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  1. Sebastian (a lady)

    College Board Opportunity Scholarships

    College Board has unveiled a new scholarship program that gives scholarships based on completing college prep readiness steps: Making a college list, practicing for the SAT, improving their SAT score, refining the college list, submitting a FAFSA, and applying to college. There are awards based on completing each step and an award based on completing all six steps. Scholarship winners are selected through monthly drawings of students who are eligible. One report said that a portion of the scholarships would be reserved for students from lower income families. I like that the steps here are generally prudent tasks for a college bound student to take. I also like that this is something that any student who makes effort could be eligible for, not only students in the top 1%. I like that it includes a refining the college list step to look at academic safety, likely and reach schools. A small part of me points out that the individual awards are small (except for the big $40,000 scholarships) and only awarded to a relatively small number of students. It makes College Board look generous and cutting edge. But their only products are tests, CSS profiles, and data collected on students. (Eta: The money for the scholarships comes from student fees and selling student data.) But about half of these actions are things I want my kid to do anyway. And College Board is going to collect the fees and data in any event.
  2. Sebastian (a lady)

    College Visit Reports Thread

    What folks did a few years ago was to post a new thread with a trip visit. The title was something like Trip Visit: Utopia College. It made it easy to search for and let others add comments related to that school.
  3. Sebastian (a lady)

    College Visit Reports Thread

    On the food thing it could just relate to how dining dollars work at that college. One of my kids mentioned not eating off campus, because he can't use his dining plan out in town. He knows we will add cash to the dining plan if he runs out (the plan is a combo of dining and flex dollars and cadets run out every semester because they always eat breakfast and live too far from the all you can eat dining hall to use it) but places in town would be out of his reserves. On the other hand he could tell a prospective student what is open at 2am within a short walk of his dorm. He does coding projects until the wee hours and has a regular order at the Waffle House.
  4. I think we listed expenses paid to outside providers including community college and online providers. I didn't include courses I taught at home, books, or supplies. I think we did include medical costs of having all three kids in braces. Lol. 👨‍👦
  5. Sebastian (a lady)

    Common App: transcript questions

    Are there any complete grades on the transcript or is this the first semester of DE classes? I dont know what you would get out of sending a transcript with no grades. We did have situations where we were responding transcripts each semester as new grades populated.
  6. Sebastian (a lady)

    Common App: transcript questions

    My transcript annotated which courses were done with outside providers. The course descriptions give more detail and the school profile has a section called educational partners. I did not include grade reports from any provider that was not accredited. I did send official transcripts from the colleges my two dss attended as de students. I did scan the cc transcripts and upload them in one of the transcript slots. I did this because there were so many different schools involved (both on the DE side and on the target college side) that I was concerned we would miss one. None of the 15 or so colleges requested additional documentation from the other outside providers.
  7. Sebastian (a lady)

    College App Blues...when will it be over???

    I thought this had some good advice on the essays. Top two pullouts: Aim for Good (not perfect or publishable), and Be Authentic.
  8. Sebastian (a lady)

    College App Blues...when will it be over???

    Little essays: one admissions rep called these popcorn essays. They aren't intended to be prize winning pieces of rhetoric, but rather a vehicle to get something of the kid in his or her own voice with less overthinking.
  9. Sebastian (a lady)

    Ok I am going to ask after all...

    Do the videos have controls that would let her speed them up? Sometimes 1.5 is still very understandable, but gets things going a bit faster.
  10. Sebastian (a lady)

    To lower your stress level during this college app season

    This is a really great report and I recommend reading the whole thing. It's only about a dozen pages so about the length of a chapter in a college advice book. One of the lines that jumped out was the observation that if you looked only at the top 5% of colleges you would still have a list of 200 schools.
  11. I like the idea of marking a subject you want to emphasize. You could also mark one of the core subjects you taught. Or something that isn't the subject your other recommender will be commenting on.
  12. Have you looked at summer arts festivals to see if they have student programs or internships? For example our area has an annual Summer Shakespeare Festival with 3 different shows.
  13. Free November SAT Registration and CSS Profile Fee Waiver for Hurricane Florence-Impacted Students The College Board is offering a free November SAT registration and CSS Profile™ fee waiver to students in a FEMA-designated area. Scroll down for the list of FEMA counties. We know this is a difficult time and hope this measure helps students struggling as a result of the storms. Students should register for the November SAT (by October 24 online, by October 16 mailed) and then call Customer Service at 866-756-7346 by October 24 to receive a refund. For the CSS Profile fee waiver, go to and complete the application. The system automatically applies eligibility rules. Call CSS Profile Customer Service at 844-202-0524. Counties designated by FEMA: North Carolina: Beaufort, Bladen, Brunswick, Carteret, Columbus, Craven, Cumberland, Duplin, Greene, Harnett, Hoke, Hyde, Johnston, Jones, Lee, Lenoir, Moore, New Hanover, Onslow, Pamlico, Pender, Pitt, Richmond, Robeson, Sampson, Scotland, Wayne, Wilson South Carolina: Chesterfield, Dillon, Georgetown, Horry, Marion, Marlboro We hope this eases some worry so students' college-going plans proceed as smoothly as possible. Know our thoughts are with everyone affected by the hurricane.
  14. Sebastian (a lady)

    What are your favorite websites for researching colleges?

    I just found this piece of research and thought it was really interesting. It parses the undergraduate origin of US trained science and engineering doctorates over about a ten year period. The list is a couple years old, but I think can still give some interesting info. If you keep reading down the page, it has additional tables that sort schools based on PhDs relative to the size of the undergraduate school to give a bit of an efficiency rating. In other words, if a small school has outsized results in sending people on to earn a PhD.
  15. Sebastian (a lady)

    What are your favorite websites for researching colleges?

    Reach out to Demmetler. Her dd has been very active in the herpetologist field and she can probably give you some good suggestions.
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