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  1. We don't do travel sports, but do do travel robotics. The coaches/mentors travel expenses (except dining-out food) are wrapped into the team expenses -- as are the kids' hotels/travel costs. The team covers all that. We get grants, sponsors, etc, so families don't have to pay, but certainly, I'd expect that coaches and mentors should NOT have to pay for ANY of their reasonable and modest travel expenses.
  2. My piano player is out of the house until late . . . but I'll try . . . I *think* she uses one GOOD "sustain" pedal that we bought separately, to replace the one that came with it. The replacement pedal was a separate purchase -- maybe $30 -- but it had/has fuller functionality/feel more similar to that on the "real" piano. The purpose of the keyboard and the pedal were for her to practice on when away from her regular piano . . . and so "feeling" as close to a "real" piano was a priority. You *can* get an accessory with all 3 pedals: but, when we really needed it for travel practice, my daughter didn't need those other 2 pedals for the stuff she was working on. Now, she just hasn't had the need for it, either, because she really only plays modern type stuff on the travel keyboard which doesn't use those other pedals (which I really don't understand anyway, lol) and she reserves the serious hard core classical stuff with need for all the fancy pedals, etc, for her grand piano (which is in the same room at home). I'm sorry if my wording of how one uses pedals is nonsensical. I am NOT a musician, so I don't have the language to describe things correctly. I just write checks, clap, and drive, lol. (I have always left instrument choice/details up to teachers and the kid/musicians . . . I just write the checks.)
  3. We bought a Yamaha one in 2014 that has worked very well as a travel piano early on (when we used to go away for a month each fall) and now is my 16 year old's "gig" piano, as she can travel with it. The one we got s no longer available but is comparable to this one: We also bought an extra pedal. It's held up quite well and seems as good as it was when we bought it. Probably gets about 50-80 hr/yr of playing time and is otherwise safely ensconced in our pet-free mess-free dust-free music room. My dd has a Kawai grand piano now (which is amazing), so this is just a secondary one for travel. I know nothing about pianos and rely on her teacher and our tuner's advice on these things. (Her teacher had recommended this model back when we bought it.) So far as I can tell, though, the keyboard works well for what it is. (No comparison to her grand piano, but clearly, that's not a realistic goal.)
  4. FWIW, it takes some days/weeks for repellant to take effect, IME. It's definitely not an overnight process.
  5. Always take the 2nd ABX dose sooner rather than later. It helps get things under control faster to front load ABX. When in a hospital setting/etc, they often do that as a matter of course. It's totally fine. (I'm not a DR, just play one on the internet.) I.e., if it's twice a day and I take the first dose before 6P, I'd definitely take the 2nd dose right before bed -- so 4-6 hours later instead of 12, and then go to breakfast/dinner/whatever the next day. If it's 6P or later, then you could just set an alarm early enough to get it NO LATER THAN the "prescribed" interval (12 hours, 8 hours, whatever.) Definitely don't go longer than the prescribed interval!
  6. I had BAZILLIONS of UTIs before I discovered d-mannose about 4 years ago. Like, I was getting them monthly and the lovely yeast infections afterwards due to the antibiotics. I've only had a couple UTIS since discovering d-mannose, and only when I was not taking my d-mannose. I take a capsule every singlenight. If I'm having tEa, I take one before and after. If I'm at the beach (where I tend to get UTIs), I take it a few extra times daily. It's harmless, very safe, and you really can't over do it. If I DO get a UTI, I take one capsule (or 1/2 to 1 teaspoon) about every 2 hours around the clock. It's MAGIC. TRULY MIRACULOUS. Life-Changing! I take it with water. I drink tons of water when I have UTIs (actually, I always drink tons of water), as it helps flush the bacteria out. I'd RUN to get d-mannose and take it every 2 hours (yes, wake up over night) for a couple days, and then keep taking it once or twice a day for at least a week or two. If you get more UTIs, you can do it preventatively, as I do. It's MAGIC. I use the NOW brand, because that's my go to brand (on Amazon), but you can use whatever brand you like.
  7. We have moles all the heck over the place on our home (2 acres) and commercial property (5 acres). We've been "dealing with them" for over a decade, lol. If you've got a small-ish yard (which you MUST, lol, given the way you're caring for it!), then they're actually really easy to get rid of. There's kid & pet safe castor oil based mole repellant that you just spread out with a spreader and it repels them. My husband does it, and just follows the bag instructions. Doesn't kill them or injure them, but sends them to your neighbors!! We use it on the close-in parts of both the yard at work and our house yard. We just "push them" out into the woods and fields, lol. It's easy. It's safe. Go get it!
  8. The meals you describe are desperately short of good (or any) fats. Fats create a feeling of fullness. I'd add significant fats to your diet for several days and see if that helps. Avocados, full fat dairy, nuts and nut butters, meats -- especially bacon/sausage/other fatty stuff. If you're willing to pay extra, I'd aim for organics/free range for dairy and meats since animal fats accumulate toxins, so if you're upping your animal fats, it's best to avoid those treating with chemicals/medications. If you're willing, I'd cut out as much of the sugars/empty starches (non whole grain starches, sugars, etc) as you can, since you are overweight & carbs drive weight gain. I second Rosie's comment that your body needs extra nutrition and calories to heal from major surgery. I'd buy a scale and/or start doing regular body measurements (maybe waist + thigh) to monitor whether you really are gaining or losing. FTR, I have waffled between 20 lb overweight and "normal" BMI over my adult life. I'm currently near the lowest body weight I've been in my adult life (BMI of 23), and I eat more fat now than I ever did before, and I eat "whatever I want". I just buy full fat stuff instead of lower fat as I did for 20 years or so. I only buy full fat dairy, eat tons of butter, etc. I still eat sugars/starches freely, but I also exercise a LOT. (About 10-12 hours/wk of vigorous exercise.) So, I don't have to "control" my eating, and whenever I'm hungry, I eat what I want. But, if I didn't burn 5000 or more calories a week exercising, I wouldn't likely be able to do that long term w/o gaining.
  9. I am constantly frustrated by humans bitten by dogs with clearly sketchy histories and no way to confirm vaccination . . . have the HARDEST time getting treated prophylactically. I think if I or my kids are ever in that situation, I'll plan to just lie to the ER and tell them I woke up in a room with a bat flying close to me, and then he escaped out the door.
  10. 1) find a new dentist. This guy sounds awful. 2) get your implant done by an oral surgeon! NOT a regular dentist! (The dentist can/will place the false tooth onto the implant . . . but for goodness sake, have an oral surgeon do the implant!)
  11. $10 for an average/good job. $20 if the pedicurist really went above and beyond.
  12. You can also do sprinklers and a slip n slide. You can make an amazing DIY slip n slide for teens/grown ups if you have the right yard and don't mind hurting the grass a bit. (Google it.)
  13. I pay 50/night for someone to stay at our house. Boarding is typically around 25/day for a small dog in a basic kennel. Can be a LOT more in a fancy place. I'd say "fair" is what it's worth to you. 25/day seems like the low end, and I'd not go cheaper than that unless you really like the person and want to do them a favor. For a stranger, unless you have some charitable reason for wanting to help . . . nope.
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