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  1. if you haven't purchased it yet, I saw today that it's 40% off for a summer sale.
  2. I don't know yet, they haven't responded. This slp is very pregnant, and is working for a company that is a bit of a production farm...they are crazy busy all the time and share offices, and pump people in and out of there like crazy. It's an "everything" place with OT, PT, and Speech, and their OTs knew enough to mess my son with ASD up and had no clue how to fix it... I could go on and on about the OTs, but suffice it to say that I will never recommend OT at this place or take any of my kids there for OT ever again. They even have a therapy dog now... which is some small mutt that is very hyper and makes the kids hyper too. I don't know how much experience the SLP even has with kids because she mentioned working with adults in the past. But the thing is, she's more interested in helping me than in selling herself; she gave me resources to work on the R sound already, and gave me several names of other resources when I asked about other specific topics to work on. She's been very open and helpful, and I think working with a homeschool mom is new to her. I don't expect them to be able to service my daughter for long based on the service plan I received, so I'm going to ride this wave and get what I can and move on.
  3. My goal was to gather data that I can't gather at home. I really wanted to see where her weak areas were and where her strong areas were so I knew where to focus my time (and I was hopeful for a professional who was worth my time to partner with me in helping my daughter). I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. This child does not have ASD, that's my son. So anyway, what I did was contact the insurance agency, figure out what we are allowed to do, and then let the center know what we were going to do. I'm still waiting their response, because I emailed them instead of calling so that I have proof of the communication. No more she said, he said junk here. But we'll continue for now because the SLP, in spite of her slowness and lack of energy, is willing to partner with me and answer all my questions. So at the very least I can get resources from her! In other news, I got a call for the neuropsych eval - there was a cancelation and we are on the schedule for the first week of September!
  4. I've got insurance and I've got medical assistance both and it's apparently company policy to not do more than 2 sessions of testing before continuing, but that was 2.5 hrs of time for just the TNL and CTOPP. The lady took forever to test and could have finished all 3 but moved like molasses and spent more time reading the directions for the test than testing, and she kept scoring sections right then instead of moving on. It's not so much that I want the CASL results as I wanted to have them finish what they said they would, and the therapist couldn't answer my questions because she didn't understand why they were telling her no, she agreed with me that we should finish the test. I wanted to see them because it would give me the high numbers to compare against what I've got - I have a feeling that the "average" scores we have are outliers compared to where the high scores would be on some things based on the 2 subtests of the casl that she did finish. She scored really high on the comprehension section of the casl but average on comprehension on the TNL - so that makes the TNL low for what she can do. I'd like to see the rest, that's all. I realize the CASL won't give me processing speed, I need the neuropsych stuff for that. I need something to work on that is my point - the SLP told me that she feels like processing speed is effecting all the issues.
  5. So my daughter's speech therapist and co. are annoying the heck out of me and I am so not one to fight a system, I'd rather just do it right and save the gas money. They are refusing to finish the CASL test because of "insurance" and the fact that they already finished the TNL and CTOPP. But they say it without making eye contact and without answering my questions about why they can't finish informally so I can have the info since they already started her test booklet. It's not like they can reuse the booklet now... even the therapist didn't understand why, she's just doing what she's told. Anyway, I have some specific notes after discussing issues in depth with the therapist (who works incredibly s . l . o . w . l . y, and is so very low energy level). The biggest thing I don't have is something for processing speed...
  6. ok thanks for the heads-up! I've already got my Barton box back out and am refreshing myself on everything!
  7. The psych eval is not until probably January, so I am thinking about doing Barton 3 now, since I have it, but not sure what I want to do after that. I was talking to my sister-in-law about it today, she's a kindergarten teacher whose done 2 masters in reading instruction. Her advice was to try a program called Rime Magic, that teaches kids to recognize the small pieces of a word in order to build bigger words. They are using it at her school with 1st graders who are struggling. edited to add - after looking at it, I don't feel like it offers anything more than what I did with spell-links this past year, and that didn't work for us, so I doubt this program would hold the magic key to reading for us as the website would like me to believe, lol. yes, and I think before I did Barton level 1 with her that she would have scored very differently. Level 1 took us a LONG time, and was REALLY hard for her. So I'm pleased that the work we did there was so helpful.
  8. Ok that's what I was thinking. But how in the world does RAN/RAS impact reading so much though? No, I haven't worked on those at all... I guess I'm just struggling to understand how these scores indicate the severity of difficulty she's having learning to read. No, I've never wondered if she was on the spectrum. Other than some speech issues she's really no where near the diagnostic criteria. I'd say ADHD inattentive type if there is any other diagnosis in there - and I really am looking forward to getting the full neuropsych eval whenever that happens, I feel like that'll give me a better picture of what's going on. We have coverage for speech - not thrilled with the place the SLP works (they share offices and are really busy and don't put testing signs on the doors, so another SLP walked into the room several times during the testing) but it'll do for whatever we can get from it. She's 8 and not resistant to the therapy, so we'll continue there as long as they feel they can service her.
