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  1. I wouldn't want them staying overnight, because I wouldn't want to deal with bedding. If I HAD to have them stay overnight, I'd be sure to wash all their linens on hot each morning (wearing disposable gloves while collecting/loading), and I'd do likewise with towels. SINGLE USE ONLY. If they are coming just for a short playdate, I'd put paper towels in the bathroom and remove any real towels and/or bathroom rug. And, I'd clean like crazy after they left. If you want to see them and be gentle about it, I'd suggest meeting at a public place such as an ice rink or movie theater or chuck-e-cheese or paint-your-own-pottery or whatever. If you can afford it and if the other family is budget conscious, if you can't suggest a free fun location, then I might try to frame it as "I wanted to take the kids out for a treat to the PlaceX . . . so can I please treat your family to come with us because it'd be so much more fun together?" Or, if you don't think that'd work and don't mind a white lie, you could say you got "free" tickets to X or some other similar plausible explanation. In general, I wouldn't worry about getting them from just being together somewhere, but I WOULD worry about them being in my house, especially if they are going to contact any towels or bedding.
  2. If you like blues, I highly recommend you take a look at SW Monorail Silver as a neutral. It's a grey with a blue undertone. Very versatile. I have it in my living/dining/foyer/kitchen and I adore it. We've had it for 5 years, and I'd repaint with the same color if I needed to repaint. FWIW, I have tons of wood (natural oak floors, medium cherry cabinetry and antique furniture as well as leather couches in all shades of brown) everywhere in all shades of brown, and the browns/beiges of wood look lovely with the cooler grey. Image search for SW Monorail Silver:
  3. What does it mean when you say "admitting to his part"? What other part would there be? This seems like a dangerous slip of the keyboard, because it seems to imply that someone else was at fault. God? His victims? Who?
  4. Minimize grease and fat down the drains. To achieve this . . . 1. Keep old jars near the stove top, and pour your grease into old jar. Then throw it away when it's full. Then start a new jar. (If you go through a lot of jars, like we do (ice cream toppings . .. we have an ice cream obsession.), then you can easily throw away jars frequently. 2. Keep a stack of paper plates handy near the stove top, to pour grease into if it's too messy/big to pour into a jar. Put one of those plates under the jar when you're pouring fat in there (to collect spills.) Minimize scraps down the drain. To achieve this . . . 1. peel right over the trash can if it's handy. If not, peel over the plastic bag the veggies came in or a paper towel. Throw away. Avoid toxic crap down the drain. To achieve this . . . 1. No drano. 2. For home improvement/painting/other chemical stuff . . .pour off toxic liquid into a jar or coffee can or other container, ideally lined with a cardboard box or paper towels or newspaper -- something absorbent. Then throw it away.
  5. You might want to try a different topical. Revolution Plus or Advantage Multi are both good products. Try one of those. 🙂 There are plenty of cats who have severe topical reactions to some of the topicals but not to others. So, try a new one, because it might actually be painful for your cat.
  6. Some cats really do get painful skin reactions to topicals. You can ask your vet about an oral medication . . . if you think you can "pill" your cat. 🙂
  7. I wonder if the place you're using doesn't have a pediatric anesthesiologist on that day. I'd ask if that's the issue, and if so (actually either way), I'd find an alternative facility that can/will assure there's an appropriate anesthesiologist committed to the procedure before doing the prep. TBH, I'd be MamaBear having a FIT if my child, even w/o the added complexity of autism, went through colonoscopy prep and then was turned away from the procedure due to no fault of her/my own. NOT OK.
  8. THE cure is simply rubbing some Dawn dishsoap into the stain before washing. It's magic. I fought and fought with grease stains for decades before someone told me that trick.
  9. We have the Hemnes Queen size bed. We've had it maybe 6 - 8 years. It was in daily use for the first 4 years or so, and we didn't have any problems with it, and is now in a guest room. At some point a few years ago, after it was in the guest room, I noticed that the edges of the structure that supports the side edges of the box spring seemed "not wide enough" to reliably catch the edges of the box spring (as needed to securely support it). It made me nervous, so DH spent an hour adding some extra support under there (not a big deal). Now it's really secure and great. I expect it'll be in use many more years. For a couple hundred bucks for "real wood" bed, I'd say it's a great deal and a purchase we'd make again if needed.
  10. Unless you have a moral/religious/whatever objection, then, IMHO, kids get to be what they want to be on Halloween. Parents tell them what to wear to church/wedding/school/all sorts of places . . . but, unless there is a moral/whatever real objection, then IMHO, kids should have as much freedom as possible. CERTAINLY on Halloween! Mom/dad should IMHO pay for the costume to the extent they can afford it. $30 is a modest cost, so, unless the money is a big problem (doesn't sound like it), you should go buy him the costume. I feel strongly about this. Go buy the costume. IMHO.
  11. Puppies are easier than adults, so you're golden! The only thing that's trickier is that their bladders are small, so when they're really young, they physically can't hold it as long. I'd definitely find yourself a puppy training book (using positive, gentle reinforcing, never punishment) and follow it. There are lots of ways to skin a cat. . .
  12. I think this is pretty much an imperative these days at weddings, for several reasons. An important less-obvious reason is that if folks have their phones out and are taking pictures, the professional photos end up looking terrible. You can't get nice candid photos of people or of the event if a bunch of smart phones are up in the air pointing everywhere and/or folks are looking at their screens. Truly. My brother did this for his wedding a few years ago, and the big group and candid photos were amazing. They'd have been ruined if even a few folks had screens up . . . I find that rationale easier to accept as not dictatorial but rather simply just trying to make the event nice (I.e., have nice photo memories for which they are often paying a big bundle) for the main participants.
  13. This has happened in my house TWICE with the Roomba. (dog poop) It was a mess, but since we don't have carpeting, it wasn't THAT bad to clean up. I still love my Roomba, but I'm relieved that my days of 5 elderly dogs are done . . .
  14. The Bissell Crosswave is THE BOMB for our wood floors as well as tile. I am 100% sure I'd love it just as much if I had laminate or vinyl. Get it. NOW. It will change your life. 😉
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