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  1. Evenings have been less great at our house because we are too tired for a heavy thinking subject at that point.
  2. I realize you have multiple demands on your time, but I think more hands on with your dd during math would help her. What math looks like at our house is both of us sitting together at the table with the math books. I set a timer for 1 hour. We work out any sample problems in a lesson and take notes of new definitions and formulas or relationships we want to be able to refer to. Then we work through end of lesson problems. Each of us solves the problem. We check our answer with each other and in the solution manual. We compare how we solved it if there were multiple approaches. This lets us immediately see if there is a gap in understanding. At the end of the hour we evaluate how close to the end of the lesson problems we are. If we are within a few minutes then we just finish. But often we stop at 1 hour and pick up at that place the next day. I think the spiral method of Saxon may not be a match for this student. You may need to consider a curriculum that sticks with a topic longer before adding new ideas. I think self-teaching and trying to apply video lessons to what she is seeing and doing may also not be a good fit. My son and I have been doing this approach with math for a few years now. When I just left his brothers to work through math on their own it meant I was so unfamiliar with the lesson content that I couldn't help them see their errors. Even with only an hour a day, he has made steady progress. He isn't as prone to skipping math because he knows it is only an hour and he wont be left to figure it out on his own. I think most students don't really do well self-teaching math. I know this would be a change in approach, but it doesn't sound like what you are doing is working for this student. I found that in high school some of the time economies of homeschooling dwindled. The only way we could do consistent half days in high school would be if most reading were done separately from the school day (ie reading Literature novels in the evening or on weekends or doing History readings outside our "school day" time). It would be very easy for one of my kids to spend hours with a math lesson if left on their own. Keeping the momentum going and catching misunderstandings right away was where I was able to find time economy.
  3. Sebastian (a lady)

    PSAT as homeschool assessment?

    I'm having trouble getting the FAQ page to load, so I can't get the list of accepted tests to open. If you are looking for a test to use to meet the requirements for homeschooling, it might be easier to use a test like the CAT or ITBS or Stanford Achievement Test than to find a school offering one of the lower level PSAT tests (it isn't as widely given in the PSAT 10 and lower versions) and that will let a homeschool student test.
  4. Sebastian (a lady)

    Help with email to admissions counselor about DE credits

    Try searching for the name of the target school and "transfer database " However any database can only tell you about past transfers. The more unusual the course or the more distant the two colleges, the more likely that they will still have to do a new evaluation.
  5. I think that many families hear that a school meets "full need" or that the financial aid office will determine what need based aid they are eligible for and assume that need refers to something related to the family's budget rather than a more complex assessment of income and what they are expected to have saved over the years or be able to afford to pay. There is often a large delta between the calculated Estimated Family Contribution and what feels feasible to a family.
  6. Sebastian (a lady)

    Good News re: job offer

    Has it really been so long? I remember when you were posting about the NCAA and recruitment process. It seems like yesterday.
  7. Sebastian (a lady)

    Anyone Want to Chat About College Apps/Decisions?

    I think it is also keeping in mind that while applications might be if similar quality, they may not actually be identical. Essays, activities, and recommendations may make one student stand out from another.
  8. You can't register for an AP exam on the College Board site, but students take their AP number and link it to the College Board account to access their scores. Not sure if or how this will change with the 2019-2020 school year. Starting that year AP registration will be done in the fall instead of in the spring.
  9. Sebastian (a lady)

    Parent Removal of Student from College?

    I like the cooping idea above. This is something the university might have a system for. Computer Science is a tough major. I think some people think they will like the degree because they like being on a computer. There is a lot of heavy math and tough thinking behind the degree. You might see if any courses can be taken at the CC over the summer that will transfer into the major (beyond those he's already transferred). Discrete Mathematics is a popular course to transfer in at my son's school. I would also clarify if the fail is an F or something below a C. At some schools certain courses must be a C or higher if they are a prerequisite for a further course in the degree.
  10. Sebastian (a lady)

    Anyone Want to Chat About College Apps/Decisions?

    I agree that the emails can be helpful in bringing a school to the student's attention. My comment about reading more into them was about concluding that the emails indicate a student is an especially strong potential applicant who is being specificly courted by the college.
  11. If there is a homeschool Science Olympiad team in your area, they might be interested.
  12. Sebastian (a lady)

    College Essay Resources

    I think that a large collection of essays is helpful to start seeing what good essays in this genre look like. The Fiske book Essays that Worked is a good mix. Also Ethan Sawyer, aka The College Essay Guy is very good and has a lot of resources that are free to students.
  13. Sebastian (a lady)

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    I do agree that this is a big drop for 1-2 questions wrong in a section. We lived in CA when one kid took the PSAT. I had been excited for his prospects until I did the math on the selection index. It required near perfection to get that score.
  14. Sebastian (a lady)

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    Trust me when I say that I share the irritation with CB, but I don't think you can assume that a student who only missed a handful of questions on one form would have missed the same number on the other form (with the other scale). The scales are different because the tests didn't have the exact same level of difficulty. I can also relate to the very high cutoff scores in some states. One of my kids moved 2 months after sitting for the exam. He would have met the cutoff in our new state.
  15. Sebastian (a lady)

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    My son applied to over a dozen schools. Of that set (mixed public and private, all selective but not all highly selective) the biggest award for NMS was $2000. He ended up being a National Merit Scholar with an award directly from the Foundation. He had more significant awards from college based merit aid and other scholarships. I do know kids on full tuition scholarships through NM status, but they were outside the Venn diagram of what my kid needed at school.
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