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  1. I don't buy Tofuky but if i remember right I might have seen them 2-3 weeks before thanksgiving. Last year I saw them around Halloween. Can you start looking on Amazon since you put the online order through their website?
  2. We know a few in management. Kelly their medical benefits might be worth it to you all. I would absolutely pursue it.If you have specific questions do pm me and I will do my best to ask our friends for answers.
  3. Oh Man I am sorry op. Can someone please pm me?
  4. Word of mouth. Do you know anyone in the area you are moving to? Are you staying in the same city? The best realtors I have found are through friends and family. There is always someone within a neighborhood that seems popular look at the yard signs and you might see 1 selling more than others in an area.I prefer relators living in the same area/town since they are familiar with the hoa ,taxes and other info.GL
  5. What Jessica said.I have been using IC for a few years now for work and that is how it is in some areas.i have at times randomly gotten extra stuff turns out they shop 2 or 3 orders at the same time and sometimes we end up with the random french bread or asparagus 😎 its pretty funny.The 1st time this happened we contacted IC and that was the explanation,they told us to keep the random stuff.
  6. Congratulations Scarlett!
  7. Catwoman its so good to see you post again.My ds is high risk as you may remember(had his open heart surgery exactly 6 years ago) and has low immunity. We are trying to stay away as well.Just glad that you are all home safe.Take care!
  8. I have been thinking of her for a while now.Hope her family is well.Thank you for starting this thread.
  9. I am happy and relieved for you.The unknown is always the most worrisome.
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