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  1. I agree with this. There are a bunch of factors that are molding trends in college admissions. Lack of test score availability Murky indicators from grades in classes taught remotely or that swung frequently between in-person, remote, and hybrid Letters of recommendation from teachers who had little face to face contact or classroom observation opportunities Curtailed or cancelled activities, summer programs, internships, etc Fewer opportunities for students and colleges to interact through campus tours, college fairs, and school visits. Virtual opportunities to interact
  2. Do you mind sharing which university is asking for 2 validations per subject area? I'm part of a group that is working on a list of extra requirements for homeschoolers that would be affected by the loss of the Subject Tests.
  3. My son has been admitted by three colleges: George Mason University Worcester Polytechnic Institute University of Alabama in Huntsville He applied to each for engineering and with test scores that were strong from sophomore year. He didn't do dual enrollment until senior year, so these admissions were without the benefit of the grades from DE courses. Now the long wait for the rest of the schools to report back. His #1 choice won't release a decision until April, so it's going to test my patience.
  4. Yes the UAH is a bit of a pain. I was grieved to have to condense my course descriptions into something like 40 characters. I did have a couple conversations with my kid's admissions counselor, which clarified how to report a numerical grade when I only had letter grades recorded (I used an actual number if I had it. If I didn't have a percentage, I used a mid-range number like 95, 85, unless I felt that his work was well above average (97, 87) or below average (91, 81). Honestly I got the impression that they just wanted something in the block. The admissions rep also told me that it was
  5. ED does often come with an explanation of costs, because that is really the only reason for breaking the ED agreement. I know that more aid or scholarships could come in the spring. I simply dislike it when a college leads with the discount, without the context of the cost basis. There are a lot of families who aren't familiar with college costs and don't know important items like the difference between in state and out of state tuition.
  6. The package was pretty light on info. It did not include what I would consider an award letter, showing direct costs against aid and a remaining cost to be paid. There was a mention of the score based merit scholarship in the middle of a paragraph in the admissions letter. He submitted the centralized scholarship application a week ago. Hopefully a more formal financial offet letter will follow. It may be that this is the only aid he gets. As an Educational Consultant, I am looking for an award letter that is more transparent about cost of attendance.
  7. Thank you both. We finally found the award letter and [cough] he also pulled out the snail mail packet that both of us had seen and forgotten about.
  8. How long did it take to get an award letter? My son was accepted about a month ago by email, with the promise of paperwork to follow and hasn't gotten anything other than a suggestion to apply to the Honors college. Is he missing seeing something in the online account?
  9. I sent them the transcript and course descriptions I provided other schools. I also did the fillable transcript form they have for homeschool students. I used 95 for any class where I didn't have a percentage. If it was a course where he did really well, I adjusted up to 97-99. There is a way to indicate weighted credit for AP or DE. I added a point in the column for GP. This isn't in the instructions, but was mentioned in one of my conversations with my son's Admissions Rep. I thought the UAH rep was very responsive, but unfamiliar with states that don't use cover or umbrella
  10. Has he explored other trade options beyond welder, electrician, plumber? HVAC Sheet metal fabrication Ship fitter (check out The Apprentice School at Newport News shipyard) Landscape design Environmental mitigation Locksmith The Washington Post had an article recently about the high demand for appliance repair techs.
  11. Are there any less common sites she uses? One of my kids had a couple online resources for Latin. Java code test site 3D design or printing software (Tinkercad, Cura, Blender, Skyciv) Khan Academy Specific YouTube channels I could even make a case for something like iTunes or Spotify.
  12. I think it would be worth her time to contact the college and ask if they also received the December scores on the score report sent in August. My experience is that they ought to have been sent all together with the report after the August test.
  13. When you say portal, do you mean for the EA college or for College Board? My understanding is that unless you use Score Choice to suppress scores, they are all on the same report. In other words, the score report for Aug 2020 would have also included the Dec 2019 scores. I would have her contact the school and ask.
  14. College Board seems pretty silent on this, but it usually takes 2-3 weeks. Did she also self-report the scores in the application?
  15. From the PSAT Coordinator Manual: "If you have students from other schools, provide the school information and AI codes given in the list provided by your test coordinator. If any students are homeschooled, tell them to leave fields 3 and 4 blank." (page 51) https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/pdf/psat-nmsqt-coordinator-manual.pdf
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