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  1. Wow,Good luck!Looking forward to those pictures.
  2. DD who has very sensitive skin has tried a few and has really liked Sephora--they send high end make up samples,as a result she has found some very good products for her skin.The other noteworthy one was once upon a book club.The next one on her list is medusas makeup. That starts next month.
  3. I hope you decide to go,even if it is cut short(I hope its not) you will still get a mini break from the constant stress!
  4. We had a horrible time with Kiddie alarms,they were put in when the house was built.The 1st time it beeped was a year after we moved in,then the nightmare started,every 6 months -change batteries,then every 3 then would not stop beeping we used countless number of batteries.Called the electrician who said the newer alarms last between 4-6 years and changed them to First alert.That lasted 6-8 months and we started the process again.It always happened 9 pm to 4 am.I was scared of the noise.We have 7-8 of them in the house. Anyway long story short I got fed up and dumped them all and replaced every one of them with Nest protect They have 2 kinds Battery and wired! We went with the battery because the 2nd electrician thought it was faulty wiring that was causing the alarms to go off.After a lot of research but Dh and his contractor friend decided to put in the battery one.Expensive but so worth it.You even download the app and there is a test it does 1x month and alerts you of it on the app.I am so relieved we did that!
  5. How are you cooking the dish? And what type of rice are you using? I know a lot of folks who have used this recipe
  6. Thank you Lori D I have used your lists many times as well!
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