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  1. So sorry for your loss Janeway.
  2. Stella!So happy to see you,I was thinking of you a few weeks ago wondering how you were doing.
  3. Oh thanks op that looks like a good one to try.We have ordered from https://saltandstraw.com/ a few times. That is a good one if you have not tried it.
  4. I don't spend more than $20 for the cookies and candy/drinks. I buy the candy like the M&M candy bars, Russel stover and Whitman's go BIGI free at Kroger. The only significant amount($50) I spend is on my cleaning woman.
  5. I catch our mailman when he delivers my mail and hand over a box of candy like a box of Whitman's or Russel Stovers. The mower gets homemade cookies. I give the trash collectors giant candy bars.The cleaning person gets a gift card. I have 2 fedex and ups drivers that are regular to my area and they love homemade cookies so I give them both assorted cookies I bake. Pre covid years I used to buy giant candy bars or coke in a bottle for random people who came to fix things during the holiday season and gave those.
  6. (((hugs))) happysmileylady thinking of you on your birthday!
  7. I will add my Thank you too,I have finished homescholing my kids. Ds is almost 23 now he is the that had his open heart surgery in 2014 and I posted through Catwoman, graduated UG has his 1st job and started working from home. DD almost 20 is about to get done with her UG earlier than expected. I have been here for over 12 years now and have greatly appreciated all the wisdom I get from the hive. Thank you all and SWB
  8. Oh I remember you posting about her Scarlett,I hope she gets her answers!
  9. Same here, there are so many places going under I don't know what will be available anymore! So bummed 😞
  10. Just letting you all know they are going out of business and are having a liquidation sale right now. shopjustice.com
  11. Congratulations to your dd as well Melissa!
  12. Congratulations to your dd Quill!
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