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  1. Sebastian (a lady)

    Continuation of the commencement saga - advice appreciated

    I hope the commencement was amazing and you were able to rejoice in your son's accomplishments. Huge congratulations from our family.
  2. Sebastian (a lady)

    Miami University in Ohio?

    Several members of our family (in my generation) attended. They all had very good academic experiences. One did a dual major and later earned a master's. The other two went from Miami into PhD programs. I don't think well of most fraternities. I did encourage my kids to apply to Miami because of academics, Navy ROTC, and automatic test score based scholarships. They both were accepted but attended other schools based on academic that more closely matched their goals.
  3. Sebastian (a lady)

    summer camp supervision

    The nature if the camp would determine some of my expectations (high school offerings with younger campers or an early college curriculum with mostly seniors). Also the nature of the campus (location, size, if it is a cohesive campus with stand off from the community or if is integrated with an urban area). Also policies usually reflect areas where they have had problems in the past. Some policies like a buddy system or dining together may also be to support social goals of the camp, either to keep someone from feeling left out or to foster a group identity. What I would expect is that whatever the policy may be it is explicitly explained to the campers, encouraged throughout the week (announcing meeting times to go places or reminding them of buddy system or explicitly putting into groups), and supervised and enforced. So if there is a curfew and quiet hours there is an advisor walking around to shoo folks off to bed or remind them of the expectations. This should be friendly and positive at first but specific and corrective if necessary. If a student wants or needs something and is butting up against camp policy I think they should ask about work arounds. Maybe a small group can get together for a run. Maybe they can be excused from an activity if they are overwhelmed and need down time. But i think it should be discussed with camp leadership and not just done ad hoc. Eta. Also I think camp staff should be mindful that campers are individuals with different experience, competence and expectations. They aren't cogs. Lastly, if the needs are based on something like medical needs or sports training regimes, I think it helps to be clear about that. It is different to say "I have to take medication at 6pm and it will make me sleepy" or 'I'm on the cross country team and need to run each day. When can I do this and what is a good 2 mile route?" Than to just blow off a camp activity.
  4. Sebastian (a lady)

    Transcript - unweighted/weighted GPA

    I left off the scale, although there was a question on the common app that specified scale. I left the scale at 4.0 because it wasn't possible to actually get to 5.0 since not every class could be weighted. I don't know how a school answers this. I also think it is a pretty minor point as long as it is clear what you weighted and why and how.
  5. Sebastian (a lady)

    Edhesive prices?!?!

    I had missed that the name change from Amplify to Edhesive a few years back reflected the MOOC being sold. This would have been aroumd the time they started adding more courses like Intro to Computer Science and Statistics.
  6. Sebastian (a lady)

    S/O: Does a college degree expire

    Also unless the student is working under an articulation agreement between two schools, it is the decision of the gaining school as to whether credits transfer or not. So College of the Canyons could have an agreement with school A that makes it fine, but school B won't accept credits that are old. Or it could be the reverse. FWIW, my mom had credits from four different institutions, including an old "technical college" from the 60s, a community college, a hippy dippy college that may not have even given grades, and her final university. I know not everything met a final degree requirement, but she was able to pull things together enough to graduate around 1990. [I found her pins from hitting certain word per minute milestones in shorthand as a secretarial student. I know what a big deal that was for her at the time.]
  7. Sebastian (a lady)

    S/O: Does a college degree expire

    I think that she should think through what her short term and long term goals are. Does she need "a degree" soon for something like employment opportunities? Will an AA fill that need or does she need a BA? If her end goal is to get a BA, she might find that she is better served to just do that, rather than to take courses for an AA and then move to the BA. Reasons I say that: -The AA may have its own specific requirements that do not contribute to completing the requirements for the BA. -The individual courses at the CC may not transfer to the college for the BA (ex. the community college might offer a one semester chemistry survey, but the 4 year college requires a full year of chemistry. Because the survey course is a less in depth treatment of the material, the student still has to take two semesters at the 4 year school to meet the degree requirement.) Another option to look into is "reverse transfer." This is something that some community college systems are using. The student has a certain number of credits, then moves on to the 4 year college. At a certain point, the additional credits earned are able to be transferred "down" to the community college in order to fulfill AA requirements. The student might go on to complete the 4 year degree, but it can also serve students with broken college attendance.
  8. When we moved one year it was a real challenge to find a European History test site. The ledger didn't reflect actual course offerings locally. I think either some teachers renewed syllabuses even though their school wasn't doing the course or the ledger just wasn't up to date. I ended up on the phone with the state DOE AP coordinator at one point. She ended up connecting me with a private school giving the exam.
  9. The problem with the College Board guidance is that by March 15 most schools are done ordering their exams. It can be tough to get one that will do a late order for a non-registered student.
  10. Sebastian (a lady)

    Wiley Instructor resources

    What I find is that there are often foundational topics they need to master before digging into the specifics if an event. For example, understanding taxonomy or geologic time scale or wave principles.
  11. Sebastian (a lady)

    Wiley Instructor resources

    I haven't seen the book yet, but based on other college texts, you may find there are way more end of chapter questions than you want to assign. I think the books often have enough questions to have multiple student tracks through the chapter. (Ie, minimum, intensive, for particular majors)
  12. Sebastian (a lady)

    Foreign language - how many years?

    One kid did 3 years of Latin. I didn't require AP level because his goal was Computer Science and the AP Latin would have demanded more time than we were willing to do. He also did 2 years of German, one online and one with me. 2nd kid did 4 years of Latin (through AP) and then 2 semesters of a modern language in college.
  13. Sebastian (a lady)

    Wiley Instructor resources

    I noticed on one of the reviews that one author is the same professor who did The Joy of Science lectures for Great Courses. This is a resource my co-coach and I are considering as a jump start for Science Olympiad participants next season. We tend to have a sub-set of students who come in, but then get quickly overwhelmed with the details of their event. We are trying to figure out how to be more welcoming and encouraging of the students who are interested, but not yet avid.
  14. Sebastian (a lady)

    Access codes

    My kids used access code material with a couple classes. I was especially fond of it in the first precalculus class, because it did give instant feedback on if he had done the problem correctly.
  15. Sebastian (a lady)

    Wiley Instructor resources

    That does look like a really cool book. I'd love to see a course like that. I encounter a lot of kids who struggle to see why they should care about science.
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