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  1. My kids have tried it but they feel its outdated.They feel there are better ones out there like Udemy, Coursera,Udacity.
  2. Not a problem,I did not think of glycerin soaps.Worth a try,Thank you!
  3. Janeway my son has allergies and many of them showed up on a blood test more than the skin test.With the skin test they found out he has a peanut allergy but he has never showed any symptoms.So there's that!
  4. What a wonderful update!So glad he is alright!
  5. I have 2 in my car at all times the rest I have them hung up in my laundry room.I used the 3M command hooks-I have 4 of the hooks and I put the most colorful bags on display and inside them are 2-3 bags-so about 10-12 bags overall.Hth
  6. I have been buying from them for at least 8 years.I buy 3 pack of LG filters for around $75-80.Free shipping for orders above $75. Never had any issues with the product.
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