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  1. broth for lunch, water ,lots of tea and banana popsicles were DD's favorite.
  2. DD just had this done and this was her list. 3 days prior no high fiber food no raw fruit,veggies,whole grain,multi grain foods ,no nuts,popcorn,seeds,beans,lentils,bran,bulking agents. Entire day prior to the exam only clear liquid diet-no red/purple/blue liquids.Strained no pulp juice like apple/white grape. Water,gatorade popsicles,jello-o green/yellow or orange colors only. Clear broth/bouillon,coffee/tea without any sugar or creamer
  3. My grown kids bought me a switch last year along with Animal crossing last year. I am addicted to that game, have never been a video game player ever! My kids play other games but me I am happy being on my island everyday!It truly kept me sane all of last year.
  4. Op I know someone with similar reaction (esp weakness/feeling like she hasn't eaten a meal at all). I think the person has an intolerance to eggs and avoids them. She notices this when she eats chicken without a carb along with it. She really has no food allergies that have been seen in any food/blood test. She did see my sons allergist at one point. I know she used to react to the flu shot and I think she gets the one without the egg now I think.
  5. I am with Faith-manor, we hope you tell us who this designer is or at least give us enough hints so we can google the info. 🙃
  6. How beautiful! Congratulations to you all Kelly!
  7. Does she have hobbies?How about retro candy old time candy.com has decade boxes (choose a decade-1950’s and over) My dd loves puzzles,nail polishes essie Or opi.There is also make up palettes esp if she is into that Sephora or ultra have Urban decay ones that might work.How about a nice purse/ clothes from Loungefly or hot topic?
  8. mominco


    Eid Mubarak to all those that celebrate here!
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