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  1. How wonderful Quill!Love the pictures!
  2. Congratulations!She is beautiful.
  3. HollyDay are you in the Dallas area?I can teach you if you are!
  4. Jann I am so glad she was not driving!
  5. Oh My Jann how scary! So sorry to here this! Is she still in the hospital? They will do a CT scan and she will be there in the ER for a few hours.If she is fine they will send her home with an Anti seizure medication like Keppra.Then tell her to see a Neurologist asap -once you see the Neuro they will do a Eeg and want a Mri as well.They will probably put her on a new anti seizure medication -depending on what the Mri shows.This is a jist-she is also a new mom so I don't know how different it will be for her.Hope the baby is okay! HERE is the main thing she will not be able to drive for 3 months in TX!At least there is uber/lyft.Please feel free to pm.
  6. Oh Quill sorry to hear this,hope Sil recovers quickly!(((hugs)))
  7. I don't know the answer to your 1st question but ds has been on blood thinners(10+ years) and he does use sambucus once in a while for a few days.The key for him is to take it 3-4 hours before/after.It has changed his blood test result so we do know his blood gets thicker with it.Interestingly it was his immunologist who put him on it.I tell his cardiologist if his blood test is abnormal and he adjusts the blood thinner accordingly.If you have questions you can pm me.
  8. I am with Annie on this,I'd never have peace of mind. If you end up spending $200 for repairs and need a new stove then is that an additional expense? How long would all this take?There are only so many days you can go without an oven.
  9. I have the same as Amy the Ninja BL 480 with 3 cups.2 months into buying/using it the motor stopped working,then the blade had issues.Both times I called the manufacturer and they sent me replacement blender base and then the blade for free. Not had a problem since.Customer service was very easy to talk to did not give me any issues.I have had it for 2 years now.I like the product and yes its loud but it blends for a minute so not a big issue. Hth
  10. Hope your friend gets some answers.Poor thing she has been suffering so much!
  11. So glad he went in Katie!Sending prayers your way.
  12. My kids have that first book- 642 Things to Draw They found it too easy and its a daily prompt type of book for art.If you think she would like that then that is good but mine did not get into it.The easiest thing I can suggest is maybe get a class on Bluprint?She can do it at any time she wants and can use it for a long time. My DD took a class and the instructor used The watercolorist's Essential Notebook but she felt it was outdated.I can ask DD if she has any other books she tried and update this Kareni
  13. Soror my dd is older with Gi issues -18 (started at onset of teens) I can ask her if she wants to text your dd.Do pm me if you like me to.
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