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  1. I think it would be worth her time to contact the college and ask if they also received the December scores on the score report sent in August. My experience is that they ought to have been sent all together with the report after the August test.
  2. When you say portal, do you mean for the EA college or for College Board? My understanding is that unless you use Score Choice to suppress scores, they are all on the same report. In other words, the score report for Aug 2020 would have also included the Dec 2019 scores. I would have her contact the school and ask.
  3. College Board seems pretty silent on this, but it usually takes 2-3 weeks. Did she also self-report the scores in the application?
  4. From the PSAT Coordinator Manual: "If you have students from other schools, provide the school information and AI codes given in the list provided by your test coordinator. If any students are homeschooled, tell them to leave fields 3 and 4 blank." (page 51) https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/pdf/psat-nmsqt-coordinator-manual.pdf
  5. When my son took it in 2019, they had changed to a box to fill in if the student was homeschooled.
  6. If you are able to clearly answer the questions in the Bard requirements of goal (master following list of algebra topics), textbooks, experiences (instruction, problem solving), and method of assessment; where does the need for Learning Objectives stem from? Do you need to have both Learning Objectives and a scope and sequence? And a course overview? To me, Learning Objectives, Scope, Course Overview, and Goal are overlapping terms to label what the purpose of the course is. Does Teaching Textbooks have a foreword to the book that has language you can use?
  7. This is something I would encourage discussion about sooner rather than later. I'm seeing that my college kids have to work at keeping lines of communication open with advisers, teachers, and mentors. Does your dd have an advisor within the scholarship program? Can she do office hours with the current course instructor? It can be intimidating to speak up, but if no one does, then assumptions are made that everything is fine.
  8. A friend of ours earned STAMPS last year. Based on what I know of her achievements, I think your dd is definitely competitive. Best of luck to her.
  9. I would call and talk to the Admissions Office about what they are looking for. I do course descriptions that I submit along with a transcript. I can fit 2-4 courses on a page. When I wrote syllabuses for courses that I taught in coop or submitted for Advanced Placement approval, they were 4-12 pages each. Admissions offices usually don't want that level of detail to read through.
  10. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that strong scores can help, but that low scores might not hurt. Even though College Board manages both SAT and AP testing, they are not reported on the same score reports. The SAT score reports sent to colleges have SAT and SAT Subject Test scores. Advanced Placement scores are a different score report and are usually only sent to the college the student will be attending. The Common App does have a section for Testing, where students can self-report AP scores. The student can choose if they report and which scores they report. I frequently se
  11. The Common Application added an optional section this year that allows students to address disruptions to their education, such as closures for coronavirus or natural disaster. I think this was something that they'd been working on because of evacuations from hurricanes and wildfires in previous years. The mass effect of coronavirus may have spurred them to action. I think a student could legitimately indicate that access to test sites was restricted, due to school policy changes. On the other hand, AP test scores have limited effect on college admissions. The grade in the course has a mo
  12. My youngest did US History last year. I had him listen to the US History Great Courses set. I also assigned The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass, Hidden Figures, and The Right Stuff.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I also am requiring my son to apply to the local university as a just in case. He's not thrilled about attending, but I want him to have the option if next year also looks grim. At least for him, there is an adequate engineering department. They might not be the world's most equipped, but they seem very supportive of students, rather than seeking to weed them out. For the students I work with, I've been suggesting they have backup plans to include a plan for if the pandemic continues well into 2021 (which looks likely).
  14. MLA is probably taught, because the papers are being done in classes where MLA is common. My older two learned MLA. My youngest did MLA and APA (the same semester, which was a treat). I don't think it matters so much which one. Most students don't memorize format, so as long as they are prepared to use something and know where to look, they can adjust.
  15. On the vocabulary, I would encourage your kid to ask about this. Students should know what words they are expected to be learning. If there is a book, they may be expected to learn any new words in each chapter. If there is no book, they should ask what words they are accountable for and in what forms (plurals, verb conjugation, masculine & feminine forms). I would encourage your kids to create paper flashcards. The process of making them helps with learning. 3x5 cards cut in half are a great size. If the vocabulary is all in Quizzlet, look for a button that allows you to
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