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  1. Sebastian (a lady)

    What kind of drop off parent are you?

    I think I would struggle to not respond with a comment about how judgemental and unhelpful I found comments like that. College choices are very individual and not subject to committee vote. If they can't be joyful for my kid's choice, I'd appreciate it if they kept their opinions private.
  2. Sebastian (a lady)

    College tuition and foreclosure

    I think it's also important to realize that financial aid calculations expect a family will have been saving money for college for several years. I know this isn't possible in every situation, but I also think it's possible in more situations than actually occur. In other words I think this relates to the general culture on not saving money that happens in the US.
  3. Sebastian (a lady)

    Talking about essays--New admission pathway

    Sitting for school specific entrance exams used to be pretty standard. I have several sets of exam questions for the Naval Academy. I also used to have a prep book that compiled exam questions from Ivy League, service academies, NOT, and several other elite schools. I think it had been published before WW1.
  4. Sebastian (a lady)

    Not About the Kids -- A thread for those of us returning?

    UC Irvine UCLA UC Berkeley.
  5. Sebastian (a lady)

    AP Euro Textbook Recommendations?

    I use Western Heritage by Kagan.
  6. Sebastian (a lady)

    Not About the Kids -- A thread for those of us returning?

    There are several certificate programs. They often have a little difference in focus. I'm doing UC Irvine. It is all online. UCLA has a program. I think UCSD, Columbia and Rice also have programs.
  7. Sebastian (a lady)

    Resources for reasearching colleges

    I like Admission Matters for general application advice. It's like a book version of the experienced parent advice you see here. College Match can help you think through what is important in a school and what features each school under consideration has. Fiske Guide might have what you are thinking of, but it covers less than 400 schools, so I wouldn't limit the schools under consideration to just those, especially if you are looming for in state schools.
  8. Sebastian (a lady)

    College apps for homeschoolers?

    Looking at the current options, I think I would pick education professional. That might have more detailed help screens designed to assist counselors in advising. If you want to be able to send yourself a counselor request or recommendation request you will want to use an email that is different from what you will use as a counselor.
  9. Sebastian (a lady)

    College apps for homeschoolers?

    I made mine a few years back when my first kid applied. So I'm not sure if the phrasing has changed. What I remember was that a couple steps in there was an option for first time applicant, transfer student, or counselor curious about Common App.
  10. Sebastian (a lady)

    College apps for homeschoolers?

    It was one of the options within Common App. I used an email account that wasn't going to be used for either the real app or my counselor stuff.
  11. Sebastian (a lady)

    College apps for homeschoolers?

    Good going. You can review and change things until very far down the line. There was Sven a button that let you see how the full report looked with questions answered and documents uploaded.
  12. Sebastian (a lady)

    College apps for homeschoolers?

    It's not much harder for them than what you describe. Once they are assigned as a recommender for a specific college they receive a link directly from Common App. They follow the directions in the link, which aren't that tough. My caution about the two step process is because a couple years ago the verbiage on Common App made it seem like a recommender had been aren't an invite even though there was one more step needed. The good news is that once a recommendation is in the CA system, it can be applied to additional colleges.
  13. Sebastian (a lady)

    College apps for homeschoolers?

    Yes recommender will have to create an account with Common App - if the college used that for applications. Some other schools just send a link or use their own system. When ds2 applied a 2 years ago, the student had to "invite the recommender within Common App by putting in their contact info. But a link prompting them to create an account and write a recommendation didn't go out unless that recommender was assigned in the App to a specific college. Also some colleges only want recs from particular groups like teachers. So if someone is listed as a coach or religious advisor, you might not be able to assign them to all colleges. I got a lot of mileage from making a practice account. I could go through the motions with it and and see what happened. The guide to the Common App from College Wise was really helpful for these non-homeschool questions. My son's did send official transcripts to every school they applied to. I also used one of the CA transcript slots for scans of the college transcripts. I know some people have just done scans with a note that official transcripts were available upon request. Most of the schools my kids applied to had official transcripts listed on the admissions website, so we just went ahead and sent them. It did add up. Ds2 attended 3 different colleges with non-overlapping transcripts. And he sent a second batch out in January after fall semester grades were finalized. His colleges didn't use electronic transcripts so I don't have insight on those. 13 pages for course descriptions is a little long. I was able to get mine down to about 8. I did use a pretty small font. One thing to think about is that you may have to turn this into a pdf to submit it. Some fonts take more memory to convert than others. I ended up using Candara at an 8 or 10 pt. Times New Roman took more memory and made files that were too big to upload to Common App.
  14. I haven't yet but I'm intrigued by the idea. My youngest has dine some amazing origami, several balsa towers, a few wind turbine models and is branching out. One of his recent projects was combination locks made from paper.
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