  9. So I got the CTOPP and TNL results back on my daughter, I'm not thrilled with the SLP who tested her because she had never even given the TNL before and was more focused on some of the expressive speech things she was hearing (monotone speech, inability to pronounce the letter 'R' correctly, low volume). She's recommending services but wants to focus on goals that look at speech. So - here are her scores -please help me know how this impacts reading instruction, because the SLP isn't going to be any help there, and while going back to Barton level 3 is my next step, I need someone to break this down for me! Elision - standard score 10, 50% - Avg. Blending words - standard score 8, 25% avg. Phoneme Isolation - standard score 10, 50% avg. memory for digits - standard score 6, 9% below avg. nonword repetition - standard score 8, 25% avg. rapid digit naming - standard score 5, 5% poor rapid letter naming - standard score 0, <1% very poor phonological awareness standard score 96, 39% avg. phonological memory standard score 82, 12% below average rapid symbolic naming standard score 55, <1% very poor Test of narrative language - (Note - I used Braidy with her all year this past year. I listened to her take this test and was surprised at how good her scores were based on the narrations I heard her give. I know what I want to focus on next year with her based on my observations.) narrative comprehension - standard score 13, 84% above average (((this score doesn't surprise me - she's my really aware, street-smart girl))) oral narration standard score 10, 50% average Narrative language ability standard score 108, 70% average. * note - some of the goals that the SLP included are directly related to this test - focusing on sequencing, cause and effect, etc.
  10. Alright - so I found a speech therapist who takes my insurance, and we are scheduled for her to run the CTOPP, TNL and CASL. She said they have about a dozen tests, but these are the ones I said I was interested in - well, I asked for the TNL and the CTOPP, she recommended the CASL as well. Oh and the Barton screening - she failed A (counted syllables), failed B (counted 2 syllables in everything, which was ironic considering she counted syllables correctly in part A), but passed task C (1 repeat, 2 wrong).
  11. No, she's absolutely not. And I wasn't even in the room for the conversation because I don't talk to her about anything except the weather and her day. I can't avoid her, for various reasons, and so I have learned to smile and keep my mouth shut, and they have learned to always have salad on the table when I'm there. She has her own issues, and I have my own issues, and I have safe people to talk to and she is never on my call list.
  12. Yes, I absolutely think that there is a genetic thing at play here - I have one with ASD, one with ADHD, one with tourettes and whatever else we find. You go up to the grandparents and we have OCD, go to the great-grandparents and we have more mental health issues. So when my MIL last night was bemoaning why we ended up with 3 who have special needs, my husband told her it's all genetically related. And that these were the kids we were supposed to have, and that our job is to care for them and support them to adulthood as best we can, and that having the diagnosis are helpful in giving us directions to go for that. I have to decide if I'm willing to open the can of worms that genetics would be. Some stuff I might just rather not know.
  13. ok I'll work on the Barton screening tomorrow and see what that looks like now. The Celf4 was what the original testing was several years ago. I'm going to call slp's tomorrow - that shouldn't be much of a wait list at all. lol I've got 4 total 🙂 so I've got my hands full! But as I have cut coffee entirely out of my diet, I'm starting to feel better and more on top of things, ironically, so that's helpful! Yes - we are wanting to rule out OCD and ADHD inattentive type, along with the dyslexia. That's interesting - one of the tics she does right now is breathe holding, and she'll do it in-between her words while she talks so it chops her talking up. It masks as "word searching" as I put it - like she's having trouble thinking of what to say. so having the testing done will help us figure out what is language issue and what is not. We got some suggestions, the tics we are dealing with right now are not severe or impactful enough to medicate, but we are established patients now with the neurologist so we can go back to her with anything that comes up - and she wants us to come back to her if the other testing shows anything that she can help us with, and we have a list of all that.
  14. Yes, we had no issues until we hit that wall... so that's a good thing, meaning we can get past this wall and keep going? I just wish we could skip them and come back, but maybe with the time that's passed, she can move past them. I'll pull Barton back out this week and see what she can do. I don't know, I haven't thought about trying that again. no, she has not done this at all. The language was hard for her, sure, and we've worked on a lot of language pieces this year, but one of the reasons I had difficulty with her motivation when doing Barton was because the words were not the ones she wanted to read, so it was a waste of her time, from her perspective. I would say she's doing more memorization with spell-links.
  15. We took a break from barton when she was able to read a cvc word with one consonant blend on front or back of the word, but could NOT do a consonant blend on front and back. I am thinking maybe go back to the start of level three and see if she can get any further now that we're a year older. And I need to get more audio books for her. thanks for the encouragement!
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