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  1. Slache pardon my ignorance Field inspector is that in the construction industry?What are his interests?There are certificate courses he can do but if you give us an idea of what might interest him then maybe we can help narrow it down.
  2. Scarlett ground Coriander =powdered coriander seeds known as dhania powder, Amchoor=dried green mango powder, Anardhana=dried pomegranate seeds, and Carom.Yes they should be available at the Indian stores.
  3. They do have a strong taste and I think fennel is milder and sweeter than carom . They say it aids in digestion.Buy the smallest packet-a little goes a long way!
  4. I do when my BIl comes to visit-he loves nuts.I actually just take the cashews or peanuts and dip them in the batter and fry them up.
  5. Looks like a good recipe.I don't use Carom seeds.My recipe is actually very simple-1/2 cup gram flour, 3 tbs Rice flour,A tsp of red chilli powder,turmeric,salt to taste along with a veggie.Process of making the pakoda is the same as the recipe given.
  6. My kids did an around the world food series with their world Geography and we ate all kinds of food-some we cooked some we went to local markets and bought.We explored a lot of stores.Living in Dallas makes that easy.My kids use some of the recipes even today like .Falafel (you can buy a mix if you like) with pita and Hummus is always in rotation,they make Falafel sandwiches regularly.Hope your son has fun cooking!
  7. Yes it would be better-you are talking about chickpea flour right? You can use potatoes,baby spinach leaves,Cauliflower ,onions of course it just depends on what you have on hand.
  8. Would this work?
  9. Try or these guys have good CS -very responsive to emails.
  10. Pen you might like that website I posted they ship usps and ups and their website says refrigerated drugs are only shipped Monday - Thursday via UPS Next Day Air.
  11. I have used healthwarehouse .com before.No issues and good CS
  12. (((Hugs))) So sorry Ottakee!
  13. This might fit the bill since you want it for homemade bread.I gave up looking for good toasters and coffee makers a few years ago.GL
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