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  1. That sounds like my neighborhood!I think its 1/4 of my immediate neighborhood. We had a neighbor that put up these bright lights starting at Halloween up until New Years that blinked and my poor DD had her bedroom window facing their roof!She could see the lights through her blinds!It was crazy, they moved a few months ago we were so relieved.
  2. Ah 🙂 yes that is my neighborhood. Lol then Christmas has come early.I saw a lot of store parking lots already crowded and looks like folks are shopping early!
  3. I really think they are Diwali lights.There are a 2 major Indian-Hindu festivals October into November.
  4. Congratulations!! Everything looks great!
  5. (((hugs))) So sorry for your losses.
  6. Is there an option if you order it online and ship it to the store and not pay shipping? I would also call corporate and let them know about this,they might be able to find the item in other stores and ship it to you.Try it,I had an issue once with a seasonal item and that is what I did.Took about 8-9 days but got the item.They took pity on me and shipped it to my house for free.
  7. I am in the suburbs our area was fine! My son had his Dr appointment this morning that got postponed.The hospital is without power and running on generators.We were out all of yesterday and while coming back late last night after the storm passed we saw a lot of debris and fallen trees in some parts!
  8. I had chicken pox as a child and well I'm in my 40's and guess what happened to me a month ago?Yes had shingles! OMG that hurt like H***.I had pain went to the urgent care and got a pain killer and a muscle relaxer thinking it was a spasm.As the Dr was leaving he mentioned the rash and said come back ASAP if you get a rash because it could be shingles he said and of course 2 days later there it was the ugliest looking rash I had ever seen on my back!It took me 2 weeks of anti viral to feel better and I then got sick with a bad cold/cough and am finally recovering from it!
  9. My DD makes a smoothie almost everyday.Her recipes go like this 1.Fruit-mostly frozen-peaches or mango or mixed berries -without raspberries shes allergic-+Rice milk+frozen Kale+ protein powder. 2. Banana+spinach+cocoa+chocolate protein powder+water(makes this less often)3.Fresh blueberries+spinach+rice milk+blueberry yogurt(store bought)+ ice .4 Mango+pineapple(both frozen)a piece of ginger+protein powder+coconut milk+ice. 5.Banana+strawberries+about a cup of berry kombucha +avocado.6.Pineapple_ginger+Spinach+ice and protein powder.7.Mango +cucumber+mint +rice milk+flax seeds 8.mixed berries,Mango +kale+rice milk and protein powder. Here is what she said don't try to put a ton of veggies when you start out start with small quantities and adjust,within a few weeks you will get used to the flavors. She finds it easier to mask the flavors when she uses frozen instead of fresh.She said Broccoli is one veggie she has not gotten used to!She also uses baby spinach for all the recipes.
  10. Happy belated Birthday to your son!So glad he had a good birthday!
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