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  1. As my youngest is finishing high school, I've been transitioning to work as an Independent Educational Consultant. I would recommend contacting one of my peers, Rebecca Stuart Orlowski. She is a Professional Member of IECA, an experienced consultant, and a longtime homeschooler. She also has personal experience as the mom of students with special needs.
  2. I finished my graduate certificate in Independent Educational Consulting a year ago and opened my college admissions consulting business just as students were being sent home from their high schools. It has been an exciting time to be working in this arena. I've been doing continuing education in conferences for a couple of my professional organizations and even got to present on homeschooling at one big conference last fall.
  3. Here is how I might ask about homeschool students being included. The model described in the Forbes article requires the high school adopt Concourse and the school counselors verify student information. In the absence of test scores, many colleges are falling back on established relationships with well-resourced high schools. This disadvantages students who come from schools with fewer resources, like fewer AP courses or higher counselor case loads. How does Concourse intend to provide equitable access to students whose high schools do not choose to use the platform? How will
  4. The College Board eliminated the SAT Subject Tests. They are no longer available (outside the US, they kept two remaining dates, then they are eliminated). The University of California will not use the SAT or ACT for admissions decisions.
  5. There are relatively few colleges that are need blind. Fewer that meet all demonstrated need. Most colleges depend on tuition as revenue in order to meet annual operating expenses. A part of shaping the class during admissions is considering how much need based aid some students would need in order to afford to enroll and how much non-need based aid other students would need to receive in order to choose to enroll. Most colleges are not for profit entities, but they still have balance sheets they cannot ignore. Jeff Selingo has a section about this in Who Gets In and Why. Thi
  6. It's also worth mentioning that he was turned down by similarly selective colleges (University of Chicago & Wash U St Louis).
  7. Level 5 is about where my kid at Stanford had achievements too. I think what helped him was having several things that all tied in together (multiple hard languages, starting a MUN club, along with very high test scores, AP, and Dual Enrollment).
  8. I agree with all of the above. I was thinking of low - zero EFC students who have totally different prospects meets needs colleges than even at generous colleges that still expect $10-15k per year for room and board. Running an EFC calculator and using the Net Price Calculators for individual colleges is essential.
  9. Two other thoughts about why a student might choose to apply mainly to Ivy League and similar colleges -- money. These schools tend to have large endowments from generations of involved alumni (and families of alumni). Where a small liberal arts college may depend on annual tuition to provide the majority of operating revenue, a college with a major endowment can afford to spend much, much more on each student. It's estimated, for example, that Stanford tuition covers about 20% of the cost associated with each undergrad. The rest is paid for out of earnings from the school's endowment.
  10. I don't think there is a question on the FAFSA that asks about medical expenses. You can contact financial aid offices and provide amplifying information about family expenses that can be taken into account when determining financial need. These tip sheets are written for financial aid officers at colleges that use the CSS/Profile financial aid application. However, they give a good idea of the type of information that even FAFSA only colleges would consider useful for making professional judgement about aid. https://professionals.collegeboard.org/higher-ed/financial-aid/im/tips
  11. I do think it's important for students and families to realize that a 4.0 and high scores does not automatically mean admission to the student's dream school. It does matter what students do with their time out of class. Availability of activities is influenced by family, school, and community resources. Some colleges will do more to try to perceive context than others. And to go back to the OP. The Ivy League is an athletic conference. It does not define the outer limits of quality education.
  12. Common Application is piloting something similar in three states this year.
  13. Off the top of my head, Colorado School of Mines (not sure about aid) University of Alabama in Huntsville University of Cincinnati (not a lot of aid, but students in engineering do several paid coops as part if the curriculum) Rose-Hulman (not sure on aid)
  14. I coached Science Olympiad for a small homeschool team. Our high school level team was very young, with a number of 6-8th grade members just to fill the team. Our efforts were supported by annual dues and energetic parents. When we went to coaches training at the private school campus of the usual state winner, that school's kids were working on builds in the STEM work area that also housed tens of thousands of dollars of robotics equipment and an ultralight aircraft a student club was building.
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