds may already be doing programming, and there are plenty of free resources to learn different languages. I would just make sure my student had exposure to programming if possible. Also, I should add that my ds took LOGIC (at home) during middle school and he has felt this has been extremely helpful. With all this being said, colleges have WIDELY VARYING POLICIES with regard to dual enrollment/AP credit. I have a friend whose child is at a very selective university. Her child was a recruited athlete and she was told by the admissions office to have her child take AP classes and NO DUAL enrollment courses as the school did not look favorably at those. I recommend that you select the classes that are best for your children now, keeping in mind that if your child chooses to take credit for the dual enrollment classes, those grades usually transfer as well (unlike AP classes). We are in the process of our middle dd applying to college. She has some AP credit and dual enrollment courses, and each school she is applying to has different policies, so we don't know how much credit she will be able to transfer. I realize this might not be of primary importance to you, but I wanted to address it. I hope this was helpful This is only ONE possibility, and this is how things worked out for ds. There is not one "right" path. I think it is good to get ideas about what others have found beneficial, and then pursue a path that makes sense for your children. (also, writing this quickly, so some of my thoughts might not be completely "fleshed out") Blessings!!
  13. Just an encouraging note. My ds took Lukeion AP Latin during the 2013-2014 school year (as a sophomore....I think I was trying to kill him!). It was tough, but he passed the AP exam with a 4 and ended up earning 9 Latin credits for college. Mrs. Barr was always critical of his papers, but she really does give excellent feedback. He just took the GRE for graduate school this past summer. He did not study, but did really well (especially on the verbal section...96th percentile). He said the vocabulary was extremely difficult but Latin helped him figure out the words. Who would have guessed 4 years later Latin is still helping him!
  14. I just thought I would add that my ds took both AP Physics C classes with Lanctot during the 2014-2015 school year and did well on the exams. Ds swam and did debate and Mr. Lanctot was great about adjusting die dates. Ds always offered to take exams early but Mr. Lanctot always allowed him to take it a day late when he had a conflict with a due date.
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